Friday, March 16, 2018

Final poll: Special Guest Star 7

Oooooh! This is exciting! We are in the final stages of determining our next Special Guest Star!

More than 830 people took part in our first poll to narrow down the field. That is fantastic! Thanks to everybody who voted!

And here are the results (more than one answer was possible):

Abner Mares   0,5%
Kevin von Erich (aged 23)   1%
Sául "Canelo" Álvarez   1%
80s Wrestlers Edition: Kevin von Erich and Rick Rude   1%
Jack Wilshere   1%
Pierce Brown   1%
Peter Bamforth   1%
David Tennant   1%
Donald Trump   1%
Drama Edition: The men from This is Us   1%
Nathan Chen   1%
Jacob Marteny   1%
Gavin Casalegno   1%
Jace Norman   1%
Patriots Edition: Julian Edelman and Tom Brady   1%
Jonathan Bennett   2%
O. T. Fagbenle   2%
Chace Crawford   2%
Thomas Brodie-Sangster   2%
Ashton Kutcher   2%
Harry Judd   3%
Jack Griffo   3%
Rory McIlroy   3%
Nev Schulman   3%
Darren Criss   3%
Russell Howard   3%
Prank Wars Edition: Harry Styles and Jack Griffo   4%
Elijah Wood   4%
Chris Pine   5%
Cameron Boyce   5%
Jack Gleeson   5%
Taron Egerton   5%
Finn Bálor   5%
Nolan Gerard Funk   5%
Jake T. Austin   6%
Encore Editon: Zac Efron Returns   6%
Timothee Chalamet   6%
Harry Styles   6%
Charlie Puth   7%
Chris Pratt   7%
James Franco   8%
Nick Laws   8%
Dylan O'Brien   9%
Supernatural Edition: Jensen Ackles und Jared Padalecki   9%
Cameron Dallas   9%
Franco Brothers Edition: Dave Franco vs James Franco   9%

Chris Evans   10%
Cody Rhodes   10%
KJ Apa   11%
Logan Paul   13%
Three Chris Edition: Chris Evans vs. Chris Hemsworth vs. Chris Pratt 13%
Battle of the Flashes Edition: Grant Gustin vs Ezra Miller   13%
Andrew Garfield   14%
Chris Hemsworth   14%
Pietro Boselli   15%
Liam Hemsworth   15%

Spidey Edition: Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield   31%
Tom Holland   33%
Shawn Mendes   34%

That's pretty plain: We have our Final Three. In the final poll we determine the winner from the three top choices:

Spidey Edition: Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield
Tom Holland
Shawn Mendes
This time you only got one vote.

If you are reading this post on your computer you find the poll in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find the poll at the bottom of this page. The poll will be open until April 15th.



Anonymous said...

Idea for the Spidey Edition story: have Tom and Andrew kick a guy each with their stinking socked feet. Keep kicking until their guy cums and whichever one wins by making their guy cum first the losing spidey has to have the cummy sock shoved in to his mouth. Make it Tom Holland that wins this? I’d love to get booted by him..

- Dan

Anonymous said...

I'm sad Logan Paul didn't make the list, especially after seeing him rack himself at 0:17 in this Ninja Warrior vid.


Also I gotta say I don't like the idea of the cummy socks very much... :(


Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

That sounds hot! It‘s definitely an option if Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield win! :-))

I agree: Logan Paul would have been a great choice. Don‘t be sad, though. Maybe next time. :-))

Anonymous said...

Will I finally get my Andrew Garfield ballbusted story??? (Albeit shared with Mr. Holland). ��❤

Finn said...

Alex, did another Alexander Ludwig situation just happen because Shawn Mendes went from less than 100 votes to over 250 in a suspiciously short time. Happy for it if it is honest but we saw it happen before so am worried

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Finn. Shawn Mendes was under 80 votes this morning and tonight his total increased to 280. That is a lot...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, looks like somebody really doesn't want to see the two Spideys showing off their skills (or their endurance levels).

Alex said...

Thank you, guys. I guess you are right.

I‘ve stopped the poll and published a post on thd topic: