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Apprentice of agony: Handle with care - part 2 (written by Daniel)

This is another awesome story written by our reader Daniel (who has created the title card as well). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Special thanks to our reader Chad Fan who came up with the idea for this story. 

Previous parts:

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenCalKevLeoLogan, and Zach (click for pictures)

“So, in case you forgot when you were distracted, this is the game.”

Gareth looked over the room in satisfaction. He was standing in the middle of the studio, three nude men either side of him. He had recently been hired as assistant director for the website and Alex had requested he organise a team building exercise for some of the models, so he had chosen to add a relevant and creative twist into the well-known Egg Baby project he had experienced in high school.

“The goal is to crack the other team’s egg representative. This is done by the other team’s attackers smashing the balls of your chosen egg until he cums or until he gives up.” Gareth smiled. “And the losing team will be the stars of my first video.”

He stepped back, looking at both teams. To his left, Kev and Zach were standing proudly naked. Their muscular bodies were practically rippling, slightly sweaty but incredibly attractive. Between them, shackled to a wooden chair, Cal was sitting with his legs forcibly spread. The handsome swimmer looked miserable in his in his vulnerable state, being the team’s ‘Egg’ after giving up first in their recent nut kicking competition. He regretted giving up so easily, but he couldn’t change anything now.

To Gareth’s right was a similar sight. Frat boy Ben and skater Leo were both naked and standing either side of their designated egg. Ben was broad shouldered and covered in well-defined muscle, his impressive junk hanging in the air. Leo was slimmer than Ben and wasn’t as blessed in endowment, but definitely handsome enough to contend with the college student. Between them sat fan favourite model, Logan the high school wrestler. He seemed equally as unhappy to be bound to the chair with his fat, meaty genitals resting against the cool wood ready to be treated however the other team wanted. Ben noticed this and smirked down at him.

“Just act like a king on his throne. We’ll be your servants.” He laughed, grinning down at him.

“If we lose you’re both executed.” Logan groaned.

“You can’t execute us, we’re on union, bitch.” Ben smirked.

Gareth was now standing out of the designated play area, watching as both team squared off against each other from opposite sides of the room. He allowed this to happen for a short while so they nice and competitive, before speaking again.

“So, are you all ready to begin?” He smiled when he got four nods and two glares. He ignored Cal and Logan. “Well, crack away.”

Upon hearing that, Zach, Kev and Ben began to walk across the room. Ben had suggested Leo stay with Logan as a form of defence for him, whereas Kev thought it made more sense to perform an all-out attack and leave Cal on his own. Cal had disagreed with this, but Zach pointed out that eggs don’t usually say much and that they should ignore him.

Ben broke into a small jog to get across the studio, knowing the other team would try to stop him from getting to Cal. He used his sudden burst in speed to jog right between them, slamming fists against the other men’s balls as he did. Once he had passed them, he gave a mock salute.

Kev and Zach doubled over in pain, groaning loudly. It had been minutes since their vicious kicking competition and both men’s balls were still reeling with pain. Ben’s punch had managed to connect with both their bare, fat balls and make them swing between their thighs like pendulums. They had both stopped where they were, Zach coughing loudly as he leant on Kev’s shoulder, who was breathing heavily already.

Leo walked to them both as he saw the opportunity, pulling away their hands so he could grab both pairs of balls and squeeze them. He clenched his fists as hard as he could, intending to turn both men into crying puddles of pain before they got close to Logan.

The attackers from the other team were still as statues as their balls were crushed by the skater, various high-pitched grunts and groans left their lips as the vicious man clamped down on their balls with as much strength as he could.  The pain was horrendous and both men were too focused on it to try and break free.

By now, Ben had managed to go all the way over to Cal, who was struggling against the bounds on his chair again. He looked up at Ben with a pleading expression, his balls still going through hell after the vicious kicks Zach had delivered and he couldn’t face any more.

“Nothing personal.” Ben grinned widely, cracking his knuckles to taunt the swimmer before crouching down in front of his bare balls.

As soon as the first punch connected, Cal howled. He doubled over slightly in the chairs, the shackles not allowing him much movements. He pulled at the restraints again, not realising that Ben was pulling his fist back playfully before smashing it forward and hitting both fat nuts directly. Cal began to thrash against his bounds more aggressively now, shaking from the intense pain he was undergoing.

