Friday, August 4, 2017

Romantic risks: Mechanical mayhem (written by Daniel)

This fantastic story was written by our reader Daniel who also created the wonderful title card. It's a sequel to his awesome stories Countdown to cum, Painful payment and Recorded wrecking. I hope you'll enjoy Daniel's story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Simon, the twins and Vince  (click for pictures)

Daniel has created a new character for this story: Simon's boyfriend Gareth whose looks are inspired by model Kevin Thompson. Here's a photo that Daniel kindly sent me.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“What about?” Simon looked up to his boyfriend.

“If we had a threesome with someone who works here.” Gareth grinned. “I’ve changed my mind about who I’d wanna do it with.”

“And who’s your new choice, then?” Simon chuckled gently.

Gareth nodded across the room to a slim man wearing a long, white lab coat. He was bent over a machine of some kind, only his scruffy hair visible from where Gareth and Simon were standing. Upon entering, the man had walked straight to his machine after only saying hello to Alex, so he was clearly quite shy.

“Vince?” Simon chucked, smiling when Gareth nodded. “Any reason why?”

“I’m not really sure. Perhaps I like guys who I could pin to the ground without much trouble.” Gareth laughed when Simon looked up with a half-glare. “But could also probably get me into any submissive position they like.”

Simon grinned again, leaning up to bring Gareth into a kiss. As the kiss between the two deepened, they were unaware of two young men opening the door to the studio and walking in. Their kiss was broken by a loud wolf whistle, the two boyfriends pulling away, both wearing a blush.

Will was responsible for the whistle, his twin brother Michael having his arms crossed and rolling his eyes at his brother’s actions. Both men had blonde hair and blue eyes. They were tall and had muscular physiques, no doubt from their intensive gymnastic training. Their strong bodies were covered by identical tight, blue exercise shirts and equally tight and blue shorts, meaning it was even harder than usual to tell the identical twins apart.

“So, you’re Gareth, huh? Nice to meet ya.” Will offered Gareth a hand to shake, which the redhead did. “You feeling nervous?”

Gareth had chosen to take part in a film for the website for the first time. It included his boyfriend and the two twins going against each other in a ballbusting themed game. This was the reason for the twins wearing the same clothes and the reason for Gareth and Simon wearing equally tight exercise clothing, however theirs was a red colour so the two teams could be easily differentiated.

“Not really, I’ve seen how the filming here works so I know it’s nothing to be worried about. And Simon’s been prepping my balls for what they should expect.” Gareth glanced at Simon, who was grinning mischievously. “Which wasn’t fun or wanted.”

“Really, me and Mikey had a blast when we were getting ready, didn’t we?” Will grinned wider.

“Don’t call me Mikey. It’s nice to meet you, by the way.” Michael smiled at Gareth, who smiled back, before turning to his brother. “And I don’t think you waking me up by punching me in the balls counts as preparing.”

“Aw, don’t be mad. I’m toughening them up for you. You should thank me.”

“By returning the favour.” Michael grinned. “I agree.”
Will didn’t have time to react before Michael slapped the back of his hands against his balls, the flimsy shorts doing nothing to protect the impressively bulging crotch. Will made a grunt, hands going to his nuts to protect them with a groan.

“Thanks.” Will spoke with a strain. “So, that’s the thing we’re testing then?”

The machine Vince was working on looked relatively simple. It was a large, metal box with a hole in each side. Coming from each hole was a baseball bat, two of then painted red, two painted blue. At the top of the box was a small glass tube sticking out, with no obvious purpose. The baseball bats, however, had an obvious goal: to hit the four men’s balls out of the park.

“Do either of you know what it does, other than the obvious?” Michael frowned slightly.

“It’s a game actually.” The four men looked to Alex as he walked to them. “Two teams of two go against each other. The machine randomly picks one of the players and slams the baseball bat they’re standing above into their balls. A piece of paper containing a punishment will come out of the glass tube. The person who got hit by the bat can either do it himself or give it to someone of the other team. And, as I’m sure you can guess, all the punishments will be aimed between your legs.”

After Alex spoke, the four men glanced over to the machine Vince was tinkering with. They all winced as one of the red baseball bats shot up into the inventor’s hand, cracking the two test eggs he was holding.

“Well that looks… horrible.” Gareth chuckled gently. “So, what’s stopping us from giving all the punishments to the other team?”

“Well each punishment a member of your team completes gets you a point. They’ll be five rounds, so five points to get and a clear winner, so no ties.” Alex smiled slightly. “And the team with the least points at the end of the game has to go through a punishment worse than anything in the machine. Me, Chad and Vince spent most of the morning thinking of them, and I can assure you you’ll want to win.”

The sound of eggs cracking again made all four men flinch, Vince wiping his hand off yolk after testing the next baseball bat. They all shared a nervous glance, hoping that the machine randomly broke and shattered beyond repair. But, unfortunately, it seemed to be in perfect working order.

“Well, I guess nobody’s balls are making it out of here unharmed.” Will laughed, the other men not sharing his enthusiasm. “Oh, don’t look like that. A little competition never hurt anyone.”
“This one will, that’s the point.” Michael muttered, another sound of eggs cracking filling the room.

