Friday, December 15, 2017

Apprentice of agony: Handle with care - part 1 (written by Daniel)

This is another awesome story written by our reader Daniel (who has created the title card as well). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Special thanks to our reader Chad Fan who came up with the idea for this story. 

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Featured in this story: BenCalChadKevLeoLogan and Zach (click for pictures)

“There’s so much testosterone in this room.”

Gareth looked over the studio, feeling intimidated. After offering him the position of assistant director for the website, Alex suggested that Gareth should get to know some more of the models by organising a team building exercise for them. Alex had planned to stay and help, but had been called away at the last minute. So, Gareth was left alone with Chad, who he barely knew, and a group of six models.

In one corner, Kev and Ben were talking to each other. The twenty-year olds college students were tall, muscular and immensely handsome. Kev had short brown hair whereas Ben’s was black. They were typical jocks and frat boys, but seemed pretty friendly.

Sitting on the sofa were the four other models. Zach, a blonde, muscular twenty-year-old was chatting idly with Cal, an African-American swimmer with a strong body and an obviously huge package in his shorts. Both Logan, a blonde, handsome high-school wrestler and Leo, a skater with curly black hair, were on their phones.

“You get used to it.” Chad sighed. “You should start this, they’ll probably get bored.”

“Right.” Gareth nodded.

He walked to the group of models, all of whom looked at him patiently. The only model he had met before was Logan, when he was destroying his boyfriend’s balls and stopping their sex life for a few weeks. The rest of the models had never met him and he was slightly intimidated by them, but he wasn’t going to show it.

“Hi, sorry for making you wait. I’m Gareth, but I think you all know that.” He started. “Alex has organised a team building exercise for all of you and put me in charge for the day. So, I’ve made up a little game that’ll hopefully help you work better as a team. The game’s fairly simple-“

Gareth’s eyes widened as Logan’s foot, which had previously been innocently resting between his legs, suddenly shot upwards and slammed into the redhead’s bulge. He squeaked in pain and doubled over slightly, glaring at the wrestler who was grinning back at him. As Gareth’s hand went to nurse his balls, Logan shrugged at him.

“Website rules. Every time someone joins, they get kicked in the nuts by the hottest guy in the room. It’s tradition.”

Despite Logan calling himself the hottest guy in the room, the rest of the models laughed quietly at Gareth’s pain. The redhead smiled at them all, somewhat bitterly. He stood up again and walked closer to Logan, crouching down in front of him.

“It’s interesting that Alex didn’t tell me about that. But perhaps he didn’t know about it.” He spoke with a smile. “Maybe I should practice in case someone joins unexpectedly. I am hotter than you, after all.”

Gareth’s hand shot out and grasped Logan’s bulging crotch, his fingers wrapping around the fat balls and digging into them. He made sure to look directly at Logan’s face, keeping a calm and professional smile.

Logan was squirming and trying to hold in his squeaks and grunts of pain at his torment, ignoring the chuckled and laughs that he was now receiving from all the other men in the room. He tried to raise his leg again so he could kick Gareth’s balls to get him off, but found that Gareth’s other hand was holding his leg down. Eyes widening further, he began to groan as the other man’s fingers tightened around his sensitive balls.

“I think it’s fair to warn you all, I take ‘hands on’ management in a very literal sense. As you can probably see.” At Gareth’s words, the rest of the room laughed. Logan did not. “So, Logan, are you going to be good? Or will I have to make good on my promise to get revenge for my boyfriend’s balls from a few months ago?”

“I’ll be good.” Logan squeaked.

Gareth smiled again and let go of Logan’s balls. Just as the handsome wrestler took a breath of relief, Gareth slapped his hands against the bulging crotch before stepping back. He left Logan to nurse his balls as he got out of range for any other ‘traditional’ kicks that he may receive.

“As I was saying, the game isn’t too difficult. It’s a themed version of a school project in which a team needs to look after an egg as if it were a baby. However, with this game, the egg you look after will be a team-members balls.

“You’ll be split into two teams of three. In both teams, one of you will be the egg and the others will be attackers. The eggs will be tied naked to chairs on opposite sides of the room. It’s the attackers job to crack the other team’s egg while defending their own. An egg is considered cracked when whoever’s tied up either gives in or when they cum, whichever happens first. Quite simple.”

