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Ballbusting Canucks: O Cum, All Ye Faithful (written by Pat)

This is the second of two wonderful Christmas stories written (the first one is here) by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!

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Bad Santa

Featured in this story: ChadErikKev and Alex (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“Seems like a 50/50 split,” Erik announced.

“I’m not surprised, it’s not an obvious choice,” Alex agreed, raising his eyebrows.

All the models were sitting in chairs in the back of the studio. The seats were divided in two sections: François’s side, and Kev’s side. Each model was asked to sit in the section they believe would be the winner. While a portion of the guys had a good idea whom they would be voting for, others were torn.

The common opinions were that Kev clearly had the advantage in strength, and that François had superior skills in speed and technique, along with a higher pain tolerance. Both models had drive, and seem to be quite invested into this match.

Alex looked over to the models. “You guys ready for this?”

They all whooped and cheered, shaking their fist, stomping their feet.

“That’s the spirit!” Alex smiled. “Well, we’ll get this show on the road. It’s Christmas Eve and we all have plans. François needs to catch his flight this evening, so we’ll try and finish up as fast as we can.”

The boys gave another cheer as Erik went out to the hall to get François and Kev.

While everyone waited, Chad was preparing his camera.

Suddenly, loud noises could be heard from the office.

“What the hell is that?” Chad asked.

“It’s just Vince, he’s getting stuff prepared for after Christmas,” Alex explained.

Chad nodded as Erik came back into the room along with François and Kev, both models sporting bath robes.

Alex directed each model to their respective sides.

“François and Kev, we thought it would be fun to have a vote on who everyone thinks will be the winner of this match. All the models in front of you are believing that you will be the winner,” Alex explained.

Both men smiled and nodded their heads.

“As I said to the other models, I know we all have places to be in a few hours, so let’s get down to business! Show us what’s under those robes guys,” Alex instructed.

Cheers, whistles, and laughs filled the room as the guys removed their robes and revealed their outfits.

François was wearing a skimpy, red silk thong with white fur around the front edges, and a Santa hat, while Kev wore a tan colored mankini that had a reindeer pattern on the front; the straps sported the antlers while the bulge featured the eyes and a red nose.

Both guys were smiling confidently in their outfits, which made them even sexier, causing serious erections for some of the watching models. Both guys had their butts on display, the thongs nearly invisible, and the outfits were struggling to contain the big dick and balls that filled them.

“Wow!... umm… wow!” Alex stuttered as his bulge grew bigger and bigger.

“Want to pet the reindeer, Alex?” Kev teased.

Alex did everything he could to ignore the joke, trying to remain focused. “A few months back, when we hosted the Ballbusting Canucks, Kev had made a joke to François about how nothing is better than shooting your load into someone’s eyes. Since then, each of them kept razzing the other about the topic. I take it from your outfits that this match is all in fun?”

“Oh yeah,” Kev said with a smirk. “It’s going to be a competitive, physical match, but it’s all in fun.”

“Exactly, although it’s for bragging rights, there’ll be no loser in this match. I think everyone will enjoy it. I know I will,” François winked.

“Great! I’m glad to hear it’s all in good spirit. Well, give us a minute and we’ll get started,” Alex cheered.

Erik went to retrieve the robes from François and Kev as Chad prepared the camera.

Both models took a deep breath as they watched Chad and Alex prepare. While they both knew they had their match today, neither one held back from having fun earlier this morning, and their balls were paying the price for it now.

François spent the morning with Tristan, where he gave him a shirt. The design featured a naked Canadian with his balls frozen stuck to a hockey post. Tristan returned the favor by giving him a holiday shirt of testicles over a firepit, along with the caption “Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire”. They then had rough sex by the fireplace, mistletoe above them, and taking an occasional break to crack each other’s nuts.

Kev also had sex this morning. He had met a girl the night before and invited her back to his place. When he went to walk her home this morning, they had a snowball fight. She nailed Kev in the junk a few times, and then they began wrestling, which exposed Kev to more testicular pain.

“Alright guys we’re ready. Alex will say a few words, and then you guys do your intros,” Chad instructed.

“Hi, I’m Alex, the webmaster from Ballbusting Boys. I wanted to take a moment to wish all the viewers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’d also like to thank everyone for a fantastic 2017, full of love and support, and we hope to continue getting better in 2018. Today we are happy to have François Desmoulins from Ballbusting Canucks with us, who will be competing against Kev in a special holiday match. The way you win is to cum in your opponent’s eyes. Thank you again, and we hope you all enjoy it,” Alex smiled before walking out of frame.

