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Ballbusting Canucks: Easter shenanigans: Whips and chains (written by Pat)

This is the third of four wonderful Easter stories written by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! The last one is coming right up! :-))

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Featured in this story: ChadVinceXander and Alex (click for pictures)

“All done,” Vince said as he finished attaching the chains to the walls. “All you have to do is tie the cuffs around the wrists and ankles, and he ain’t going nowhere. All the setups are complete,” the 20-year-old said with forced confidence.

“Thanks, Vince,” Alex uttered nervously.

There weren’t many smiles in the room on this Easter morning. Jonathan had decided to collaborate with Xander like he promised during his last visit.  However, the idea that the blond sadist had come up with was confusing and, quite frankly, ruthless.

Vince, the prop technician, handed one key for the handcuffs to Xander and the other one to Alex.

Alex, standing between Vince and his cameraman Chad, looked over at the models.

Xander had a huge smile on his face as he twirled the key between his fingers. To his right stood Jonathan, one of the Canadian guests from Ballbusting canucks, looking like a deer in the headlights. To Xander’s left was a mortified, close to trembling, Shorty.

“Okay,” Alex finally said, “run this by us one last time.”

Xander sighed. “Once again, I message Jonathan via grindr to come over for some fun, kinky sex. After a bit of fun, I reveal Shorty who is chained to the wall. We each take turns playing with him before we milk him and tell him to hit the bricks. I then render Jonathan unconscious and play with him until he cums, then I unshackle him and leave him laying on the floor.”

“That is some fucked up shit,” Chad winced.

Jonathan quickly nodded his head, stopping when he noticed Xander looking at him.

“Alright,” Alex said before shivering, “well, we’ll try and bring your vision to life. I’m warning you though, if this gets too out of hand we’ll have to shut it down.”

“The safe word is ‘pickles’ if need be, which it won’t!” Xander growled as he looked to his cowardly sycophant.

Alex looked at a shocked Chad and Vince. “One last question guys. What does this have to do with Easter?”

“I’ll give Jonathan some Easter chocolates during the scene. Festive enough,” Xander spoke matter-of-factly.

Alex looked over at Jonathan and Shorty with sorrow. “Alright, let’s get started. Places everyone.”

As Jonathan exited to the hall of the studio, Vince and Xander went to chain Shorty to the wall, locking his wrists and ankles in cuffs.

Once Shorty was bounded, Vince handed Xander a long black blanket to cover the chained boy.

Xander walked over to Shorty, grabbing him roughly by the chin and leaning into him. “If you say ‘pickles’, even once, you’re going to wish you hadn’t,” the 23-year-old whispered.

Shorty obediently nodded his head before Xander covered him with the blanket.

“Oh my God,” Vince motioned with his mouth as he went to join Alex and Chad by the camera.

“No wonder Jonathan seemed so reluctant about this scene when he mentioned it on Friday. This is… something,” Alex said as he looked at Chad.

“It’s times like this I’m happy I’m the cameraman,” Chad mumbled.

Alex and Vince nodded in agreement.

“Okay,” Alex hesitated, “action!”

Xander sighed as he looked at his phone, seemingly waiting for something. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Xander warmly spoke as he began fixing his hair.

Jonathan looked delicious as he walked through the door in his grey and black zipper hoodie and fitted navy blue jeans. Jonathan faked a smile as he closed the door with his leg.

“Took you look enough,” Xander smiled as the Canadian walked up to him placed his hands on his thighs.

A playful smirk formed on Jonathan’s face. “Thirsty boys are the most fun,” he cockily said.

“Says the closet case jock on grindr” Xander retorted as he smooched the Canadian, throwing his arms around him.

After a few moments of kissing, Xander jumped into Jonathan’s arms. The jock held Xander up as they made out passionately.

After a little while the kissing stopped and Xander brought Jonathan closer to the camera.

Up close, it was even more clear how much bigger and taller Jonathan was to Xander. He could snap him like a twig if he wanted.

“Do you like what you see?” Xander continued to flirt.

