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Ballbusting Canucks: Three falls and a crucifixion (written by Pat)

This is the first of four wonderful Easter stories written by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Make sure to check in tomorrow for another awesome story!

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Featured in this story: ChadLogan and Alex (click for pictures)

“What?!” Logan and Jonathan asked simultaneously.

“Well…” Alex began to speak, staring at the two men in singlets, “I was hoping you guys could have your fight on Sunday.”

Logan shook his head. “No can do. I’m going out of town to see family for Easter dinner. We leave tomorrow.”

“And we leave Monday morning,” Jonathan added.

“Alright I guess we can do it now,” Alex sighed. “I wish I had more notice about the ideas for this weekend with Jonathan and François.”

Alex felt flustered. Until two days ago, there was no guarantee that the Canadians would even be at the studio for Easter weekend.  Furthermore, this is the first time Jonathan and François are here as friends of the Ballbusting Boys models more so than official invitees from the studio. While he wanted to make sure to keep order this weekend, he realized that Easter is Patrick’s favorite holiday. If it’s the Ballbusting Canucks president’s favorite holiday, then Easter must be a wild time at the Canadian studio.

Alex was looking through his phone. “So, according to all my messages, it seems like you’re already involved in a scene on Sunday, Jonathan?”

“Yep,” Jonathan answered quickly before turning to Logan, “you almost ready, man?”

“Sure am!” Logan said with a smile. He began stretching his arms and moving his head left and right.

Jonathan was wiggling his hands as he jumped in place.

Alex walked over to Chad, who was sipping a coffee in the office, waiting to find out if he would be working on Good Friday.

“Turns out we will be filming after all. This is the only day Logan can film a scene. Sorry for the short notice,” Alex said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“As long as I get paid time and a half, it’s alright. Are you okay with it?” Chad asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I’ll go along with the guys’ plans, as long as it won’t cause any problems…” Alex said with skepticism.

“Our guys? Along with those two? We’re in for quite a weekend…” Chad gave a nervous chuckle before sighing.

Chad stood up, putting his arm around Alex as they walked back towards the models. “I’ll film whatever you want this weekend, as long as I’m paid time and a half” Chad said with a grin.

“Deal!” Alex agreed as he sent the back of his hand crashing into Chad’s nuts.

Chad coughed as he and Alex approached Logan and Jonathan, wincing and rubbing his crotch.

“Alright, so it’s on! Logan vs Jonathan in a two out of three falls match!” Alex cheered. “Once Chad shakes off his pain, we’ll do an intro and get this party started!”

“Woo!” Logan grinned.

“Thanks, Alex. Oh! And don’t worry about supper this weekend. François and I plan on making the meals we’d normally have at our studio during Easter weekend. Tonight, we serve fish and chips!” Jonathan cheered as he threw his hands in the air, letting out that ditsy personality of his.

Alex smiled and nodded. “Alright guys, Chad is ready to begin.”

Jonathan smiled and waived as Chad pointed the camera at him. The Canadian hockey player was wearing a red and black patterned singlet that clearly revealed his meaty cock and balls, along with his big abs and pecs.

“What’s up, world? Happy Easter weekend. My name is Jonathan Schmidt, 19 years old, from Ballbusting Canucks, and I’m pumped and ready for this two out of three falls match!”

Alex nodded behind the camera.

The camera then focused on Logan. The blond wrestler chose from his many singlets one that was blue with white stripes at the straps and legs. His package was big enough to cause some separation between the fabric of his singlet and his abs.

“Happy Easter and Good Friday, everyone! I’m Logan Kruger, 18 years old, from Ballbusting Boys, and I plan on making it a good Friday for everyone but Jonathan… and his mini eggs,” he winked at the camera.

Logan and Jonathan went to stand a few feet apart from each other. They were both looking forward to this match.

Jonathan was ready to put all his training with Brody to the test, proving not only to Logan, but to the great fighters at Ballbusting Canucks as well, that he was ready to be a contender.

Logan knew of Jonathan’s training, and was excited for the challenge. His win-loss record had been below his expectations the past little while, and he too had something to prove.

With a tightness at the crotch of his jeans, Alex rung a bell in the background, indicating the beginning of the match.

Jonathan stuck to what he learned in training, he waited for Logan to make the first move.

Logan stalled for a second before quickly lunging towards the Canadian, raising his arms as he attempted to grab a hold of the Canadian’s head and wrestle him to the floor.

Jonathan wrapped his big arm around Logan’s waist and threw him to the ground. He shifted to the back of the American’s body, trying to put him in a gut wrench while they were both on all fours.

Logan, ever familiar with this hold, quickly turned around to face the Canadian, wrapping an arm around his shoulder and neck.

