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Superstud! (Adrian meets Logan)

Special thanks to Adrian for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who prefers supervillains to superheroes!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Everybody loved to see a superhero fight a villain, so it was no surprise that the gym was packed. Every last seat was taken, and the crowd was chanting and cheering in anticipation of the main event, the big fight between good and evil.

Logan was “Superstud”, a valiant, courageous hero with muscles of steel and a heart of gold. The 18 year old high school wrestler had gelled his blond hair back like Superman, and his costume was inspired by Captain America’s – with the notable difference that most of it was spray-painted onto Logan’s athletic body. He was wearing a skimpy pair of lycra briefs that left nothing to the imagination. His dick and balls were clearly outlined in the skimpy fabric. It was part of the design, part of Superstud’s persona: He was a sexy, smoking hot, very well-built, and extraordinarily well-equipped superhero who was proud of his assets and didn’t shy away from showing the world what he got: a nice, big cock and a pair of big, juicy balls to match.

The crowd loved it.

Superstud’s nemesis was “The Crusher”, a mean and merciless villain. He was played by Adrian, a school mate of Logan’s. Adrian was a handsome young man with black skin and long, curly black hair. Bright blue tattoos were running across his muscular back. He was shirtless, showing off his flawless upper body and his beautiful tattoos, wearing nothing but a white pair of very short lycra shorts that looked like it was far too small to contain his enormous possessions. He had a very long dick and a pair of gargantuan gonads, and his package stretched the white fabric of his shorts so thin that it was practically transparent, giving the crowd a very good look at every inch of his anatomy. There was no need for spray-painting Adrian’s incredible body: His ebony skin and the bright blue tattoos looked fantastic. He was wearing heavy knee-high black leather boots that served two purposes: They looked absolutely awesome on him, and they contained a couple of useful enhancements that Adrian planned on using should Logan get the upper hand.

They were against the rules that Adrian and Logan had agreed on, of course, but Adrian didn’t give a flying superhero shit about the rules. The Crusher wanted to win, and like any self-respecting supervillain, he was not going to let honor get in the way.

The fight was part of a charity event, and Logan and Adrian had come up with a story that they had developed over the past couple of weeks, leading up to this fight.

They had staged a couple of confrontations in the cafeteria, and they had even come to school one day in their superhero/supervillain costumes, causing a bit of a commotion when The Crusher started threatening Superstud’s love life and went after Superstud’s love interest – Logan’s real-life girlfriend Ashley – with a series of crude and cruel nicknames.

The teachers had been less than enthusiastic about Adrian’s performance, but everybody else ate it up. Rumors started floating that The Crusher was going to take Superstud’s girlfriend and make her his sex slave if Superstud lost the fight.

Logan was a little shocked by the cruel verbal attacks that Adrian launched against her. “Superslut” was one of the most poignant nicknames that The Crusher had come up with, and soon everybody started calling Ashley that.

That’s when Logan noticed that things got a little out of hand. But he figured that everything would go back to normal after the fight.

Adrian on the other hand loved everything about his villainous self, and he didn’t want to go back to normal at all. He loved being mean and aggressive, he loved to see the fear in people’s eyes. He loved the look on Ashley’s face when the crowd chanted “Superslut! Superslut!” again and again. And he loved the look on Logan’s face when his girlfriend got humiliated.

He loved being a supervillain.

He loved being The Crusher.

Suddenly, the lights in the gym went down, and the crowd went quiet.

A single spotlight was pointed to the empty boxing ring in the middle of the stage.

Dramatic music started playing, and Ashley took to the stage. She played her role as damsel in distress perfectly, even though her wide-eyed fear clashed with the sexy schoolgirl outfit that she was wearing.

“Where am I?” Ashley stage-whispered, looking like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.

“You’re in my lair, Superslut!” The Crusher shouted, stepping into the light. His dark eyes were twinkling menacingly behind the bright blue mask that was painted onto his face.

The crowd reacted with a mix of boos and cheers as Adrian strutted back and forth, flexing his muscles for the crowd.

