Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Video links: Nadverts (13)

Bless the advertising industry for coming up with funny and new ways to hit men in the groin in order to sell products! I'm pretty sure there's a group of highly qualified and very well-paid professionals in a warehouse loft somewhere thinking of a way to destroy some nuts for the sake of capitalism right this moment! It's like Karl Marx once said: "Nutshots are the opium of the people."

Here are some more of my favorite commercials featuring guy getting whacked in the goolies.

The first commercial features a tennis ball getting whacked at a hapless player's gonads. "Love means nothing for a tennis player." Yeah. He definitely won't make love anytime soon...

I love the sympathy cringe after the nut kick in the next clip. I don't think cups are a hard sell for football players, though. I mean, they all got to have a cheerleader foot between their thighs every now and then, right?

Have you ever wanted to see Burt Reynolds get hit in the nuts? FedEx made your wish come true in this classic commercial that aired at the 2005 Super Bowl!

The next clip is not an official KFC commercial but I think it definitely deserves a big budget remake and a slot at the next Super Bowl. "Kick the nuggets" is an awesome slogan, and who doesn't love to see a guy in a giant chicken costume get kicked in the eggs?

Credit for finding the next clip goes to Jay over at Everybody who has ever played with a toddler knows that the biggest obstacle in fathering a second child is the first child's innate skill to whack the love out of their dad's love spuds. Fridababy's kid proof underwear is the answer! And it's a great father's day gift! :-))

Reader's pick:

Our longtime reader and frequent contributor (yay!) Toothpick has sent us this wonderful commercial from Thailand. The little doggie in the clip knows how to get a bite of meat!

What is your favorite nutshot commercial? Leave a comment or send me an email (!


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