Sunday, December 31, 2017

Apprentice of agony: Carnival of karma (written by Daniel)

This is another awesome story written by our reader Daniel (who has created the title card as well). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Cal, KevSimon and Zach (click for pictures)

“Welcome to the Carnival of Karma. The closest thing to hell a man can experience on earth.”

Simon was wearing his most sadistic smirk, looking directly into the lens of the camera. The blonde had swapped out his usual geeky attire of a sweater vest, khakis and bow tie for something much more unusual. He was now wearing a white shirt, red tailcoat, black trousers and, against his will, an extravagant top hat. Leaning against the cane he had been given, he looked exactly like a carnival ringleader.

“We have a multitude of games designed to batter the balls of the men who need it. Perhaps your no-good boyfriend has been lying, you walked in on him cheating or you just feel the urge to crush his nuts. We’ll welcome you with open arms and our men with open thighs.”


Simon relaxed, walking to his boyfriend with a pout. He immediately took off the stupid hat that he had been forced to wear and placed it on the ginger haired man. Gareth laughed and kissed his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around his waist.

One week ago, Gareth had been in charge of a team building exercise. Two teams had competed in a delightful ball busting game, the losing team being forced to partake in the first video Gareth would be allowed to direct. Gareth had come up with the idea of his video being a commercial for a ball busting carnival with each of the losers partaking in a different carnival game. He had invited Simon to be the ringleader of the carnival and torturer of the losing team.

The members of the losing team, Kev, Cal and Zach, were all standing out of view of the camera. They hadn’t been told what exactly would happen to their balls, but they were all worried. As they watched Simon film part of the commercial, they had all been thinking about how easily innocent carnival games could easily be turned into torture devices.

“Bet he’ll put us in a whack a mole thing.” Kev groaned, looking at the couple as they quietly talked to each other.

“No. He’ll make us do some weird performance thing.” Cal mumbled, stretching his arms nervously. “Like a comedy show or something.”

“Looks like we’re gonna find out.” Zach chuckled as he saw the couple detach from each other.

Gareth removed the top hat and planted it back on Simon’s blonde hair again, grinning at the glare he had received. Before walking to the three other men, he picked up an incredibly small piece of Lycra that barely managed to be a speedo. Swimsuit in hand, he walked to the nervous looking men with a grin.

He looked at Cal, tossing him the speedo. The African American swimmer looked down at the swimsuit with a frown, stretching it to see how large it was. It was obvious to everyone in the room that it would barely manage to conceal the impressive equipment already bulging in his trousers. He looked up at Gareth with a worried smile.

“I’m afraid you’re going first.” Gareth smiled back. “If you could put that on quickly that’d be great.”

Cal nodded and slowly removed his shirt, trousers and briefs. As he changed, his incredibly impressive body was fully visible. He had a strong, ebony skinned chest with rippling muscles and his chiselled abs practically shone. His legs were strong and didn’t hold any fat, powerful and thick from his swimming. His groin was most impressive, a long dick with wide girth and two fat, hairless balls hanging low between his legs.

By the time he had managed to force his impressive junk into the tiny white speedo and create a huge bulge, Gareth had walked to where three red sheets were hiding the carnival games. He removed the left most one. Under it was a glass dunk tank, behind it a wall of tarpaulin with a painted figure of a man and arrows pointing towards the crotch. Cal cringed at the sight.

Gareth explained the ‘story’ of the dunk tank. The ‘players’ would throw baseballs at Cal’s crotch, which took the place of the pressure point for the tank. After a random hit to the balls, the tank would activate and dunk Cal into the cold water below. What this actually meant was Zach and Kev would throw baseballs at Cal’s crotch until Gareth got bored and pressed a button to dunk him into the water.

“I’ll get Simon to explain it in a more streamline with a voice over during post production.” He said as Cal glanced at the machine. “Don’t worry, this is the least painful game. Since you bared the brunt last week.”

“Thanks, I guess.” Cal smiled as he walked to the dunk tank.

Both Gareth and Cal climbed onto the large platform above the cold water. Gareth positioned Cal into a pose he was happy with, mirroring the painted man behind him. The arrows were pointing to the bulging speedo and his muscles were teasingly flexing.

“I think you’re ready.” The redhead hummed, looking at Cal’s pose. “The baseballs are in that basket, have fun.”