“You’re at my mercy, Superslut!” The Crusher said with a mean grin. “I’m going to fuck you and make you mine! There’s nothing you can do! Nobody is going to help you now!” He let out a deep, villainous laugh as the girl bit her lower lip, looking scared.

“Not so fast, Crusher!” came Superstud’s valiant voice from the shadows. The sexy superhero jumped onto the stage, eliciting riotous cheers and applause from the audience. The slender eye mask that was painted onto his face matched the color of his blue eyes.

“Superstud!” The Crusher and the girl yelled simultaneously.

With a bold expression on his face, Superstud stood in front of the girl, his chest pumped up, standing firmly on the ground, his muscular legs spread shoulder-width apart. Unlike The Crusher, he was barefoot, underlining the message that Superstud didn’t need fancy equipment or ingenious weapons. Valor, honor and integrity were his equipment, and his only weapon was his perfectly sculptured and amazingly strong body.

“If you want her you’ll have to destroy me first!” Superstud announced in a sonorous voice.

“Oh, Superstud!” the girl cooed. “I want you to make love to me!”

“Later, girl”, Superstud said, raising his eyebrow as he eyed his nemesis. “I’m going to make love to you when I have taken out the trash.” He winked at her and adjusted his crotch, making the crowd go wild with cheers and laughter.

The Crusher’s eyes narrowed.

The girl left the ring, leaving the stage to Superstud and The Crusher.

The fight was on.

Predictably, The Crusher was the first one to make a move. He lunges at Superstud and put his arms around him, trying to live up to his name and crush his opponent in a vise-like hold.

Superstud let out a laugh and easily escaped the hold with the help of his muscular arms. He retaliated immediately, throwing a mean punch at The Crusher’s abs, making the hurt villain groan in pain and stumble backwards.

They went back and forth, trading punches and applying holds, each of them trying to gain the upper hand.

“Ha!” Superstud exclaimed valiantly after he dodged one of The Crusher’s vicious punches and pushed the mean villain to the ground. “You won’t crush me, Crusher!”

The crowd roared with cheers and applause.

Superstud chuckled and looked around. He liked the audience’s reaction. They loved him, and they loved his witty one-liners.

The Crusher looked up, his face filled with pain and humiliation.

Superstud was distracted, parading around the stage, flexing his muscles, showing off for the audience.

The Crusher reached into his boots and pulled out some brass knuckles that he slipped onto his right hand and balled a fist.

“Hey, Superstud!” he yelled.

When the big, blond turned around, The Crusher powered a mean, hard uppercut up between Superstud’s muscular thighs. His brass-knuckled fist connected with the huge bulge in Superstud’s lycra pants, visibly rearranging its contents and flattening the hero’s dick and his right nut like a big, meaty pancake.

Superstud’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

The audience let out a collective gasp before falling completely silent.

In that silence, Superstud’s pathetic whimper sounded even more pitiful. “My superspuds!” Superstud moaned in a high-pitched, strangled voice as he slowly doubled over, his head turning beet red, his face contorting in pain.

The Crusher let out a mean, roaring laugh. “Your days of breeding are over, Superstud!” he yelled with a gleeful sneer.

The crowd was shocked at The Crusher’s dirty tactics, but a few people were laughing and cheering at the villain’s mean and humiliating joke.

Superstud was frozen in pain, gasping for breath as the pain in his big, juicy nuggets radiated through his body.

With a confident, cocky laugh, The Crusher brought his leg back and kicked Superstud’s nuts as hard as he could, lifting the handsome, muscular hunk several inches off his feet.

The tip of The Crusher’s heavy boot connected with Superstud’s bulging package. There was a sickening crunch as Superstud’s precious babymakers were squashed flat.

“Steel toed boots”, The Crusher intoned with a cocky grin. “Better than kryptonite…”

Once again, The Crusher’s boot connected with Superstuds juicy spuds, eliciting a long, miserable wail from the superhero and riotous laughter from a growing faction of the audience

Superstud fell to his knees, throwing his head back and wailing like a recently castrated werewolf, much to the amusement of the audience.

Superstud’s girl let out a terrified gasp, covering her mouth, her eyes wide with shock and horror.

