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Ballbusting Canucks: Easter shenanigans: Eggs and paint (written by Pat)

This is the last of four wonderful Easter stories written by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Happy Easter!

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Featured in this story: ChadLeoSimonTristanVince and Alex (click for pictures)

Alex, Chad and Vince returned to the studio after lunch, a curious look on their face when they seen the next group of models hanging out.

François, Leo, Tristan and Simon were all talking by a table.

On the table were two bowls which contained what appeared to be a type of dough, and a variety of colored icing gels.

“What’s all this?” Alex asked.

“It’s fondant and icing gel, we’re going to be making special Easter eggs,” François jumped with excitement.

“How are you guys going to do that?” Vince inquired.

“As long as it’s not like the fucked-up stuff we saw this morning, I’m good,” Chad chimed in.

“Jonathan looked like he saw a ghost when he came back to my place,” Leo said with wide eyes.

“François filled us in. What we’re doing is far different than what they did this morning,” Tristan added.

“Is Shorty going to be okay?” Simon spoke with honest concern in his voice.

“Yes… eventually,” Alex hesitated. “Now, do tell, what do you guys have planned here?”

“Well, Simon and I are going to have a little Easter egg making competition. We’ll each have a guy’s balls to cover with fondant and we must turn them into pretty Easter eggs. Once completed, you guys will vote for the winning team. The losers must suffer an egg cracking from the winners,” François smiled, the American models grinning behind him.

“That sounds so fun!” Alex exclaimed, already feeling a tingle in his pants.

“Yeah! I might stick around to watch this, you know, to clear my head from this morning,” Vince announced.

“That’s great, three judges ensure there won’t be a tie,” Simon grinned.

“Fantastic! I’ll put Leo and Tristan’s name in a hat so you guys can draw your partner,” Alex said as he skipped to his desk and reached for a piece of paper.

Vince and Chad shared a pleasant look, excited for a lighthearted scene to end the weekend.

Alex walked over to Simon and François shaking a cup with the names of both skaters. Each painter picked a name.

“Alright guys, who did you draw?” Alex asked with glee.

Leo and Tristan waited nervously for the draw, holding their breath. The results couldn’t be more opposite. The skater who gets partnered with François means they’ll have a fun, intimate moment with their crush. Whoever winds up with Simon, may very well risk repercussions from his boyfriend, Gareth, when he returns after the holiday.

“I got Tristan!” the Canadian shouted and jumped with joy.

“I got Leo!” Simon said with the same excitement.

“Yahoo!” Tristan cheered and pumped his fists as he walked to François, putting an arm around his waist.

Tristan hadn’t spent much time with the Canadian twink. Leo and the other models hogged François’s attention on Friday, and Tristan had plans with his family last night.

Leo tried his best to hide his disappointment. Now he had to watch Tristan have erotic, testicular fun with the cute Quebecois, while he had to model his balls for Simon. He liked Simon, it was Gareth he was afraid of, not being happy with his boyfriend playing with another guy’s nuts.

“Take a moment to get ready, and we’ll prep the camera,” Alex smiled, fully aware of what each of the skaters were feeling.

“Fuck yeah,” Tristan lustfully said as François began undressing him, removing his t-shirt of a naked man with Easter grass on his genitalia instead of pubic hair. The Canadian unbuttoned the blond skater’s jeans and pulled them down, removing them from his ankles along with his shoes. Tristan’s cock was rock hard through his boxers, and François sensually played the waist band, slowly pulling them down, kissing the head of Tristan’s cock once exposed.

Simon began undressing Leo in a similar fashion. His reaction couldn’t be any more different than his buddy’s. Leo’s face was poker straight, only forcing a smile whenever the bespectacled Simon looked up at him.

“Come on, people! Hop to! We don’t have all day!” Chad barked.

“Yeah,” Vince whispered, “I want my ham and scalloped potatoes dinner.”

François and Simon came back to reality and removed the skaters remaining clothing.

Once the two skaters got naked, François and Simon brought their bowls of fondant and coloring gel next to them, along with multiple paint brushes with various brush tips.

Once everyone was ready, Alex stood in front of the camera, preparing a small greeting before the contest begins.