Gareth jumped down from the dunk tank and walked behind the camera with Simon, rolling his eyes when the top hat was put on his head again. Kev and Zach had pulled the basket of baseballs to an appropriate distance, taunting Cal with a few fake tosses. Chad turned on his camera and prepared himself to film.


It took a second for Kev to hurl the first baseball at Cal’s crotch, hitting the bulging balls head on with power and precision. It fell to the platform at the exact moment Cal’s jaw dropped to the floor, the bang of the ball hitting the platform echoing around the room as his large balls shuffled around in the tight speedo, falling back in place. A loud, high pitched screech filled the room as Cal looked down at his crotch, wide eyed.

He didn’t have time cup his balls, another airborne baseball barrelled quickly towards his crotch and connected with his nuts violently. As another screech of pain left the muscular swimmers lips, he doubled over and protected his already aching balls.

“Ah, crap.” He groaned as he slowly stood upright again, getting back into the position Gareth had put him into.

The moment the swimmer put his hands behind his back again, Kev had picked up another ball and was tossing it from hand to hand. He grinned at Cal, who was following the ball with his eye. The brown-haired jock noticed this and took the opportunity to throw the ball into the swimmer’s balls. Cal’s eyes followed the ball as it slammed into his bulging speedo. His mouth opened in a silent scream again, eyes crossing comically.

The two clothed studs didn’t give him a break, another two baseballs being thrown powerfully into his balls in quick succession. Zach’s throw hit both balls, Kev’s slamming directly into the left. A loud scream of pain left the swimmers mouth as he doubled over again, sweating from the pain he was in.

Panting and rubbing the painfully tight speedo, Cal slowly got back into his flexing position. His face was in a cringe now as, from his higher position, he could see that there were at least ten more baseballs in the basket. He risked a glance at Gareth when Chad got some close-up shots of his crotch; the redhead wasn’t even holding the remote to dunk him and end the baseball hell.

His eyes widened immediately when he felt another baseball slam into his nuts, a loud groan of pain filling the studio as the baseball dropped to onto the platform again. He looked down to Kev and Zach again, who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Clearly, they had forgotten they would be going through worse.

“Perhaps change position, for some variety.” Gareth suggested. “Try flexing like a strongman?”
Despite the pain he was in, Cal changed his position, so his arms were flexing in the traditional way performed by every stereotypical strongman. More than ever, his incredibly compact bulge was vulnerable for the torment his friends were giving him.

Baseball after baseball slammed into his crotch, each electing a grunt, groan, scream or squeal of pain from the hunky swimmer. He tried desperately to keep up the strongman pose that Gareth had instructed him to stand in, hoping in some way to please the new director so he would end the hell his balls were going through.

But the end didn’t come. Hit after excruciating hit brought more and more pain to the swimmer’s weak balls. The intense pain grew more aggressive, water forming in the corner of his eyes after the next ball slammed against his groin.

“Please tell me you’re nearly out of balls.” Can wheezed, leaning on his thighs as he steadied his breath.

“Think that’s you, buddy.” Kev laughed. “We’ve got loads left.”

Without taking a moment, Kev hurled a ball into Cal’s crotch like a professional pitcher. The swimmer’s teeth gritted in pain as he tried to retain a small amount of dignity, not wanting to scream while Chad was filming his sweating face. He gulped down in pain, breath quick and erratic as his hand went to his aching crotch.

After a short while of willing the pain between his legs away, Cal slowly got back into the strongman position. His flexing was considerably less enthusiastic than it had been, but his muscular body was still an incredibly hot sight to behold.

Zach threw the ball into the air caught it, catching Cal’s wince as he did so. With a mischievous smile, he picked up two other balls and began to juggle them; it was one of his many party tricks. After taunting him with his juggling skills, Zach threw all three balls into Cal’s bulging speedo, somehow managing to get both balls with each throw he made.




After all three balls had fallen to the platform Cal was standing on, the swimmers eyes were clenched shut as he screamed loudly in pain. He was panting loudly, his body glistening with the layer of sweat that had formed. Every inch of the swimmer’s body was covered in muscle, which was involuntarily flexing and rippling as he tried to deal with the agony in his nuts.

Just as Cal stood up straight again, waiting for the next baseball to slam into his crotch, the platform folded apart from under him. His eyes widened as he waited to be fully submerged into the ice-cold water from the dunk tank. However, something blocked that.


