Friday, June 22, 2018

Nut shot contest at the skate park (Justin meets Leo)

Special thanks to Justin for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves watching skate board nut shots!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Leo, Sammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

“That sounds like fun”, Leo chuckled.

“Well, to be more precise, it sounds exactly like the opposite of fun”, Justin quipped, causing the other guys to chuckle.

The two young men were standing in the skate part with their friends Tristan and Sammy.

At 18, Sammy was the youngest. A freckled redhead with bright green eyes, Sammy was wearing loose pants and a 3XL t-shirt that was far too large for his lanky frame.

Leo and Tristan were 19 years old. Leo had curly black hair and brown eyes. Tristan’s hair was dusty blond. They were dressed just like Sammy, wearing oversized shirts and baggy pants.

Justin was a little older than the others. He was 20 years old, shorter than the others, of average built with brown hair and green eyes.

They had been skating for an hour, showing off their impressive skating skills on the various bowls and half-pipes, the pyramids and the rails of the park.

Now they were taking a break, playing with their boards as they talked about the challenge that Justin had come up with.

“Okay, so here are the rules”, Tristan said with a grin. “Justin and Leo are the contestants in this challenge, Sammy and I are the judges.”

“Thank god”, Sammy laughed, grimacing comically as he adjusted his crotch.

His friends chuckled.

“The contestants can make one move a day”, Tristan continued with a smile. “The judges declare the winner on the final day. The winner buys the loser a new skateboard.” He scratched his head. “Anything else?”

“I think a cup check is in order, right?” Sammy said with a mean smile.

Leo and Justin looked at each other and gulped comically.

A second later, they doubled over in pain, grabbing their balls and gasping for breath after getting dick punched by Sammy and Tristan simultaneously.

The two judges were laughing uncontrollably as Leo and Justin sank to the ground, cupping their nuts, their eyes crossed in a hilarious grimace.

“My nuts”, Leo croaked in a strained voice.

Justin let out a whimper. “I think I can feel them in my throat”, he said in a comically high-pitched voice, eliciting another round of riotous laughter from Tristan and Sammy.
“I hereby declare the challenge opened”, Sammy announced with the gravitas and solemnity that was reserved for nut shot contests between boisterous young men. “May the best man win.”

Day 1: Friday

Justin made his move early.

He had enlisted a mutual friend to carry out the sophisticated sack attack that was going to put Leo’s sex life on hold for at least a few days.

Leo didn’t see it coming. He was talking to Sammy and Tristan, completely oblivious to the danger that his precious low hangers were in when Justin slowly pushed his skateboard forward on the ground until it was between Leo’s feet, the sharp edge pointing up at Leo’s crotch.

Justin’s friend waited behind Leo, his hand holding one end of the skateboard.

The judges couldn’t help but grin as Leo continued talking while Justin was carrying out his nefarious plot to pound Leo’s precious plums and turn them into puree.

“Hey, Leo”, Justin said with a smile as he stood next to him. “Oh! Look, you lost something!” He reached down and grabbed the skateboard.

“What?” Leo asked as he followed Justin’s hand, just in time to see it jerk up, pulling up the skateboard and ramming it into Leo’s nuts.

Justin and his buddy did a great job. They lifted Leo off the ground, splitting his nuts with the edge of the board and making Leo’s eyes bulge comically as the wind was knocked out of his lungs. He opened his mouth and let out a hoarse, croaking cough.

“Your manhood!” Justin yelled, delivering the punch line with the perfect sense of timing, just as Leo’s cough turned into a groan which developed into a full blown wail of agony.

Justin and his buddies were roaring with laughter as Leo collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and curling up in a little ball, whimpering and moaning, grunting and groaning, incredible pain radiating from the two little crushed orbs inside his baggy pants.

“That worked pretty well”, Sammy said, rubbing his own bulge in sympathy.

“Yeah, pretty well”, Tristan added with a chuckle.

“I don’t think his sperm factory will be working, though”, Justin quipped with a proud grin.

Leo looked up. His face was a mask of pain but he managed to crack a little joke at his own expense. “Yup. The machine’s off. I think my little guys will be on strike for a while…”

His friends roared with laughter as Leo tried to get up.

Justin knew that Leo was going to get him back, and he was on guard for the next hour or so. But it took just a little moment of carelessness for Leo to carry out his revenge.

This time it was Justin who was talking to Sammy and Tristan.

They were standing next to the swing set where Leo and a friend of his were playing a silly game of “Who kicks off their shoe the farthest?”

You would think that a young man who is in the middle of a heated nut shot contest would be cautious about flying objects near his junk.

You would be wrong.

