Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Video links: Cup test

Cup safety is a very big concern to men who value their family jewels. But how do you make sure that the babymakers are safe when you are wearing a nut cup? How do you know that your eggs don't just crack when they're hit?

There's only one way to find out, of course. Slap on a cup and try it.

Here are some of my favorite clips featuring guys testing the limits of testicular protection.

The first ones to try it were the pioneers of testicle destruction: the guys from Jackass. Johnny Knoxville himself put his balls on the line in season 2 of their original MTV series in the year 2000, and he inspired generations of young scientists who follow in his footsteps.

These guys really go to town on their friend's nuts, testicing his protective cup with hard kicks and a golf club! :-))

Whiffle bats, baseball bats and a basketball are the weapons of choice in the next video.

Okay, in the next video we don't test the cup on real testicles but on a pair of hen's eggs that serve as testicle stand-ins. The test results are, well, a mixed bag. I'm pretty glad they didn't use the real thing because that would have made a mess... (Note how the guy smashes the eggs without the cup for fun in the end. He's pretty talented at cracking eggs...)

Here's a wonderful clip featuring a young man helping his friend make sure that his testicles are safe and sound before an audition.

The description says: I helped Graham get an acting gig. What more could I do but continue offering my help? This time I'm helping Graham test his newly purchased cup before the big "getting kicked in the balls" scene! I'd say I'm the best friend he ever had. Wouldn't you? 


The guy in the next video seems to have gotten it wrong. The cup he is "wearing" doesn't look very protective to me. Well, let's see what happens...

What do you do when you don't have a friend to help you test your cup by kicking a ball at your groin? You hang a weight from the ceiling and let it smash you in the nuts, of course! 

Finally, here's a video of a guy putting his balls on the line at a party. There's nothing funnier than dropping your pants and letting your friends hit you in the cup while everybody is laughing, right?

What's your favorite cup test video? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!



jules said...

They are wrong, these cup tests have to be done again :
to check if a cup works correctly and succeed in reducing the pain / damages, we need to hit 2 boys' balls : one wearing the cup and one unprotected :)

Of course, the boy hitting shouldn't know which one wears a cup and has to hit both equally hard!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jules! You are right, abd I hope the cup testers of the future do it just like you described. :-))