Cal looked down to see a strategically placed metal bar between his legs. He had fallen directly onto it; his balls being crushed by his strong body slamming against the metal pole. His eyed widened as he screamed, looked up at Gareth with a jaw dropped expression. The redhead shrugged at him with a grin as he fell to the side, plunging into the cold water.

“Dammit.” Cal croaked.

The swimmer shuddered as he surfaced from under the water. Both of his hands were nursing his aching balls as he shivered slightly. He continued rubbing his balls in the chest high water, torso glistening with the water he was covered in. He stayed in this position until Gareth yelled ‘Cut’ and Chad had stopped recording. Despite not wanting to leave his balls vulnerable, Cal placed his hands on the side of the tank to haul himself out.

He looked godly as he climbed out. His white speedo was clinging to his body like a second skin, slightly transparent after the water and showing off his huge junk. Droplets of water slid down his sculpted torso, down his chiselled chest and rugged abs until they rested against his impressive crotch.

With a mischievous grin, Kev grabbed Cal’s leg and pulled on it just as the swimmer was climbing over the edge of the tank. With a leg either side of the tank’s edge, Cal was plunged balls first into the wall, mirroring what had happened with the bar moments ago. The swimmer howled in pain again, glaring at the grinning frat boy.

“I hate you sometimes.” He squeaked, voice high as he left the dunk tank.

As Cal picked up the towel and began to dry himself off, Gareth walked to the middle of the studio and pulled off another of the red sheets. This time he revealed a colourful strength tester complete with the customary red bell at the top and a large, wooden mallet. Zach and Kev looked at the fairground attraction with wary expressions. Cal grinned weakly, despite the incredibly amount of pain his balls were still in, he knew that his balls would stay safe for the rest of the day.

“Zach, I’m afraid that this is yours.” Gareth smiled. “Take your clothes off and make yourself hard, please. I don’t want anything protecting your balls.”

“I need to get hard?” Zach groaned, before grinning teasingly at Gareth. “Wanna tell me how?”

“Well, given my experience with this website, you’ve probably planned a date with a girl you expect to have sex with tonight even though you know you probably won’t be able to.” Gareth said quietly as he pulled out some rope. “Imagine her naked and get in position.”

Zach grumbled as took off his clothes, revealing his incredibly muscular body and his huge balls, unmatched by anyone else from the website. Now naked, he began to slowly pump his monster of a cock with closed eyes, the impressive member growing to full size and pointing to the ceiling. Watching the college frat boy jerking his member was fantastic.

Nearly as fantastic as watching Kev slap the large balls without warning.

“What? Didn’t want you to cum accidentally.” The jock grinned at his big balled friend.

The well-hung stud doubled over and grabbed the low handing monsters between his legs, stopping them from swinging. Glaring at Kev, he sat at the bottom of the muscle tester and spread his legs, his throbbing dick giving no protection to the large balls resting between his wide thighs. He hissed slightly as he leant back against the cold metal and a rope spread across his chest, Gareth tying him tightly against it.

Gareth handed Kev the large mallet, who took it with a smile. Cal walked over to them, now dry and still wearing the speedo that barely contained his impressive equipment. He was still wincing but seemed happy with the prospect of smashing the hell out of Zach’s balls with a mallet.

“The person who gets him to scream louder gets this.” Gareth held out a small bottle of chocolate flavoured lube. “In my experience, it makes people very hungry to suck dick.”

“You could barely keep your mouth off me when we first tried it.” Simon chuckled.

“It tasted nice.” Gareth mumbled, before shouting. “Action.”

Kev grinned and began to twirl the mallet around in his fingers, taking the handle firmly in both hands after showing off. He raised the mallet above his head and slammed it down onto Zach’s bare, fat balls with as much force as he could.

The handsome stud screamed loudly in pain, looking down as his balls were pushed down by the colourful mallet. The stud hissed at his lap as Kev removed the wooden mallet, groaning in pain when he saw the circular red circles at the top of his balls. His scream turned into a whimper, the blunt pain dying down to a dull stinging that always came with a punch to the nuts; it was arguably worse than the hit itself.

He quickly rethought that when Cal took the mallet and slammed it down on his nuts with as much strength as he could muster. Zach was in agony again.

The jock whimpered as he looked down at his throbbing balls, which was slightly blocked by his hard, dripping cock. After whining at his pained junk for a second, he looked up at his tormentors with pleading eyes. Cal and Kev didn’t seem to care, Cal handing Kev the mallet while looking Zach directly in the eyes. He realised he was screwed.

