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The adventures of Red and Blue’s Poke Balls: Poke Balls War (written by ballboxing)

Our reader ballboxing (author of the Brotherly Boxing Bout series: Learning the ropes, The alpha twin and Punching bag) has sent me another awesome story. All you fans of the Pokémon universe - this is for you! :-))

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Blue closed the bathroom door and grunted angrily as he took off the long sleeves shirt he had been wearing. There were no windows inside the bathroom of the small, wooden cabin, but he could still hear the big water droplets that had been falling from the sky for the past several hours. How could it still be raining? He asked himself.

Blue and Red had considered themselves lucky when they had narrowly avoided the storm yesterday afternoon. They managed to reach the cabin just in time, when the winds were barely picking up. However, they had been trapped ever since and Blue’s patience was at its limit.

The storm had raged on without rest for almost twenty-four hours now. Nearly a full day and there were still no signs of the rain stopping. Blue had looked through the window before going inside the bathroom, and all he could see was a darkened sky with black clouds and thick curtains of endless water droplets.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck…” Blue muttered in frustration as he continued to undress himself so that he could get inside the shower. He unbuttoned his jeans and brought them down along with his boxers, leaving his body entirely naked.

“We cant say no to your grandpa… It will be a fun adventure…” Blue said mimicking Red’s voice. He still could not believe he had allowed himself to get roped into this. He wasnt supposed to be here right now.

Not long ago they had been rivals, but now that they actually not wanted to kill each other on sight, Blue and Red had started doing some travelling together every now and then. A few days ago they had just endured an entire week of helping out at the Safari Zone in Fuchsia city. A wild pack of Rhyhorns had become more territorial than they should have and were trampling around the entire place until they had put a stop to them.

It had been many days of heavy work that had left both trainers sore and spent, so when the weekend had finally arrived all Blue had wanted to do was kick back and relax. Maybe fly to Celadon City for some shopping. However, what he was getting was the complete opposite of relaxation.

A letter from his grandfather, Professor Oak, had arrived marked urgent in a Pidgeotto’s beak with dubious information. It seemed like several travelers had been attacked by a mysterious herd of Pokémon somewhere in Route 18. The travelers all showed the same kind of peculiar injuries but none of them remembered what was it that had exactly happened to them. Professor Oak wanted them to travel to a nearby cabin he had in route 18, investigate the matter and put a stop to the dangerous Pokémon.

Blue’s first instinct had been to not open the letter at all, but Red had seen it arrive and forced him to check in case it was an emergency. His relaxing weekend vanished from sight right after Red learned that a mysterious/dangerous Pokémon he could capture was involved.

Thanks to that unfortunate incident, they had been trapped for almost a full day in this old cabin which was making him furious. Blue needed to blow some steam off or he would just go ballistic all over the damn place any minute, and for that reason he was now going to take a nice long shower in the hopes of maybe using all the hot water so that Red would have to endure a cold one.

Blue twisted the knobs in the shower and soon enough, steam started to fill the small bathroom. The naked young man stretched his arms up in delight as he caught a glance of his reflection in the full body mirror that was next to the sink. There was no doubt that he was a fine-looking Pokémon trainer. All those years of travelling, hunting, and rivalry with Red had turned his body into a lean and muscular machine. He was by no means as hunky as Lt. Surge, but his biceps bulged nicely when flexed and his six pack abs were noticeable enough to make any regular guy that caught a glimpse of his body jealous or lustful. However, the spot in his body that was the center of attention was further down. To top his beautiful physique, Blue had been endowed with a pair of plump low hanging balls and a thick seven-inch penis whose harden move could put a Metapod to shame.