Ben showed no signs of giving up. He brought both hands above his head and slammed them down on Cal’s balls at the same time, relishing in the satisfying crunch followed by Cal’s scream of pain. He leant back, watching as the strong, African-American swimmer panted to catch up with the pain. His strong chest was moving up and down quickly, breath audible as the pain overthrew him.

The short break Ben had granted him ended suddenly when Cal looked down to see Ben’s heel pressing down on his right ball, flattening it like a pancake. He looked up slowly, eyes wide in pain as a silent scream left his jaw dropped mouth. Ben was grinning manically at him.

“Hope you don’t have any tournaments soon. A half empty speedo might be a handicap.” Ben chuckled.

He applied more pressure onto Cal’s large ball, leaning on the chair so he could put more of his body weight down. Cal’s scream had become audible now and Ben found himself wincing at the volume. It was high pitched and clearly filled with pain. The swimmer was thrashing around again, making it harder and harder for Ben to keep his foot on the meaty nut.

“Or maybe it’ll help.” Ben said through gritted teeth, concentrating on his rough treatment. “Losing one of these big boys might make you more streamline. You could get medals because of this, you should thank me. You really should.”

After the final sentence, Ben hopped onto the large chair and, gingerly, placed both his feet on Cal’s balls. It was a struggle to stay balanced on the large balls and he could barely manage it for twenty seconds, but having the muscular frat boy’s entire body weight on his sensitive jewels for that long seemed to have taken effect on Cal.

He was panting heavily, sweat covering every inch of his muscular body. He was almost entirely limp from the pain, all apart from his fully erect cock. Ben laughed as he dropped down, playfully flicking the head of Cal’s dick and watching it bounce.

“Leave his dick alone. Its considered cheating if you touch his dick to make him cum.” At Gareth’s warning, Ben laughed and slammed his fist down on the swimmer’s balls, making him howl again.

In the middle of the room, Zach and Kev were still at the mercy of Leo. The skater was still grabbing and squeezing both men’s balls, muscles straining with the effort of keeping grasp of both studs and making sure they didn’t move. His arms were aching at his point, but Kev and Zach’s balls seemed to be in a worse state.

They were both still groaning and moaning in pain. They were trying to rip Leo’s hands off of their balls, but the pain was making it hard for them to use their strength. Any amount of pulling that they tried ended with their balls being dragged further away from their body and the pain almost doubling.

Kev, who’s balls were in Leo’s non-dominant hand, cautiously managed to reach between Leo’s legs without the skater knowing. He sent a sloppy but effective uppercut into the balls of the smaller man. A scream ripping apart his lips, Leo managed to keep his hold on both men’s balls. It was significantly weaker as he tried to fight the urge to double over, however. Kev took this opportunity to rip of Leo’s hand, howling when Leo’s fingernails dug into the sensitive flesh, and broke free.

He sent a powerful punch between the skater’s balls, who finally let go of his grip on Zach’s nuts to double over and nurse his balls. Kev, however, had beat him to it and was wrapping his fingers around the other man’s nuts before he could do anything.

“So,” Kev grinned widely despite the pain he was still in, squeezing Leo’s balls with all his strength. “Let’s take him out before we see Logan.”

“Deal.” Zach smirked. “Spread his legs.”

Complying, Kev removed his hands from Leo’s balls and held him in place. The skater was moaning loudly in pain, trying to close his legs to give his balls some form of protection. Every time he did, Kev delivered a vicious smack to his balls, spreading his legs open again.

Zach slammed his fist into the bare balls, watching them swing between his legs with satisfaction. Leo groaned loudly, trying to break free of Kev’s grasp so he could protect his balls, but couldn’t. For struggling, Kev lifted his knee up from behind and slammed the skater’s balls right into his body without mercy.

“Ohh.” Leo whined, before speaking in a high-pitched voice. “You assholes.”

Ignoring the insult, Zach got down on his knees and took both of Leo’s balls in his hands, one ball in each hand. He began to squeeze them, adding pressure to each ball alternatively. He treated the younger man’s balls as if he was milking a cow, biceps rippling with effort.

Leo had given up struggling against Kev now, screaming in pain as Zach worked his balls over like a stress toy. His eyes were closed, teeth gritted as he tried to deal with the burning pain he was experiencing. His breath was ragged and teeth grinding against each other, trying not to give the other team the satisfaction of hearing him scream again. This quickly ended when Zach stopped squeezing and slammed his fist into the other man’s balls again.