Even those who sympathized with the superhero couldn’t help but chuckle at the hilarious visual of the handsome hunk clutching his battered balls while his sexy girlfriend was watching from the sidelines, horrified, fearing for his manhood and their shared love life.

The Crusher relished the reaction. The crowd was loving him, cheering him on as he destroyed Superstud’s manhood.

The handsome blond superhero looked up, his eyes filled with rage and pain.

“You can’t break me!” he croaked defiantly.

The Crusher grabbed his hair and pulled him up, looking him deep into the eyes. Without taking his eyes off him, he reached inside his boots and pulled up a black knee pad to cover his knee.

Superstud blinked. “You’ll never break---”

He was interrupted by a solid, hard knee in the nuts.

The Crusher’s rammed his pad protected knee into Superstud’s lycra-clad nuts, squishing the two tender orbs and grinding them against his body.

“---meeeeeeee!” Superstud squealed in a comically high-pitched voice.

In a hilarious turn of events, Superstuds nuts tumbled out of either side of his skimpy briefs. The rapidly swelling orbs were trapped against his thighs as The Crusher rammed his knee up again, squishing the Superstud’s spuds against his body. Now, the last remaining inhabitant of Superstud’s right briefs decided to flee its vacated vessel. His dick popped out of his briefs, leaving his underwear completely empty.

The crowd roared with laughter at Superstud’s embarrassing situation.

He looked positively ridiculous, his big, semi-hard cock sticking out of his briefs while his heavy, swollen nuts were dangling out on either side.

The Crusher reached between Superstud’s thighs, fondling the handsome hunk’s mighty man parts, leaning close as he sneered, “That’s why they call you Superstud, huh?”

“Let go of me”, Superstud croaked.

The Crusher smiled. He wrapped his fingers around Superstud’s exposed left nuts, waiting for the right moment.

Superstud gritted his teeth. “Let go of---"

The Crusher squeezed as hard as he could, hoping for a reprise of Superstud’s hilarious soprano performance.

He was disappointed.

Superstud’s voice cracked as he reached previously unattainable heights. “---meeeeeeeeee!” he yodeled from the top of his lungs.

By now, everybody in the audience had switched sides, laughing at the pathetic superhero, cheering the villain on as he executed his evil plan and tortured the hot blond’s rapidly swelling manhood.

The only person in the room rooting for Superstud was his girlfriend, and with good reason. She knew perfectly well that the destruction of Superstud’s manhood would spell doom for her precious girlhood. The Crusher had been clear about his intentions to fuck her good and hard, and right now it looked like he was going to get his way.

The Crusher was squishing and squashing Superstud’s nuts, switching back and forth between the two orbs, squeezing each one of them as hard as he could, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from the sweating, swearing, squirming stud.

The crowd was cheering and jeering, reveling in Superstud’s misery as The Crusher squeezed the life out of Superstud’s precious plums.

Superstud’s girl watched in horror as The Crusher reduced her valiant hero to a sobbing mess, squishing and squashing and wringing his nuts with all the force he could muster.

Suddenly, in a shocking twist ending to an uneven, dirty fight, Superstud’s superhard supercock erupted with a flood of salty jizz that splattered high into the air, covering both the superhero and his nemesis in a thick layer of superspunk.

Even though she knew that her man’s orgasm meant that she was doomed, Superstud’s girl couldn’t take her eyes off of his tremendous dick.

The audience was cheering and clapping, laughing and pointing at the spasming superdick that spat out jet after jet of creamy cum while The Crusher was squeezing very last bit of spunk out of his bloated, sore ball bag.

Superstud was gasping and moaning, weeping and groaning as the cream was milked from his mighty marbles.

Finally, he sank to the ground, covering his spent, aching manhood, mewling in agony.

The Crusher raised his arms, his back to the audience. He flexed his muscles, making the bright blue tattoos on his back move in a stunning display of superiority while his opponent, the crushed superhero, was lying on the ground, writhing, squirming, clutching his crushed nuts.

The crowd was cheering and clapping and celebrating the unlikely victory of the villain. It was as if The Crusher had brainwashed them and transformed them into mindless goons, his own private army of enthusiastic, cruel thugs.