Blue lowered his right hand and played around a little with his testicles. He liked to call them his pair of Master Balls. Blue slapped them lightly a couple of times. The pain made him slightly wince, but seeing his big gonads swing back and forth between his legs was a beautiful sight. Furthermore, lately he had started to discover that a little bit of pain in his nuts had a nice effect while jerking off. He massaged them for a few seconds to rub the pain away and that was enough to make his cock spring up. It was quite a powerful tool, even though his cock wasn’t particularly thick, it was long enough to make its big mushroom head almost reach his belly button.

Blue jumped into the shower with a mischievous grin. Maybe this could be even better for his mood than he had expected. The hot water trickling down his skin felt absolutely amazing. Some deep loud moans escaped his lips as his hair and back got wet and he ran his fingers through his toned body.

“Sudowoodo, I choose you.” Blue said as he grabbed a firm hold of his erection and started to gently stroke it up and down.

Blue smiled and faced the shower head to make sure that the water would fall over his genitals as he masturbated for some extra pleasure. In just a couple minutes the Pokémon trainer was gasping softly with every movement of his foreskin. He could feel the orgasm starting to build up, a few drops of precum had already started to leak from the tip of his cock. Blue increased the pace, and cupped his Master Balls with his left hand at the base of his rod. Every stroke down would make his fist collide with his testicles, sending waves of pleasure and pain throughout his body.

“Soooo… close…” Blue managed to say between moans as he continued to pleasure himself under the running water.

He tightened his abs in an attempt to hold on for a little longer before the jets of semen started shooting out, but the maneuver made no difference. The tip of his cock had become supersensitive and the water falling over it made Blue orgasm quicker than he anticipated. A few more rapid strokes and his balls tightened up to start releasing spurt after spurt of cum that flew all the way to the shower handles.

Blue tried to remain under the water once he had finished, but the pleasure from the hot water touching his cock in the afterglow was far too much for him to handle. He turned around and stepped out of the water for a second to recover his breath and give his genitals some resting time. Blue closed his eyes for a few seconds as he took some deep breaths, and then he was back to normal.

“Time to wash up.” Blue said as he grabbed the shampoo bottle.

He lathered and rinsed his hair thoroughly before soaping up his muscular body, paying special attention to his now flaccid cock to make sure he cleaned all the remains of his sticky jizz. Once he had washed all the bubbles away, Blue looked at the water knobs covered with his masculine seed and got a naughty idea. He turned the water knobs carefully enough as to leave them coated with his sperm. Red was in for a nice surprise if he decided to shower later today.

Blue was feeling much better after his alone time, maybe today wouldn’t be such a bad day after all. He dried himself with a towel and put on his boxer briefs. They were black with white trim and a pattern of classic red and white Poke Balls was printed all over them. Blue ran his fingers over the big bulge that was now being hugged by the soft fabric inside the front of the boxers and adjusted his cock and balls to be completely comfortable as he walked outside of the bathroom.

Professor Oak’s cabin was not only small, but barely provided for the basic necessities. It was really just a big bedroom with a small wooden stove on one of the corners and a writing desk between the beds. Blue didn’t have to open the window curtains to know the rain hadn’t stopped. The sound from the drops continuously splashing down on the rooftop was still there. He sighed and went over to his bed. He had expected to walk out of the bathroom and find that Red was already awake and half ready to go outside despite the heavy rain, but his fellow Pokémon trainer was still dead asleep.

Red was peacefully sleeping. He was laying on his side slightly hugging his Polywhirl pillow. Most of his body was covered by a thin white bedsheet that was about to fall off the bed from all the times he had shifted positions throughout his sleep. Blue approached his dormant friend with every intention of giving him a rude awakening, but a sense of curiosity overtook him as he took a closer look at him. Red was looking oddly cute as he slept, but there was another quality to him that Blue could not name. He stared at his friend, looking closely and trying to satisfy a craving he could not yet figure out. One of Red’s arms was not being covered by the blanket or pillow. It looked as solid as the body of a Golem and the position it was in made both the triceps and bicep muscles bulge with sexy definition. It was then that Blue’s curiosity took a turn for the worst.

