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Three on one (Greg, Garth and Gary meet Logan)

Special thanks to Greg for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who prefers hard ballbusting sex to playful ballbusting banter!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan couldn’t help but chuckle. “You sure?” he said with a smirk. “Last chance to back out…”

The handsome blond high school wrestler was wearing a brightly colored wrestling singlet that contrasted nicely with his tanned, muscular body.

Greg, Garth and Gary looked at each other.

They were shorter than Logan, three scrawny, slim boys without any muscles to speak of. They looked almost pathetic next to Logan, the popular, god-like athlete.

Greg ran his hand through his ginger hair and smiled cockily. “Afraid we might win?”

Logan stared at him. Then he burst out laughing.

The idea of him losing to any of them was positively ridiculous. Logan was a prize-winning wrestler, and they were just a bunch of scrawny kids.

They had approached him in the high school cafeteria one day and challenged him to a wrestling match.

The idea itself was preposterous.

It had been Logan’s idea to make it a 3-on-1 match to give them a fighting chance. To win the match, Logan would have to get all three of the boys to submit.

They had come up with the idea of the sex stakes.

Logan had laughed it off at first, but the three guys had been serious about it. Finally, Logan had agreed. On second thought, it actually suited him quite fine. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend in a while, and he was horny as hell. The prospect of lining up the three guys’ asses and fuck their tight little holes made his dick grow hard and twitch in his singlet.

Gary rolled his eyes. “He thinks this is funny”, he said, looking at his friends. He was Asian-American, with black hair and a handsome face.

“He won’t be laughing when I slip my dick into his hole”, Garth said with a cheerful smile, grabbing the big bulge in his crotch. His hair color was similar to Greg’s, and they looked a little like twin brothers.

Now it was the three boys’ turn to roar with laughter.

“Alright”, Logan said with a shrug. “Let’s do this.”

At first, it looked like it would be an easy win for Logan.

After less than a minute, Gary was pinned to the ground, screaming his submission.

Only a few moments later, Garth followed his example and gave up.

They watched from the sidelines, grimacing in pain, as Greg and Logan faced off.

Logan had a confident smile on his face. The handsome, muscular stud looked at Greg and chuckled. “Wanna give up now? Might save you some pain…”

Greg’s eyes narrowed. “No, thanks”, he said calmly.

Logan shrugged his shoulders, raising his hands. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, my f---”

Suddenly, Greg’s foot sailed up between Logan’s muscular thighs, hitting the big, beautiful bulge in Logan’s singlet dead-on. It was a perfect strike, made even more efficient by the fact that Logan’s dick was semi-hard due at the prospect of sinking into the three boys’ fuckholes soon. Unfortunately, that meant that it was leaving Logan’s fat, cum-filled balls entirely unprotected. Greg’s foot hit them with deadly precision and relentless force. His toes connected with the heavy, low-hanging danglers and rammed them into his body, flattening them like pancakes. There was a sickening, wet splat, followed by silence.

Even Gary and Garth cringed in sympathy.

Greg watched Logan whose body was frozen in pain.

Logan’s eyebrows arched upwards and his eyes opened wide. His jaw dropped and a wheezing groan escaped his lips.

He said something unintelligible in an inadvertently funny voice that defied description.

Greg chuckled. “What did you say?”

“I think he complained that that was an illegal move”, Garth said with an amused expression on his face. He turned to Logan. “Right?”

Logan let out a pitiful whimper.

“I think that’s a yes”, Garth said.

“Well, I don’t think we talked about what’s legal and what’s illegal”, Greg said with a smile. “And I’m pretty sure that means that your balls are fair game.” He turned to his friends. “Right, boys?”

“Sounds reasonable”, Gary said with a shrug.

“Perfectly reasonable”, Garth agreed.

Logan stared at Greg, paralyzed in pain, his face contorted, his eyes filled with tears.

“See?” Greg said with a mean smirk.

Then he brought his foot back and slammed it into Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

In a painful repeat of his phenomenally effective nut-cracking blow, Greg crunched Logan’s nuts once again.