“Well, yeah, I suppose. But it’ll still be fun. Unless we lose. But we’re pros, Mikey, so that won’t happen.” Will playfully flexed, grabbing his balls with pride. “And if we do lose I’m blaming you and that machine will be the least of your problems.”

“Don’t call me Mikey.” Michael sighed as Vice walked over, smiling shyly.

“It’s ready when you are.” He smiled, biting his lip as he noticed Gareth wink playfully at him, to which Simon rolled his eyes. “The, err, difficulty levels at five out of five. So, the bats are on full speed. Just press the red button on the top to start each round, and if something goes wrong with it tell me and I’ll look at it.”

“Thanks, I’ll find Chad and we can get started.”

Vince and Alex both left the little group, Alex going to find the camera man and Vince sitting on the small benches that bordered the studio in case he was needed. The twins also walked away, going to inspect the device that would be attacking their nuts, leaving Gareth and Simon alone.

“Flirt.” Simon muttered, wearing a silly pout.

“Jealous?” Gareth grinned, getting a small, playful huff in response. “Well don’t worry. You’re my number one nerd and that’s not gonna change.”
Simon smiled slightly as Gareth wrapped an arm around his waist and slowly planted a kiss on his lips. The damn ginger bastard knew his weaknesses of, well, kissing him. He playfully pouted when the larger man ruffled his perfectly styled hair slightly.

“Just so you know, I do plan on winning.” Simon smirked slightly. “And you better take all the punishments you get, because if you don’t I’ll punch you in the nuts as a wakeup call until Christmas.”
“The same goes for you.” The two shared a confident smirk.

Alex walked back into the main studio, Chad following him with his large camera. They walked to Vince’s machine, Chad turning the expensive looking camera on to begin recording. Gareth and Simon walked towards the machine as well, Simon pulling on the red gym clothes slightly to greater emphasize his bulge, getting a small laugh from Gareth.

Will and Michael were standing either side of the box, legs spread with their bulging crotches hanging above the blue baseball bats that reflected their team colour. Simon and Gareth took their places above the red bats, grinning nervously at each other.

“Don’t worry about explaining what’s going on. We’ll put something in during editing.” Alex smiled. “So, whenever you’re ready. And good luck Gareth, hope your first show goes good for you.”

Gareth nodded slightly, watching as Chad turned the camera on and began to film the four men. Will, who was standing closest to the button, leant down and cautiously pressed it. The four men waited nervously as the machine began to whirl inside, the button flashing a slow red. Then, suddenly, it turned green.

A blue baseball bat shot up with great force, slamming ferociously into the large mound protruding between Will’s legs. The handsome blonde’s eyes widened as the bat retraced, the man leaning over and grabbing his tightly packed nuts.

“U-Urgh.” Will groaned.

He gently nursed his balls, tentatively rubbing them. The end of the bat had slammed ruthlessly against both his family jewels, knocking the wind out of him.

A small, curled up piece of paper shot up from the machine, ending in the small glass tube. Keeping one hand over his arching crotch, Will reached over to the glass tube and picked the note up. He removed the elastic band with his teeth and looked at the punishment either he or one of the red team would have to take.

“Take two kicks in the nuts from each member of the other team.” Will read aloud, his voice strained. “And remove one piece of clothing.”

Will groaned at the thought of Simon and Gareth kicking him in the nuts, but he expected that the punishments would get worse and worse, meaning this couldn’t be that bad. He placed the paper on the machine, straightened himself up and removed the tight blue shirt.

The gymnast looked like a god as he stood shirtless. His body was perfectly covered in muscles, abs and pecs clearly defined. His hard training and workout schedule was clear in his strong physique, clearly visible pelvic bones pointing towards his impressively large bulge in the eye-wateringly tight blue shorts. He stepped back from the machine, placing his hands behind his back as he spread his legs with a sigh.

“Come on then.” The gymnast grinned, somewhat weakly. “Let’s get this over with.”

Both members of the red team also stood back from the machine, walking towards Will. Gareth smiled at Simon, gesturing towards him and inviting his boyfriend to take the first kick. Simon smiled back, positioning himself in front of Will.

“I like this game.” Simon smiled. “Enjoy your point.”
Simon’s sneaker covered foot slammed straight into Will’s bulging crotch, hitting them both directly. He hadn’t held back and he knew Will hadn’t expected the power behind it, if the shock and pain on his face was telling the truth.

The Adonis like stud bent over again, groaning as he tried to fight back the pain that was filling his balls. He looked up with a pained expression, meeting Simon’s expectant gaze weakly. Again, he stood up straight, taking his time to retract his hands from his bulging crotch and spreading his legs. He sighed when Simon smirked and raised his foot in another nasty kick.

“Ahh, my god!”

Will fell to the floor, muscular body curling into a small ball as he tried to protect his aching nuts. He looked up at Gareth pleadingly, hoping for at least a short amount of time to get his breath back and for the pain between his legs to die down. Gareth smiled at him, and it seemed genuine.
“Want some time to recover?” Gareth spoke softly, Will nodding. “Well, I’d love to. But I can imagine that won’t make for good viewing. So, stand up, spread your legs and get ready for some fun.”