Did Red have a better body than him? He asked himself in his mind. Now that he thought about it, he had never seen him shirtless, let alone naked. How could that even be? They had travelled together many times now. He was certain that Red had seen him shirtless at the very least. Blue’s curiosity continued to grow and with the opportunity at hand he was willing to answer this question right here and now. He took a few steps to the other side of the bed and carefully grabbed a corner of the bed sheet. All he had to do was pull it down without waking Red up and he would be able to compare and decide if he was going to need to buy a gym membership after this little adventure was over.

“Let’s take a look at those pecs first” Blue muttered excited with anticipation.

Blue pulled the fabric down slowly. Every inch revealing more of Red’s naked upper body. Blue’s mouth was hanging open with anticipation as he unveiled the nipples of his friend and the rest of his pectoral muscles. However, his face quickly changed to one of astonishment.

“Fucking… Legendary Pokemon…” Blue thought as his eyes ogled Red’s delectable alpha male chest over and over again. The difference was evident, it was like comparing an Onix to a Steelix. Red’s pecs were bigger, tighter and more prominent in every single way. If Blue’s muscles were rock, Red’s were tempered steel. The sight of his pecs alone was enough to make Blue grit his teeth in jealousy.

He had to see more. Blue needed to know if Red towered over him in every other aspect. He started tugging at the bed sheet once more, but before he could pull it all the way down to his lower abs, the bed sheet started to offer some resistance. Blue looked around to see what was going on. A part of it was tucked under Red’s leg making it impossible to pull it further down without risking waking him up. Blue’s curiosity would not be satisfied and now all he could feel was anger.

He couldn’t stand looking at him anymore. Blue turned around and walked over to his backpack. He grabbed a Poke Ball from one of the pockets. It was now time for that rude awakening he had thought about before. He brought his arm back and aimed at the spot between Red’s legs. Blue couldn’t see any indication of where exactly Red’s hanging berries were, but he was certain that he would manage to deliver a good hit.

Blue cocked his arm back and prepared to throw the Poke Ball. He took a deep breath and aimed as best as he could. Two things happened at the same time. A loud thunder rumbled through the sky and startled Blue making him slightly jump back.


The Poke Ball flew across the room, but it completely missed the target. It went over Red and landed with a loud thud on the floor. Blue watched in horror as he rolled over in the bed, shifting his position again. Red was now laying on his back, with the sheet clearly tenting up in a spot between his muscular legs. It was clear that Red was sporting a nice morning wood. Blue expected the loud noises to wake him up and prompt him to ask what was happening, but no words came out nor any further movement. Blue held his breath and waited.

“Please, don’t wake up.” Blue pleaded. “Please don’t wake up.”

A few seconds went by and Red didn’t open his eyes. Blue sighed in relief. He had wasted his first chance, but he would not leave his second throw to chance. Blue went into his backpack again, this time looking for a more specific Poke Ball. He pulled out a gray and white Poke Ball with blue spheres slightly coming out of its top. This one would definitely get the job done. Blue walked over to Red’s bed and held his hand high up over Red’s lower body.

“Good morning buddy.” Blue said as he opened his hand and let the Poke Ball fall down rapidly, landing with a loud thump sound.

Red’s eyes opened up immediately as wide as plates, when the unbelievable pain rose from his flattened nuts into his stomach violently pulling him out of his dreams into a world of pain. He could feel something bid and heavy on top of his nuts. Out of instinct he curled up while closing his eyes and reached down to his groin with both hands to nurse his aching manhood. The pain felt so intense, it had hit him completely off guard.

Blue busted out in laughter as he saw his friend moaning in pain. It seemed like the Heavy Ball had done its job perfectly. Red opened his eyes again to try and figure out what had just happened. He couldn’t stop massaging his balls but as he looked around he found the Poke Ball that his friend had used to squash his man bits.