Jonathan stuck his long arm under Logan’s body and smashed his fist into the American’s lower stomach, catching the head of his dick in the process.

Logan grunted and loosened his hold, allowing Jonathan to free himself and get back on his feet.

When Logan got to his feet, he quickly saw Jonathan turning towards him, performing a powerful  discus-clothesline.

The impact made Logan fly a couple feet onto the floor, crashing on his back. He let out a groan and quickly remembered from their last match just how powerful Jonathan was.

The Canadian took a hold of Logan’s arm, twisting it.

Jonathan lifted his foot and stomped down on the bulging target between Logan’s legs.

“Arghh!” the 18-year-old screamed in pain, his body thrashing, causing more discomfort to his right arm.

With his free hand, Logan struck his fist between Jonathan’s legs, causing him to double over.

Logan nipped up, using Jonathan’s arm for support.

Logan followed through with a knee to the gut and an outside leg trip.

The Canadian crashed to the floor, letting out a hard grunt.

Instinctively, he kicked his foot up into Logan’s crotch, nailing both nuts with deadly velocity.

“Owwww! God!” Logan wailed as he collapsed where he was standing.

The American curled into a ball as Jonathan got up.

As the Canadian approached him, Logan went to kick Jonathan in the crotch, attempting to return the favor, only to have Jonathan catch a hold on his ankle.

Logan tried to use his other leg to nail Jonathan in the balls, but that approach failed as well.

With a grip on both of Logan’s ankles, Jonathan dropped his knees onto Logan’s crotch, 220lbs landing right on his manhood.

The 18-year-old’s high-pitched scream echoed through the studio as he painfully flailed around, rolling away from his adversary.

When he regained some strength, Logan climbed to his knees and caught his breath, quickly trying to remember how he outwrestled the Canadian powerhouse.

Before Logan even made it to his feet, he felt Jonathan’s arms wrap behind his waist.

Jonathan attempted a German suplex, but Logan had wrapped his leg around the Canadian’s ankle, blocking the maneuver.

Logan put his arm around Jonathan’s neck, preparing for a Russian leg sweep, but Jonathan used his strength to scoop Logan off his feet and flip him backwards, causing both hunks to crash onto their backs.

The impact knocked the wind out of Logan’s lungs, he writhed on the ground in pain.

Jonathan smiled as he rose to his feet. He could see that his training with Brody paying off.

He walked up to the wrestler, about to pull him up by the hair, but instead became the victim of a hard uppercut to the nuts.

“Ahhhhh!” The Canadian screamed as his body bent forward, clutching his balls.

Logan, struggling on one knee, followed up the punch with a hard, knife-edge chop across Jonathan’s chest, causing some separation between him and the now wining hockey player.

Logan charged at Jonathan as he nursed his injured bits, a look of determination on his face.

Within a split-second, determination switched to fear, as Jonathan caught him and delivered a deadly spinebuster to poor Logan.

There was a hard thud that ran through the studio, as Logan’s back was once again roughly introduced to the ground.

The 18-year-old sat up for half a second, his face had a look of shock and pain, before laying back down. He could be heard gasping for breath while his hands were clenching his sides.

Jonathan smiled as he ran to Logan. He separated the American’s legs, pushing them apart by the inner thighs with his feet. He took a hold of Logan’s hands and pulled back.

“Ahhhhhh! Owwwww! Eugghhhh!” Logan screamed in sheer pain as his legs were being pushed apart, causing serious pain to his groin.

Jonathan pulled harder, causing Logan’s legs to split at a 180-degree angle.

The blond beauty continued to scream as the pain kept increasing by the second.

Not hearing a submission, Jonathan continued the assault. He lay backwards, gaining more leverage and spreading Logan’s legs beyond the 180-degree mark.

“ARRRRRGHHHHHH! OOWWWWWW-AHHHHH!” Logan’s screams jumped an octave.

Suddenly, Logan’s singlet ripped at the crotch. Logan was scared it was his groin muscle that tore. A couple sobbing cries could be heard followed by a submission.

“I GIVE! I GIVE!!!!!!” Logan finally yelled through painful cries.

Jonathan released the hold and rolled away. A huge smile on his face as he led the fight 1-0.

He stood up and waited for Logan to make it to his feet. He wanted to begin the next round fairly.

Logan rolled onto his stomach and moaned, the floor muffling most of his sounds. His hands were cupping his balls.

After a few minutes, Logan finally started to slowly climb.

“That was fucking savage!” he groaned, hobbling as he turned towards Jonathan.

Jonathan didn’t know how to react.

Logan slowly stumbled a few steps closer, moaning as he put up his fists.

Jonathan matched his stance. They locked eyes for a few seconds before Jonathan went to reach for Logan’s shoulder.

