Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Video links: Comedy gems (15)

Now that we know why people find it so funny when men get hit in the balls let's look at a couple more examples...

Here are some of my favorite nutshots from comedy shows and movies.

Let's start with an awesome scene from US TV show Blue Mountain State (Season 1, Episode 3). A hot young man is subjected to the Tijuana Tooth Pull. He must have done something pretty terrible... Unfortunately I couldn't find the complete scene on youtube but I found two clips. (If anybody has a better version let me know!)

Here's the setup:

And here's the payoff:

Next up we have a hilarious scene from The Middle (Season 8, Episode 7): A young man surprises a friend at college - and he doesn't choose a very clever way to introduce himself to the friend's friend. I love the dialogue in this scene!

I don't know if Babysitting 2 is a good film. It has an IMDB rating of 6.4 (only slightly worse than its predecessor) so it can't be that bad. What I do know is that it has a pretty awesome ballbusting scene in it. It involves a rescue mission, a spider crawling up a young man's shorts, and a well-placed kick.

Skip to 1:18 and ignore the voice-over

You can see the aftermath of the kick in the next clip (on the TV screen in the background right in the beginning).

Co-writer, co-director and star of Babysitting 2 is Philippe Lacheau, the handsome young man at the receiving end of the nut kick above. He's a real trooper - during a press conference for his movie he dropped his pants and re-enacted that scene from the movie...

The French aren't the only ones who can do low-brow comedies! Here's a (very short) clip from the desaster that is Without a Paddle 2: Nature's Calling. Hilarious!

Finally, here's an awesome skit called Kicked in the Nuts for Charity. It's a hilarious parody of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The desciption says: Inspired by the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Nutbox Challenge is the new way to raise money and awareness for that disease that everyone hates. Simply challenge your friends to donate, or share a video of them getting kicked in the nuts. Share this video with your friends and tell them they have 24 hours to complete the challenge! I love it!

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!



Kino01 said...

Hey man, that Blue Mountain State episode is on Netflix if you want to watch the whole thing.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Kino01! I‘ll have a look! :-))