“Did you seriously drop that on my Oran berries?” Red asked in disbelief as he grabbed the Heavy Ball and held it up for Blue to see.

Blue didn’t answer, he just continued to laugh as he sat down on his bed.

“Guess you won’t be using them to recover HP anytime soon.” Blue replied as a couple of tears escaped the corners of his eyes.

Red grunted in anger before he grabbed his pillow and chucked it at his annoying friend’s face. Blue managed to stop the pillow before it hit him, but it was enough of a distraction to make it miss the other round object that rapidly made its way to the mound between his legs. Red had taken advantage of Blue being distracted with the pillow and reached for his pants to grab a Poke Ball from his belt that was now crunching Blue’s meaty orbs.

“Oooof.” Blue whimpered. His testicles were still more sensitive than usual from his time at the shower and the unexpected hit made him bend over in pain. 

“Too bad you cant plant berry jelly Blue.” Red said with a malicious grin as he got up from the bed and reached over for more Poke Balls from his belt.

The snide comment made Blue flare up with anger. He was going to make sure that Red’s berries were the ones to turn into jelly. He threw the pillow back at Red to get some cover and ran back to his backpack for more ammunition. The two almost naked young men stood in front of each other.

Blue took a good look at his opponent. Red was wearing a pair of black trousers with a Pikachu print that accentuated his man meat nicely. He could see the outline of his rival’s cock and ball sack clearly. It made for a perfect target. The Pokémon trainers stood still as they eyed each other down. Both were holding a Poke Ball in their right hands that they desperately wanted to nail into each other’s crotch.

Red was the first one to make a move. He brought his arm back and pretended to throw his Poke Ball. Blue fell for the feint and threw his Poke Ball towards Red to retaliate. However, Red saw it coming and easily blocked it with his left hand. Now that Blue was without ammunition, was his time to counterattack. As soon as Red saw him reach down to try and get another Poke Ball from his backpack, he expertly threw his own in a curved motion with wicked speed.

“Bullseye.” Red yelled with excitement.

Blue’s eyes and knees went cross at the same time. Another perfect hit that got both of his unprotected plums weakened him further. His ample bulge jiggled up and down as the Poke Ball dug into his tender nads. Blue’s legs felt like a Ditto’s body for a second. He was about to give into the pain and fall down to avoid any more damage, but his pride held him up. There was no way he would let Red take him down this easily. Blue grabbed his bulge and massaged it a little inside his underwear relieving himself from some of the pain before he got back into the battle.

“Tough guy huh?” Red asked sarcastically as he got another Poke Ball from his belt. “Better not blame it on me when you can’t give Professor Oak any great grandchildren.”

“Don’t, worry. Me and your momma are planning to have plenty children.” Blue said with a smirk.

Red let out a loud yell in anger as he unleashed full out war against Blue for that vicious insult. Poke Balls started flying across the room back and forth. Most of them missed their intended targets, but every now and then a crunching sound followed by a guttural moan would signal that a throw had been successful at hitting Blue or Red’s prominent berry baskets. The wet spots and semi hard ons in each other’s underwear were also indications of just how heated the battle was becoming.

It wasn’t long before the belt and the backpack were empty of Poke Balls, forcing Red and Blue to run across the room picking up the ones that were already in the floor.

Blue managed to block an incoming strike to his family jewels just in time when he realized that he had no more ammo around him. In the frenzy of the battle he had failed to notice that little by little Red had trapped him in the corner with the desk. Blue’s mind was racing as he tried to decide the best course of action when he saw Red dive under the table to grab a pair of Poke Balls.

When Blue saw his friend’s butt up in the air with legs wide open, he realized that this was it. This was the golden chance to finish him off, but there was no ammo anywhere near him. He spun around frantically searching for a Poke Ball or anything else he could use. Blue seemed to have run out of luck when out of the corner of his eye he spotted it. The Heavy Ball had somehow ended up under the desk. Blue was decided to finish of this battle in the same way it had started. He kneeled down as quickly as he could and stretched his arm to reach for it. Blue smiled wide as he wrapped his fingers around the Poke Ball when his body slightly convulsed from the pain.