This time, the sickening, wet splat was followed by an anguished wail that sounded like the cry of a wounded boar.

Logan doubled over, grabbing his nuts, falling to his knees, his face a mask of pain, his mouth agape, screaming from the top of his lungs.

The visual was perfect: The handsome, muscular athlete brought down by a scrawny little weakling.

Greg and his buddies were laughing their asses off.

Taking advantage of the situation, Greg delivered a hard punch to Logan’s face, knocking him onto his back.

Gary and Gath cheered and laughed as Greg straddled Logan and sat down on his face, pressing his butt against his nose and mouth, all but suffocating the fallen hunk as he started treating the big bulge in Logan’s crotch as his personal punching bag.

With a vicious smile on his face, Greg delivered punch after nut-crunching punch to Logan’s manhood, driving his fists into his nuts again and again.

Logan’s erection was painfully obvious in his singlet, and Greg made sure not to neglect the fat, throbbing shaft and the vulnerable, sensitive head, but he kept his focus primarily on the two rapidly swelling gonads that were formidably targets for his fists.

Again and again, Greg pummeled Logan’s balls, eliciting muffled screams and grunts and groans and moans the handsome stud.

Sensing that there was no way for him to turn the tables, Logan tried to give up, but his screams of submission were considerably dampened by Greg’s butt. “Ighmph gighmph! Ighmph gighmph! Ighmph gighmph!”

“Do you hear anything?” Greg chuckled as he delivered a picture perfect punch to Logan’s juicy babymakers.

“Nope”, Gary said with a grin.

“Nothing at all”, Garth agreed.

“Ighmph gighmph! Ighmph gighmph! Ighmph gighmph! Ighmph gighmph! Ighmph gighmph!” Logan screamed into Greg’s butt as the scrawny boy crushed his nuts with his bare hands.

Greg laughed and wiggled his butt, delivering punch after devastating punch to Logan’s fat, bruised, battered balls.

Finally, on a particularly vicious blow to his babymakers that flattened both of the twin orbs like pancakes, as if the humiliation wasn’t bad enough for poor Logan, his throbbing, hard cock erupted with a huge spurt of sperm that soaked his singlet.

The boys burst out laughing.

“He’s creaming his fucking pants!” Greg yelled triumphantly as he hammered Logan’s busy balls with both of his fists, eliciting a long, muffled wail. “He’s creaming his fucking pants!”

Jet after jet of creamy spunk came out of Logan’s dick, creating a large, damp patch at his crotch.

After Logan’s massive orgasm had subsided, Greg lifted his ass a little, just enough to let Logan croak out a raspy, hoarse “I give.”

The boys clapped and cheered.

“Time to fuck!” Greg announced, pressing his butt down on Logan’s face again. “Let’s get him naked!”

A few moments later, the three boys were stark naked, and they all had a little surprise in store for Logan: Despite their lean and slender frames, their dicks were huge, fat and thick, meaty and long. Very long.

Gary was the longest, then came Greg and Garth.

Their thickness went the opposite way.

Each of those monumental members was a sight to behold.

Logan paled at the sight of the three meaty monsters. He looked up at the three scrawny, big-dicked guys, completely immobilized, gagged, his eyes wide open.

The boys had ripped off his singlet and used it to tie him up in a neat package, his holes conveniently exposed. Logan was wearing nothing but his cum-soaked jock now.
Greg, Garth and Gary were looking down at him, their big, fat dicks rock-hard and dripping precum.

There was a little difference of opinion regarding the question of who was going to go first, but the boys settled it quickly and maturely with a quick game of rock paper scissors.

A second later, Logan’s holes were filled to capacity with cock.

Greg was humping Logan’s mouth, choking Logan with his fat, thick dick as he drove it in and out of Logan’s mouth. He shoved it all the way in, sliding it past his tonsils and down his throat with every thrust, and making Logan retch and gag with his mammoth meat stick.

Meanwhile, Garth was deep-dicking Logan’s butt, driving his rock-hard cock deep into Logan’s tight little asshole, stretching it wide open while his low-hanging nuts were smacking against Logan’s cheeks.