“Bonjour, joyeux Noël! Hello, Merry Christmas. My name is François Desmoulins, from Ballbusting Canucks, and today I plan to check ‘giving Kev a cum facial’ off my Christmas wish list,” the Canadian winked to the camera, removing his hat.

“Merry Christmas, everyone! My name is Kev, from Ballbusting Boys, and I plan on giving François’s eyes a present from the gift that keeps on giving!” Kev chuckled as he grabbed his crotch.

Both men stood in front of each other, big smiles on their faces. The sound of an air horn began the match.

The match started at a fast pace. Kev went to grab François’s body, who rolled under his reach and got behind him, grabbing the backstrap of his mankini and yanking it upwards.

Kev let out a surprise yelp as the fabric squished his nuts together from the front, and lodged deep into his ass from the back.

François chuckled as he snapped the backstrap of the mankini on Kev’s back, before taking a few steps backwards.

Kev turned around, smiling shyly and shaking his finger at François.

Kev took a few steps towards the Canadian before charging at him, hoping to catch him off guard. Again, his tactic failed, and fell face first to the floor thanks to a drop toe-hold.

Kev’s legs were slightly parted, and François took the opportunity to reach out and grab a firm hold on Kev’s nuts.

“Arrghh!” Kev screamed, flailing around as François tried jerking himself with his free hand, warming up his dick to blow a load on command.

With only one hand trying to control Kev’s big frame, François couldn’t keep his grip for long. The American rolled out of the way once he broke free, clutching his nuts.

As Kev was making his way to his feet, his hands still around his balls, François walked up to him and gave a hard backhand slap across Kev’s chest.

The loud slap echoed through the room. “Oohs” could heard from the audience as Kev yelled in pain, rubbing his chest.

Kev had managed to muscle through the pain. He blocked François’s left hand coming towards his nuts, and caught his right as the Canadian went for a punch to the stomach.

Kev felt that he was in control, he now had a grip on both François’s hands.

However, the cocky smile on the jocks face left as quickly as it formed, when François quickly drove his knee into Kev’s balls.

“Urghhh!” Kev groaned as he doubled over, clenching his teeth together.

François took advantage of the situation, he grabbed a hold of Kev’s arm and twirled himself around the American’s body, putting him in a headscissors-armbar submission hold.

Kev was completely caught off guard. He started to move around frantically, trying to shake François off him.

While the hold was only in place for a few seconds, it proved to be effective at making Kev panic. Once the American took a second to stand up straight, he quickly threw himself to the floor, landing hard on the side that François was hanging from.

The impact, along with Kev’s weight landing on him, knocked the wind right out of François’s body.  He released his hold on the American jock. When he caught his breath, he let out a miserable groan.

When Kev caught his own breath, he quickly sent his elbow crashing François’s fat plums, eliciting a rough grunt from the Canadian.

Kev stood up. “Time to get a better view of those targets,” he sneered as roughly pulled off François’s thong.

“Mind if I crack those nuts?” Kev eagerly asked as he sent his foot crashing into François’s testicles. The impact made for another loud smack through the room, and made the Canadian twink yelp out in pain.

Kev began to stroke his own dick, hoping to get the match over with while he had the upper hand.

As he went to pull François to his knees by his hair, the Canadian punched him as hard as he could in the gonads.

Kev screamed from the top of his lungs and dropped to his knees. A hard body check from François was enough to send him flying backwards, landing on his back.

François sat in front of Kev and took a hold of his legs. He sent his foot crashing into the American’s nuts and pulled back hard.

“Time to turn your nuts into powder,” François sneered as he laid on his back, applying more pressure.

Kev once again screamed from the top of his lungs, his voice cracking in pitches as he writhed around.

François paid close attention to Kev’s flailing. After a little while, when it seemed like Kev had spent all his energy on his violent trashing, François released the hold.

Kev rolled onto his side. Whimpering pathetically as he gently cupped his heavily throbbing balls. He let out a nervous shriek as François stripped him naked, returning the favor of violently removing each others clothing.

François smirked at the whimpering American. The site of Kev on the floor and the thought of cuming in his eyes was quickly hardening François’s cock.