Kev let Leo go, allowing him to flop onto the floor and roll up into a tight ball. He laughed at the skater, who was whining and groaning as he rolled around on the cold wooden floor. Leaning down, he pulled away Leo’s hands and grasped his balls, squeezing.

Leo’s eyes crossed almost comically as his hands wrapped around Kev’s wrist, trying to pull him away from his sensitive balls and failing. Kev began to apply more pressure onto Leo’s balls.

“Think he’s done?” Kev smiled, ignoring the screams of pain coming from the skater. “Or should we be thorough and make sure his eggs are scrambled?”

From between the two men, Leo began to shake his head madly. He was still trying to pull away Kev’s hands from his balls, pain filling his entire body as he desperately clawed at the muscular man’s hands. Kev was easily stronger than him and every attempt at setting his balls free just added to the agony he was feeling.

“Let’s focus on cracking some other eggs.” Zach chuckled.

Kev nodded and released Leo’s balls, punching them before he allowed the skater to roll into a ball and nurse his balls. The two naked studs walked over the weeping Leo and slowly approached Logan, who was shaking his head slightly. Both nude men began to grin, apparently having forgotten the pain that their balls had been through. Logan’s gulp was nearly audible as the two men finally got to him, standing either side of the bound wrester.

Zach took the honour of delivering the first punch, slamming his clenched fist down with as much strength as he could. His fist slammed down on Logan’s left ball, grinning as he forced his fist further down and squashed it against the chair Logan was bound to.

The wrestler practically sang soprano, thrashing against the bounds as Zach crushed his balls. He was in agony, the pain from the below the belt wrestling from earlier had yet to subside and his bloated balls were not ready to take any form of punishment, let alone whatever Zach and Kev had planned for him.

A barrage of punches soon began to connect with his balls, Kev and Zach taking turns in brutalising the wrestlers nuts at a quick pace. The stud’s muscles were flexing with effort, skin glistening with a layer of sweat as they concentrated all their power in crushing the balls of the cocky wrestler. They wanted nothing more to win this game and see the younger man go through whatever hell Gareth had planned for them. Logan had been gloating about winning a popularity poll for weeks now and who were Kev and Zach to stop the audience from seeing their favourite model having his balls smashed without mercy?

Punch after relentless punch was sent between the wrestler’s legs, who was groaning and moaning constantly, his voice audibly higher than it had been before the two handsome men’s treatment. His eyes were glassed over, chest heaving with effort.

On the other side of the room, Ben’s attack on Cal’s balls hadn’t once seized. The swimmer was closer to crying now, Ben having changed his tactics and he was now pulling the fat balls away from his body. Keeping them in his hands, Ben swatted the large balls with the palm of his hand relentlessly, not giving the other man a second to recover.

“Just give up.” Ben laughed, though was panting with the effort of slapping Cal’s balls. “You’re good at it. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.”

Switching from slapping the other man’s balls to punching them, Cal howled loudly. The large studio was filled with the sounds of pain, Cal and Logan’s high-pitched groaning and screaming completely covering Leo’s weak whining.

“You’ll have to do worse than this.” Cal panted, weak voice showing just how much pain the swimmer was in. “And it looks like your team likes to give up as well.”

Ben looked over in panic, still punching Cal’s balls as he did. He had expected to see Logan giving in and them losing the game, but the wrestler seemed to be holding out well. Leo, however, was rolled up on the floor and nursing his balls. Ben stopped his attack on Cal’s balls and walked over to him, thankful that he had decided to gang up on Logan and not Leo when they were choosing who the egg was, as it seemed they would have lost at this point if Leo was their egg.

The frat boy left Cal and jogged to the middle of the room, rolling Leo over and looking at him. His face was a mask of pain and his hands were still nursing his balls. Ben rolled his eyes slightly and pulled his teammates hands away, looking at the red, bloated balls of the skater.

“Go help Logan, or we’ll lose.” He ordered. “Or deal with Cal. I don’t wanna lose and do that damn video. Gareth kinda scares me.”

“My balls.” Leo groaned.

“Seriously?” Ben mumbled, wrapping his fingers around Leo’s balls. The skater’s eyes shot open as he screamed in pain again. “The biggest danger to your balls now is me. So, some balls are gonna get smashed. Is it yours or Cal’s?”

“Cal’s.” Leo’s reply was a high-pitched squeak and almost comical.