The 23-year-old was dressed in white as usual: tight fitted fancy white sweater, skin tight white jeans, and white dress shoes. His cock was visibly hard from his pants. In fact, he was hard as soon as they entered the studio for today’s shoot.

“Oh yeah,”  the19-year-old hockey player winked as he took off his hoodie, his big arms and strong pecs and abs bulging in his black t-shirt.

“Sorry to take you away from your family at Easter, sexy,” Xander said as he rubbed his hand up Jonathan’s shirt.

“Fuck’ em!’” Jonathan scoffed.

“Oh!” Xander jumped, reaching into his pocket and pulled out some chocolate Easter eggs, “this is for you.”

“Thanks,” Jonathan said as he took the chocolates from Xander, unwrapping one as he put the others in his pocket.

“No problem. I’m glad you’re home from college this weekend. Not many guys are into the same things as me,” Xander looked at Jonathan in the eyes.

Jonathan nodded as he ate a chocolate.

“Whatever, kinky boys are the most fun, eh?” Xander continued.

“Ye-” Jonathan was interrupted by a violent kick to the nuts from the American. He instantaneously collapsed to the floor, groaning as he shielded his balls.

“Yeah, we are,” Xander grinned, answering his own question.

The Canadian had a miserable look on his face as he stared up at Xander.

“Get up, I have a surprise for you,” the blond coldly instructed as he began walking away from Jonathan.

Jonathan groaned as he stood up, limping his way towards his violent playmate.

“Pull that blanket right there,” Xander giggled as he pointed to the black blanket covering his soon to be victim.

With a curious look on his face, Jonathan pulled the blanket off Shorty, exposing the naked, chained blond.

“This is Shorty, my slave. He wanted to join in on the fun. He’s a freak,” Xander said and he tapped Shorty’s thigh.

The Canadian forced another smile on his face. “What did you have in mind?”

“I wanted to torture him together. I figure with your size you could bring on a particular level of pain,” Xander explained as he maliciously stared at Shorty. “Won’t that be fun?”

“Yes, master” Shorty said with genuine fear in his voice.

“Nice! Let’s start with some belt play,” Xander smiled as he removed his leather belt from his skinny jeans.

He wasted no time. He whipped his belt hard into Shorty’s stomach. The leather cracked against his skin while the metal buckle slapped against his side.

Shorty’s scream of pain was cut short by another lash, only to begin a new, louder yelp.

“This is going to be awesome!” Xander shouted over the screams.

Jonathan watched as another hard lash led to another loud scream echoing through the room.

 “Give it a try,” Xander instructed.

Jonathan face lit up. He removed his black belt from his jeans, causing them to hang lower on his hip and showing a bit of his boxers.

Xander watched the Canadian as his cock twitched in his pants. “Whip him.”

Jonathan stared at Shorty’s stomach, already red with the few lashes it had received. He wanted to start off with a light whip, but he knew he’d only be instructed to whip him again. Wanting to get this scene over with, he wasted no time.

A louder smack then before echoed through the room as the black leather belt connected with Shorty’s shoulder.

Shorty screamed in complete agony. He knew things were only going to get harder from here.

Xander led the cruel assault, suggesting where and when to whip Shorty.

Within a few minutes, they had already left marks all over the young man’s upper body, his thighs, and they simultaneously each whipped one of his shoulders.

Now, they each took a turn to whip the poor boy in the stomach. The moment one lash connected, another immediately followed. At one point, it almost sounded like a do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do of screams as the whipping went on, each one increasing the level of pain from the previous lash.

“Shut up, retard!” Xander sneered and whipped Shorty right in the ballbag.

A long, high pitched cry followed, even louder than the screams Jonathan had caused.

A cruel idea popped in Xander’s head. “Whip his balls!”

Jonathan did his best to hide his shock as he saw Xander wrap his belt around Shorty’s neck, pulling it tightly.

Jonathan quickly whipped the choking man in the balls.

Nothing could be heard other than faint gasps of breath, but Shorty’s face distinctively changed as his nuts got cracked by the belt of the much stronger Canadian.