The mallet was swung again, crunching against the jock’s huge balls and squashing them against the wooden floor. A howl filled the studio, followed by a slew of cussing and incoherent sounds of pain. Zach was struggling against his bounds, trying to move his thighs inwards so he could protect his bloated balls from the oncoming attack from his friends. He was so busy doing this, he didn’t notice the speedo wearing swimmer take the mallet and walk towards him.

His eyes widened at the vicious attack of the mallet. He groaned loudly, gulping heavily to try and ignore the pain in his balls. He couldn’t though, it was too much.

Cal stepped back with the mallet and laughed at the sight of Zach bound and in pain. The jock was sweating, bare chest rising and falling quickly as he tried to deal with the pain. His cock was quivering slightly after every hit from the mallet and had began to leak small trails of pre-cum. His face was red, cheeks puffing out at the fast breathing. Cal was sure he hadn’t looked that bad in his punishment, and Zach’s wasn’t even over yet.

Kev took the mallet again. He waited for Zach to look at him before spinning the mallet around his hands that resembled a martial artist of some kind. The display ended shorter than Zach expected, the grand finale aimed between his legs.

“Argh!” He groaned. “Shit. Shit.”

The stud’s voice broke slightly through his cussing. The pain was too much for him to handle and he began to thrash against the rope again. After he realised all it was doing was causing rope burn, he looked to Gareth to see if he would be getting out of this hell any time soon. The redhead grinned at him widely and shook his head. He seemed to be more obvious with his enjoyment than Alex…


The mallet slammed against Zach’s balls again, an ear splittingly high-pitched scream filling the room and making all men wince. The mallet had only slammed against his right ball, but the concentrated attack seemed to hurt just as much, if not more. Cal stood back proudly.

“Good luck beating me,” Cal smiled to Kev. He doubted that Zach could get any louder than he already was.

With the taunt in mind, Kev decided it was time to be serious. He took the mallet and tested out a few new ways to burst his Zach’s balls in the air, each getting a wince and some kind of whimper from the bound man. When he settled on something that he could put his full strength behind, he swaggered over to Zach, sending a competitive glance towards Cal as he passed the swimmer. Without giving Zach a second to ready himself, Kev raised the mallet over his shoulder and slammed it down, hitting both of the bloated balls dead on.

“FUUCKKKK!” Zach screeched, the room wincing at both the volume and obvious pain the man was in.

But Kev wasn’t done. The mallet was still pressed against Zach’s balls, so the stud pushed it down and began to grind it down against the fat plumbs. The well-hung man groaned and moaned as he tried desperately to break free. Gareth took pity on him.

“Hitting only, please,” The director spoke up. “And remember that you’re next, you’re making enemies.”

Zach let out a loud sigh, thanking God that Gareth had spared his balls. Kev removed the mallet and handed it to Cal again, who took it with a smile. Zach groaned again, looking miserable at the sight of the swimmer approaching him.

Both Cal and Kev took turns smashing the heavy mallet into Zach’s balls, cheering at the screams they elected from their attacks. Zach’s moans and screeches got louder and louder with each hit, the pain evident in Zach’s face. The torture for the jock continued for much longer than he wanted, his balls in so much pain that he’d given up trying to fight back, instead leaning back limply whenever he could and trying to recover in every small break he got.

The man’s chest was heaving quickly, balls bloated and red as he closed his eyes and tried to heal from his pain. His cock was still hard, thighs quivering slightly as small sobs of pain left his lips.

As Cal approached him again, Zach leant against the strength tester in defeat. He couldn’t last much longer, his balls hurt so damn much. He was almost sure he had been experiencing his hell for twice as long as Cal had been forced to take the baseballs to his nuts. He was probably exaggerating, but his balls were in too much pain for him to care. He winced as the strong swimmer raised the mallet and slammed it down.


Zach’s eyes widened. His aching balls retracted and the twitching in his cock got more sporadic and fast. His chest began to heave quickly as cum spurted over him, splattering onto the mallet, his chest, face and thighs. His head fell with exhaustion as his cock deflated and fell limply onto his reddened balls, showing no signs of returning to its erect state again today.