The group of men nodded at Gareth’s explanation, Logan still rubbing his balls in pain after the rough treatment they had received. All men stood up from the sofa and moved towards the recording area of the studio, which looked like a normal gymnasium today. They waited for Gareth’s instructions.

“You two are friends, correct?” Gareth pointed to both Ben and Kev, who were standing beside each other.

“Hell yeah.” Kev grinned, wrapping his arm over Ben’s shoulders.

“We’re in a frat. So, we’re basically brothers.” Ben grinned, also wrapping his arm around Kev’s shoulders.

“Well I’m afraid to say your frat parents are getting a divorce and splitting you up.” Gareth smiled. “You’re both team leaders. You can choose your teams yourself.”

Almost immediately they retracted their arms from the other’s shoulders, looking at each other with cocky grins. They turned fully so they could face each other. Both handsome college students were standing chest to chest, their muscular bodies nearly touching as they attempted to assert dominance over the other with their size.

From nowhere, Kev’s balled up fist shot up from his size and slammed brutally against the Ben’s large balls. The jock doubled over with a dry cough, his balls aching from the unexpected, strong punch that they had received.

“Hope you like omelettes.” Kev grinned. “Cause your eggs are getting scrambled.”
The smirk was wiped off his face when Ben returned with an equally strong punch to his own balls. His eyes crossed in pain as he gulped, looking down and grasping his now pain filled nuts. A long, high pitched squeal left his lips as he pulled back his waistband and checked on his impressive balls, which were red from the punch.

“Your eggs, you mean.” Ben groaned slightly as he spoke. “And an omelette is not the same as scrambled eggs. Which you’d know if you ever cooked.”

Both men remained in their doubled over position for a few moments as they caught their breath, Kev leaning on Ben’s shoulder for support. When they both stood upright, they cockily glared at each other again, though it was slightly weaker than it had been before.

Choosing the teams was a relatively quick process, they took it in turns with Ben starting first. Ben had decided to take Leo and Logan, whereas Kev chose Cal and Zach.

Deciding that he wanted to act like a team from the beginning, Kev delivered a back handed slap to Cal and Zach’s bulging crotches as they walked behind him. He claimed that they should all be equals and it wouldn’t be fair if only he had been hit in the balls, laughing loudly as they both grunted and groaned for their balls.

“Hey, before we start, I have some questions.” Leo said from behind Ben, glad his balls had yet to be hit. “Do the winners get a prize or something? And who decides who gets tied up as the egg?”

“The winners don’t get anything. However, the losers will be the stars of my first video for the website. And I can assure you I will be as brutal as possible.”

At the seemingly innocent smile Gareth was wearing, all the other men shared a glance. It seemed that, unlike with Alex, Gareth was very open about how much he would enjoy putting their balls through the worse pain imaginable. A very good fit for Simon, who seemed to enjoy being dominated in their videos.

“And I thought I’d be kind and let you choose who would be your egg.” The redhead’s smile widened. “So, take your time, it’s a big decision. I can imagine you all want to be tied up with the sole intention of having their balls destroyed. I’m sure someone will happily volunteer. I’ll leave you to it.”

Both teams walked to their designated chair, eyeing their teammates suspiciously as they went. Nobody wanted to be tied to the chair and have their balls smashed. By their reactions, it was obvious they all thought their teammates would try and force them into the chair without having a discussion.

The studio was quiet as they all looked at each other. It was a silent battle of wills until Ben broke the quietness.

“Well, I nominate Leo.” He clasped the skater on the shoulder, who looked at him in shock. “Hasn’t been hit yet so his balls must be the strongest in here.”

“Makes sense to me.” Logan grinned. “Sorry.”

Without thinking, Leo raised his fist into the air and ceremoniously slammed it into his own balls. He doubled over, shocked at how strong his own punch had been. He had wanted to stop just shy of his balls and pretend he’d hit them, but misjudged the distance. A long, loud groan slipped through his lips as he rubbed his balls over his cargo shorts.