Xander quickly released the belt from around Shorty’s neck, allowing him to catch his breath and whimper in pain.

Xander then signaled something to Jonathan. A split-second later, they both sent their belts smacking into one of Shorty’s testicles.

Shorty’s breaths were cut short, followed by sickening scream filled the room.

“PLEASE! PLEASE! MERCY!!!” Shorty screamed, partly in character, partly legitimate.

Both men backed off for a moment and observed their slave’s body. He had red and purple marks all over his body, his balls were heavily swollen and battered, and his stomach had been viciously marked with bruises and cuts.

“Take off your shirt! It’s time we give this loser what he wants,” Xander coldly shouted at Jonathan.

Shorty painfully licked his lips through whimpers as he watched one of his attackers take off his shirt and bare his muscular chest and eight-pack abs.

“Gag him!” Xander screamed.

Jonathan ripped his shirt in half and walked over to Shorty.

He mercifully jerked the whimpering man’s cock a few times and planted a kiss on his lips before stuffing his sweaty shirt in his mouth.

Shorty eyes darted between his two aggressors. Suddenly, his eyes widened in fear when he saw Xander pulling a rope from his pocket.

Jonathan got a shiver down his spine as he watched Xander expertly tie the rope around Shorty’s dick and balls, he couldn’t blame the young man for freaking out.

“Can you distract him somehow?” Xander barked as he finished tying up the rope.

Jonathan nodded and began twisting Shorty’s nipples. He started off by giving them soft pinches, but when the Canadian noticed Xander started to viciously pull on the rope, Jonathan gave Shorty’s nipples a hard, painful twist.

The defenseless blond screamed into his gag while getting his nipples and manhood tortured by the other models. He looked at Jonathan with pleading, tear filled eyes.

Xander began to rhythmically tug on the rope, stimulating Shorty’s cock as Jonathan continued to play with his nipples.

“Here we go!” Xander shouted as he wrapped the rope around his arms, causing a much more aggressive tug to Shorty’s penis and testicles.

In the meantime, Jonathan abandoned Shorty’s nipples. He stepped to the side and licked his index finger before placing it inside Shorty’s butthole.

Tears were rolling down his face. Shorty screamed into the gag as he tried looking Xander in the eyes, hoping to garnish even a bit of sympathy, but to no avail.

Xander wrapped the rope another full loop around his arm, moving within a foot from Shorty. The young man’s nuts were now bright red as they were pulled farther from the rest of his body. Jonathan, meanwhile, had stuck another beefy finger inside his hole.

Shorty screamed in pain. Xander had moved half a foot closer and began jerking his tugged cock as Jonathan stuffed his ring finger inside Shorty’s hole, stretching it.

“You ready to cum, you fucking pig?! Huh!? Huh!?” Xander screamed over Shorty’s cries, smacking him in the face a couple times. He pushed one of his feet against the wall and pulled the rope with all his might.

Jonathan struggled to stuff a fourth finger inside Shorty’s hole.

“HUH?!!!” Xander screamed again, followed by a third hard slap in the face.

Shorty screamed bloody murder through his gag, looking Xander in his cold blue eyes.

Xander smirked as he resumed stroking Shorty’s cock, still tugging on the rope. Jonathan pulled Shorty by the hair as he tried to stretch his fingers inside the young man’s hole.

After a few moments of loud, gagged screaming and thrashing, Shorty mercifully shot his load. Frantic, frightened screams finally turned into simmering whimpers as his aggressors backed away, allowing him to enjoy his orgasm.

A minute later, Jonathan removed the gag from his mouth as Xander released him from the restraints. Shorty fell to the ground, curling in a ball and crying like a baby.

While Jonathan tried his best to hide his sympathy for the poor guy, Xander laughed. He kicked Shorty hard in the side, causing him to scream and roll away from his attackers.

“Get the fuck out of here. We’re done with you,” Xander grimaced.

Shorty cried as he crawled away from the models. He slowly exited the room and lay naked in the hall. Vince brought him his clothes as the filming continued.

Xander lustfully looked at Jonathan. He rubbed his hands over the Canadians abs as he kissed his biceps and pecs.