Eyes widening in defeat, Will slowly remove his hands from his balls again and stood up. He tried to open his mouth, intending to ask for even a short minute to prepare, but was met with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smirk from the red headed newcomer. Defeatedly, he placed his hands behind his back again and spread his legs.

“Don’t worry. Like you said, you’re a pro and im a novice. So this shouldn’t be too bad.” Gareth grinned.

Will gulped as he saw the other man’s leg muscles twitch, raising his leg quickly. His shoe slammed straight between his legs, hitting only his right nut. A small squeal of pain left the gymnasts mouth, high pitched and squeaky.

Before Will could crumble over and protect his balls again, Gareth retracted his foot and slammed it straight back into his large nuts with as much force as he could muster. The redhead smiled as Will’s eyes got wider, the blonde slowly falling to the ground with a long, pain filled squeal leaving his lips.

“I thought the anticipation for the final kick would be worse than the actual kick itself.” Gareth teased.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Will rasped as he stumbled to the ground, carefully rubbing his balls in a futile attempt to negate the pain coming from them. The laughter from the other team, and probably Mikey, fell on death ears as he tried to get the intense pain to calm. “Really appreciate getting it over with. Really considerate.”

The three men waisted for Will to recover and stand up before they returned to their positions above the machine’s baseball bats. On the metal box, a small number one had appeared on a little screen in blue, showing the point Will had earned for his team.

“Ready for the next round?” Will squeaked slightly, the three men nodding. The gymnast reached down and pressed the button again. “I swear if it picks me again…”
Will trailed off as the light began to flash red again, all men waiting with bated breath to see who would be getting attacked by the machine next. Four sharp intakes of breath could be heard as the light turned green.

“A-Argh, crap.”

Gareth doubled over as the red baseball bat lodged itself in his impressive bulge with a harsh swing. The bat retracted back as Gareth felt his balls, a dull pain spreading through his body. His eyes flittered upwards as another note shot up from the glass tube.

The redhead reached forward and picked it from the machine, rolling the elastic band off the paper. His eyes scanned the punishment on the paper, sighing loudly.

“A member of the other team squeezes your balls for one minute. The other team choses who will be squeezing.” Gareth groaned, knowing the muscular gymnasts could do a hell of a lot of damage to his nuts. “And remove on piece of clothing, of course. Well I suppose that it could be worse, so I guess I’ll take it.”

Gareth removed his shirt and tossed it to the side, his impressive body shining gently. He wasn’t as muscular or toned as the twins were, but he certainly had nothing to be ashamed about. He flexed his forearms nervously, looking at the two twins.

“I’ll let you take this one, Mikey.” Will wheezed slightly, the toll the kicks had taken on his nuts quite clear. “Give him hell.”

“Or don’t.” Gareth quipped as Michael left the machine. “You know, if you don’t want to.”

Michael smiled gently, shaking his head as he walked towards the other man. Gareth sighed again, removing his hands from anywhere near his balls, knowing there was no point in trying to defend himself. At least he was going to get the point for him and Simon.

“Has anyone got a way of timing this.” Michael looked around, noticing Simon take his phone out and open a stopwatch app. “Thanks.”
“Yeah, thanks Simon.” Gareth glared at his boyfriend, getting a grin.

Walking up to Gareth with a small smile, Michael raised his hand towards Simon. Gareth groaned as Michael’s right hand hovered over his bulging crotch. With one quick motion, Michael’s left hand shot down to signify that Simon should start the timer, his right-hand clamping around Gareth’s balls and squeezing.


Gareth squirmed as Michael began to squeeze his balls harder, the other man’s forearms flexing with the effort of crushing his nuts. Gareth tried to pull his nuts away from his tormentor, but Michaels grasp tightened and the pain filling his sensitive jewels got larger. Sweat began to form on his brow, jaw clenched in restraint.

“Fifteen seconds.” Simon smiled playfully at his boyfriend.

Michael’s eyes narrowed slightly, left hand clasping around his right as he tried to add extra pain into the other man’s nuggets. His muscled flexed and bulged, teeth clenching with the effort of crushing Gareth’s balls.

The redhead tried to pull Michael’s hands away from his aching balls, breath ragged as he did so. Even with his effort, Michael’s claw like grip still remained getting stronger and more brutal. He tried to struggle again, but that only resulted in his balls being pulled further away from his body and adding to the pain he was going through.

“Thirty seconds.” Simon spoke up again.

A steady slew of ragged panting and cussing came from Gareth’s mouth as he gave into the pain from Michaels strong hands. The pain from his balls was unbearable and he didn’t want to do anything else to make it worse.

Sweat covered the muscular redhead’s torso, chest rising and falling as he panted. He grabbed onto the machine and leant against it, not trusting his legs with keeping him up any more.

“Forty-five seconds.”

“Fuuuuckkkk.” Gareth panted quickly.

