Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Video links: Nutball mania (5)

Competition brings out the best in men. Especially if the competition is about tossing a heavy object at your friends' family jewels. Yes, my friends, we're talking about the wonderful game of nutball.

Here's how it works:
  1. Toss a ball at your opponent's family jewels and laugh your ass off when he's screaming in pain. 
  2. Spread your legs and let your opponent do the same to your babymakers.
  3. Repeat until sperm count is approaching zero.
Here are some of my favorite clips of guys playing nutball.

These guys have upped the stakes by adding a punishment for the loser to the game. I guess when you've lost at nutball you don't really care anymore that you have to rub icy hot on your battered balls...

Here's an awesome video that looks like it has been filmed over the course of an entire evening. The players have invited a girl to watch them destroy each others' testicles, which is a little bit odd but pretty funny as well... And they are having so much fun throwing the ball at each other's crotches!

These guys are having fun as well. Two wonderful videos of the Bola en las bolas challenge. (Make sure you don't miss the cheeky "eggs sunny side up" visuals in the beginning...)

Now, let's turn to the Dan Patrick Show, a radio and TV sports talk show that introduced a variation of nutball, Flinch Ball, back in 2013. Here's what wikipedia says about the game:
A game created in studio where two people, typically Danettes, stand about six feet apart opposite one another and try and hit each other in the "man region" by one bouncing a small yellow bouncy football between the wickets, so to speak. Rules evolved but the basic premise is that each person gets a set amount of attempts to hit their opponent. If you flinch the thrower gets another shot and if the shot hits the target and the person who got hit has no reaction, they somehow "win". The first ever Flinchball tournament was held in 2013 with Paulie literally taking home the cup, in that the trophy is an athletic supporter.
First we have some short clips from the show from 2013/2014:

TV journalist Josh Elliott came to the show to play Flinch Ball:

And Ron Burgundy:

Wanna know about the origins of Flinch Ball? Here's a little mockumentary skit featuring veteran nutball player Johnny Knoxville:

And here's another short mockumentary (or is it a documentary?) about the history of Flinch Ball on the Dan Patrick Show:

Here's the 2013 championship match:

And here they are in 2017, still playing Flinch Ball and inviting fans to join in:

Of course, they inspired some fans to try Flinch Ball, as well:

Okay, let's leave Flinch Ball and get back to nutball with a wonderful, wonderful clip featuring a couple of adventurous guys who go to great lengths to hit each other in the nuts with a roll of toilet paper. They show us some pretty awesome positions, and I love the slo-mo shots and the artistic look of the video.

What's your favorite nutball (or Flinch Ball) video? Send me an email ( or leave a comment and let me know!


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