Stopping Cal from giving Kev the mallet, Gareth walked to the filming area. Before the director got into shot, Chad yelled ‘Cut’ and turned the camera off. The redhead walked behind the strength tester and untied Zach, wiping a finger through a lump of cum on the jock’s shoulder. Simon walked over and handed Zach a small ice pack, wrapping his lips around Gareth’s finger when it was presented to him. The redhead grinned before turning to the three muscular men.

“I’ll give you a minute to relax,” He said to Zach, who groaned thankfully. “It’ll take a little while to get Kev sorted out anyway.”

Before the team leader could question what Gareth meant, the redhead walked to the final sheet, that covered the smallest of the modified carnival games. He clutched the sheets but didn’t remove them, looking to Kev with a grin.

“As you were the captain, I believe you deserve a more interesting punishment,”

He removed the sheet to show an invention of Vince’s creation. It contained four shackles and the kind of resting bar that would be on under-arm crutches. It was obviously intended to keep someone on all fours. But that didn’t matter to Kev, his eyes were attracted to the large dildo held by a mechanical arm right behind where his ass would inevitably end up.

“Aw crap,” Kev chuckled humourlessly. “This is gonna raise a couple of questions about which way I swing, I think.”

“More than a couple, if this works properly,” Gareth smiles, revealing something that the machine had hidden, it looked like a rifle. He noticed Kev go white. “Oh relax, I’m not a sociopath. It’s a paintball gun.”

To prove this, he aimed the gun at the floor right beside Simon’s foot, who squeaked loudly as the sound that accompanied the blue splodge of paint.

“It’s a play on the duck shooting range, only with a more fun target.” Gareth smiled, handing Cal the gun to inspect. “The dildo is an added bonus. It reacts to sound.” As he spoke, he walked to the machine and switched it on. “If you make a noise loud enough, it’ll thrust forward. Like this.”

Gareth, who had returned to Cal’s side, took the shooting end of the gun and rammed it towards the swimmer. The butt of the gun slammed against his still sensitive balls and he let out a loud, anguished cream of pain. The dildo of the machine thrust forward with a slight whirl. Kev grimaced and the power and the speed in which the sex toy moved.

“I hope you do know which way you swing, because if you start moaning loud enough it’ll set the dildo off and we might be here all night before it’s over.” Gareth grinned, patting Cal on the shoulder as he nursed his balls.

Knowing that he would be asked to anyway, Kev walked over to the machine and began to rid himself of his clothes. The handsome hunk was just as chiselled and strong in body as the other men, seemingly devoid of any fat and made up of only muscle. When he had gotten into his boxers, he flexed a little and patted his own ass playfully, mockingly telling his rear that he would miss it; apparently, he was seeing some humour in his upcoming fate.

After the man removed his tight boxers, the jock gave his dick a small stroke. He decided to try and get Gareth on his good side, so followed the instructions on how to get into the machine. His hips were placed over the resting bar, wrists and ankles shackled tightly in place. The redhead adjusted the dildo slightly, so it was in line with Kev’s ass. The jock looked over his shoulder with a small grin.

“You put this much effort into getting in Simon’s ass?” He teased slightly.

“That is none of your concern.” Gareth said, looking the stud up and down. Happy with the man’s position, he lowered his hand and clicked his fingers. “But yes, twice as much actually.”

The dildo shot forward, Kev’s eyes widened at the speed and power in which the rubber toy penetrated his tight hole. His jaw dropped slightly, a painful sensation that was foreign to him filling his body. The dildo obviously hadn’t hit his prostate, either that or gay guys defiantly exaggerated how good it felt to have something slam against it.

“Hope that’s nice and comfortable.” Gareth chuckled. “And remember, you control the dildo, the gun won’t set it off. So, if you get fucked to the point where you can’t walk or sit down, it’s all your fault.”

Gareth retreated from the camera’s sight a moment later, Zach handing him the ice pack. Cal and Zach walked to a small box on the floor where they were to shoot from, leaning down and resting the gun on the crate. Cal was going to go first, having recovered from his nut shot troubles and could probably shoot straight, not that Gareth had helped with that.


Making sure not to move his hands too much, Cal pulled the trigger. A small pellet of yellow pain shot forward and, with shocking amount of accuracy, splattered against Kev’s large, low hanging balls.

The room was silent, everyone looking towards Kev to see his reaction. His body lurched slightly, slamming against the resting bar. His face was aghast, he was biting his lip to stop himself from screaming, but he couldn’t stop a small groan of pain from slipping through his clenched jaw. Every part of his body was tense, other than his balls and dick, which swung from the momentum of the paint which was clinging to his sac.