“Hello, everyone, on behalf of me and all of us at the Ballbusting Boys studio, Happy Easter. On top of our particularly intense scene from this morning,” Alex cringed, “we have a playful, testicle egg painting competition this afternoon: Leo and Simon on one side, Tristan with guest star François Desmoulins, from Ballbusting Canucks, on the other,” Alex smiled. “Gentlemen, you may begin!”

With that, Simon and François got down on their knees in front of their models. They each grabbed a hefty handful of fondant, stretching and plying it before craftly placing it around the skater’s scrotums.

Leo and Tristan moaned and giggled as the fondant was being applied to their balls, feeling the tasty, clay-like icing wrap below the base of their cocks at one end, and pushed up against the space between their groin and their hole at the other.

Leo watched as François and Tristan stared intimately at each other while the Canadian made a slight indent between Tristan’s testicles with the fondant, creating two perfectly shaped spheres. He couldn’t even watch Simon do the same to his own ball bag, he was too nervous.

After François and Simon completed covering the skaters nuts in fondant, they began selecting their colors.

Simon started off with a soft tip bush, coating it in orange. He began making circular motions on Leo’s right nut, causing the skater to suddenly flinch.

“That tickles,” Leo said with a half smile.

François had painted one of Tristan’s testicles completely yellow and began making triangular shapes on the other.

After they had completed their first steps, the painters switched colors: Simon began tracing Leo’s right nut with a peach color, just below the orange.

“I have no idea what your making down there,” Leo said, raising his eyebrow.

“You’ll see,” Sammy smiled as his cock began to harden.

François coated the tip of his fine edged paint brush with mauve gel, putting rings around Tristan’s yellow testicle, and painting inside the triangles of his white testicle.

“You like that, don’t you, Tris?” François sensually asked as he teased the skater’s nut with his paint brush, causing him to giggle and moan in agreement.

“All my years in art club are finally paying off,” the Quebecois chuckled, now reaching for green gel.

“Hang on! How is this even fair then?” Simon whined as he aggressively gave Leo two hard pokes to his nuts.

The black-haired skater yelped twice before angrily looking down at Simon. “What the hell was that for?”

“Relax, Leo, they’re eyes,” Simon said nonchalantly.

After François finished with the green, he switched to the orange. He made zig-zag patterns on Tristan’s white ball, causing soft moans, before quickly adding dots to the rings inside the yellow coated nut. Tristan yelped through a euphoric smile that never left his face.

“Relax, handsome,” François said as he rubbed Tristan’s dick with his left hand, the right one continuing with the poking, “this will pay off,” he assured.

A few minutes past and Leo couldn’t help but move his hands nervously as he stared at François’s head and caramel hair. The Canadian was wearing the beanie Leo got him at Christmas and was wearing the shirt Tristan had got him during that same time. He looked so fine in those clothes, along with the skinny jeans hugging his bulge and ass.

He then looked down at Simon. He was wearing a dress shirt along with tight fitted slacks, with his hair nicely parted away from his eyes and glasses. While he had nothing against Simon, it was clear that he wasn’t the right person for him.

François continued to make the blond skater moan as he added blue coloring to his white nut, drawing jagged lines. Tristan’s cock was hard as hell and precum was starting to form at the tip.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever had done to me,” Tristan confessed, trying to keep still as François worked over his nuts like Picasso.

Meanwhile, Simon had started working on Leo’s second nut. He started with some intricate yellow pattern before again switching to the peach color he used previously.

Leo was hard but did not enjoy it nearly as much as his fellow skater friend.

“Don’t worry, Leo. I think we really have a chance at winning this thing!” Simon smirked as he kissed the head of Leo’s cock.

Leo moaned at the sensation but felt conflicted: he wasn’t sure if he wanted to win this competition or lose it.

As time went on, Alex, Chad and Vince looked at each other when they figured out each of the painter’s creations.

Moments later, both artists were adding some final details to their eggs.

François had Tristan howling long, pleasurous moans as he was giving little rings of pink on his white testicle and long ribbons on his yellow one.

Leo, however, was again yelping in pain as Simon was giving quick little red dots to Leo’s right nut with a hard-tipped brush.

Finally, François and Simon smiled as they moved away from the skaters’ nuts, observing their work and noticing the boys hard, precum soaked cocks.

On the flip side, Leo and Tristan too noticed the big bulges in the pants of the painters, damp spots forming on the side of their thighs.