Curiosity overtook François. He knelt at Kev’s genitals and began rubbing them. He ran his fingers along Kev’s ass, played with his balls, and stroked the American’s dick a couple times.

That was another advantage that François had: the advantage of being gay, making it a hell of a lot easier to get aroused while he wrestled around with the chiseled stud.

François was getting close. He walked over to Kev, standing at his side. “Here’s your Christmas present, Kev: some maple syrup, fresh from the tap,” he began to moan as he started to jerk himself quicker.

As François was about to kneel and blast Kev’s eyes with a hefty load of cum, Kev sent his hand flying into François’s nuts, hitting them dead on and making the Canadian stumble backwards.

The nut shot was enough to stall François’s orgasm, allowing Kev to slowly rise to his knee.

François saw that Kev was about to stand up, and immediately charged at him, preparing for another tackle.

Out of desperation, Kev caught him in midair, flipping him over and brutally slamming him to the floor.

“WOOOOOO!!!! COME ON!!!” Kev roared with adrenaline.

While Kev’s side of the audience was cheering along with him, François’s side had concerned looks on their faces. “That looks like it hurt,” whispers could be heard.

Kev picked up his mankini from the floor and looked over at the audience. “Almost time to put some frosting on this fruitcake,” he said, causing laughter from some of the spectators.

Kev stood behind François, who was groaning in pain as he struggled to his knees.

Drawing inspiration from matches he saw earlier this year, he wrapped his mankini around François’s throat and pulled backwards.

François’s hands immediately went to the mankini, trying to loosen it from his throat.

Kev gave an evil grin as he lifted François as high as he could, lifting the Canadian’s feet up from off the floor.

Kev chuckled while his fans where cheering as they watched François struggle, feeling a victory was near. Kev could feel it too, François’s thrashing made his butt rub on Kev’s crotch, aiding him as he got more and more horny.

François’s face was beat red, on the verge of turning purple, and his vision started to blur. On instinct, he brought his heel back and slammed it into Kev’s balls as hard as he could.

As Kev’s face began to grimace and halfway through a cry of pain, François sent his heel crashing hard into Kev’s inner thigh.

The hard kicks were met with sharp pain, making Kev fall to the floor and release his grip on François.

Both men were laying on the floor. Kev was wailing in pain, a hand on his balls and the other on his thigh, while François was groaning next to him, catching his breath as his face was returning to it’s natural color.

The audience were both amazed and in shock as they watched both models struggle to their feet.

François made it to his feet just before Kev did, and tripped the jock to the floor – a signature move from the Canadian, albeit a lot less spectacular than usual, considering the grueling match.

François climbed on top of Kev and straddled his body. The moment he felt Kev’s erection touch his ass, he grabbed a hold of it and guided it to his hole, slowly sliding it inside of him.

Kev felt his cock enter François’s tight hole and moaned, both in pleasure and exhaustion.

François started to slowly bounce up and down on Kev’s cock, letting out moans of pleasure as his hole adjusted to it. When it did, François started to bounce more freely, and began to jerk his dick.

It only took a second for Kev to realize what was going on, but it was too late. Just as Kev went to go somehow defend himself, François rolled backwards.

Kev grabbed his body as he did, guiding François as he rolled onto his back. As soon as he got into his desired position, François rolled over to his right side, and turning over fully, forcing Kev to gently guide him back on top of him and making the jock lay on his back again, all the while François was jerking his cock.

While François was moaning and shrieking in pleasure whenever his body would twist and turn and bounce on Kev’s cock, the American was moaning in pleasure and pain.

Kev was forced to move in whatever position François wanted him to and guide him, or else risk getting his boner bent too far the wrong way and seriously injuring it.

Kev howled in pain as François leaned back enough to bounce on his testicles as he penetrated the Canadian’s hole.

François gave a loud pitched moan as he tightened his butt cheeks around Kev’s cock and leaned forward. The sensation was enough to hit the Canadian’s prostate, and François shot a huge load of cum out of his big dick.

A loud splat could be heard as François’s thick, creamy cum hit Kev right in the eyes, making the American groan as François moaned and screamed on top of him. Jet after jet of cum came flying out of François’s rock-hard cock and splashed into Kev’s face.

Kev closed his cum-filled eyes as he felt more and more jizz splash onto his face. François was still bouncing on his cum-filled balls and cock. Kev let out a moan as he went to rock his head back, only to be silenced when he tasted cum flying into his mouth.