Zach received the gun then, closing one eye as he looked for his target. Right ball in centre shot, he pulled the trigger and watched as a green pellet flew through the air.

Because his eyes had been closed, Kev hadn’t expected the sharp, brutal pain that was sent to his balls. His jaw dropped as a loud scream left his lips, his balls swinging loosely as he tried to realise the pain he was in. He was too engrossed in the hellish stinging coming from his jewels to notice the whirling sound of the arm the dildo was attached to.

The rubber toy spurted into action. It shot forward and slammed further into Kev’s tight ass, splitting it apart and making Kev make a groan of pain. This, in turn, set the machine going again and it thrusted in and out of his ass two more times. Before Kev was stuck in the endless fuck loop, he bit his lips.

“Just gonna see this as you two confessing that you wanna do me in the ass.” He whispered, not wanting to set the dildo off again.

Both men chuckled as Zach handed Cal the gun again. The swimmer leant down and aimed. He was aiming for both balls again. He gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger, this time a purple pellet flying forward.

Kev screeched. His balls had managed to remain unscathed, but at the cost of his dick. His flaccid cock had fallen before the pellet, the head becoming more purple than before with the pain sticking to it. It was a painful sting it had brought out an unmanly sound, but he suspected another shot to the balls would have been infinitely more painful.

Again, the dildo spurred into action. Three full pumps split apart his ass again, the jock biting his lip again in a desperate attempt not to react to the mechanical penetration and add to it. He panted when it stopped, face red with exhaustion; being fucked was hard work. 

He should have said that, it could have made a good pun.

Zach, deciding that Kev had been enjoying himself too much during the strength tester, spoke up. “Enjoying yourself?” He yelled as loud as he could.

The dildo shot forward again, quickly thrusting in and out of Kev’s ass. Kev made an indescribable noise, which mainly consisted of pain but had small hints of pleasure, the dildo had apparently found his prostate and was working it over. The jock’s cock sprung to action at the gesture, who blushed slightly at the realisation he was turned on. Thankfully, nobody could notice it because his face was already red through pain and exhaustion.

As the toy continued to work over Kev, Zach took the gun from Cal and took aim. He pulled the trigger, wanting to shoot the jock’s balls before the dildo stopped again. An orange pellet shot out this time, barrelling towards the swinging balls with great speed. Despite the movement of Kev’s large balls, the paintball managed to land right in the middle of both balls, hitting them both.

Kev howled. He knew it would keep the dildo going, but he didn’t care. The pain in both his balls and his ass was excruciating. He was covered in a layer of sweat, his hair messy and muscles spasming with the effort of keeping the dog-like position. His cock now gave no protection, the purple paint dripping slightly in the same way his now multicoloured balls were.

His howling died down into small sobbing. He weakly looked down at his body, barely able to see his decorated balls. Before he became silent and the dildo stopped, Cal took the gun back from Zach and took another shot.

“Ahhhh!” A high-pitched screech echoed throughout the room when a black pellet slammed against Kev’s nuts. Of course, with the volume of the scream, the dildo began to work over Kev’s ass.

A pattern began. The gun would exchange hands, a paint pellet was shot at Kev’s balls, he would scream or moan as loudly as his voice could manage, the dildo would activate and rough-fuck his ass. Then the cycle would begin again. Then again. Then again.

After each of the cycles, Cal and Zach laughed at the pain their team captain was in. As he had so much fun with their torment, they thought it was fair to enjoy his to the fullest. It was even better knowing their balls were safe for the day.

After minutes of this repeated torment, Kev was completely red in the face, shining with sweat and obviously exhausted. His balls were a mixture of all colours, though everyone knew that they would be red and bloated under the paint. With his haggard appearance, multicoloured balls and harsh bondage, he looked like the centrepiece at an erotic, modern art gallery. It was impossible to deny that the jock was an erotic, hot mess.

“Maybe this can be your next project,” Zach grinned, looking to Gareth as he took the gun from Cal. “Instead of joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat, you can make Kevin and his bloated technicolour nut-sac.”

As he pulled the trigger to add to the aforementioned technicolour nut-sac, the gun didn’t shoot. He tried it a few times before realising that the gun was finally out of pellets. Slightly weakly, Kev looked up to see the gun couldn’t shoot anymore; he whispered some form of thanks to god as he hung limply in his binds. Even though the gun was out, both men knew they could still play with Kev with the dildo that was half way inserted into his ass.