“Oh, Superstud, how the mighty have fallen”, The Crusher sneered to the riotous applause from the crowd.

Superstud looked up, his face a mask of pain and humiliation.

“And now I’m going to take what’s mine”, The Crusher said, pausing for effect as he turned to face the girl. “I’m going to fuck your girl, Superstud, and there is nothing you can do about it!”

Superstud’s face went pale as he watched The Crusher walk over to the trembling, frightened girl. He reached inside his lycra shorts and pulled out his long, black cock.

The girl froze, staring at the rock hard weapon that looked obscenely long and far too big to fit inside her fragile body.

“Wait!” Superstud’s voice was hoarse and feeble.

“What is it, Superstud?” The Crusher said without turning around, stroking his long, meaty dick as he eyed the girl like a panther assessing its prey.

“Spare her”, Superstud croaked. “Please, spare her.”

The Crusher let out a laugh. “Why would I do that?” he sneered.

“Because I am offering you something else”, Superstud whispered, almost inaudibly.

The crowd was dead silent, waiting for what Superstud had to say.

“I’m listening, Superstud”, The Crusher said impatiently. “What are you offering?”

“Another fight”, Superstud mumbled. “And this time it’s my ass that’s on the line.”

The crowd held its breath.

The Crusher stared at Superstud. He was offering him a chance at the ultimate humiliation, a chance at fucking him in front of everybody, a chance at destroying the myth of the valiant, virtuous superhero forever and ever.

“You will get your wish!” The Crusher roared. “And I will fuck your ass!”

The crowd exploded with cheers.

The second fight was even more one-sided than the first one.

Right from the start, The Crusher went for Superstud’s weakness, his superswollen, beet red nutsack. He used every dirty trick in the book to wreak havoc on Superstud’s manhood.

“Are you getting a kick out of this, too, Superstud?” The Crusher roared with laughter as he kicked Superstud’s bloated and bruised balls with his steel-toed boots, lifting the wailing hero off the ground more than a dozen times, crushing his rapidly swelling nuts harder and harder every time.

When he switched to driving his padded knee into Superstud’s manhood, catching his ridiculously swollen nuts dead-on with every blow, Superstud was retching and gagging, looking seriously sick.

He emptied his stomach when The Crusher pushed him to the ground and started trampling him, viciously stomping onto his guts and his chest and his fat, hard cock and his bizarrely swollen testicles.

The crowd cheered and laughed along with The Crusher as Superstud retched and puked right there in front of everyone.

His girlfriend averted her gaze, embarrassed and humiliated by Superstud’s pathetic demeanor.

“Oh, Superstud, you naughty boy”, The Crusher quipped, mockingly clicking his tongue as the fallen hero was writhing on the ground, coughing and moaning, barely conscious.

“Please, Crusher, have mercy”, Superstud whimpered, his face contorted in pain, trying to get up, barely able to get on all fours, his legs and feet trembling and shaking.

“You’re disgusting, Superstud!” The Crusher roared, kicking the blond stud in the nuts from behind, making him collapse instantly as he wailed in agony.

Superstud begged and pleaded with The Crusher, but the mean villain didn’t show any mercy, brutally beating up the fallen superhero until he finally, mercifully passed out.

The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter as The Crusher raised his hands in victory.

But Superstud’s torment wasn’t over.

He had put his ass on the line for his girlfriend, and The Crusher was going to take him up on his word.

To the riotous cheering of the crowd and the horrified screams of Superstud’s girl, The Crusher spread the unconscious superhero’s butt cheeks and spat on his hole. Then he fingerfucked him rough and hard, loosening him up and preparing his hole for his big, long dick.

When Superstud’s hole was good and loose, The Crusher motioned for the girl to come over.

“Spit on my cock”, he sneered. “You don’t want me to fuck him without lube, do you, girl?”

The girl looked disgusted but she did as she was told.

Then The Crusher started fucking Superstud with his girl’s saliva, brutally ramming his dick into Superstud’s muscular ass, hitting his prostate every time.

Even though the superhero was passed out, his dick came alive after only a couple of thrusts, rising to full mast within seconds as The Crusher pounded his hole hard and fast.

