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Brute force (Pietro meets Logan)

Special thanks to Pietro for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes a loveable brute!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“What do you say?” Pietro grinned, flexing his muscles. The 18 year old hunk was wearing cowboy boots and worn out blue jeans that were bulging at the crotch with his enormous package. He was a man’s man, a tall, muscular bodybuilder, extremely ripped and bulky, with brown hair and a winning smile.

Logan chuckled. “Careful what you wish for.”

Like Pietro, Logan was 18 years old. He was athletic and fit, but not nearly as muscular as Pietro.

They had met online on a couchsurfing website. Logan had been invited to Texas for a wrestling tournament, and he had looked for a place to stay for a couple of nights.

Today, on his last night here, Logan was in a great mood. There were a couple of reasons for that, first and foremost the fact that he had won the tournament. It felt great to be a winner, and Logan had proudly showed off his new trophy to his host.

In addition to that, Logan was looking forward to meeting his girlfriend again. Like any guy his age, Logan was horny all the tame, and after a couple of days without release, his balls were churning with pent-up cum.

Tomorrow, he’d go home, and the first thing he’d do once he was home was to fuck Ashley’s brains out and treat her to a nice, creamy snack.

Logan’s dick was rock-hard at the thought.

“Don’t worry”, Pietro smiled. “You may have the technique – but I have the strength.” He flexed his biceps.

Logan rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure. I’ve heard that before. You know what happened to the guy who said that to me last time?”

Pietro grinned. “What?”

Logan winked at Pietro. “Well, what do you think? I beat his fucking ass, that’s what happened.”

Pietro laughed. “You think you can beat me?”

Logan held up the wrestling trophy and waved it at Pietro. “See this?”

Pietro nodded slowly. “Alright. Okay. Let’s see. Why don’t we up the stakes a little? We wrestle naked. Best of three falls. Loser gets fucked.” He adjusted the incredibly fat bulge in his pants. “You alright with that?” He held out his hand.

Logan raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “You think I’ll back out, huh? No such luck.” He shook Pietro’s hand. “Just so you know: I won’t fuck you today because I’ll see my girlfriend tomorrow. But that just means I’ll come back and knock on your door. And when I do I expect you to smile and bend over and spread your cheeks for me.” Logan grinned.

Pietro winked at him. “Wanna save your load for her?”

Logan held up his hands. “What can I say? I love her.”

Pietro laughed as he took off his cowboy boots. “But you’ve agreed to a fuck stakes wrestling match nevertheless.”

“Why not? You never know when you need an arrangement like that”, Logan chuckled, opening the fly of his jeans, “I’ll save it for a rainy day. Maybe I’ll come back to Texas.” He slipped out of his jeans and took off his shirt. “Yeah, you’re a nice guy. Maybe I’ll visit you again some time. Ashley’s going away for a couple of weeks this summer.”

“Alright, yeah”, Pietro said, stripping naked. “That’d be cool.”

“And then I’ll fuck your brains out”, Logan grinned.

Pietro laughed.

When they were both naked, they faced each other.

Logan was lean and athletic, but not overly muscular. His balls were fat and heavy, hanging low in his sack. His big dick was meaty and rock-hard. He glanced at his boner.

“Sorry, I’m a bit horny…” He ran his hand through his short blond hair and smiled sheepishly.

“No reason to be ashamed”, Pietro chuckled.

Everything about him was huge. His biceps and his triceps, his chiseled pecs and his perfect six-pack abs, his huge, strong thighs and his massive feet. The gigantic schlong between his thighs had a brutish, raw asthetic. It was monstrous, animalistic, a perfect fit for the huge pair of humongous gonads that weighed his sack down.

Logan glanced at Pietro’s enormous cock, and his facial expression changed for a split-second as a slight feeling of inferiority spread in his gut.

“Alright, let’s go!” he said, clapping his hands a couple of times.

They started fighting.

At first, it looked like Logan’s superior technique cancelled out Pietro’s superior strength.

Pietro’s punches and kicks were brutal and powerful, but they didn’t always land on target. Logan managed to duck several of Pietro’s fierce attacks, and he landed a couple of blows that weren’t as hard as Pietro’s but made up for that in precision and deftness.

After a couple of minutes it looked like Logan was getting the upper hand, but then it happened.

It was a combination of force and fluke, and poor Logan suffered the consequences.

The handsome high school wrestler dodged a hard, deadly kick that was aimed at his abs. Unfortunately, Pietro’s huge foot connected with another part of his body…

The connection was right on target, right on Logan’s most valuable possessions.

There was a sickening, wet splat as Logan’s dangling low-hangers were rammed into his body. His hard dick was squished flat.

Logan’s eyes opened wide and he let out a hoarse croak that sounded as if all the oxygen in his lungs was suddenly sucked out.

