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Ballbusting Canucks: Sammy the ball doctor: Treating François (written by Pat)

This is the second of four wonderful Easter stories written by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Make sure to check in tomorrow for two more (yes! two!) awesome stories!

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Featured in this story: ChadSammy and Alex (click for pictures)

Alex and Chad were laughing as they watched Sammy and François converse. They were chatting up a storm as they were getting ready to film their scene, moving Sammy’s desk to the middle of the room, a chair on either side. Sammy’s custom medical chair was a few feet away from the desk.

Their current topic was about the food menu.

“So yeah, tonight we cook ribs and mashed potatoes,” the beautiful Quebecois smiled, playing with his caramel colored hair.

Alex, Chad and Sammy drooled from the mouth.

“Done on the barbecue. I’m so happy Leo’s family is gone for the weekend.  Makes it a lot less awkward for Jonathan and more so myself. Especially when certain sounds are coming from a certain host’s bedroom…” François giving a seductive smirk, titling his head as he reflected on all of the sex he had so far with a guy he had the hots for.

The three Americans nodded, not sure how else to respond.

“But I digress,” François laughed. “It’s too bad we leave so early on Monday. I was hoping to make a traditional sugar shack brunch Quebec style, or a cabane à sucre if you will: eggs, sausage and bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, baked beans, oreilles de crisse.”

Chad’s face suddenly winced. “A ray of Chris? What?”

“Oreilles de crisse. It’s basically deep-fried pork cheeks. I know it’s weird but the actual name translation to English is ‘Christ’s ears’. Don’t ask me why.” The 21-year-old raised his hands and shook his head.

“Fuck! You guys are hard on that guy! Isn’t this weekend hard enough on him without Logan and Jonathan giving their fight that weird religious ending? Or you talking about deep frying his ears?” Chad sarcastically asked.

François and Sammy giggled at his annoyed antics.

“François, you seem eager for this shoot,” Sammy chuckled while poking at the growing bulge in the Canadian’s skinny jeans.

François didn’t even react to Sammy’s poking, he just looked at Sammy with a bump in his pants and a lust in eyes. “Sure am, Doctor Tuffnutz!”

Alex growled. This caused Chad to smirk, and knowingly ask François to repeat himself.

“Sure am, Doctor Tuffnutz!!!” François spoke louder and clearer. “Sorry, my accent might make it hard to understand me.”

“You’re fine! They know I hate that name, so they want to you to repeat it just to annoy me,” Alex snipped. “Anyway, let’s get set!”

Sammy leaned into François. “I don’t know what’s up his ass, but maybe he should start charging rent if it stays up there any longer,” he whispered.

The boys shared another giggle, prompting Alex to look at Chad in frustration. Chad smiled in return, it wasn’t too often that Alex was the grumpy one.

Sammy slipped on his long white coat. “I hope you had fun having sex this morning, because you probably won’t tonight,” the redhead teased, cracking his knuckles.

“Ballbusting legitimately turns me on. You’ll enjoy this as much as me,” François began to speak, before pausing a moment. “Besides, you don’t want to cock block your friend, do you?” He smirked as he walked out the door, pulling out the free coupon from his pants pocket.

“Touché…” Sammy retorted, as he sat in his chair behind the desk.

“Ready everyone? Action!” Alex yelled.

Chad began filming.

François knocked on the door and waited a moment before entering the room. “Hi... Doctor Sammy Tuffnutz?”

Sammy looked up at him and smiled. “Yes.”

“Hi, I’m François Desmoulins,” the Canadian spoke as he walked up to the desk extending his hand. “I have a coupon for a complimentary physical.”

“Nice to meet you!” Sammy said as he shook his hand. “Have a seat.”

Sammy had a look at the coupon, nodding his head.

“I’m from Canada. I’m here visiting my friends for Easter and one of them gave me this coupon for a physical. I figured that I’d get checked while I’m in America, you know, get a second opinion on my health. Particularly my reproductive organs,” François explained, shyly playing with his glasses.

“Absolutely! Just give me your medical card and I’ll make some notes,” Sammy grinned.

François handed over his medical card and waited patiently as Sammy filled out some paper work.

“Okay, Mr. Desmoulins. Just give me a quick moment to view your history on my computer, then I’ll return to try some tests,” Sammy said before standing up, and waking out of the camera frame.

Chad turned the camera off, then on, off and on again. He played with the zooming feature on his camera as François felt up his nuts in the chair, creating the illusion of time passing by.

After a few seconds, Sammy walked back into frame, a clip board in his right hand.

“François, I noticed you already have a very good doctor up in Canada. So, all I’m going to do today is some standard tests and then send him a copy of what we covered,” Sammy explained with a mischievous grin.