Even though he knew it was a mistake and it would only lead to more pain below the waist, Gareth tried to struggle against the hands grasping his nuts. He groaned louder, cusses still streaming out of his lips.

Compared to Simon doing this, it was hell. Michael, even though he seemed nice, clearly had a malicious side to him. And if he didn’t, then he certainly didn’t know how much strength was in his strong arms. He glanced at the blonde’s face, he was slightly smirking. The damn bastard!

“One minute, let him go.”

Gareth collapsed onto the floor when Michael’s hands were taken away from his balls. He sobbed slightly as he pulled his shorts out to inspect his jewels, they were red and slightly bloated. He could see small lines of a darker shade of red where Michael’s fingers had been digging into the sensitive globes. He looked up at his boyfriend, the pain evident on his face; he was met with an amused look from behind the horn-rimmed glasses.

He gently rubbed his crotch, hissing when the tight shorts snapped back on his balls and left a stinging sensation. He looked around to see where his shirt was, to find it had disappeared. He glanced at Will, who also had lost sight of his shirt.

“So, when we take something off we lose it for the rest of the game, right?” Gareth’s voice was a few octaves higher than normal.

“Guess so.” Michael chuckled. “How are you feeling?”

“Oh, peachy. Like I’ve woken up on a Monday morning and remembered I don’t have work for a week.”

“You’re unemployed.” Simon quipped, smirking.

“Can you not undermine my sarcastic responses please, Simon. We’re meant to be on the same team.”

The small layer of tension that had formed now dissolving into laughter. Gareth, after nursing his balls on the floor for a few moments, climbed back up and readjusted his bulge. His left nut had fallen slightly and, as it was the more sensitive of the two, he didn’t want it to bear the brunt of another baseball hit if he lost again.

On the machine, the glass tube had closed again and a small number one in red had occurred on the screen. So, even though his nuts were in hell, at least they’d evened the scores against the twins.

“We all ready for the next one?” Will smiled, having apparently recovered from his pain.

They all gave some form of affirmation, Will pressing the button again. It began to flash red quickly. Again, all the four men watched the flashing light with bated breath. Nobody wanted to be on the receiving end of the next bat to the nuts and they definitely didn’t want to undergo whatever punishment that evil machine had in store for them.

As the light continued to flicker, Gareth made a promise to himself. If the baseball bat hit him again he would pass the punishment to the other team. They could still win after that, perhaps.

A collective wince occurred as the light stopped flashing red, the ominous green colour lighting up the box. The group was silent for a moment, before the machine whirled into action.

“A-Ah. Dammit.”

Looking between his legs, Michael groaned. The blue bat was nestled against his tightly packed crotch, a thud leaving it as the wooden pole slammed harshly against his nuts. A soprano style squeal of pain left the gymnasts mouth as the bat retracted, leaving him to bend over with his hand leaning against the machine.

The gymnast stayed like this for a few moments, breath heavy as he tried to recover from the brutality of the bat. He reached for the glass tube, taking out the new note that had appeared.

“You will wrestle with a member of the other team for three minutes, hands tied behind your back.” Michael sighed, noticing Gareth’s previously weak eyes gleam slightly. “And you must remove two pieces of clothing.”

“And shoes don’t count.” Will smirked, getting a glare from his brother. “What? Just giving the people what they want.”

Michael slowly removed his shirt and threw it to the side, rolling his eyes at his brother as he did so. He had the same perfectly toned, muscular body as his brother did. He then removed the exercise shorts that he was wearing, revealing a pair of small, tight blue boxers that kept with the colour of his team. His large, impressive equipment was highlighted by the tightness of his boxers, large nuts bulging almost comically.

“So, I get my hands tied behind my back then? Seems one sided.” Michael muttered.

“I think that might be the point.” Simon grinned. “But I’m sure that Gareth will be nice to you.”

“He won’t.” The redhead grinned.

As Alex tossed a small piece of rope to Will so he could tie his twins hands up, Gareth slowly flexed his muscles. He gave a few mocking punches and squeezes in the air, knowing he had Michael’s attention. He smirked as he saw a small nervous expression on the man’s handsome face. Revenge was a bitch.

Hands now tied behind his back, Michael walked away from the machine to a small blue mat that had been laid out. Gareth smiled at him, walking to the other side of the same mat. He looked his opponent up and down with a slightly predatory grin, the pain emanating from his balls spurring him on in his plan not to show mercy.

“Anyone gonna time it?” Michael mumbled, pulling at the rope around his wrists. Will had tied them tight.

“I got you Mikey.” Will grinned.

“Don’t call me Mikey.”

Ignoring this, Will opened a stopwatch app on his phone and grinned at his twin. Gareth got into a crouching position, Michael attempting to do the same with his bounds. Will counted them down loudly, the camera spinning around them.

Upon hearing the shouted ‘GO’ Gareth lurched forward and wrapped his arms around Michael’s bare torso, tackling him to the ground and pinning him. He let Michael struggle under him for a few seconds, making sure he was in a relatively comfortable position before he began to torture the gymnasts bulging balls.