Jonathan took Xanders face and kissed him. Both moaned in pleasure as Jonathan squeezed Xander’s ass.

During the kiss, Xander bit Jonathan’s lip, causing the jock the scream in pain and reach for his mouth. Moment’s later, Xander kicked Jonathan in the balls.

The solid tip of Xander’s shoe crashed hard into the Canadian’s junk, making him scream in agony and fall to the floor in surprise and pain.

Xander then chuckled as he pulled out a mini vile and some tissue from his pocket. He placed a few drops of liquid from the vile into the tissue and held it to Jonathan’s face.

Jonathan thrashed on the floor while pretending to be suffocated by chloroform, which, in reality, was only water. After a little while, Jonathan lay motionless on the floor.

Chad momentarily turned off the camera, allowing Xander and Jonathan to prepare for the next scene.

Jonathan looked mortified as he stripped naked and was chained to the wall.  He watched Vince attach a 10-inch dildo to a screw that was roughly a foot beneath his crotch.

When Vince was sure the dildo was firmly intact to the wall, he gave a thumb’s up and stepped out of frame.

There was a demonic look in Xander’s eyes when he turned to face Chad. “We’re ready.”

“Action” Alex yelled as Chad turned the camera back on.

The camera shifted from darkness to clear just in time to catch Xander walking up to the chained Canadian.

“Wake up!” The 23-year-old sneered as he slapped his new victim in the face.

Jonathan groaned as he regained consciousness. When his vision returned, he noticed Xander standing in front of him, holding the rope they used to torture Shorty, and a dumbbell.

In his head, Jonathan quickly tried to think of things to get his penis erect.

“No! No!” Jonathan thrashed around as Xander tied the dumbbell to one end of the rope, and the other end to Jonathan’s nutsack.

“No, don’t you da- arghhhhh!” the Canadian screamed as the weight of the dumbbell hung from his nuts, feeling it trying to rip apart from his body.

Xander smiled as he spat in his hand. He reached just under Jonathan’s legs and rubbed the dildo, lubing it with his saliva.

“That dumbbell is specifically one foot from the ground. All you have to do is lower yourself enough to sit on that dildo, and you’ll be pain free,” Xander spoke followed by a maniacal laugh.

“No! Fuck you! Take that thing off. I-” Jonathan was cut off when Xander pulled at the rope, eliciting a sharp yelp from the helpless Canadian.

“Relief is just beneath you,” Xander continued to torture.

“No way! I won’t do it!” Jonathan continued to protest.

Xander kicked the 10lbs dumbbell, causing it, along with Jonathan’s balls, to swing left and right.

Jonathan looked at the ceiling, clenching his teeth as he growled in pain. He continued to think of satisfying situations to help harden his boner.

Xander gave another hard tug to the rope.

“Noooo!” Jonathan screamed again.

“Yes!” Xander hissed as he continued to pull the rope downwards, guiding Jonathan to the dildo.

Realizing there was no way out of his predicament, Jonathan lowered himself, putting his ass on the dildo and slowly letting it slide inside of him.

Xander laughed while Jonathan let out whimpers of pain as the rubber phallus slid deeper inside of him.

Finally, the Canadian sat low enough to allow the dumbbell to touch the floor.

Jonathan took deep breaths as Xander momentarily stepped out of frame, allowing his hole to adjust around the dildo.

Jonathan’s eyes grew as big as saucers as Xander approached him.

The 23-year-old kicked the Canadian in the nuts again, which also partly connected with the phallus and made Jonathan scream in utter agony.

In mid freak-out, Xander pulled Jonathan by the hair and shoved another dildo, this one a foot long, inside Jonathan’s mouth.

Xander stepped aside to allow the camera to zoom in on Jonathan. Xander’s twisted idea made Jonathan look impaled by single overgrown dildo, his own sick recreation of a scene out of the horror movie “Cannibal Holocaust.”

Xander let out another maniacal laugh as he watched Jonathan struggle in his predicament.

Finally, Xander pulled the dildo out of Jonathan’s mouth.

