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Ballbusting Canucks: The punk and the hockey player (written by Pat)

This is another awesome story written by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

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Jonathan smiled as he entered the Ballbusting Canucks studio, watching the young man in front of him wildly dance and sing.

“Bust the nuts of that stupid putz, as I’m banging my HEAAAAAADDD!!!! It’s like a snake ball orgy…-” The young man stopped his aggressive singing when he had the sudden feeling he was being watched.

Jonathan was laughing his ass off. “New song, man?”

Brody blushed, he had no idea he was singing so loud. “It’s uh… still a work in progress. Give me some time and it will be dope!” he smirked.

“Sorry to cut into your practice time. Thanks for meeting me,” Jonathan smiled, rubbing his neck.

“No problem, Johnny boy! Glad we finally ran into each other!” Brody smiled at the hockey player, giving him a hard slap on the shoulder.

“Yeah, sorry about that, man. Between all the holidays and getting back into the hockey routine, I’ve been so busy,” Jonathan explained, brushing his dark brown hair to the side of his babyface.

Brody smiled at him. He was 19 years old, the same age as Jonathan, and had black hair with a green highlighted bang covering his right eye. He also had a sexy snakebite piercing, which positively accentuated his edgy style. Along with being a ballbusting model, Brody was also a singer for a local punk rock band that he formed in high school.

“Yeah, the band’s keeping me busy too. What’s up? In a couple of your messages you’re asking for a favor, while another one was asking me to fight? It was a bit confusing,” Brody asked, shooting Jonathan a perplexed look.

“Well, kind of. I was hoping you could teach me some fighting moves. You’re a pretty decent fighter and I know you watch a lot of fighting, both real and fake,” Jonathan clarified.

“OH!” Brody shouted. “I had a feeling that’s what it was about. Either that or you were asking me to a fight. I was like ‘why the fuck would Johnny want to fight me?’ he chuckled.

“Nah, I’m looking to learn some moves,” Jonathan blushed. “It all started when I went to visit Ballbusting Boys a few months back, when I shot a scene with Kev and his buddies.”

“Testosterone Overload?” Brody inquired.

“Yeah. I did great at arm wrestling, but I got my ass handed to me when I had to wrestle for real. I didn’t care at first, but the more I think about how many people saw it, I get kind of embarrassed,” Jonathan looked down, staring at his feet. “Do you think you can help?”

“Alright, man! I’ll help you out. You sure though? Some of the other guys here are pretty good fighters, better than me anyway,” Brody happily replied.

“I don’t know, dude. You’re pretty good. I wouldn’t want to fight you for real,” Jonathan innocently joked.

Brody chuckled. “Alright. You’re wearing workout clothes; did you want to learn a few moves now?”

Jonathan nodded.

The two ballbusting models walked to the next room over, it had a wrestling ring in the center. Both guys entered the ring.

“You can fight on the ice, I’ve seen it. What exactly do you want to know?” Brody asked.

“That’s a bit different than fighting here. I’d like to learn some holds, reversals, kicks, knees, elbows, stuff like that,” Jonathan smiled as he removed his hoodie. His big biceps were bulging in his white t-shirt.

“Okay. From what I remember in your matches, you tend to leave yourself open. Usually, if two guys have a fight scene, one knows how to wrestle, otherwise no one would agree to it,” Brody pointed out. “What I like to do is let my opponent make the first move. I’ll block them and go for a nut shot. If I see them ready to protect their balls, I’ll strike somewhere else.”

Jonathan nodded, cracking his knuckles.

“So, for you, I recommend the same. I’m going to attack you, and you need to block my move and try a counter attack,” Brody said.

Brody stepped back, cracking his own knuckles. With a deep breath, he lunged at Jonathan, aiming his elbow at the other man’s chest.

Jonathan caught Brody’s arm and quickly rammed his knee into Brody’s gut. “How was that?” He asked.

“Good,” Brody coughed. “This time, we’ll keep going until one of us says to stop. And remember, try to go for the nuts more than other body parts if you can.”

As Jonathan nodded, Brody shoved him into the ropes. Jonathan ducked under Brody’s reach and ran to the other side of the ring, bouncing of the ropes to gain momentum.

The models collided into each other, causing both to stumble backwards.

Brody shook his head and grunted before sending his foot hard into Jonathan’s gonads.

“Owww!” Jonathan screamed and dropped to his knees, holding his nuts as he looked up at his opponent.

Although Jonathan was bigger, Brody could easily hold his own against him. He stood at around 6’ tall and weighed 210lbs. He was a brick layer, which made him quite strong, but he was more so bulky than chiseled.

“Get up, Johnny. You won’t win matches dropping to one kick,” Brody said while he rubbed his stomach, still in a bit of pain.

