Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Video links: Animated agony (4)

No testicles got hurt during the making of the clips in this post. But that doesn't mean they're not awesome! :-))

Here are some more of my favorite nutcrunching scenes from animated TV shows and movies.

Let's start with a triple towel whip nutshot from Family Guy. Ouch!

Skip to 0:55, 1:05 and 1:20

Here's another awesome nutshot compilation from the Total Drama shows. My favorite is at the short and sweet accidental (?) heel kick at 2:25. "Team Amazon!"

The amazing world of Gumball is an absolutely crazy show, and the following clip is no different. Ever seen a cupcake kick a gumball in the nuts? Well, here you are!

Speaking of crazy, here's a scene from Time Bokan 24 that looks like a surrogate spud shot. Apparently, this boy is controling this Transformers-like robot creature. I have no idea why he is in pain when the robot is whacked in the groin, but whatever. It's a funny scene. :-))

Finally, here's Bugs Bunny's variation of a favorite theme of mine: the soccer wall nutshot. It's completely predictable, unimaginative and stale - but I love everything about it! Bugs' soprano "Oh, that's why..." is hilarious, as is the commentator's unmoved "Ooooh, right in the breadbasket." Hilarious!

What's your favorite animated ballbusting scene? Let me know by sending me an email ( or leaving a comment!

Thank you!

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