“Shit.” He whispered weakly. “Well, we’re all even now, so that doesn’t work. And Ben should do it. Captains go down with the ship.”

As Leo stood upright again, Logan turned to look at Ben with the same grin he had been giving Leo a moment ago. He wouldn’t say anything, hoping that the two would squabble between themselves about who became the egg and forgot he was there.

“I don’t go down with things. I go down on things. Girls.” Ben grabbed his balls gently. “And I need these things in tact to do that. So, it’s not gonna be me.”

“Not much of a team player then.” Leo grunted as he nursed his balls.

“Why aren’t you offering if you think that way.” Ben crossed his arms. “And what about Logan, you’ve been very quiet about this. Maybe you’re too shy to admit how much you love getting your nuts hit. Is that it?”

“Shy?” Leo laughed. “He’s been gloating about being at the top of that poll for weeks, he’s not shy. Maybe he needs to get knocked down a peg.”

“Yeah.” Ben grinned widely. “I wonder how popular you’ll be when you’re tied up getting your balls smashed.”

Logan backed up slightly, the wrestler worried that his plan had failed and the attention was now aimed at him. He desperately didn’t want to be put in that chair and be at the mercy of the other team for however long it took. And he certainly didn’t want to lose the game and be forced to do a brutal video because of it.

“Maybe we should settle this another way.” He chuckled warily as he backed up, Leo and Ben walking towards him. “Rock paper scissors maybe?”

“Good idea. I choose rock.” Ben grinned.

The frat boy’s hand shot out and slammed directly into Logan’s crotch, hitting his left testicle with strength and accuracy. His eyes shut in pain as he collapsed into a ball of pain, his nuts already weak from Gareth’s earlier squeezing. He glared at his two teammates when they began to laugh at him as he nursed his balls.

Without warning, Logan’s foot shot up and slammed into Ben’s spread legs, connecting with the other man’s crotch with a thud. Within seconds, Ben was also on the floor tenderly cupping his own balls as he willed the pain to go away.

Leo watched the sight with amusement, laughing loudly as his teammates rolled around the floor in pain. Too busy enjoying himself, he missed the shared glance the two-other man made and left himself vulnerable for the two punches to the balls his teammates were throwing.

Both punches hit at exactly the same time. Logan’s uppercut and Ben’s standard punch slammed into the skater’s crotch, trapping his nuts between the two fists. Leo let out a high pitched, ear shatteringly loud scream. The two began to push their fists together to crush the other man’s balls between them. The second Ben removed his fist to nurse his balls again, Leo dropped down to the floor and joined them in nursing his balls.

Wordlessly they stared at each other on the floor, knowing exactly how they would decide who would take the job of the egg in the game.

“Person who gives up first is the egg?” Ben proposed, the two other men nodding.

Without a second though, Ben pounced onto Logan and pinned the muscular wrestler down as best he could, splitting his legs apart to leave him vulnerable. He grinned down at the high school student before starting a relentless barrage of knees aimed right between the other man’s legs.

Every time Ben’s strong knee slammed against Logan’s balls, he let out a high-pitched squeak or squeal of pain. He was panting now, sweat forming and causing his shirt to cling against his strong body. He squirmed as Ben’s attacks began to become stronger, trying to get away from the makeshift hold Ben held him in. The other man wasn’t a wrestler, but he was as strong as one.

“Pin him.” Ben ordered Leo with a grin. “If he’s as hot as he says, he must run on gas. And I think I’ve found the gas pedal.”

Leo carried out the order, leaning above Logan so he could pin his arms down. Ben jumped up and grabbed Logan’s ankles, lifting them up and creating a ‘V’ with them. He pressed his sneaker clad foot down on the wrestler’s huge balls, watching as he squirmed and screamed in pain. He looked up to Ben with pleading eyes, face red as his body tried to keep up with the agony he was in. Ben grinned down at him.

“Just give up and we’ll stop.” He laughed.

Logan defiantly shook his head, trying to regulate his breathing in hopes it would help. It didn’t. The constant squashing and slamming of Ben’s foot against his balls were making his eyes glass over, the screams never stopping.