Logan swatted the arm away and punched Jonathan in the face.

Jonathan let out a yelp as he stumbled backwards, his hands covering his face.

Logan fell to one knee, holding his nuts again. He knew he was in a bad spot and would have to get aggressive to stand a chance. He was already injured only a few minutes into the match.

Logan stumbled towards Jonathan, grabbing his shoulders and driving his knee into the Canadian’s spuds.

Jonathan groaned, his legs shut together as he began to double over.

Logan immediately put his arm around Jonathan’s neck and took a handful of singlet fabric by the Canadian’s thigh.

Jonathan quickly did the same, mimicking Logan’s game plan to give the other a standing vertical suplex.

Jonathan’s strength prevailed as he outmuscled Logan, attempting to flip him over.

Logan flailed his legs in the air, enough to free himself from Jonathan’s grip and land on his feet behind him.

He did a kick back with his leg, the heel of his foot catching the Canadian’s left testicle by surprise, making him yelp and fall to the floor.

“Ow!” Jonathan moaned, kicking his leg back and striking Logan in the back of the shin, causing him to collapse behind him.

Both men groaned as they slowly climbed back onto their feet. Their faces wincing in pain.

They stood back to back and crossed arms.

Jonathan flipped Logan over his back, but the American expertly landed on his feet. He quickly sent his right foot smashing into Jonathan’s junk. His barefoot smacked hard against Jonathan’s ballbag, and the Canadian fell back to the floor.

Logan looked down at the struggling hockey player, finally one-upping him in an exchange.

“Motherfucker!” he sneered.

Jonathan looked up and saw the American’s cock and balls dangling through the hole of his singlet. He waisted no time in grabbing a handful and yanking the boy down.

Logan screamed as he was aggressively brought to the ground by his genitalia. Now face to face with Jonathan.

Logan continued his aggressive approach with another punch, this time to Jonathan’s head.

“Owww fuck!” Jonathan screamed as he rolled away from his opponent.

Logan painfully stood up, eyeing the Canadian rubbing his head. The pain in his own groin muscle reminded him of the particularly physical match the studs were having.

Loan walked towards Jonathan, letting out a grunt as he began ripping what was left of his singlet off his 18-year-old, chiseled body.

He kicked Jonathan down before mounting over his body, straddling him. Logan took a handful of Jonathan’s hair and raised his fist, preparing to give his face a good pounding, but the Canadian quickly shot up his own arm, his fist connecting with Logan’s chin.

Logan screamed like hyena as he fell off Jonathan. He thrashed on the floor as he held his chin, letting out cries of pain every time he kicked his legs too hard, agitating his groin.

Jonathan made his way to his feet. “Fuck that was close…”

Logan was on all fours when Jonathan approached him. When he noticed Jonathan lower himself, he quickly reached for his singlet hiding under him and waived it in the Canadian’s face, blinding him for a split-second.

Logan punched Jonathan in his unsuspecting stomach with all his might, causing the Canadian to let out a cry of agony before having the wind knocked out of him.

Jonathan stumbled back as he doubled over.  His face telling a story of surprise and pain: Logan had caught him completely off guard.

With that, Logan put his arm around Jonathan’s throat and wrapped his legs around his waist, applying the Canadian in a guillotine chokehold.

Jonathan stood motionless as the wrestler hung from his body, choking the air out of him.

The Canadian fell on his butt. Logan let out a groan as he rocked his weight back, putting more pressure on the neck.

Jonathan could feel himself fading fast. He frantically tapped on Logan’s lower back to release to hold.

“Yes!” Logan cheered as he let go, rolling away to rest for a few moments. Realizing the score was now a 1-1 tie.

Alex and Chad looked at each other in amazement.

Both models were giving it their all in a match that was filled with passion and aggression.

They both lay on the ground. Each of them holding their nuts while they tried to catch their breath, whimpering in pain whenever they could.

Both models were exhausted and hurt as they slowly went to stand up: Jonathan’s face was still wincing with pain as he was rubbing his stomach, his singlet stuck to his muscular body with sweat, and his balls rapidly swelling, irritated by the restricting fabric. Logan was in no better shape; his naked body was covered in sweat and his balls were just as swelled. His groin was still in unfathomable pain and every step he took hurt.

However, they still had their eye on the prize: that elusive third fall.

Ironically, each of them felt the other held the advantage. Logan didn’t think he or his balls would make it through another round against Jonathan in once piece; he was so powerful, and now knew some holds to boot.

Jonathan felt the same: Logan was outwrestling him and now he was getting more and more aggressive by the minute. He didn’t think he, nor his manhood, would be able to compete with Logan’s tactics for another round.