Ben let go of Leo’s balls and helped him up, watching as he walked over to Cal with a slight limp. Ben cracked his knuckles again and walked over to Logan, Zach and Kev. He tried not to grin at the sight of Logan bound and being brutally attacked by the other two men, but it was satisfying to see the man get some comeuppance to his gloating. But they were on the same team and he needed to help him.

Kev and Zach hadn’t noticed Ben appear behind him. Their endless punches were still slamming against Logan’s fat balls. They both took delight in every pain filled groan, moan, scream and squeal that they elected from the handsome wrestler.

“Your balls are nice and big.” Zach grinned. “Not as big as mine, but still big. You weren’t saving your cum, were you?” Logan groaned in reply. “Well, apologise to the girl on my behalf.”

Ben watched the little conversation with rolled eyes. His hands shot under Kev and Zach’s legs, grasping both their balls with his strong grip and squeezed. The punching stopped almost immediately and Logan opened his eyes to see why. At this moment, Ben looked like a beautiful, ball grabbing angel.

“Speaking of ball sizes, yours aren’t too bad.” Ben grinned as the other two men groaned. “But nothing compared to me. The guy with the real biggest balls in the room!”

Shouting his claim, Ben brutally pulled back on both sets of balls. He looked like a performer removing the tablecloth from a fully laid table. Kev and Zach almost identically doubled over and stumbled back, Ben’s grasp on their balls showing no sign of going.

The frat boy continued to pull back on both men’s balls, walking him to the middle of the room so Logan’s balls were safe from any stray kicks the two members of the opposing team might want to deliver. Although, by all the groaning and weeping coming from the two men, Ben guessed that Logan was the least of their worries.

“I think we should talk about my poor little egg.” Ben taunted. “And how mean you’re being to it. Eggs are sensitive you know.”

Now having stopped in the middle of the room, Ben began to put all his effort into squeezing the life out of his opponent’s balls. His bulging muscles flexed with effort as his fingers dug deep into the sensitive nuts. He began to have fun, applying pressure to their balls one by one and watching as both men screamed in turn.

From the corner of his eye, he could see that Leo had somewhat recovered from whatever Kev and Zach and done to him and was making good work on squashing Cal’s balls. The skater made up for his slight lack of muscles by using what he had to the best of his advantage. He was using his elbow like a hammer, slamming it down on the swimmer’s balls like a TV wrestler in a particularly intense fight.

Ben looked back to the two men who’s balls he had in a death grip. They were both panting at the torture Ben was putting them through, their screams of pain getting louder whenever Ben decided that they needed to have an extra nasty squeeze to the balls.

“I don’t think you realised how nasty you’ve been to my egg. So, I think you need to be taught a lesson.” Ben taunted. “I think we should all watch your egg being beaten.”

Dragging the two studs around in a circle, Ben forced Zach and Kev into a position where they were looking at Leo’s treatment of Cal’s balls. Ben made sure to keep his cruel grasp on the two other men, the groans and grunts from them satisfying to the stud’s ears. It was great to hear his friend and the guy who claimed he had bigger balls groaning in pain as they watched their chances of winning disappeared before their eyes.

Leo was biting his lip in effort as he smashed the handsome swimmer’s balls. He had switched from using his elbow as a hammer to slamming his fists down onto the huge balls. Cal was thrashing again, screaming at the top of his lungs. His balls were bloated and slightly red, chest rising and falling madly and tears forming at the edge of his eyes.

“Are you starting to regret being mean to our egg?” Ben taunted with a grin. He squeezed both men’s balls with aggression when they didn’t reply. “Answer your teacher unless you want to be detained and punished.”

“Yeah.” Zach groaned.

“Really sorry.” Kev added, trying to pull away Ben’s hands but his friend didn’t give up. “Why don’t you let go and teach us how to handle eggs then?”

“I think teaching you how not to handle eggs is much more important.”

All three men watched with wide eyes as Leo grabbed Cal’s balls and squeezed without any mercy, pulling them as far from his body as he could. The chair Cal was bound to started to move across the floor a few inches, Cal being pulled simply by his aching balls.

Cal was screaming loudly as his muscular body was dragged slowly forward by his nuts. He was in pure agony, Leo’s treatment feeling considerably crueller than what he expected. The pain in his balls had spread all around his body and he wanted nothing more than to give up the game so he could get an ice pack against his crotch.

As a distraction from the urge to give up, Cal looked over Leo’s head in hoped of seeing Logan getting the same treatment that he was. His eyes narrowed when he saw both Zach and Kev standing with their balls being squeezed by Ben. He glared at them both, mouth dropping in pain when Leo began to put as much of his body weight onto his balls as he could. They were getting flatter and flatter by the second.