Jonathan looked into Brody’s hazel eyes as he sent a mighty punch into his big plums.

Brody cupped his balls, groaning as he flew into the ropes. As he sprung back out, Jonathan picked him up and slammed him to the matt.

The hockey player followed up the slam by dropping his elbow into Brody’s junk.

“Is this what you’re talking about?” Jonathan asked with a cheeky grin, trying to talk over Brody’s loud groaning.

“Yeah!” Brody yelled, kicking Jonathan in the balls as he answered his question.

Now, it was Jonathan who stumbled backwards, moaning in pain as he was rubbing his sore nuts.

Brody rose to his knee and gave a hard upper cut to Jonathan’s nuts, forcing his knuckles deep into his opponent’s pelvis.

Jonathan fell backwards, leaning on the ropes for support, holding his balls and whimpering in pain.

Brody stood up, one hand on his balls while he used the other to slap Jonathan’s big muscular chest.

“Arhhhhhh!” Jonathan squealed, echoing through the room along with the loud smack.

Just as Jonathan went to rub his chest, Brody drove his knee into his balls.

Jonathan screamed again.

Brody grabbed the hockey player’s hand and pulled him forward, building momentum to trip the big stud off his feet.

Jonathan landed face first on the floor. Before he could react, Brody ran and kicked his nuts from behind.

Jonathan coughed, trying to catch his breath as he rolled around. It felt like his manhood was kicked up into his stomach.

Jonathan saw Brody coming towards him. He quickly, and painfully, sat up, sending another brutal punch into Brody’s ballbag.

The power of the punch made Brody fall back on his ass, groaning. “Owww… good one, Johnny… arghh!” he growled.

Both men struggled to their feet, eyeing each other.

Brody went to punt Jonathan’s balls again, but his foot got swatted away.

Brody was surprised, but before he could admire Jonathan’s reversal, his opponent drove his knee into his groin, making him let out a high-pitched wail.

“I was wondering when you’d start hitting those high notes,” Jonathan teased. “Gotta practice for that next gig.”

Brody was cupping his nuts as he bounced from the ropes back to Jonathan.

The hockey player nailed him with an aggressive clothesline, making Brody’s head smack against the wrestling mat.

“Fuck!” Brody growled, rubbing his head as he laid flat on his back.

That was Brody’s only hard limit. The punk singer was known for his relaxed attitude, but saw red whenever his head was exposed to pain.

He kicked an approaching Jonathan with authority, his sneaked-clad foot caught Jonathan’s nuts with the heel, and his stomach with the top of his sole.

Jonathan got the wind knocked out of him, leaning forward and clutching his stomach and balls as he tried to breathe.

Brody sent his foot flying into Jonathan’s face this time, causing him to scream in pain as he fell on his back, holding his face.

Brody stood up with a vicious look on his face. “I’m gonna get cruel now…” he warned.

He crawled over to Jonathan and squeezed his balls with all his might.

The jock screamed out in pain. As Jonathan tried to wrestle Brody’s hand away, the angry 19-year-old used his free hand to shove his middle and ring finger into Jonathan’s mouth under his tongue, pressing down while his thumb and palm was forcing his outer jaw shut.

Along with the obvious pain of having his testicles squeezed like lemons, Jonathan panicked as he felt the nerves in his jaw start to go numb, the main purpose of the mandible claw submission.

The agonizing hold was fiercely effective. Jonathan teared up, making unusual sounds of pain as he tapped out to the angry punk singer.

Brody released the hold.

“Fuck!” Brody cursed as he stood up. “I’ll give you one warning, man. I don’t do well with getting hit in the head.”

Jonathan groaned as he rolled on the floor, clutching his jaw. “Sorry, man. I didn’t mean to.”

“Take that as another lesson. If you’re going to do something like that, any guy will go nuts if he you let him get back up. Keep up the beating once you got him down,” Brody rubbed the back of his head.

Jonathan stood up. “Got it. Well, can I get you a beer or anything?” Jonathan mumbled thanks to his injured tongue.

“Sure,” Brody said as he put an arm around Jonathan. “We’ll train twice a week. By the time you go back to America, you’ll know how to fight.”

“Sounds like a good set up,” Jonathan grinned as he nursed his nuts, walking with Brody to the exit.

“Yeah, man! I’ll bust your nuts and you’ll get me drunk as a thank you!”

Both boys shared a laugh, but only until the next training session.


Anonymous said...

Nice story! With all those muscles and a little training I reckon Jonathon could cause some major humiliation for Ben, Kev, Logan and Zach. Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

That's his goal! He's got all the tools to be a top notch ass kicker and ball buster. All he needs now is the training. ;)

Thanks for commenting!