The wrestler noticed that, with how Leo was pinning his arms down, the skater’s balls were vulnerable. He dug his fingernails into Leo’s hands, using the small moment of shock to break out of the grasp. He slammed his hand into Leo’s balls, slapping them viciously.

Leo stumbled back from Logan and Ben, grasping his nuts again. He let out a howl of pain, pulling his balls out from his shorts to check they were okay. On the underside of them both was a red mark that Logan had caused. He quickly stuffed them back into his shorts before either of his teammates took advantage of the vulnerability.

Logan wrapped his hands around Ben’s muscular thighs, gritting his teeth as Ben hadn’t stopped his barrage on his balls. With as much force as he could, Logan performed a quick sit-up and slammed his forehead into Ben’s bulge.

“Ohh.” He groaned, stumbling back from Logan’s crotch the nurse his own groin.

Trying to ignore the intense pain coming from his balls, Logan crawled over and wrapped both his strong hands around Ben’s balls. His large muscles visibly flexed under his shirt as he pried off Ben’s hands and began to squeeze the life out of the older man’s nuts.

Ben groaned and grunted as he tried to remove Logan’s death grip from his balls, but the intense agony he was feeling was too overpowering. He could do nothing but stand there as Logan tormented his balls, desperately pleading with his tormentor with his eyes.  Logan grinned up at him before squeezing his balls with more effort.

From the corner of his eye, Logan saw Leo walk up behind him. He didn’t time to react before Leo’s foot slammed against his balls from behind. The grasp on Ben’s balls loosened enough for the frat boy to pull away.

As Ben rolled up again and squealed in pain, Leo continually kicked Logan’s balls. Logan rolled around the floor, squealing and groaning in pain as Leo’s attack continued.

Despite the unwavering torrent of endless, vicious kicking, Logan managed to grab Leo’s leg and pull down on it, bringing the other man to the floor with a loud thud. He groaned but his eyes widened as Logan dropped his elbow heavily on his balls. He howled in agony as Logan’s elbow squashed his nuts against the wooden floor without mercy. He desperately tried to pull away from the wrestler, who grabbed the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down and revealing the lack of any boxers. Logan raised an eyebrow at the skater, face still wearing a grimace.

“I like the air in my shorts when I skate.” He grimaced, scrambling for his shorts. Logan beat him to it and tossed them to the side.
“Hope you like it when your balls are getting cru-ohhh.” Logan grunted when a punch was delivered to his balls from behind.
Ben grinned again when his fist slammed against the large bulge in the wrestler’s pants, a loud and satisfying crunch filling the room. He decided not to take any chances this time, pinning Logan to the ground by sitting on his chest. Facing his desired targets, Ben began to punch the other man’s balls with as much strength as he could.

Leo, having left his shorts where Logan had thrown them, joined in tormenting the wrestler by keeping his legs in position while slamming the bottom of his foot against the large bulge whenever Ben’s fist left after a punch.

The handsome men stayed like, Ben sitting on Logan’s strong chest as he beat the hell out of his balls, Leo assisting in any available break. Logan’s screams and groans were loud, filing the room as his family jewels were devastatingly attacked by a pattern of punches and kicks from the other men, who seemed intent on making Logan their designated loser.

“Just give up.” Ben said through gritted teeth, sweating because of the effort he was putting into the punches. “You know you want to.”

Logan tried to grit his teeth in defiance, but Leo decided to press his foot against his balls and crush them against the floor like he had done before. His mouth was split open with an agonisingly loud scream that filled the room. The wrestler squirmed and wriggled in an attempt to get out. His hands snuck around Ben to try and pry the foot from his balls, but Ben batted them away and held them down whenever he tried.

Leo began to twist his foot as if putting out a cigarette, rubbing Logan’s squashed balls against the floor and making him moan in pain. He could do nothing against his teammates actions, only groaning and coughing.
“Think about.” Leo smiled with too much enthusiasm. “We’ll be doing this to the other team, wont we? They won’t get near you if we work together like this. So, you might as well be the egg and stay out of the way.”

Logan ignored this, breathing erratically as Leo changed back to continuously kicking his balls. After every kick, the inflated nuts slammed down against the wood and added an extra, hellish sting to each cruel kick. When he was sure that Logan wasn’t going to try any punches to his balls, Ben joined in with his barrage of punches again. This continued on for a short while, Logan staying firm despite having glassy eyes and a croaky throat from all the screaming.