Bored with waiting, Gareth slammed his knee into Michael’s nuts. There was a dull thud, followed by a moment of silence. Michael’s jaw dropped slightly, eyes crossing as the knee grinded against his balls before eventually retracting.


He cut himself off when Gareth’s fist slammed against his balls hard. Then again. Then again. The twin tried desperately to struggle and get the redhead off him, however the onslaught of painful punches never ceased. With every punch, the pain got worse and Michael’s willingness fight back grew smaller.

Gareth smirked down at the twin, playfully running his hand down the other man’s washboard stomach before giving his large balls a playful, but obviously painful, slap. Michael let out a high-pitched squeal as his bulge bounced in the tight underwear.

“One minutes gone.” Will chuckled, watching his brother struggle with a grin. “You’re really earning this point, Mikey.”

“I will kill you.” Michael glared at his twin.

Spurred on by his annoying brother, Michael raised his leg and landed a clumsy but effective kick back at Gareth’s balls. The smug look on the redhead’s face turned to one of pain, gulping hard as his hands went to cup his nuts. He stumbled back slightly, his groin still tender from the sadistic squeezing that he’d only just been given. He glared down at Michael, who was looking up at his with a small smirk, though his chest heaved up and down.

Doing his best to ignore the pain, Gareth jumped up and kicked Michael’s balls hard. He then pressed his sneaker covered foot down on the gymnast’s junk, pushing down and watching as Michael struggled and squirmed.

Grunts and groans filled the studio as Gareth used Michael’s balls like a brake pedal on an icy road. The gymnast was trying his best to break out from the torture, using his flexible legs to give weak kicks into Gareth’s balls. Each time his foot connected with the redhead’s balls, he winced but grinded down harder.

“Two minutes gone.” Will chimed in again. “Having fun, you two? Cause we are.”

“You shouldn’t commentate wrestling, Will.” Gareth spoke through clenched teeth, hissing when Michael managed to kick his balls. “They’d turn on you very quickly.”

“So maybe you should try it.” Michael grunted, the two wrestling men sharing a split-second grin with each other.

Gareth suddenly changed his tactics, dropping back down to the floor and slamming his fist against Michael’s balls. Ignoring the pain filled scream from the twin, Gareth wrapped both hands around the large balls in exactly the same way he had done to him previously. He squeezed hard in revenge, muscles flexing in concentration and effort.

He cockily changed his position, spiralling Michael while still squeezing the life out of the other man’s balls. Michael groaned loudly as his balls was twisted and squeezed by the redhead, breathing quickly in hopes of letting his body catch up with the pain.

Seeing his opportunity, Michael slammed his forehead upwards just as Gareth stood above him. The grasp on Michael’s balls left immediately, Gareth looking down after the brutally painful headbutt sent right into his low-hanging groin.

“Y-you bastard.” Gareth spoke in a high-pitched whine.

Michael managed to leap up despite his bounds, shoving his shoulder into Gareth’s balls and knocking him into the ground. Gareth looked up at Michael with wide eyes, who smirked down at him. The gymnast ceremoniously raised his leg back, expertly balancing on one foot. He looked Gareth directly in the eyes, winking.

A sneaker clad foot forced its way down back onto Gareth’s balls, squashing down against them in exactly the same way that he had just been receiving. He grunted, focusing more on his balance than actually causing damage. But by the squealing and hands trying and failing to pull his leg away, he guessed that the pain he was inflicting was more than enough.

Realising that the muscular leg wasn’t going to leave, Gareth raised his torso up and took hold of Michael’s tightly packed boxers. He grunted in pain and effort, trying to channel all the pain in his crotch into his hand.

The two men were glaring at each other, trying to force as much pain into the others jewels as they could. The room was filled with whines, grunts, groans and moans as the grudge match of pain continued.

“And time. Three minutes are over.” Will grinned.

Both men almost immediately removed their respective hands and feet away from the other’s balls, Gareth nursing his balls and Michael looking pleadingly at his twin so that he could so the same. The unharmed gymnast took his time untying the rope, but when he did Michael fell to the ground and began to nurse his aching balls.

Simon and Will watched with amusement as their boyfriend and brother whined and moaned on the floor. Gareth recovered first, walking slowly to the baseball machine while rubbing his crotch. Michael, who’s attack had been significantly more brutal, took longer but eventually limped his way back to the machine as well; Will clasping his shoulder in congratulations.

“Just press the button.” Michael muttered, giving his balls a final rub before removing his hands again.

Simon pressed the button this time, the red flashing returning to taunt the four men. The machine whirled and whizzed inside as it picked its next target, the men waiting with bated breath for the button to turn green again. And, eventually, it did.

“Oh, fuck me.” Michael croaked hoarsely, collapsing onto the floor immediately.

The gymnast coughed and groaned again, his brother patting his bare shoulder again in comfort. Michael ignored this, the pain in his balls unimaginable. The damn machine had it out for him! Picking him twice in a row was completely unfair.

“Well, this is good.” Will grinned. “Get it over with and we’ll win. Take your paper and it’ll be over soon.”