“Oh!” François suddenly spoke as he nudged Simon’s shoulder, “all artists must name and date their work. It’s custom, you know.”

Simon smiled in agreement.

Both men stepped forward, cleaned the tip of their tiniest, sharpest brush, and dipped them in black gel.

They both reached for their respective skater’s hard cock and painted their first name along with the year, causing yet another wave of moans from the horny, pastry coated fellas.

François and Simon shared a cheeky grin, they both took pleasure in aggressively putting the dot on top of the letter “I” in their names, causing each of their models to shriek in pain and grab their cocks.

“Don’t touch them, you might ruin it!” François instructed, batting his big, baby blue eyes.

Both skaters blushed, dutifully removing their hands away from their genitals.

“Alright guys, I think we’re done,” Simon shouted at Alex and the crew.

Alex, Chad and Vince walked towards the 4 models.

“We’ll start with François and Tristan. Can you explain to us this masterpiece?” Alex grinned.

“Well, basically I created two Ukrainian Easter eggs. This one is yellow based with intricate ribbon patterns,” François explained as he pointed at Tristan’s right ball, “and this one is white based with various colored shapes. It’s a practice that’s been around for centuries.” He proudly smiled.

The three judges listened in awe.

“And they’re on my balls!” Tristan chimed in, pointing at his nuts as the room filled with laughter.

“If you look under here,” François crouched, the judges following his lead as he carefully lifted Tristan’s scrotum, “you’ll see the pattern continued right down the bottom of the sack, just an inch before Tristan’s hole,” François said before biting his lip.

Tristan let out another moan of pleasure as the Canadian twink showed him off.

“That’s intricate!” Vince pointed out.

“Yes! Very well done, François. You got some serious talent,” Alex proclaimed.

The first team thanked the judges as they moved on to Simon and Leo.

“Simon, it looks like you tried to paint yourself on one nut while you drew Gareth on the other,” Alex pointed out.

“Yes!” Simon said as he bounced in the air.

“WHAT?!” Leo asked in utter shock.

“You’ll notice that we are staring at each other, gazing into the other’s eyes.” Simon continued to explain as his face lit up.

“So, what are those black spots just below the head?” Chad asked.

“Hickeys!” the bespectacled blond giggled.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. So, all those pokes you gave me…” Leo began to ask.

“Gareth’s freckles,” Simon announced.

“Simon, that’s very original!” Alex cheered. “You guys did an amazing job as well. I think we’re going to need a minute to choose a winner.”

As the three judges conversed. The models all shook hands and wished for the best team to win. All expressing appreciation for each other’s work.

The models waited anxiously when the judges returned, especially Leo.

“After a very long discussion, while both teams displayed tremendous talent, we decided that François and Tristan had the best eggs that defined the true spirit of Easter. Therefore, they are the winners!” Alex announced as he shook all four model’s hands.

François ran to Tristan, giving him a big hug and kiss on the lips in celebration, distancing himself at the waist not to ruin his work. Tristan cock pressed against François’s thin, toned stomach.

After a brief moment, with his back turned to his competitors, François winked at Tristan. A split-second later, Tristan quickly sack tapped Simon as François kicked Leo’s nuts hard, shattering the fondant around his balls. Both competitors fell to the floor by the sudden attack, groaning and cursing.

Tristan burst out laughing as François went to grab a chair that was close by.

Tristan kicked both of his opponents in the nuts from behind as they lay on the floor, eliciting another scream as François returned.

He put the seat behind him and dropped to his knees, between the blond skater’s thighs.

François’s tongue touched Tristan’s hole as he began to carefully take the fondant from the bottom of his testicles. He continued using his tongue to loosen the fondant, peeling it from Tristan’s sack as he ate the Easter treat.

Tristan screamed in pleasure at the sensation, each of his nuts receiving special attention.

François sat him on the chair, spreading his legs. He continued to lick and suck Tristan’s balls like a pro.

Tristan rocked his head back as the Canadian licked the bottom of his shaft from base to head. Then, he placed the skater’s penis in his mouth.

They both moaned in pleasure as François tasted Tristan’s precum, mixing with the sweet gel that was on his cock, and the fondant taste still in his mouth. François sucked and sucked, ramming Tristan’s cock far down his throat like a tasty cake pop.

Tristan moaned loudly and began stomping his feet when he felt his balls tighten in his sack while François deep throated his penis. He let out a high-pitched scream of sheer pleasure when his cum shot out of his dick, guided by François’s sucking.

The talented twink wrapped his hand around Tristan’s balls and cock and squeezed, adding more and more pressure, making sure that he emptied Tristan’s balls completely and swallow his load, rewarding him for their victory.

Simon and Leo jealously watched the two victors celebrate. When they finally parted from each other, they both looked like they needed a cigarette.

Suddenly, Leo felt a warm sensation on his own cock. Mid moan, he looked down and saw a now naked Simon sucking him, mimicking the same passion as the Canadian moment’s prior.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? What about Gareth?” Leo asked as he tapped Simon’s shoulder.

Simon ignored him. He continued to suck Leo’s cock, squeezing his nuts when he felt them tighten in his sack.

Leo screamed as his load flooded Simon’s throat, hearing the blond nerd moan on his meat.

Simon twisted Leo’s nuts hard, making the dark-haired skater scream as his orgasm subsided

Simon then climbed on top of Leo. He sat on his cum soaked dick as he looked the skater in the eyes as he began to stroke himself, giggling and bouncing on Leo’s balls.

Leo screamed as he went to grab Simon’s ass, trying to cushion his bounces and save his nuts from getting hurt.

Simon saw Leo’s struggling as a turn on. He continued to bounce on him, and once he nailed Leo’s nuts hard, and made the young skater once again yelp in pain, he shot his load directly in his face.

Leo pushed Simon off of him and turned on his stomach, rubbing his face as he groaned into the floor.

Simon stood up as he licked his cum covered hand. He noticed a small space between Leo’s legs and sent his foot crashing into the orbs between them with all his might.

“That’s for us losing!” He growled.

“Owww! Fuck!” Leo screamed and flailed on the floor, rolling in a puddle of cum.

François and Tristan came back to reality and got dressed.

The Canadian smiled and waved at the camera while Tristan made the piece sign with one hand, placing the other around François. “Happy Easter!” they cheered.

With that, Chad turned off the camera.

“Cut!” Alex shouted with a smile.

“Yes!” François cheered as he and Tristan hugged again.

“You’re fucking amazing! That was so hot. That was the best blow job ever! I can’t wait to see what those eggs look like on camera!” Tristan cheered as he swung François around.

“All thanks to your big balls! We couldn’t have done it without them,” François continued to flirt.

“You guys did great,” Simon chimed in as he put his shirt and pants back on.

Alex, Chad and Vince approached the models.

“Well, this was better than this morning,” Chad laughed.

Leo finally stood up and put his clothes back on. He walked up to François and Tristan and congratulated them.

“Uh, guys? Can we go over to Leo’s now? I’m getting hungry,” Vince announced as he rubbed his belly.

“Yeah! Let’s go eat!” Chad cheered.

“I’ll drive the guys to the house, Alex, if you and Chad want to ride together,” Vince suggested.

“I’m ready to go,” François grinned, “and on the way I’m going to flirt with my dessert,” he continued as he rubbed his hand over Tristan’s now semi hard cock as they made their way to the exit.

“Freaking kids,” Chad scoffed.

“Fucker…” Leo cursed under his breath as he watched Tristan leave with François.

“To be fair, haven’t you spent the last two days with him?” Alex calmly asked.

Simon put a hand on Leo’s shoulder. “I’m happy for François, and you too Leo, and Tristan for that matter. Some of us only have one guy. Share!” he chuckled

“I guess” Leo sighed.

“Come on Leo, maybe Jonathan still has some chocolate eggs smooshed in his pockets he could share,” Vince said as he guided Leo to the exit, trying to cheer him up.

“Some weekend huh?” Alex asked, looking over to chad. “I’m glad it’s over.”

“Well almost,” Chad said quietly.

Alex shot him a look of confusion

“You still got to pay me, boss!” he chuckled as he smacked Alex in the nuts, making his way to the exit.

Alex coughed and doubled over, mumbling under his breath.

After a moment of recovery, he realized he was alone in the studio. Suddenly a smile formed on his face.

“You’ll pay for that, chad. Someday soon, you’ll all pay.”

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