“Maybe we should strip him now?” Ben grinned widely. “Do a bit of hands on management ourselves.”

“No.” Logan begged, sounded defeatedly. “Please don’t.”

“Maybe we can have a little fun with that belt. It looks kinda like a whip.” Leo chuckled, slamming his foot down again.

“I’ll do it.” Logan croaked. “Just stop. Please.”

“What was that?” Ben grinned. “I think you might need to shout.” He slammed his fists down on the bulging, bloated balls.

“Oh, come on.” Logan practically wept, before shouting. “Fine. I’ll be the fucking egg!”

Leo and Ben delivered a final kick and punch to Logan’s balls respectively, finally letting him go and roll up into a ball. Ben patted Logan on the shoulder as the wrestler curled up into the smallest ball he could to keep his nuts protected. His teammates watched as Logan cursed about the pain in his balls, groaning in pain and whimpering for help.

The two laughed gently at the sight. Logan’s prideful, strong body was weeping on the floor like a baby. It was cathartic after all the bragging the young wrestler had been doing over the last couple of weeks.

After leaving him to his pain, Ben helped Logan up. Without the wrestler realising it, Ben walked him over to the wooden chair with arm and leg shackles attached to it. He sat Logan down on the chair and spread his legs apart, claiming that it would help his balls recover if he stripped off now and let them breath. Logan took the advice and removed his clothes.

The wrester was a sight to behold. Even in his pain stricken state with red, inflated balls he was a spectacle of male attractiveness. His strong body of defined muscles and perfect abs were glowing with sweat, large junk flopping on the chair as he threw his boxers to the side.

Still catching his breath, Logan leant back on the chair and closed his eyes. He still hadn’t realised what the chair was, however that changed incredibly quickly. Leo clamped his arms into the cold metal shackles while Ben did his legs, leaving him naked, vulnerable and angry. His eyes shot open in realisation as he looked to his teammates, glaring. They laughed at him.

“You knew it’d happen.” Leo laughed. “Why put it off.”

“You’re both bastards.”

“Don’t be mean, Logan.” Ben chuckled. “You’re not in the position to be mean.”

Bens foot slammed into Logan’s balls, who screamed loudly again.


On the other side of the room, Kev’s team had decided on a similar method on choosing who would be their egg. They had been watching their competitors shuffle around the floor, smashing the hell out of each other’s nuts with amusement. They had decided to be more dignified with their selection process, settling to kick each other’s balls one by one and seeing who gave up first.

After seeing Logan give in to his teammates, Kev, Zach and Cal turned towards each other. They stripped to their boxers, claiming that Zach shouldn’t have an advantage of having the protection of jeans.

The three studs were all standing nearly naked now. They all resembled gods in their stripped state, all with broad chests, perfectly defined abs and thick legs. But the real treat was the bulges between their legs. Both Kev and Cal were huge in that department, their members easily defined from their balls. But they were both put to shame by the gargantuan size of Zach balls, which he was happily displaying as he leant against the wall.

“Who’s gonna take the first hit, then?” Cal chuckled.

“Well, since you’re so enthusiastic I think you should.” Kev grinned.

With a roll of his eyes, Cal walked in front of his two teammates. He adjusted his large bulge that seemed to be close to splitting his boxers at the seams. He made sure his large balls were resting at the bottom of his grey boxers so they were clear targets, playfully jiggling his crotch at his teammates as they walked close to him.

He spread his legs wide and placed his hands on his head, waiting for Kev and Zach to take their kicks. After seeing what Logan had been through, he didn’t see a couple of kicks being too bad.

The moment Kev’s foot slammed against his balls with force, Cal was reminded of just how painful a single kick to the nuts could be. He groaned and rubbed his balls gently, stumbling back as slightly with a moan of pain. He breathed slowly as he caught his breath, going back to his previous position in the studio, this time his legs slightly closer together.

“Come on Cal.” Zach grinned. “It’s not fair he got a bigger target, is it?”

