Monday, December 11, 2017

From the web: Why do people find it so funny when men get hit in the balls?

Here's a short article from The Telegraph that's trying to answer the age-old question Why do people find it so funny when men get hit in the balls?

It's an important topic and it's good that an established paper like The Telegraph doesn't make light of a situation like that takes men seriously has a little fun on the expense of some poor men's nut-crunching experience. They even have video evidence! :-))

Here's an excerpt:

Exhibit Number One: Alastair Cook's ball control
England captain Alastair Cook displayed an unfortunate technique for stopping a cricket ball during the first Ashes test yesterday.
Cook was fielding at first slip when Australian batsmen Steven Smith tickled an 86mph James Anderson ball in his general direction. He put his hands in front of his crown jewels to catch the red cherry, but it hit the ground first and took an unexpected bounce just metres in front of him. Cue horrified glances as the ball missed Cook's hands and instead thumped resoundingly into his own set of cherries.
While Cook's pain was evident, the reaction of those around him - his ten team mates and an estimated global TV audience of over ten million people - spoke volumes about the way we react to the sight of a man taking a knock to his knackers. Just look at Joe Root's cheeky-chappie smile (sorry Joe, you can't hide it behind a hand), or the overzealous replays of this Australian news broadcast ...
Read the full article here. It's awesome!

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