The Crusher fucked Superstud fast and hard in a variety of creative positions, twisting the superhero like a pretzel to pound his hole in every way imaginable.

Superstud woke up just in time for his orgasm.

The Crusher had twisted Superstud’s muscular body into a very uncomfortable position, crossing his legs behind his head, his head trapped between his beefy thighs, his rock hard dick touching his lips. Then the ruthless villain sent his brass-knuckled fist down onto Superstud’s manhood, hammering his nuts mercilessly, squishing and squashing Superstud’s juicy nuggets while he was jackhammering his hole.

Superstud opened his mouth to scream, only to be silenced by his own massive dick that stuffed his mouth, muffling his protests.

A second later, Superstud was flooded with sperm from both ends.

The Crusher injected a copious load deep into his butt, knocking Superstud up with a rich and fruitful and very generous load of villain sperm, shoving his long cock balls-deep into the hero’s hole while Superstud’s mouth was filled with his own creamy cum.

There was a certain irony in the fact that they both reached their climax at the same time, good and evil finally coming together in a moment of sticky, gooey lust.

“Fuck yeah!” The Crusher roared as he pulled his dick out of Superstud’s hole, raising his arms and flexing his muscles. “Finally, Superstud is history!”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

“Come on, clean me up, girl!” The Crusher demanded, pointing at his dripping cock.

The girl bit her lower lip, averting her gaze.

“I’ll do it”, Superstud mumbled weakly, crawling over and cleaning The Crusher’s dick with his tongue.

“Attaboy, Superstud”, The Crusher sneered, playfully nudging Superstud’s drained, ridiculously swollen balls with his steel-toed boot. The handsome, humiliated hero winced but didn’t stop cleaning his defeaters long dick, earning a benevolent tap on the head and a derisive chuckle from the ruthless villain.

“You are evil!” the girl hissed as she watched her boyfriend, her hero, her knight in shining armor service his arch-nemesis’ spent cock.

“Evil!” Ashley repeated before storming out of the gym.

Logan looked up, confused.

“Don’t stop”, Adrian said with a sneer, smacking Logan’s face with the palm of his hand.

Logan winced and went back to sucking on Adrian’s deflating dick.

“You’re doing great, Superstud”, Adrian said with a smile, shoving his dick deep inside Logan’s mouth, making him gag on his boner. “Suck on that big bad cock.”

When he was done, Logan let Adrian’s dick slip out of his mouth. His face was hot and red, his body was covered in cum, his dick was spent and his balls were severely bloated and covered in bruises.

The crowd was clapping and cheering, rewarding the two protagonists of the unexpectedly hot and raunchy show with standing ovations.

“You liked that, huh?” Adrian sneered, his voice low and soft, only for Logan to hear.

Logan blushed and looked up at him, puppy-eyed and humble.

“Yeah, you liked it”, Adrian chuckled.

Logan averted his gaze.

“Okay, fine by me”, Adrian grinned.

Logan looked up, his eyes narrowing. “What are you up to, Adrian?”

“Setting things up for a sequel”, Adrian muttered under his breath, winking at Logan. “You know you want it, Superstud.”

Logan opened his mouth to say something but Adrian was back in his role.

The Crusher let out a roaring laugh and raised his hand, silencing the crowd. “This is not over, Superstud!” He looked deep into his eyes, taking in Superstud’s fear, relishing his humiliation. “Fight me again next week, Superstud, or I’ll come after your girl and fuck her like you never could!” As if his words weren’t humiliating enough, he grabbed his long, semi-hard dick at the base and smacked Superstud’s face with it.

The kneeling superhero gasped for breath.

“We will be back, Superstud!” The Crusher roared menacingly as the crowd went wild with cheers and applause. “We will be back!”


Jimmy said...

Aww poor Superstud!

Hi Alex,

What another great story! Logan got his butt handed to him, which we clearly all enjoyed reading. Logan usually does pretty well for himself when he wrestles, but the cheating tactics took their toil on him. Hopefully he does better in the next one, but I always enjoy reading about him losing. Poor guy.



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))