With a chuckle, Cal spread his legs and jiggled his balls again. The pained amusement on his face was replaced immediately by shock, then only pain. He grunted deeply again, a low-pitched groan leaving his lips as he doubled over. He dryly coughed when he began to rub his balls again, leaning one handed against the wall.

“Easy.” He smiled weakly, standing upright again. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

Zach was picked to be the target next. He stood where Cal had just been, resisting the temptation to slap the swimmer’s balls as he walked past. He pulled his underwear up slightly, making his huge balls even more obvious in the skimpy briefs he had chosen to wear. His junk was one wrong move from spilling out of the flimsy clothing and Zach seemed to be enjoying that risk.

“I’d say don’t miss, but it’ll be hard to miss the biggest balls in the room.” Zach grabbed his balls with a grin, jiggling his crotch with gusto. He glanced across the room at Ben, wondering if his competitor heard him take rightful ownership of a fact that Ben often claimed for himself. He chuckled when he saw Ben roll his eyes.

Kev lined himself up in front of Zach first. He smirked at the other man and gave him a simple, powerful snap-kick into the supposed biggest balls in the room. Zach was right, they were hard to miss.

Zach groaned loudly. His strong body doubled over, his back muscles straining and flexing as he got used to the sudden pain from his balls. He was still feeling the effects from the slap Kev had given him when he joined the team, but the kick was infinitely worse. He let out a strained whine, hoping that his teammate would allow him time to recover as he himself needed it to. Cal grinned down, seemingly having recovered from his kicks.

The moment Zach’s legs were spread again, Cal slammed his foot into the bulging crotch. Zach howled like a banshee, dropping to the floor so he could lean against the wall and nurse his aching balls. It seemed Cal was treating Zach’s balls like the kickboard from a pool.

He stood up a moment later, a final groan of pain leaving his system before he stood up fully. He checked his balls inside the briefs, hissing at the red marks on them both where the kicks had landed. He stuffed them back inside and pulled his underwear up again so his junk was fully on show. He wiggled his hips playfully, raising an eyebrow at their team captain.

“Spread ‘em.” He demanded, Kev complying.

“Hope your balls aren’t hurting too much.” The captain taunted. “I want a team at full strength. So, kick ‘em as hard as y’can. Or I might just make you the egg by default.”

Cal chuckled at his captain’s behaviour, standing in front of him and lining up his kick. Since Kev seemed to be enjoying the idea of being kicked in the nuts so much, Cal taunted him by faking out a kick before stopping shy of his bulge. With each false kick, Kev grimaced and flinched back slightly, chuckling afterwards.

When the kick finally came, Kev’s eyes widened. It seemed to take a moment before Kev realised he had been hit, standing like a statue before, finally, a loud squeal filled the room and he walked backwards away from Cal’s foot. He chuckled weakly as he ran a hand through his short hair to catch caught his breath. With a grimace painting his face, he walked back to the kicking position and spread his legs. He smiled weakly towards Zach, who had apparently recovered from his own kicks.

“Its good you’re committed to the game.” Zach chuckled.

“I just don’t wanna be in his video.” He nodded to Gareth, his voice strained. “So, kick away.”

Not needing to be told twice, Zach slammed his foot into Kev’s balls and relished in the sight of the man doubling over and collapsing to the floor. Kev rolled around and groaned loudly, placing his hands on the cold floor as he got steadied his breathing. He stayed on all fours for a short moment before stumbling back up.

“Cal.” He groaned. “Your turn, open your legs.”

“Wait, I just realised. I’m going first.” Cal groaned. “That means I’ll get more kicks before any of you.”

“And I’m last so I get kicked less.” Kev grinned, still rubbing his balls. “Funny how that worked out.”

“Assholes.” Cal mumbled as he spread his legs.

“Maybe we should each have two kicks this time.” Zach suggested as he walked towards Cal. “It’ll speed things up.”

“Seriously!” Cal groaned. “Why is this happening when I’m next?”

“It doesn’t matter who it happens to first.” Kev taunted. “Unless your balls are as weak as they used to be and you’ll give up now.”

“No way.” Cal grinned weakly, thrusting his hips mockingly in invitation.