“Would you please do something.” Cal shouted to his teammates, screaming in pain.

Seemingly snapped out of a trance, Kev’s eyes narrowed and he nodded. His fist balled up and he slammed it into Ben’s balls, who howled in pain and released his grip on both men’s gonads. Almost immediately after being released, Zach tackled Ben to the ground.

As Kev jogged to the other side of the room to smash Logan’s balls again, Zach pinned Ben down and began to punch his balls without restraint. His large, fat balls were still stinging with pain from Ben’s squeezing and it was more than satisfying to slam his fists into the frat boy’s own fat plums in revenge.

Ben, who’s balls had avoided any pain from the game until now, was clenching his eyes shut in pain. He tried to grab his balls and nurse them but Zach’s relentless punches were too fast. He could do nothing but lit on the floor, squirming and screaming as his balls were tormented by Zach.

“This how you wanted us to treat eggs, teach?”

“See you in detention.” Ben weakly grinned, screaming.

The studio was filled with the sound of screaming as three sets of fat testicles were crushed, punched, kicked and squeezed. Cal’s fingers were digging into the arms of chair because of Leo’s brutal treatment of his balls, Logan was screaming like an overactive banshee after every brutal punch and kick that Kev delivered to his balls and Ben was trying and failing to wrestle Zach off him, each failed attempt ending up with the other stud slamming his fist into his balls with extra force.

The six handsome men were glistening with sweat, their naked bodies shining under the studio’s light. The room stank with the smell of sex, a mix of testosterone, precum and sex.

Cal’s cock was spasming manically, showing just how close he was to an explosive and painful orgasm. He was trying to calm himself down, thinking of anything that would soften his cock. But Leo’s brutal treatment was more powerful and his dick was staying as hard as it could be. He knew he was close to cumming and couldn’t stop it.

Logan wasn’t faring any better. He had a date tomorrow and he had been saving his orgasm for nearly a month as the date continued getting pushed back. He dick was hard and pointing upwards, slamming against his washboard abs after every punch Kev delivered to his balls. He howled in pain, tempted to give up as he knew his cock would explode over himself within seconds. That way he would maybe get to keep his balls full for tomorrow night.


A cock exploded, covering one of the handsome models with their own cum. It splattered onto their chest and face, the powerful orgasm rocking their body with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He panted loudly, eyes closing in exhaustion.

“Stop, games over.” Gareth shouted, all men stopping their brutal barrage of attacks. “The winners are Ben, Leo and Logan. Meaning Kev, Zach and Cal are the losers and will be in my debut project. I’m sure you’re all very happy about that. Someone unlock Cal and Logan.”


“Sorry.” Cal mumbled as he adjusted the ice pack onto his bare balls.

“Don’t worry.” Kev grinned. “It’s not like you gave up.”

“Yeah. And how bad could it be?” Zach smiled weakly, rubbing his balls. “He’s new. He’ll probably do something tame and think he’s being brutal.”

Hearing this, Gareth chuckled. He had just gotten off the phone with Alex, having described what had happened and what his basic plan for his first project would be. Alex seemed quite happy with it and was seemingly willing to fund it as much as it was needed.

He walked to the three men who were all sitting on the sofa, nursing their balls in some capacity. Cal was still naked, refusing to put his jeans on until the pain in his balls had subsided. His body and face had been whipped clean of the cum and he had cleaned the sweat off his body. As Gareth approached, all three men looked up at him.

“Something you want?” He smiled.

“You wanna tell us what you’ve got planned.” Kev smiled with hope.

“Not particularly, but I’ll give you a hint.” Gareth grinned. “I hope you all have some fond memories of carnivals. Because, if you don’t, you won’t like them after what I plan to do to you. Or, to be precise, what Simon does to you.”

All three men shared a glance, wondering what the redheaded newcomer could have planned for them. The half-smile half-grin on his face was unsettling, as was the thought that he and Simon lived together and could spend all week conspiring about what they would be doing to their balls. Although Simon was known for being the kinky, submissive nerd, they all knew he had the ability to be just as brutal as anyone else.

“Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll make sure I’m not accidentally tame.” Gareth’s grin increased. “See you next week. I look forward to directing you through your torment.”

As Gareth left, the losers watched on. Almost simultaneously, they gulped.

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