Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (30)

Are you ready for some fun?

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys busting each others' balls just for a laugh.

The young men in the following clip have found a very entertaining way to combine entertainment and medical treatment in a wonderful little clip called redneck vasectomy No. 1. Apparently the operation was very successful and they achieved the desired outcome on the first try because there's no No. 2. Good job, doctor!

Here's an inspirational video for those of you who are seeking meaning in life. The captions say "You know, in life some people aspire to be engineers, entrepreneurs, pro athletes - but some people aspire to be much more than that and a legend." So spread your legs and let your nuts get crushed for some legendary slo-mo nutshots.

Here's the same footage without the inspirational part (i.e. without captions and black and white and slow motion) but with the original sound. I don't know about you but it looks just as inspirational to me...

When you're out bowling (well, it's a German clip so it's not bowling but Kegeln) with your friends and you're presented with an opportunity like this you have no choice but to take it, right?

That was easy - but sometimes hitting nuts takes a lot of skills. The guys in the next video are very talented. And probably sterile.

Here's another video of skilled nutshots. Congratulations, guys! You got featured on national television! Yay! And ouch!

Finally, here's a clip that I found absolutely hilarious. Apparently, this guy's friends are much more enthusiastic about it than he is. The video starts with him saying, "It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. It's just gonna hit my legs. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna fucking work."

Well. It works.

I'm not sure his manhood his still working, though...

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email ( :-))



Anonymous said...

Toothpick here, been having internet problems lately, sorry for not commenting as much
First up is... I have no clue
It was so dumb I had to share it

This one is another one of those series of nutshots that never focuses on anyone
As such the nutshots themselves aren't that great but I love the narration

Here's another funny one, this time animated

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Toothpick! It's great to hear from you! The links are awesome. I love them! :-))