Pietro chuckled. “Ooops. Sorry.”

Then he followed up his devastating nut kick with a devastating punch to Logan’s abs that elicited a strangled, breathless grunt.

Logan sank to his knees, his mouth gaping open, his eyes glassy.

Without wasting any time, Pietro interlocked his fingers and formed a double-handed fist that he slammed down on Logan’s shoulder like a hammer.

Logan let out an anguished wail.

Pietro grabbed him and lifted him off his feet. He got down on his knees, holding Logan up in the air for a moment. Then he brought Logan crashing down onto his knee in a cruel and brutal back breaker, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Holy shit, you’re horny”, Pietro grinned, holding Logan in place, bent over his knee, his back arched painfully, his dick rock hard and pointing at the ceiling.

“You’re really horny”, Pietro repeated with a grin and smacked Logan’s erection with the palm of his hand.

Logan let out a miserable groan as his dick twitched and a bit of clear, sticky precum oozed out of his pulsing head.

Pietro balled his fist and smashed it down onto Logan’s sperm-filled nuts, crunching them flat and eliciting as high-pitched wail.

Again and again he sent his fist down, hammering Logan’s precious babymakers mercilessly, until his balls gave up their precious cargo and Logan’s dick erupted with a fountain of creamy cum that shot high up into the air before raining down, splattering down onto Logan’s spread, broken, naked body.

Jet after jet of sticky jizz sputtered out of Logan’s dick as the young high school wrestler groaned and moaned and screamed in agony.

Pietro grinned as he watched the spectacle, smacking Logan’s nuts around with the palm of his hand, slapping out every last bit of sperm until they were utterly drained and completely empty.

“That was a huge fucking load!” Pietro said with a smile. “Man, I bet your girlfriend will be really mad at you…” He looked at Logan’s cum-covered body and laughed.

Then he got up, allowing Logan to curl up in a balls, clutching his aching gonads.

“I’ll give you five minutes. Then we’ll start with round two”, Pietro announced.

The huge, muscular bodybuilder made good use of the time-out, replenishing his fluids with an isotonic drink and stretching his muscles.

Logan, on the other hand, just lay on the ground, nursing his battered balls, whimpering in pain.

When the five minutes were up, Pietro barely got Logan to get up.

The handsome high school wrestler looked spent and beaten, sweaty and covered in his drying cum.

It was no surprise that round two didn’t take long.

Pietro jerked Logan around like a rag doll, kicking his butt and his thighs, attacking his abs and his pecs – but most of all Logan’s rapidly swelling gonads.

Pietro crushed Logan’s nuts again and again, wreaking havoc on Logan’s manhood with devastating kicks and powerful knee lifts.

Ironically, even though his balls had just been thoroughly drained, Logan’s dick was hard as a rock while Pietro beat him up like he had never been beaten up before.

It looked almost comically easy: The huge, muscular colossus made the handsome high school wrestler look like a light-weight dabbler even though Logan had won countless tournaments, and his latest trophy was sitting on the table right next to the two naked fighters.

Finally, Pietro landed a devastating kick to Logan’s swollen and bruised ball bag.

Logan folded like a deck chair, falling to his knees, his mouth wide open in a silent scream, his face a mask of pain, his rock-hard dick throbbing and twitching violently.

Logan’s face was at Pietro’s crotch level, and a smile crept onto the face of the huge, massive man. He shoved Logan to the ground and wrapped his legs around Logan’s neck, catching him in painful head scissors as the force of his muscular thighs made Logan’s head turn purple.

Without warning, Pietro rammed two fingers into Logan’s ass and started fingerfucking him hard and fast. In and out went Pietro’s fingers, invading Logan’s tight little hole and eliciting grunts and groans as Logan struggled against Pietro’s thighs.

He didn’t stand a chance against Pietro’s massive legs, though.

Logan passed out just when his dick started shooting a massive load of cum, proving that – despite the earlier high-yield orgasm – Logan’s balls were far from empty.

“Damn, you really saved up for your girlfriend, huh?” Pietro chuckled and slapped the unconscious young man’s handsome face as spurt after spurt of creamy jizz sputtered out of his dick. “Looks like the sperm bank has crashed…”

He laughed at his own joke as he scooped up some of Logan’s cum and smeared it generously on Logan’s face.

Logan opened his eyes. Immediately, his face scrunched up in a painful grimace.

“You lost, buddy”, Pietro smiled. “And now I get to fuck your sweet, tight ass.” He shoved his fingers into Logan’s hole again, using his own cum as a lubricant. “Well, not it’s so tight anymore…” He winked at Logan. “And it won’t be tight at all when I’m done with you…”

Logan let out a miserable groan.