Gary’s frustration about losing against his buddies was palpable., and he made no secret of it. Unfortunately for Logan, he took it out on Logan’s swollen nutsack.

Again and again, Gary’s fist connected with the big bulge in Logan’s cum-soaked jock. He was straddling Logan, sitting down on his chest as he got pounded by Garth’s buddies.

“I can’t wait to fuck you”, he mumbled as he punched Logan’s ball bag with all the force he could muster. “I’m gonna fuck you good and hard. God, I’m no fucking horny!”

Garth and Greg looked at each other and laughed.

Without stopping his assault on Logan’s fuck hole, Garth chuckled, “I’ll try not to stretch him out too much. Ooops. Too late.”

Gary rolled his eyes. “Fuck you”, he said, punctuating the expletive by a well-placed punch to Logan’s nuts that elicited a muffled scream from the tied up stud.

“Oh god!” Greg moaned, throwing his head back as the vibrations in Logan’s throat stimulated his throbbing, buried dick. “Oh god yeah!”

Gary mumbled something unintelligible and grabbed Logan’s nuts with both of his hands, squishing and squashing the muscular athletes fat, bruised babymakers, digging his body thumbs deep into the meaty orbs and eliciting all kinds of funny noises that were muffled by Greg’s cock.

Logan’s ass tightened around Garth’s huge dick as the pain washed through his body. He let out what would have been a blood-curdling scream had it not been for Greg’s massive monster that was planted deep inside his throat.

“Oh god!” Garth and Greg yelled simultaneously as they filled Logan with their cum, flooding him from both ends at the same time.

Precisely half a second later, as if triggered by the high-pressure double injection, Logan shot another load that seeped through the fabric of his jock, prompting Gary to lose his temper.

“Fuck! I wanted to make him cum!” he yelled, kneading and twisting Logan’s busy balls, squeezing the throbbing globes as hard as he could. “Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Logan was gurgling and grunting, gagging and groaning as Gary crushed his battered balls while Greg and Garth were filling him with their spunk.

Their orgasms seemed to last forever.

Finally, Greg pulled his dick out of Logan’s mouth.

Logan gasped for air, his eyes wet and red, spit running out his mouth.

“Don’t worry”, Greg said with a grin. “I’m sure there’s another load in his balls…”

“I sure hope so”, Gary said as they rotated.

Now, Gary stuffed his cock into Logan’s hole. It slipped in easily, aided by the gigantic load of cum that Garth had planted deep inside.

Garth smacked Logan’s face with his glistening cock before shoving it between Logan’s lips.

Greg towered over Logan’s midsection, looking down at Logan’s jock-clad manhood before stomping down on it, driving his heel into Logan’s spent, battered balls.

Logan let out an anguished wail that was muffled by Garth’s meaty monster.

“Fuck yeah!” Garth moaned, holding Logan’s head as he fucked his mouth deep and hard, choking him with his hard dick.

“Fuck yeah!” Gary chimed in, pounding Logan’s hole, his cum-filled balls smacking against Logan’s ass in a steady rhythm.

“Fuck yeah!” Greg laughed and stomped down hard once again, crushing Logan’s nuts under his heel.

Logan was a mess. His eyes were filled with tears and he let out muffled grunts and whimpers of pain as he was pounded at both ends while Greg was wreaking havoc on his testicles.

The three boys ignored Logan’s unintelligible utterances. They used him like a toy, reducing the handsome, muscular stud to a mewling, sobbing fuck doll.

After a couple of minutes of hard and relentless butt fucking, equally hard and relentless throat banging, and just as hard and relentless nut crushing, Logan received another round of cum injections.

Garth and Gary filled him from both sides, and Greg trampled on Logan’s hard dick with his bare foot as it spat out the contents of Logan’s tortured testicles.

Logan’s tiny hope that this orgasm would mark the end of his torment were squashed when the three boys rotated again.

Greg took over butt duty, and Gary took care of Logan’s mouth, leaving Logan’s bruised and battered balls to Garth who attacked Logan’s junk with gleeful energy, smacking and slapping Logan’s nuts around.