It played out in slow motion, in beautiful Technicolor and Pain-O-Vision, just like Leo had planned it. He wasn’t even an actor in this little strike-revenge movie, he was just the producer.

He had paid his friend to aim his shoe at Justin’s nuts, and his talented friend played his role with the accuracy and the dedication worthy of an Oscar winner.

He had weighted his shoe with a couple of chestnuts to inflict as much pain as possible. He could have used any object but he thought chestnuts were a neat little ironic note.

It flew in a perfect arc, aiming right for Justin’s meat and two veg for a beautiful nuts-on-nuts collision.

Leo watched with a smile, silent, enjoying the moment, as the shoe crashed into the big bulge in Justin’s pants, flattening the big bulge and crunching his nuts with a big, wet splat.

“Oh god!” Justin croaked, his eyes slowly crossing as the shoe fell to the ground between his legs and the chestnuts tumbled out.

“Looks like your nuts finally dropped”, Leo quipped with a wide smile, causing his friends to burst out laughing.

Even Justin had to laugh a little even though the pain in his testicles demanded most of his attention. He dropped to his knees, cupping his crotch, trying to comfort his battered balls.

Neither Justin nor Leo jerked off that night.

Day 2: Saturday

The next day, Leo was the first one to make his move.

Justin’s balls were nice and full, a little swollen from yesterday’s sneaky sack attack, a pair of plump, juicy targets hanging low inside his baggy jeans.

Leo’s attack took them by complete surprise.

Justin was in the middle of saying hello to Tristan, performing an elaborate double-handed handshake that they had come up with the day before, laughing and joking as they wiggled their fingers at each other.

Their greeting ritual was rudely interrupted by a hard, well-placed nut shot.

Leo was carrying a rather heavy set of keys with him that were attached to his jeans by a long key chain. Over the past couple of years Leo had learned how to use the chain and the keys as a very effective weapon of sperm destruction.

This kind of experience was much in evidence when Leo spun the chain and brandished the deadly set of keys up between Justin’s thighs from behind, connecting with the poor skater’s juicy nuggets with a wet splat, squashing them flat against his body.

There was a very brief moment of silent as Justin’s mind processed what had just happened.

His fingers wiggled desperately in an almost tragic end to his patented handshake as his eyes grew wide as saucers and crossed instantly. A hoarse, throaty groan escaped his lips as his buddies burst out laughing.

“Good morning!” Leo sing-songed cheerfully as he watched his rival gasp for breath.

He casually withdrew the keys and put them into his pocket as Justin fell to his knees, moaning in agony.

“I don’t think he is having a good morning”, Sammy quipped as he ruffled poor Justin’s hair.

“I think he is having a really, really bad morning”, Tristan chimed in, chuckling.

“Well, I am having a fantastic morning”, Leo laughed and greeted his friends with an exuberantly elaborate handshake of his own while Justin doubled over in pain, clutching his battered balls.

Later that day, Justin got revenge.

Leo was lying in the sun, his eyes closed, his baseball cap covering most of his face, his legs slightly spread, his big bulge sitting vulnerably and invitingly between his thighs.

Justin seized his chance, placing a prepared, empty soda bottle between Leo’s thighs before summoning the judges, Tristan and Sammy, motioning for them to stay quiet.

Justin nodded at them before taking a few steps back. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply in preparation of the task at hand.

Then, with the grace and the elegance of an Olympic gymnast, he took a running start and jumped onto the bottle, catapulting the bottle cap right at the intended target, the big, fat package in Leo’s jeans.

It connected perfectly, slamming right into the middle of the triple-bulged package, visibly hitting not only both of Leo’s juicy nuts but also the head of his limp dick. It was a perfect trifecta of manhood destruction, and Justin watched proudly as Leo’s upper body jolted up, his baseball cap tumbling to the ground. His eyes were opened wide and his mouth formed a small O. A small, almost inaudible whimper indicated that Leo had been taken completely by surprise, and that Justin’s impeccably performed sack attack had done quite a number on the handsome skater’s sperm supply.

To nobody’s surprise, both contestants experienced another night without being able to release the pressure on their rapidly swelling testicles.

Day 3: Sunday

The final day of the nut shot contest had both Justin and Leo walking a little funny.

Tristan and Sammy were in agreement that it was a very close race. Both contestants had executed some very effective attacks on each other’s ball bags.

Everything hinged on the final nut shot.

It was a nail biter.

Leo and Justin has come up with rather elaborate plans to crack each other’s swollen walnuts, and when Justin attempted a very daring stunt, Leo seized his chance to take the lead with an equally daring nut shot.