Jonathan gasped for breath as his captor untied the dumbbell from his penis. Moments later, Xander was tugging on the rope, still attached to Jonathan’s balls, as he proceeded to jerk off the Canadian.

Jonathan again looked up at the ceiling, trying his best to think of erotic thoughts to quickly help him shoot his load.

After a good minute of vigorous stroking, the Canadian finally screamed as the cum shot out of his dick.

Xander made sure to drain any remains by pulling the rope one last time, causing Jonathan to let out a whimpering groan during his orgasm.

Xander released Jonathan from the restraints, and, much like Shorty earlier, he collapsed to the floor.

The 23-year-old watched the broken jock lay on the ground, clutching his nuts and groaning in pain. He whipped his cock from out of his jeans and began stroking himself, moaning aloud.

When he came, he made sure it landed on Jonathan’s spent balls, mixing their juices together.

“Weak motherfucker!” he growled and kicked Jonathan’s empty nuts.

Jonathan squealed and turned onto his belly, groaning into the floor and kicking his legs while he held his crotch.

Xander looked over and noticed Jonathan’s pants next to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an Easter egg that had clearly been destroyed by a previous kick in the nuts.

Xander laughed as he unwrapped the chocolate, looking down at Jonathan.

“I think we’re done here. Happy Easter, cunt!” Xander said as he swallowed the chocolate and threw the wrapper at Jonathan.

He walked out of frame, leaving Jonathan laying by himself, naked, alone, and afraid.

“Cut!” Alex screamed while rubbing his neck.

Chad turned off the camera. He looked at Alex and Vince. “Did that all really just happened? What the fuck did we just witness?” he asked, completely dumbfounded.

“I don’t know,” Vince said with a deep breath, shaking his head in disbelief.

Xander smiled, walking towards the three crew members. “What did you guys think?”

“I guess… I mean… it’s something you guys wanted, right? And… I suppose it does fall under the BDSM section of ballbusting,” Alex stuttered.

“I wanted to do something like this with Shorty for a while, and Jonathan was just the right guy to help,” Xander smiled.

“Umm, is he alright?” Vince asked.

“He’s fine. Well, I hope you all enjoyed it. I got to go. Happy Easter!” Xander shrugged as he made his way towards the door. “Bye, Jonathan! Keep in touch.”

Jonathan slowly climbed to his feet, reaching for his pants as he groaned in pain.

Outside, Xander could be heard yelling at Shorty to hurry up and get dressed before they left the studio.

“This just makes him crazier,” Chad blurted.

Jonathan limped towards the Americans, holding his nuts while his face was still in a bit of shock.

“You okay?” Vince asked.

“I will be. Maybe after some therapy,” Jonathan groaned, trying to be humorous. “He needs Gandhi.”

“You people are sick! If I bothered eating lunch, I would have puked it back up!” Chad continued to freak out.

“Alright! That’s enough. We’ll put it in our miscellaneous file on the website and that will be the end of it. Here Jonathan, you look like you could use this.” Alex said as he handed Jonathan a bottle of water.

There was a moment of silence in the studio.

“Well, one last scene to go. I hope to God it’s something different than… whatever this was,” Chad spoke up.

Alex looked at Jonathan. “It is different, right? Please tell me François is planning something different.”

Jonathan nodded.

“I’m going back to Leo’s to rest my balls and soul before me and the boys make supper. Dinner’s on the jocks tonight,” Jonathan smiled.

“I’ll drive you,” Alex returned the smile. “Chad and Vince, you guys go have lunch and we’ll meet back here in a couple hours.”

Everyone nodded and began to leave.

Jonathan stopped in his tracks and grimaced as his balls tingled in pain. He reached into his pocket and pulled out another crushed chocolate.

Chad looked over to Alex. “If that ain’t a sign of things to come, I don’t know what is.”


Anonymous said...

A very great story, I like when BDSM is involvded

Anonymous said...

Thank you! First time I've ever written a story with a strong BDSM element and I think it matched the guys well. And it gave me some new ideas too LOL ;P