“No. No I can’t.” Michael groaned. “My balls hurt so bad. You’ll have to do it. They hurt so bad.”

“I don’t think you’re allowed to pass to your teammate.” Simon grinned slightly. “That right Alex?”

Off camera, Alex nodded. Michael groaned and rubbed his balls again, sitting up and catching his breath. He stood up again, leaning against the machine to stand up. He brought his hand to the glass tube and brushed his fingers against the rolled-up piece of paper. He sighed, his balls radiating with pain as if to ward him off. He retracted his hand and left the paper in the tube, looking to Will.

“One of them will have to do it, sorry.”

“If we lose because of this, I’m gonna make your life hell.” Will grunted, looking towards the other team. Specifically, Simon. “Well, specs, you’re the only one who’s gotten away with it so far.”

Simon sighed, reaching for the paper. Before he could pick up whatever punishment he’d be having, the baseball under his crotch shot up quickly and smashed his balls against his body. He leant over, glasses falling down his nose slightly as he leant his hands on his thighs. It appeared the sudden and unexpected hit to his groin had knocked the wind out of him somewhat.

Breath wavering slightly at the pain, he pushed his glasses up his nose again and reached for the piece of paper. He removed the small band around it that kept it rolled up and looked at what he would be going through.

“A member of the other team will pick three pieces of sporting equipment and smash your balls with each in a way of their choosing. You will be tied to a pole with your legs spread.” Simon read aloud. “You must also remove two pieces of clothing.”

Seeing no point in complaining, Simon removed the tight shirt and shorts, revealing a pain of equally tight and gaudy red briefs. He rubbed his arm at the sudden cold of the room, ignoring Gareth as he eyed his boyfriends slender, taut frame with a grin. He spun around when he heard a wolf whistle, shoving Gareth with a fist but laughing slightly anyway.

The four men waited as Vince and Alex screwed a tall metal pole into the floor, making sure it was secure before calling Simon over. The bespectacled man sat against the pole, Vince tying him tightly against the cold metal pole. His legs were forcibly spread apart, his briefs moulding around his member and balls, showing them off spectacularly. Gareth licked his lips at the sight.

As this happened, Will had walked over to a box filled with various types of sporting equipment. He looked through it all, finding three things that he liked the look of: A golf club, a pair of metal soccer cleats and a heavy medicine ball.

“Ready for some fun, Simon?” He grinned as he replaced his sneakers with the cleats, tapping the metal studs against the wooden floor.

“Does it matter if I say I’m not?” Simon grinned weakly, wincing when Will swung the gold club and shook his head. “Well, then I’m incredibly ready?”

“Good answer.” Will grinned.

Twirling the gold club around his fingers with a grin, Will slowly walked towards Simon. The clicking of the metal studs in Will’s shoes made Simon wince, the man walking closer and closer. The gymnast was already taller than him by a considerable amount, but now he was completely looming over him. Even the man’s shadow was covering him. Simon gulped when Will stopped moving.

He gently nudged Simon’s balls gently with the gold club, chuckling when the smaller man winced. He began to slowly stroke the mound, noticing that the clearly visible dick was getting larger and harder. Will laughed.

“You imagining it’s freckles over there doing this?” He taunted playfully, noticing how red Simon immediately got. “Thought so. But it’s actually me, sorry.”

Will slammed his foot into Simon’s balls, following it immediately by slamming the metal studs down on his balls and rubbing it down as if putting out a cigarette. He smirked, applying more pressure when he heard Simon moan in pain.

The bespectacled man tried to fight against the rope, but the pain in his nuts was unimaginable. Will’s strong legs and the cleats were like an evil machine hell-bent on destroying any chance he had on cumming again in his life. His face was red and covered in sweat, looking up at Will with silent begging for him to stop; he only received a cocky smirk in reply.

Will removed his foot from grinding against Simon’s balls. He swung his left foot, kicking Simon’s balls with viciousness and pleasure. He relished in the high-pitched howl from Simon’s mouth, which had fallen agape.

“That’s all you can do with the cleats.” Alex spoke up from the side-lines, noticing Simon visibly relax and Will pout. “We have to limit this, sorry.”

“Well, I’ve got two other things to play with, haven’t I?” The gymnast smiled. “Let’s see if I can get par. Hope for your sake I can~”

Will bounced so he was parallel to Simon, again nudging the gold club against his balls with a grin. He waited until Simon’s dick got hard again, the cleats having made it soft earlier. He then raised the club and twisted his body like a professional golfer.

“Par three. let’s test how good I am.”

He swung the club down into Simon’s balls with speed and power, muscles flexing as the head of the club slammed into his groin. Simon let out a loud and pain filled scream, thrashing against the pole as his breath became ragged and quick. Will placed a cleat on Simon’s thigh to calm him, grinning again.

“Got pretty far, I think. Not onto the green, though. Shame, isn’t it Simon?”

The other man nodded weakly, half-heartedly playing along with Will as he prepared himself for another hit. It came faster than expected.