François finally finished shooting his load. He slowly removed Kev’s hard cock from his ass and rolled onto the side, moaning in pleasure.

“CUT!” Chad yelled.

The entire room began to clap their hands and cheer for the impressive match they just saw. As some stood up to give a standing ovation, they were proudly sporting a boner.

Kev made it to his feet first, wiping the cum from his face as he let out a defeated groan.

Before he could even look at the audience, Kev felt a warm, pleasurable sensation around his cock.

He looked down and saw François giving him a blowjob. While not gay, Kev was too horny to care. He was so close to cuming just moments before and needed to shoot his load.

François looked up at him, giving him those pretty, porn star–like eyes as he deepthroated Kev’s cock and played with his balls.

François could tell that Kev was about to shoot his load, and quickly removed his dick from his mouth to allow some cum to splash into his face and eyes.

Moments later, Kev let out a joyous moan as he began to spill his spunk.

“Merry Christmas, Kev” François giggled as he put Kev’s gushing cock back into his mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum.

Both models let out a moan as François grabbed Kev’s balls and cock together and gently jerked it, making sure not to miss a single drop.

Kev gently grabbed the hand François was jerking him with. “I’m empty, man. I’m empty,” Kev moaned.

“Sorry,” François chuckled shyly as he pulled Kev’s cock from his mouth. “It was just very sweet and tasty.”

“I told you it would be,” Kev laughed and clapped his hands together. “Celery, pineapple and watermelon. I figured I would be nice and give you something sweet for Christmas.”

Alex walked up to the two models. “Are you guys done?” he asked with a laugh.

“Oh shit! Sorry, guys!” Kev and François laughed as they realized everyone was watching.

The room erupted with laughter.

“It’s okay, guys. Congratulations on a well fought match! You guys turned something that started out as a joke into a hot Christmas scene, and even gave us a little encore after the camera went off,” Alex smiled and began to clap his hands. “One more round of applause.”

When the clapping subsided, Alex continued. “Alright guys, one last thing before we go. For those of you who sat on François’s side, Erik is going to hand you your present. As for the rest of you…”

Alex pulled a small remote from his pocket. When he pushed the button, metal restraints appeared from the chairs and wrapped around the models’ ankles and wrists. “Vince has your present.”

Erik handed out presents to Kev, Leo, Tristan, Sammy, Brandon, Cal, Phil, Simon, Gareth, and Logan.

The present was a t-shirt that had a naked group photo of all the models. Vince photoshopped Santa hats on all the models and each of their dicks and balls had Christmas lights wrapped around them.

Vince came out of the office with a bazooka.

Zach, Ben, Colin, Danny, David, Parker, Michael, Will and Xander all looked at him, serious fear in their eyes.

“Don’t worry guys, it’s only a t-shirt bazooka. It’s the same t-shirt that everyone else got, only you guys get to have them shot into your nuts for choosing the losing side,” Vince laughed as he took great pleasure in shooting the t-shirts right into the models’ crotches.

When they all received their t-shirts, Alex freed them of the restraints.

“Alright everyone! That’s a wrap! Make sure you guys grab everything before you leave. Merry Christmas everyone, have a lovely holiday!” Alex concluded.

Alex and François smiled as everyone left. They giggled as Kev’s supporters left with a limp in their step.

“Thanks for the amazing holiday scenes, François. You’re very talented, and I hope we see you again soon. You’re always welcome here, everyone from Ballbusting Canucks is,” Alex said.

“Thanks! And thank you for the present! An autographed protective cup from the entire staff? I love it,” François chuckled. “Oh, and here’s your present! It’s a collection of all the scenes that never made it onto our website this past year. Patrick wanted you to have it.”

Alex took the USB stick and smiled. “Thanks! This is going to be so much fun to watch! Do you guys have any big plans for 2018?”

“I’m sworn to secrecy - Patrick’s orders. ‘Stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild year’ he says,” François smiled as he quoted his boss.

“Well, I better drive you to the airport. You got to make it back home in time for the Réveillon. One last ‘low five’ before we go?” Alex cheekily asked.

François nodded.

Alex and François each slapped the other in the crotch one last time, laughing and groaning as they turned out all the lights save the ones on the Christmas tree, which guided them as they made their exit from the studio.

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