Jonathan’s brown eyes looked straight into Logan’s blue ones. Logan held out his hand and Jonathan shook it while still locking eyes. Tension and testosterone were high and both models were ready to go.

They locked arms and pushed against each other with all their might.

Logan was gritting his teeth as he was getting out muscled.

Just as Jonathan was getting the upper hand, he felt a desperation to kick Logan in the balls.

Rightfully so, because Logan had raised his knee and smashed the Canadian’s plums into his body at the same time.

They both let out deep grunts as they separated from each other, their muscles bulging from the display of strength.

Jonathan let out another passionate grunt as he nailed an approaching Logan with a vicious armdrag takedown. Once again, slamming his body hard against the floor.

Logan let out a painful sound as he crashed. He instantly went on the defense, rolling behind on his back and kicking Jonathan’s nuts, nailing the swollen orbs dead on.

Both models screamed in pain. Jonathan staggered backwards, whimpering as he nursed his painfully swelling balls.

“Fuck!” Logan cursed, gently bumping his head on the floor in frustration. Stretching his leg did him as much harm as good.

Jonathan was rubbing his big red balls when he noticed Logan pathetically try to stand up. With a running start, he tackled the wrestler to the floor.

Both models screamed as they landed. Jonathan lifted his fist and was about to pummel Logan, but the American snuck his legs between him and the Canadian.

He blocked Jonathan’s fist and began to repeatedly drive his foot into the Canadian’s stomach and sternum, continuing the assault on his midsection from before.

Jonathan screamed in agony, trying to break free. Finally, Logan pushed him onto his back with his feet.

He whimpered in pain as he turned over onto his side, holding his stomach and balls as he wrestled for breath, pain radiating from face to nuts.

Logan frantically looked for his singlet, before slowly moving towards the Canadian and tying his legs together with it.

“No…” Jonathan wheezed.

Once he tied his legs together, Logan took each one of Jonathan’s arms and stretched them outwards, standing on his forearms as he leaned forward.

“Ohhhh, yes” he groaned through the pain, one arm supporting himself on the floor, the other landing hard blows on Jonathan’s nuts.

Punch after sickening punch was met with scream after scream as Logan punched away at Jonathan’s defenceless babymakers.

Poor Jonathan screamed as he tried to wiggle free, but he just wasn’t able to shake Logan off of him.

Tears began to form in his eyes and he could see Logan’s red, swelling balls dangling whenever he would slam his fist. He realized that there was no escape, and his nuts probably looked much worse than the ones dangling in his face.

“I QUIT! I QUIT!” Jonathan finally screamed, tapping on the floor to signal the submission. “I quit…”

Logan stepped to the side, looked down at the writhing Canadian and did a crotch chop, symbolically saying “suck it!”

With that, Chad turned off the camera.

“Cut!” Alex proudly announced with his hands in his pockets, leaning forward to hide his erection.

Both models moaned in pain and Logan helped Jonathan to his feet once he untied him.

“You savage motherfucker!” Logan laughed, rubbing his aching crotch and inner thighs.

“At least I didn’t tie your legs together…” Jonathan groaned.

“You didn’t get the memo? You were in the cross position. Jesus on the cross,” Logan said with devilish grin.

“Ohhhh I get it!” Jonathan smiled. “It’s festive!”

“If that’s what you want to call it, be my guest,” Logan laughed and shook his head.

Alex and Chad approached the sweaty models with their clothes.

“Do you realize how controversial this is going to be?” Alex raised his eyebrows.

“Controversy creates cash,” Logan winked as he reached for his clothes.

“And you’re going to need it will all this over time,” Chad piped in.

Alex rolled his eyes before his stomach grumbled. “Alright guys, I want my fish and chips. All this busting has me working up an appetite.”

“And a flesh flute,” Jonathan giggled, carefully pulling his jeans over his swelled-up balls.

Alex blushed. “I’ll meet everyone at Leo’s. See you later,” he said as he quickly made his exit, trying to shield his erection.

The three remaining guys shook their heads as they watched him leave.

“I hope I didn’t ruin your weekend, man!” Jonathan said as he put his arm around Logan.

“Nah! Good fight though. You got much better, dude! I’m happy I got the win. Hopefully my luck will get better now…” Logan’s voice trailed off as he felt another tingle in his balls. “At least I got the long weekend to rest these bad boys, you got a mean Sunday coming up. I’d hate to be you,” Logan chuckled.

“I don’t know what I’m getting myself into… The rest of the weekend should be fun though!”

“Famous last words, Johnny Boy!” Logan laughed.

Chad forced his way between them and hit them in the nuts, causing them both to collapse. “Yup,” is all he said as he made his exit.

Logan and Jonathan shared a strained look.

“Famous last words.”

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