“Ugh.” Simon leant down in his position, balls pulsing with pain as Will retracted the golf club again. The pain had spread from his balls to his stomach, sitting there like a huge ball of hellishness. His slender chest was rising and falling quickly, glasses crooked and face covered in sweat as he tried to deal with the pain.

Will mockingly looked at the direction he had hit Simon’s balls, acting like he was watching an actual golf ball. He let out an exaggerated hiss of annoyance, slamming the golf club against the floor and crossing his arms.

“Missed the green, straight into the rough.” He sighed. “That’s your fault, Simon. But I won’t hold it against you. It might take a little longer than I thought, now.”

Simon groaned when Will got back into position again, rubbing his crotch tauntingly before twisting his body and raising the club. Simon sent a small, hopeful expression towards Will in hopes that he could convince Will to let him go.

“I’d be nice, but your boyfriend might have hurt Mikey’s balls so much that I can’t be a cool uncle.”

“I’m gay.” Michael muttered. “Probably want gonna have my own kids anyway.”

The golf club slammed against Simon’s crotch again, the nerdy man’s jaw clenching as a high-pitched sound slipped through his teeth. He tried desperately to break through the rope, turn around or cross his legs. Anything to stop the onslaught of sports themes torture aimed at his balls. But, alas, he was still vulnerable and tied up.

Not adding anything to his golfing roleplay, Will swung the gold club and nestled the head deeply between the two bloated nuts, hitting them both heavily and adding to the pain filling his body. Small droplets of water formed around his eyes, trying to force himself into a regular breathing state.

“One above pars not too bad, I guess. But I blame you for that.” Will chuckled. “So, I guess I’ll have to show my little ball what happened when you let me down.”

Will walked back and picked up the heavy medicine ball, slightly exaggerating just how heavy it was. Despite his exaggerating, it was pretty damn heavy. Will doubted that he’d be able lift it with one hand.

He contemplated using it like a bowling ball, but where would the fun be in that; other than some bowling related puns at least. But no, it was time to bring the pain. Since there was a chance that the two lovers would win the game and get some revenge, he needed to put Simon in as much pain while he had the chance. It just made sense.

Raising the heavy lifting ball above his head, he grinned. His muscles flexed and strained with the effort, but the look of nervousness on Simon’s face was well worth it. He winked at the man, before throwing it down directly onto the other man’s groin.

“OHHHHHH!” Simon groaned loudly, eyed wide as the medicine ball rolled away from his pain filled nuts.

Simon hadn’t felt pain like this in a long time. His nuts were in so much pain that he couldn’t believe it was possible. It felt like Will was a demon trying to destroy his balls in the most painful, drawn out way possible. It was pure hell. Pure, unimaginable, painful hell.

“I hope they still work.” Gareth mumbled, standing beside Michael. “If they don’t, your brother might wake up with a missing testicle.”

“Maybe that’d get him to stop calling me Mikey.” The twin grunted, side glancing at Gareth. “You wouldn’t actually do that, right?”

“If Simon asked me to I might. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s made me do something dangerous.” He smirked when he saw the twin glance at him warily.

As the two spoke, Simon had been untied and was walking back to the machine. His arm was slung around Will’s shoulders, who had apparently felt guilty about what he did despite laughing about it. He had been offered a pack of ice by Alex, who must have deemed it particularly brutal, but denied it. Gareth was impressed, Simon was really committed to his work.

The three other men waited for Simon to recover before they got back to the machine. Gareth had silently asked if Simon was okay, receiving a smile and half-hearted wink. Satisfied his boyfriend was okay, Gareth placed his balls over the baseball machine.

Will pushed the button. The machine whirled into action again and flashed red. It took its damn time before turning green, the four men tense in anticipation. Finally, the button became green.

All four bats shot up this time, slamming into the four sets of balls simultaneously. They all groaned or squealed in union, all bending over and grabbing their tender balls. Simon and Michael leant on the machine, Gareth leaning against his thigs and looking to the floor while Will gently rubbed his balls, having the time to recover from his own treatment.

“Guess I’ll read it.” Will chuckled as the other men recovered, reaching for the paper. “You will all get hit by the baseball bats continually until the whole of one team gives up. The team with the last remaining player wins the point. You must all strip to your underwear if not already there. If you are you must get naked.”

“Well, Si and Michael are getting naked then.” Gareth grinned, having recovered. He removed the shorts and stood in a tight pair of red boxers. Leather red boxers. He chuckled when he noticed everyone else in the room look at them with confusion. “What, it’s my fist show. I want to make an impression.”

“All your boxers need to be made from leather now.” Simon grinned weakly, receiving a nod and a smirk from Gareth

Simon removed the red briefs, showing off his respectable but not overly large dick and bloated, red balls. Michael followed the lead, removing his boxers and showing off his larger, thicker cock: if he wasn’t used to it, Simon would be self-conscious about the size difference. Will grinned as he caught Gareth looking his boyfriend up and down again, raking his shorts off and showing his blue jockstrap. The bulge inside it showed how he was just as impressive as his twin in the groin.

Their clothes taken away by Alex and Vince out of view from the camera, the four men walked to the machine and stood above their respective baseball bats. They all looked nervous, waiting for it to start.