Pietro grinned and got up, releasing Logan’s head and allowing him to curl up in a ball.

Towering over him, Pietro looked down.

His thick, fat cock was hard as steel, a meaty monster waiting to enter Prince Charming’s fallen fortress.

“Beg for it”, Pietro smiled.

Logan let out a groan.

Pietro waited.

Logan was curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

Pietro spotted Logan’s swollen ball sack that was wedged between his thighs, peeking out like a trapped mouse.

His smile widened.

“Beg for it”, Pietro repeated, giving Logan another chance to comply.

When he didn’t, Pietro brought his leg back and kicked Logan’s trapped nuts with all the force he could muster.

Logan let out a shrill squeal as the pain washed through his body. “Fuuuuuuuck!”

“That’s a start”, Pietro quipped. “Go on or I’ll kick your nuts into next year.” He brought his leg back.

“Me!” Logan whimpered. “Fuck me!”

Pietro chuckled. “Not bad. But I’m sure you can do better.” He kicked Logan’s nuts hard, eliciting an anguished wail.

“Fuuuuuuuck meeeeee!” Logan shrieked. “Pleeeeaaase!”

Pietro laughed. “We’re almost there.” He turned Logan onto his back and placed his foot on his bloated, bruised balls before shifting his weight, slowly crushing Logan’s nuts under his huge foot.

Logan’s eyes widened and he was grunting and groaning in agony.

Pietro reached down and grabbed Logan’s nipples, twisting them and squeezing them with his strong hands. “You’re my little bitch now”, he whispered as he squashed Logan’s nuts under his foot and twisted his nipples between his fingers.

The combined assault on the most sensitive parts of Logan’s body made the young man scream and groan.

“What do you call me, bitch?” Pietro said with a gentle voice that betrayed his not-quite-gentle actions.

Logan let out a squeal. “Please, sir! Please fuck me!” he begged. “Please! Please fuck me, sir!”

Pietro squeezed Logan’s sore nipples and twisted his foot, squishing Logan’s nuts flat against the cold floor and making his voice jump an octave as he continued pleading with the muscular hulk to fuck him.

“Oh, sir!” Logan wailed. “Please fuck me, sir! Fuck me like the little bitch I am! Please, sir!”

Finally, Pietro obliged.

His massive dong invaded Logan’s ass with the subtlety and the gentleness of the battering ram.

The sex was rough and hard, and Pietro made sure to go through every possible position, expertly reaming Logan’s butt and giving him a fuck he’d never forget.

The muscular hulk made sure to pay some attention to Logan’s bloated ball bag and his red, sore nipples while fucking him, making him scream and wail like a banshee.

Finally, with his dick buried deep inside Logan, Pietro shot his load, flooding Logan’s insides with a his superior spunk, planting his seed deep inside the prize-winning high school wrestler, reducing him to a cum-filled wreck.

In a final act of utter humiliation, Pietro coaxed another load out of Logan’s drained, swollen, bruised, beet-red balls by flexing his biceps around his dick.

After the thorough prostate massage he had just received, it didn’t take long before Logan climaxed once again.

A pathetic residue of Logan’s pent-up load, once earmarked to satisfy the needs of his girlfriend and reward him for winning the wrestling tournament, now utterly and completely wasted, drippled out of Logan’s dick, creating a couple of pitiful blotches on Pietro’s perfectly sculptured, tanned biceps.

Pietro looked at the measly stains on his upper  arm that were Logan’s pathetic load. “You’re done, huh? Completely empty?” He smacked Logan’s battered balls, eliciting an anguished scream from the wrecked high school wrestler.

“Yes, sir”, Logan croaked.

Pietro chuckled. “Three loads. Not bad, bitch.”

“Thank you, sir”, Logan whispered almost inaudibly.

“You know”, Pietro got up, pulling Logan up with him. “I’m not done yet.” Indeed, his huge dick was rock-hard even though it had just impregnated Logan’s ass with a huge load, as evidenced by the creamy trail of cum that was leaking out of his ass and running down his thigh. “I think I’ll go again. What do you say, bitch?”

Logan stared at him.

Without a word, Pietro brought up his knee, crushing Logan’s nuts hard and liftuing him off the ground.

Logan sank to the ground, his face a mask of pain, his mouth open in a silent scream.

“What do you say?” Pietro repeated calmly.

Logan let out a whimper. “Please fuck me, sir.”


Anonymous said...

Damn, I just LOVE the posts where Logan's nuts and nipples get worked over hard again and again, and a load gets fucked out of him. More please!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

Boy! I want a sequel, seeing how the next round would go with Logan so broken and without even being able to cum anymore sounds fun, specially because it seems Pietro won't go easy on him.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don‘t have any plans for a sequel right now but you never know... :-))