François nodded. The “Mad Doctor” in the Great White North was certainly no picnic either. François’s last appointment with the Canadian Doc had his testicles and abdomen attached to electro stimulators at high frequency, wanting to give the Quebecois a taste of labor pains in pregnancy, before suggesting a caesarean incision on his ballsack.

“Alright! Remove your clothing and sit on that chair to your right, please,” Sammy smiled and pointed to his chair.

François grinned as he removed his black Timberland boots, skinny dark blue jeans and grey Calvin Klein cardigan. His face turned a rosy red as he stood in front of Sammy in his thong, a semi-hard erection in plain sight. He took off his glasses and then slowly removed his thong, his big penis bouncing around as it was freed from confinement.

He sat in the medical chair and got comfy, spreading his legs apart.

In the meantime, Sammy reached for his medical bag and a stool behind his desk, bringing it towards François.

“Are you comfortable and ready?” Sammy asked as he sat in front of the Canadian.

François bit his lip and nodded.

“Alright,” Sammy chuckled, rummaging through his medical bag. “Let’s start by taking your blood pressure.”

Sammy pulled out a small sized blood pressure cuff. He smiled at François as he wrapped the cuff around his cock and balls, fastening it with the Velcro material.  “You may feel a bit of sensation,” he warned.

Sammy began to squeeze the pump handle, tightening the pressure of the cuff around François’s manhood.  The dial pressure gauge continued to climb as Sammy kept squeezing the pump handle.

François giggled, before letting out little groans as the cuff grew tighter and tighter. His balls began to separate in his sack, and his growing boner only added to the tightness of the cuff.

“Hmmm,” Sammy said as he made notes on his clip board. “Now, what if…” he began to speak as he quickly squeezed the pump handle to maximum capacity.

François took a deep breath as his cock and balls were now squeezed together, turning red. He gripped the sides of the medical chair as Sammy continued to make notes.

“Very good. I took into account your erection during this test. Very healthy,” Sammy smiled as he unfastened the blood pressure cuff.

François’s cheeks blushed as he let a smile form on his lips. “That’s good.”

The redhead continued to look through his bag. “Perfect!” he said as he pulled out an oral thermometer.

He looked over to the Canadian. “As you know, the body’s natural temperature should be around 98 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees in Canadian perspective,” Sammy explained as he sterilized the tip of the thermometer.

François’s face looked perplexed as Sammy grabbed a hold of his dick, giving it a couple strokes.

“Now, once again, because of your erected penis, these temperatures might be different,” Sammy said with a devilish grin as he suddenly placed the oral thermometer in François’s dick hole.

“Aye! Tabarnak!” The Quebecker squealed, digging his finger nails into the medical chair.

“It’s important that we remain calm to get the truest read of your body temperature,” Sammy explained with a warm smile.

François looked down and the thermometer. He felt sick to his stomach as he could no longer see the stainless-steel tip, knowing it was inside his penis. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Finally, the temperature appeared on the thermometer.

Sammy purposely let the tip of his finger crash into the thermometer as he went to retrieve it, causing it to wiggle inside François’s pee hole and making the Canadian scream in pain.

“My apologies!” Sammy sarcastically cheered as he removed the thermometer. “100.4 Fahrenheit, or 38 Celsius. A very healthy erection,” he assured the Canadian and flicked the head of his dick.

François took a sharp breath as his eyes widened and his head shot up straight. He stared at his doctor as he made notes, and silently took a sigh of relief as Sammy put the thermometer away.

“Alright. Now just a couple more things I must inspect,” Sammy confirmed as he looked through his bag, pulling out a stethoscope and putting it around his neck and finding a reflex hammer.

He turned to François. “This may be a little cold. Please bear with me,” he said as he put the stethoscope in his ears

Sammy slide the tip of the stethoscope under François’s left testicle. With his right hand, he gave the Canadian’s nut a couple of soft taps with the reflex hammer.

Sammy nodded, hearing faint giggles through his plugged ears. Then, he gave a hard whack with the hammer. This time, he heard a scream loud and clear.

He looked up and saw François staring at him. While there was clearly pain in his face, there was a hint of lust in his eyes as he was biting his bottom lip.

As Sammy went to inspect the Canadian’s right testicle, he noticed his patient’s boner had indeed went from semi-hard to fully erect.

François watched as the doctor gave a listen to his right nut. He felt another few soft taps, sandwiching his nut between the hammer and the cold metal base of the stethoscope. Finally, Sammy concluded with another hard hammer shot to the right ball.

“Arghh!!!” the Canadian yelped, before mumbling some more French curses.

Sammy couldn’t contain his laughter as he was writing on his clipboard. “Now, we’re almost done here Mr. Desmoulins. I just need to feel your penis and testicles to make sure there are no cancerous lumps, and that I don’t detect anything in your blood flow that may hinder an orgasm.”