A series of groans filled the room as the baseball bats thrusted into their balls, resting in there before retracting. Some leant on the machine again, some cupped their balls. But it was pretty sure they all were taken aback by the sudden immense pain. Vince’s machine was meant to cause as much pain as it could, so the second all four sets of balls were vulnerable the bats swung upwards again.


Over the grunts, a high-pitched squeal of pain covered the room. Simon’s glasses had fallen from his face, but he managed to catch them before they shattered on the floor. He breathed heavily, the pain from his previous punishment made his balls sensitive already, and the bats were just making it so much worse.

“I can’t keep going.” He sighed, stepping away and looking apologetically towards his boyfriend and teammate. “If you win I’ll suck you dry and give you more pleasure than you thought possible, leather man.”

“Leatherman? I like that. It sex-“


Gareth’s word turned into a low, guttural groan as the machine slammed into his balls. The three remaining men shared a moment of silence, all looking at each other through their pain to see if anyone was going to give in this time. By the looks of it, Michael was the closest, but the twin gulped down and stood firm.


The three men screamed simultaneously again, Michael backing up away from the machine so he could drop to the floor and curl up and nurse his balls. It seemed Gareth’s treatment on his balls still had an effect on the quieter twin’s crotch.

“Shit, can’t do it anymore.” Michael said from the ball he was in the floor. “And I know. If we lose it’s my fault. So just win already.”

Will gave his brother a mock salute, removing his hand from his fully packed jock strap and grimacing in pain. He looked towards Gareth, who was clenching his fists against his legs in anticipation for the next hit to the balls. The two glared playfully at each other while they waited, though they both continued to glance at the machine in case they could see the bats shoot up and hit them.

“I’m not gonna lose in my first video, Will.” Gareth grinned.

“Well I’m not gonna lose to some rookie, Gareth.” The twin grinned back.




Three hits from the baseball bats hit in quick succession, not giving them the time to recover like before. Both men groaned in pure pain when the torment of baseball brutality ceased for a few moments, Gareth bending over and Will pulling at his blonde hair to distract himself from the pain in his balls and to hide any pain he was in.

They both remained above the machine, a small grudge match occurring between them. They were both proud men and weren’t going to give up without one hell of a vicious fight, that was for sure.






“Fuck. I can’t. Fuck I’m sorry. FUCK!”

Gareth stood back from the machine, cradling his balls and collapsing into a ball similar to what Michael had done earlier. His eyes were tearing slightly in pain, nursing his nuts and breathing heavily. He now understood that Simon had been relatively nice with his bedroom torture. Imagining Simon doing this to him did manage to calm him slightly, because Simon hurting his balls so much would be hot as hell.

Will raised his hands to the air in victory. A loud, slightly high-pitched whoop filled the room as Will basked in the glory of his victory. This was cut off when only his baseball bat slammed upwards and hit his balls one final time.

“Yeah. Guess I deserved that.” Will groaned, leaning over. “You okay, Freckles? You put up a good fight.”

“Peachy. And thanks for the praise, means a lot for a rookie like me.” Gareth chuckled weakly, smiling when Vince offered him an ice pack. “And I’d rather not be called Freckles.”

“Yeah, not gonna happen.” Will chuckled. “Nicknames stick for life with me.”

Will and Gareth both limped to the bench where Michael and Simon were sitting, spreading their legs and sitting with the ice packs on their groins. They both leant against the cold walls to cool their sweating bodies down, neither realising how hot they had become through the game.

“I guess you two win then.” Gareth sighed. “And we have to take one of those punishments. Ice pack seems a bit redundant now. What do we have to do?”

Alex and Vince shared a grin, Vince pulling three envelopes out of his lab coat pocket and walking towards the four men. He smiled shyly as he got close to them, glad that Chad had turned the camera off; definitely favouring to be a behind the scenes kind of guy.

“Will and Michael will choose one of these, but they can’t look at what’s inside of them.” He smiled shyly.

“If I sucked you off, would you let me pick the punishment.” Gareth smiled hopefully. Vince blushed and rubbed the back of his head, offering the three envelopes to Michael and Will. Will reached for the middle one and, getting no complaints from Michael, took it from Vince’s hands.

“Oh, and we’ll film the punishment on another day.” Alex smiled. “This lasted a little longer than we expected. Plus, it’ll be nice to give you all some time to recover.”

They all nodded, Gareth and Simon sharing a deeply relieved sigh. They watched as Will opened the enveloped and pulled open the paper, showing it to his brother. The twins made sure not to let either member of the other team see what they’d be going through, but it was obvious that it would be bad.

Will’s face had an amused, sadistic smile spread across it. Michael was smirking slightly, no doubt glad that this chance for revenge on Gareth was well appreciated. Gareth and Simon squirmed slightly.

“Your balls are so screwed.” Will laughed. “So fucking screwed.”


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HOT HOT HOT! I was wondering if we would see Gareth again. HOORAY!

Daniel said...

Hi, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it and that you're happy to see Gareth. I've got some nice plans for him ;-)