Zach kicked Cal immediately. The African-American fell to the floor in a second, the previous kicks still having a painful affect in his balls. His arms were spread out on the floor as he looked up in exhaustion, breathing slowly. He realised how vulnerable this position was one second after Zach had.

The kick was quick and powerful, smashing his balls against the floor he was lying on. Cal switched his position so his forehead was resting on the floor, grabbing his balls in a way similar to a cartoon character. He groaned loudly, panting loudly.

Kev took advantage of Cal’s vulnerable position and removed his hands from his balls, slamming his foot into the swimmer’s crotch with viciousness. He didn’t give Cal a second to recover before he sent another kick straight into his bulging balls. Cal squealed in pain and rolled over the floor, curling up into a small ball of muscle. He stayed in this position for a short while until the small nausea the kicks had caused died down, standing up slowly with a dry, throaty cough.

As he got into position, Zach patted Cal on the shoulder. Zach didn’t do anything to taunt his teammates this time, hoping that the small amount of sympathy he had given him would get them to be kind to him. He suspected that his plan probably wouldn’t work.

“Let’s do this then.” He groaned.

The kicks came quickly, both men taking delight in smashing the huge balls Zach was so incredibly proud of. He squealed loudly after each kick, trying to slump to the floor but being stopped by Cal’s muscular arms holding him up. After his team had stopped their kicks, he was allowed to fall to the floor and whine in pain.

“That was unfair.” He squealed at Cal, who grinned despite the pain he was still in. “I get to hold him.” He nodded towards Kev.

“I’m fine with that.” Cal smirked.

After he recovered, Zach stood behind Kev and restrained him from falling. Kev rolled his eyes slightly but let it happen, voluntarily spreading his legs for Cal to kick him.

The first kick wasn’t too harsh. Cal was still recovering from his kicks and it reflected in the lack of strength. Kev slumped down slightly but was held upright by Zach, who chuckled at him. Kev let out a loud groan as he stood up straight again.

The second kick was brutal, not only for Kev but for Zach as well. Cal had managed to kick Zach’s balls with the tip of his foot and Kev’s with the instep. Both men groaned in pain and doubled over, grabbing their balls as Cal watched on with smugness. He laughed slightly when Zach glared at him from the floor.

“Like you said, it’s hard to miss the biggest balls in the room.” Cal chuckled.

“Guess I did.” He grunted. “But yours aren’t small either. Which you’ll realise soon.”
Zach quickly slammed his heel into Kev’s ball twice so he could move onto Cal, putting as much effort into it as he could from that position. Kev screamed in pain and rolled over into a tight ball, slamming his hand against the floor like a wrestler tapping out of a match. He looked at his teammates with pain filling his eyes, tears starting to form. Both Cal and Zach weren’t looking at him, Zach was glaring at Cal, who had realised his mistake.

“You know, Kev, to really speed this up, let’s make it three kicks from each of us this time.” Zach spoke with mock enthusiasm. Kev groaned in reply. “You agree? But you’re in too much pain and think I should have all six kicks. I agree.”

“Oh dammit.” Cal mumbled, hesitantly opening his legs slightly.

Two kicks came immediately, knocking the wind out of the swimmer and sending him straight to the ground. He let out a loud roar of pain, sweat making his body glisten. He groaned as he carefully pulled his balls out of his boxers to cool them off, realising that Zach was grinning down to him like a Cheshire cat. Cal shook his head as Zach walked closer.

“You don’t need these.” He chuckled, taking hold of Cal’s waistband and ripping it down his legs. His boxers were discarded in the same place Leo’s shorts had been earlier.

Cals large junk was magnificent. His dick was fat, long and unhidden by his closely trimmed pubes. His balls were huge and filled with cum, if not slightly bloated from the treatment they had been given today.

Zach stamped down on the now bare balls before Cal had the chance to protect them. He squashed them down with all the effort he could for ten seconds. The large testicles resembled pancakes with how much effort Zach was putting down onto them. Cal tried to pull Zach off him, but the pain increased because of it.

The swimmer relaxed slightly when Zach’s foot let his balls free. That relaxation was short lived when Zach’s foot slammed against his balls again, flinging them into the air and making them slam down on the ground with a thud. Cal screamed in agony.