In his desperation, Blue hadn’t noticed that he had assumed basically the same exposed position that the was so eager to exploit on Red. His hanging Master Balls were critically hit. Two loud smacks echoed throughout the room when Red threw a pair of Poke Balls in consecutive motion. Both hits were precise and merciless, blasting both nuts and giving them no time to rest between the first and second hit.

Blue’s eyes rolled back from the pain and he lost control of his body. Without even knowing it, he was laying on the ground in fetal position in an attempt to protect his wounded manhood.

“So, this is what you were trying to reach.” Red said as he flipped Blue’s body with his foot making him lay face down on the floor. “Let’s make sure you never come close to my berries again.”

Red grabbed the Heavy Ball from under the desk and sat down on top of Blue’s lower back so that we would not be able to get away. Blue tried to break free, but the weight of Red’s body kept him pinned down. All he could do now, was accept defeat.

“Ok, ok. I give, you win.” Blue said nervously.

 He hoped Red would show him some mercy. After all it had just been some innocent rough housing between buddies that escalated a little out of control. However, Red was not merciful at all. His manhood was still hurting pretty badly and feeling bigger than usual. He knew that he needed to make a strong statement, so that Blue would never get close to his testicles again.

Red pulled down Blue’s boxers, exposing his butt first and then a low hanging pair of red-ish and slightly swollen balls. He reached down and grabbed Blue’s berries with his left hand, bringing them up and holding them tight at the base of his sack.

“Please… stop…” Blue pleaded as he felt Red’s strong hand trap his balls. The pain was becoming so utterly unbearable, and yet Blue could also feel his penis was rock hard and leaking more than ever.

Red paid no attention to his friend’s request and proceeded to inflict his punishment. Using the Heavy Ball, he commenced to flatten the pair of testicles. Blue grunted loudly trying to endure the pain, but it was far more than he could have ever imagined. Soon enough he couldn’t help but scream and beg for Red to stop, but it was pointless. Red literally had him by the Poke Balls, he owned him at this moment. He could do whatever he wanted to him and Blue could do nothing but take it. Red continued to use the Heavy Ball as a pestle to grind Blue’s manhood. After a few more seconds the screams of pain started to mix with moaning sounds. Red knew that he had Blue at his limit, any second now he would achieve what he wanted to do.

Red began to bring the Heavy Ball up and down, smashing the trapped orbs over and over again. That was all it took to send Blue over the edge. His body tensed up as his cock without any warning started to gush out several creamy shots of cum that were accompanied by deep moans of pleasure. When Blue’s body finally went completely limp Red stood leaving his broken buddy on the floor.

“Hope you learned your lesson.” Red said as he grabbed his backpack and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Blue was still seeing stars, almost passed out from the impressive combination of pleasure and pain he had just been put through at the hands of his friend. Part of him could still not believe that Red had actually grabbed his naked balls and beaten the cum out of them. He turned around so that his cock was no longer trapped between the hard floor and his lower abs.

“Blue… you… jerk!” Red yelled from inside the bathroom.

Blue smiled brightly when he heard him. He had definitely lost the war, but he could take consolation on the fact that he was not the only one slightly covered in cum.


Unknown said...

All I can say is MORE MORE MORE! Seriously awesome story

Ballboxing said...

Thank you very much for the comment Jack , I am super glad that you enjoyed the story so much. Stay tuned for part 2 with lots more Poke Balls action XD

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! So funny, so geeky, and so sexy. Blue must still be curious how his junk compares to Red's, especially now that Red got a good feel for his...

Ballboxing said...

Thanks for those nice words. Im glad the geekyness shines through, I worked hard with those Pokemon references hehe. Maybe soon enough Blue will get to satisfy his curiosity...