Sammy began to run his fingers along François’s penis, touching the tip of it, running them under his shaft. “Such a handsome man like yourself, we don’t want that,” he continued, now fondling with his balls, rolling them in his hands, letting them slip around his fingers.

“I have a couple friends who are weak in the knees for a Quebec boy. So, you see, I feel personally compelled to make sure that all young men from Quebec have exceptionally well functioning genitalia,” Sammy smiled as he gave a hard squeeze to François’s balls.

The Canadians eyes flickered, and he let out a pleasures groan.

Sammy put a hand in each nut, squeezing each one simultaneously as he looked as François’s cock react.

François gave a louder moan, mixing with pleasure and pain as he looked up at the ceiling. His cock pulsed, and he gripped the chair tighter.

Sammy gripped the bottom of the medical chair with his fingers. He positioned his palms over François’s balls, and slowly lowered them so he was squishing them to the chair.

He pushed down hard, applying more and more pressure. Then, he lifted his feet off the ground, supporting himself on the Canadian’s balls that were sandwiched between his palms and the chair, flattening them.

François’s screams of agony filled the room as he Sammy pivoted on his balls. He clenched his teeth and his fingernails tore through some fabric on the medical chair.

Finally, Sammy put his feet back on the floor and slowly released the pressure on François’s flattened orbs.

François lowered his head back down to Sammy’s level, breathing heavily.

Sammy grabbed François’s cock and began to jerk it. “I see pre-ejaculate. It wouldn’t be a full medical test without an actual orgasm.”

“Mmmm,” François moaned as he was getting a hand job from the kinky doctor, feeling him play with his nuts, mixing pain with pleasure.

Sammy grinned as he jerked off the Canadian. He knew he didn’t do enough to stop François from having sex tonight, but he also knew an orgasm might subside his horniness for a few hours, resulting in his buddy not getting laid either. It was cruel, but temporary. “Everyone wins” he thought.

François screamed in pleasure, giving those signature moans as Sammy was stroking his throbbing cock with one hand, and juggling his plums with the other.

Suddenly, Sammy felt the Canadian’s balls tighten. A second later, a loud, gooey smack echoed through the room as François’s warm cum splashed onto Sammy’s chin hard.

“Oh, goodness!” Sammy chuckled, releasing his hold on the Canadian’s jewels and went to wipe the bottom of his chin.

“Sorry,” François sensually spoke as he slouched into the medical chair, dazed and relaxed after his orgasm.

“No, no! Don’t apologize. Being a shooter is a sign of a very healthy reproductive system,” Sammy grinned as he wiped his chin with a paper towel, handing one to François. “Why don’t you wash up and get dressed, and I’ll finish up the report. You’re healthy, and free to go.”

François slowlly stood up. “Thank you Dr. Tuffnutz” he smiled as he extended his right hand, the left one rubbing his swollen nuts.

“Enjoy your day, Mr. Desmoulins. Happy Easter!” Sammy smiled.

The models shook hands.

“Cut!” Alex yelled as Chad turned off the camera.

“That was great you guys! Well done,” Alex smiled as he waked up to the models. “What did you think of the ball doctor, François?”

“It was hot! Totally kinky. I can see why he’s so popular. I could have done without the thermometer in my dick though,” the Quebecois chuckled as he looked at Sammy.

“We don’t fuck around in the medical field at this studio,” Sammy ginned and puffed out his chest. “Dr. Tuffnutz, MD in testicular science!”

“Don’t we know it,” Chad mumbled as he rubbed his nuts, remembering his own appointment with Sammy.

“I can’t wait for those ribs! Busting balls always make me hungry,” Sammy cut in. “Hopefully Leo will still let me in his house, even if I ruined his chances of getting laid tonight,” he winked.

François scoffed. “You underestimate my sex drive around ballbusting and hot guys. Besides, no matter what happens tonight Leo will have fun tomorrow… well, maybe.”

“Both Jonathan and François apparently have some collaborations tomorrow. Can you give any details?” Alex smiled as he snooped for information.

“I know it will be a double shift. Paid overtime,” Chad villainously pointed out.

Without any sign of warning Alex kicked his cameraman in the nuts. “Shut up about the fucking overtime already!”

“Never!” Chad wheezed from him lungs as he doubled over.

François laughed at Chad’s misfortune. “Prepare for two very different scenes,” he said through spurts of laughter.

“Oh, God,” Alex raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, yes! And I’m not working tomorrow! I get to watch it all unfold.” Sammy cheered.

“Why don’t you fill me in on our way to Leo’s. Just so I’m not completely mortified tomorrow,”

François nodded. He and Sammy began walking towards the exit.

Alex looked over at Chad, still doubled over. “Come on, Chad. Let’s go eat. If you don’t feel better I’ll have to give the extra hours to Vince,” he cheekily spoke as he began to walk away.

Chad couldn’t believe the audacity. “Fucking Easter,” he mumbled to himself.

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