Deciding to change his tactic, Zach grabbed both of Cal’s legs and lifted them over his shoulder. Legs now forcibly spread by the other stud, Cal could do nothing to defend himself when Zach brought his leg back as far as he could before slamming it forward. He treated the swimmer’s balls as if they were a football being booted across the field.

Cal’s scream was ear piercingly loud and caught the attention of everyone in the room. The pain he was experiencing was hell, settling in his stomach and filling him with a deep nausea. He coughed loudly as his body caught up with the pain from the viciousness of Zach’s kick. He knew he wasn’t able to take another kick from the big balled stud without throwing up. One more kick would tip him over the edge.

Zach made an exaggerated motion as he pulled back his foot again, looking directly into the swimmer’s eyes. Cal looked down at the sneaker that would soon end up against his balls and cracked.

“Stop.” He whispered. “Please don’t, I’ll be the damn egg.”

“Sure it won’t hurt too much?” Zach taunted playfully, Kev laughing.

“Nah, I think I’ve proven I’ve got stronger balls than you both. That’s why I’m offering to do it.” Cal chuckled dryly. “Promise me that, compared to what you do to them, this’ll look like a walk in the park.”

“Definitely.” Kev grinned, helping Cal up and walking him over to the chair he would be bound to. “Thanks for taking one for the team.”

Cal smiled at Kev weakly as the cuffs were attached around his ankles and his wrists, keeping him in a vulnerable and bound position on the cold wooden chair. He weakly struggled against them seeing if he could get any wiggle room, he couldn’t. Now he was tied up, his balls still in immense pain, he wondered if he had made the right decision. He would have only needed to take one more kick before his balls were safe for a short while. One of his teammates must have been as close to surrender as he was. But it was too late now.

“Well.” He sighed with a small smile. “If you two do your job, I won’t need to take anything for the team.”

“That’s the spirit.” Zach smiled. “Sorry about being rough. But you deserved it.”

“Suppose I did.” Cal chuckled. “No grudges?”

“Nah. I’ll make sure our little egg is in one piece by the end of the day.” Zach patted Cal’s thigh.

From the middle of the room, Gareth and Chad had been watching the entire situation with amusement. Gareth had been forced to adjust his trousers to hide his erection at the incredibly erotic situation more than once, each time he did so Chad rolled his eyes. In fairness, Simon was to blame for introducing Gareth the world of ball busting and how uniquely erotic it was.

By the time both teams were done, Gareth had given up readjusting his boner and relied on his tight boxers to keep it from being too visible. The models hadn’t paid any attention to him yet so he doubted that would change.

“I wonder if they’ve realised it yet.” He said to Chad absentmindedly. “That by choosing the egg this way they’re actually picking the person with the weakest balls that they have made even weaker by being quite brutal with them. So, they’ve picked the worst possible person to do that job.”

“They probably haven’t.” Chad mumbled. “They will eventually though.”

“Well let’s start before they do.”

Gareth walked away from the wall he was leaning on so he was standing in the middle of the play area, half way between both bound men and their respective protectors. He coughed loudly to get their attention, the six handsome models all looking at him.

“So, in case you forgot when you were distracted, this is the game. Your eggs, so Logan and Cal, are going to be attacked by the attackers. The attackers brutalise the egg’s balls until he cums or begs for mercy.” Gareth smiled. “And the losing team are the subjects of my first video.”

He stepped back so he was no longer blocking the two teams from each other. He watched with satisfaction as the opposing teams began to glare at each other, somewhat seriously but it was mainly playful. Gareth let this continue for a few moments, the testosterone almost visible between the six men.

“So,” He smiled. “Are you all ready to begin?”


Anonymous said...

I loved this story and can't wait for the main event. I half expected Ben to volunteer to be the egg since he's always bragging about his balls of steel LOL. Still it was more fun this way and maybe he does have the sense to save his nuts for the ladies sometimes!

Loved the jibe about the biggest balls in the room! With Zach and Cal around, Ben will be wise to keep his mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps Ben would have wanted to do it, but this way of selecting their Egg was much more fun.

Thanks for reading, Daniel