Before they could start to play with the sound meter, Gavin yelled ‘cut’ and walked towards the machine. He winced slightly when the dildo began to thrust in and out of Kev’s ass at his declaration that the filming should end. He switched the machine off before Kev could be fucked too much.

“Sorry. At least it’s got an auto lube thing.” Gareth apologised as he carefully began to remove Kev from the machine. “I know you probably won’t agree with me now, but you’re lucky to have Vince. He could make millions in the sex toy industry, I imagine.”

“You should mention that to him,” Kev groaned, taking an ice pack to hold against his balls. “That way he won’t make shit like this for me anymore.”

“Well, I actually designed it. But if you want to blame him, please do.” Gareth chuckled. “We’ve got a little bit more to film. Noting painful, just something to end the advert. You can have a few minutes to recover, but the sooner we get it done the sooner you can go home and deal with it yourself.”

Kev nodded and hobbled over to the sofa, partly because of his ass and partly because of his colourful balls. He glared weakly at Cal and Zach as he walked past them, who playfully clasped him on the back. Kev groaned, but grinned weakly.

“If they do make a musical about my balls, I think I know exactly who I want to play me.” He looked to Zach. “I know the director, I can definitely get you the part.”

They all laughed at the joke and the tiny amount of tension fell away. Kev nursed his balls with the ice pack on the sofa, complaining that the paint wasn’t going away. Zach decided that it wouldn’t take long until Kev asked for a wet towel, so sat beside Kev’s spread legs and took a picture with the colourful balls in the middle. He’d upload it to the website’s social media account with the tagline ‘With the newest starts of the musical world’ later in the day.

After about five minutes of lounging around and joking, mainly about the colourful balls, the three men and Simon were called to a small stage to film the final part of the video. They all complied, standing on the small x’s on the stage, Cal having removed his speedo on Gareth’s command. The camera was set up, the three battered and bruised models all stood around Simon, flexing and showing off their nude bodies. It was a spectacular sight.

When prompted, Simon spoke. “So please, come to the ballbusting carnival. A place where no balls will come out unscathed.”

At the end of the sentence, four metal fists slammed up from the floor and into each man’s respective balls. Kev fell to the floor in a whimper, Zach doubled over and grabbed his balls, Cal leant on his thigs as breathed heavily and Simon leant on his cane with a grimace. The ‘ring leader’ spoke up again, voice croaky and hoarse from the single hit.

“We’ll see you soon.”


“What d’you think then?”

Chad looked towards Gareth, who was smiling. Both men and Simon were sitting at a laptop, chad having made a rough edit of the footage they’d filmed earlier that day. It was a little rough, but Chad assured him that this was a draft and he would clean it up later. Even with the lack of polish, Gareth loved it.

“Amazing.” The redhead grinned. “better than I imagined.”
The edit didn’t use much of the footage, but it had some fantastic shots of the studs in pain. It also resembled an actual commercial, if erotic carnivals were to have commercials. This was Gareth’s first piece he directed out of college and, although it wasn’t in the field he had thought, he was more than proud of it.

Chad nodded and assured him that it’d be ready by the end of the week. He also mentioned that Gareth should talk to Alex about selling the rest of the footage for a little extra. With that, the camera man left the couple alone.

“You think people will like it?” Gareth asked Simon, who laid his head on the other man’s shoulder.

“Yeah. You got some pretty hot shots. I’m hard and I was there.” Simon chuckled. “You did well, you seem to really get the ballbusting part of the word.”

Gareth nodded and turned and slowly kissed his boyfriend, running his hands down his stomach until it rested on the tight bulge in the geeky man’s khakis. He grinned when he heard Simon groan at the small touch. With a smirk, he mumbled into his ear.

“You were sexy today,” Gareth nipped at his ear. “You’re a pretty good actor, you should think about doing it full time.”

“Hm. Maybe. Not enough cum drinking for me.” Simon chuckled.

“I could make up for that.” Gareth winked, hands running up Simon’s sweater and playing with his slender chest. “Speaking of that, why don’t we go home, and I could give you a nice fill of your favourite drink. I imagine you’re parched without having any for a hold day.”

“You’re right.” Simon smirked. “Love you, cum hose.”

“Love you too, cum slut.”

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