By now, Logan was all but unresponsive and he didn’t put up much of a fight anymore.

The boys didn’t care. They used his body good and hard, and soon they filled Logan’s holes with two more batches of fresh cum, breeding his hole and flooding his throat with spunk.

Unlike the first two orgasms, Logan passed on the chance to shoot his own load this time, though. It wasn’t Garth’s fault. He tried his very best to coax another load out of Logan’s battered balls but the two juicy nuggets were just too bruised and swollen, and his spent dick just wouldn’t grow hard.

“I know there’s another load in there”, Garth mumbled as he squeezed Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster. “I know it!”

His friends pulled their dicks out of Logan’s ass and mouth, watching their friend with amused expressions on their faces.

Greg chuckled. “Maybe he needs some extra stimulation”, he said with a mean grin, shaking his long, hard cock.

Garth raised his eyebrows.

Gary’s eyes lit up.

“Triple penetration”, Greg grinned.

There was a moment of silence as the three friends looked at each other.

Despite the fact that the three scrawny guys had shot their load three times, their fat, meaty dicks twitched with excitement.

“Fuck yeah!” they yelled in unison, beaming with anticipation.

They propped up Logan’s ass. His stretched hole was gaping open, covered in spunk.

Once the boys had figured out how to fit all of their cocks into Logan’s hole, it was just a matter of seconds until Logan’s poor butt was stretched to its limit, filled to capacity with the three meaty boners.

Logan was a drooling, blubbering mess – but the unusual stimulation quickly brought about the desired effect: Logan’s dick was growing hard inside his jockstrap.

“Look at that!” Greg laughed, ripping off Logan’s jock, exposing his beet-red, swollen ball bag and his rock-hard cock that pointed straight at Logan’s face.

The three boys cheered as they triple-pounded Logan’s hole.

Greg chuckled and brought his fist down on Logan’s nutsack, eliciting a mewling whimper.

Again and again, Greg punched Logan’s nuts while he drove his dick deep into Logan’s stuffed hole alongside the meaty, fat dicks of his buddies.

With a triple roar, they shot their loads deep inside Logan, flooding him with their sticky sperm.

At the same time, Greg grabbed Logan’s nuts, crushing the life out of Logan’s juicy, spent nuggets with his bare hands.

Logan was whimpering and moaning, bawling and groaning.

Logan’s eyes opened just in time to get blasted by a big jet of salty cum.

Greg, Gary and Garth roared with laughter as Logan blinked through the spunky jizz, his face a mask of pain.

Greg smacked Logan’s spent balls, causing another jet of cum to sputter out of Logan’s dick.

Finally, the three boys pulled their dicks out of Logan’s stretched, cummy hole.

Logan was a mess.

The muscular wrestler’s handsome face was covered in sweat, spit and spunk, and contorted in agony. He was drooling and sobbing in agony. His nuts were fiery red and obscenely swollen, dwarfing his bruised, spent, shriveling cock. His hole was gaping and leaking cum.

Greg, Gary and Garth high-fived and put on their clothes.

“We should do this again sometime”, Garth suggested with a grin.

Logan let out a moan.

“Yeah, that was fun”, Gary chimed in.

Logan curled up in a ball, sobbing in pain. His swollen nuts were wedged between his thighs like a pair of bright red balloons.

“Let us know when you’re ready for a rematch”, Greg chuckled. He brought his leg back and smashed it into Logan’s bruised nuts, flattening the tender, bloated orbs like pancakes.

A wet splat echoed through the gym, followed by a shriek of agony.

The three boys roared with laughter as they left the gym, leaving behind a broken and defeated stud, the most popular guy at school reduced to a drooling and blubbering mess.


JP said...

Making guys cum in their pants is a particular turn on for me, so I loved when Logan did just that in his singlet. Could you possibly start putting an extra tag in stories for when guys cream their pants? ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, JP! I think about tagging stories regarding their content from time to time - but then I think about how much work it would be to go through all the stories and assign tags to them. And then I think about something else. :-/

If you know a librarian who‘d like to sort through the stories and tag them please let me know! :-))