Justin was showing off his skating skills by having a buddy on his shoulders while riding his skateboard.

A crowd had gathered to watch him and his friend pull off this incredible trick.

Midway through, Leo stepped forward. With a mean grin, he bluntly kicked Justin’s nuts.

The crowd gasped in surprise as Justin gasped in agony.

In a picture-perfect ending to a daring, dangerous stunt, Justin and his friend collapsed on the ground and four nuts got crushed in the process. Justin’s friend’s head crashed into Justin’s crotch, knocking his knackers with his forehead and flattening them like pancakes. At the same time, he landed nuts-first on Justin’s head, injuring his own precious jewels.

“I give you ‘The 69 Nut Shot’”, Leo declared to roaring laughter as Justin and his buddy were writhing on the ground, clutching their aching genitals.

“I don’t think they’ll do any 69ing anytime soon”, Tristan laughed.

Justin and his buddy were grunting and groaning in pain, nursing their battered balls as everybody laughed at them.

Justin’s revenge was sweet and served ice cold.

With his testicles bruised and battered, Justin avoided any rail jumps to save himself the embarrassment of falling on his nuts once again, potentially ruining his chances of ever fathering children for good.

Leo, on the other hand, wasn’t very careful.

He had performed a perfect third nut shot, and he celebrated by skating the rails of the skate park again and again, showing off his dominance and mocking his competitor who was limping across the asphalt.

Finally, when he was able to get onto his skate board again, Justin got his revenge.

When Leo was sliding on one of the long rails, Justin slid on the other side, knocking him down and making him land crotch-first on the rail, crushing his nuts with his own weight.

Leo’s eyes bulged and crossed at the same time.

“Eeep!” was the only sound that came out of his mouth. “Eeep!”

Every single guy in the skate park instantly knew that something terrible had happened, and they all burst out laughing at the sight of Leo down on the rail, pain radiating from his broken balls.

Justin watched him, crossing his arms, a satisfied smile on his face, as Leo was standing on his tip-toes, his nuts spread evenly across the rail, squished flat by his pelvis and his thighs, paper thin, barely round any more.

Every self-respecting sperm inside Leo’s balls instantly imploded, turning his pent-up, potent, precious sperm into weak sauce in a heartbeat. 

“Oh god”, Leo croaked in a high-pitched voice, trying to get off the rail.

“God has nothing to do with this”, Justin grinned. “That’s all on me.”

Leo blinked and tip-toed to the end of the rail, grinding his nuts on the rail, squishing and squashing his gonads some more before he was able to collapse on the ground and curl up in a ball.

The skate park erupted in cheers and applause for Justin’s perfectly executed move and the judges crowned him the winner of the nut shot contest while Leo was still writhing on the ground.

“We should do this again sometime”, Justin grinned when Leo was able to stand again. “That was fun!”

Before Leo had a chance to say anything, Justin landed a playful sack tap that floored the handsome skater for another thirty minutes as the crowd roared with laughter.


His buddies made sure to ask about Leo’s nuts every day at the skate park, and Leo grudgingly told them about the state of his manhood, describing the color of his nuts and the consistency of his sperm. 

It took seven days until Leo’s sperm was back to normal. The first couple of days, jerking off was out of the question, of course. Then, when the swelling had gone down and Leo was able to beat the meat again, his cream was all weak and watery. Eventually, though, Leo’s essence was creamy and salty again.

He made sure to christen Justin’s new skate board with his cum, greasing the wheels with his salty jizz before handing it over to him like a good buddy does.

It was a beautiful thing, a custom made board that had a spray painted, stylized nutsack on the top, making it look as if Justin was standing on a pair of balls whenever he was skating.

To this day, it’s Justin’s favorite board, and whenever he uses it, he treats Leo to a friendly sack tap.


Jase said...

This story was super hot! I’ve always loved the skaters voluntarily and involuntarily busting their balls. I’d love to see a follow-on story for the best skater tricks at the park where their nuts get crushed at the end. Whether it’s falling on the railing or kicking the board right into their nuts, whoever does it with most finesse is the winner. What they win, well... perhaps there’s a nice ass that needs filling.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I wish I had someone to hurt my balls with any possible way I wish someone to come in a front of me and without second thought to kick hard my balls I imagine the sneaker hard tip to bust my balls and feel so horny also I would like to get a hard punch or also someone to hit my balls with rubber mallet I want to feel the horny pain in my nuts

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

There has been a request for a story that you'll like by our reader Benji. It is currently scheduled for November 2019. :-))

@stamouli mario:
I'm sure there's someone out there who would love to make you feel the horny pain in your nuts, and I hope you'll find him! :-))