Monday, April 16, 2018

Poll results: Special Guest Star 7

After the infamous Shawn Mendes Poll Manipulation Incident one thing was clear: Tom Holland would be the next Special Guest Star. The question that remained was whether he'd have the stage for himself or whether he'd be joined by one or two of his predecessors in the Spiderman role, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

And here are the results:

Tom Holland   15.5%
Double Spidey Edition: Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield   19%
Triple Spidey Edition: Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire   65.5%

More than 650 votes have been counted. Thanks to everybody who took part in the poll!

The more the merrier, huh? 

Alright, so we've got ourself a Special Guest Star Special Edition featuring Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Now what do you want to see in the story? Tell me your suggestions by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (!



Mickey said...

I have always love your stories and now that Spiderman's in it, it's even more exciting.
I would like to suggest a few ideas.

First being a race of sorts, perhaps to catch a criminal like Green Goblin.
However, as they all wanted to be the winner, they tried sabotaging the others as they continued through the town, resulting in much pain in the balls.
-spiderwebs in the face causing one fo the to crash groin first into a pole
-causing another the slip, falling groin first on top of a verticle pole
-throwing debris into other's groins (or perhaps even animals like squirrels?)
-perhaps Tom falling, tried to grabbed on, resulting in him pulling on andrew's crotch. etc
-Then in the end, as they are all arguing, the villain they were first following gave them all a few nice shots to the balls.
-From the humiliating defeat, they got home and got punished more by their love interests. etc etc

Finn said...

I love love love your stories Alex and I just want to say thank you for your patience and your amazing grace when it came to dealing with such a tricky situation and us finicky readers.

I love two different ideas. One would be like what Mickey suggested but a bit more detailed with the geekiness - there is a Spiderverse comic book where Spideys from different dimensions come together. And maybe they could be tracking one of their villains together only to fall into a trap where a new group of villains (played by your models) gang up on them, beat them up and their balls and maybe even fuck them?

The second idea would be a basic three-way contest between just the actors, with the single winner fucking both the losers. I am a fan of both Tom and Andrew - so naturally, would love to see them lose and get both their balls and their asses ruined :P (For motivation, please do check out images of their respective behinds.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, it could perhaps be a series in itself like the Justin Bieber one, like "Your Friendly Neighborhood dropping by" to various places of different characters eg. Logan's Gym, Phil's football field, David's dance studio, Brandon's Pool causing property damage, making the character angry and start attacking his balls.

Anonymous said...

How about Toby and Andrew as Venom and Carnage, taking on Tom 2-on-1? Of course, they catch him off guard, say in a locker room, where he can't get to his costume or web shooters.

Lenny Bennu said...

I know it's a Spidey triple threat, but does that mean it has to be actual spiderman? Like, all the powers and anything? If so, that would be really fun! All the swinging around with legs spread could totally lead to some awesome nut shots! The ability to throw things, webbing boys in vulnerable positions... the possibilities are endless!

Just have to make sure that they don't have masks on. Have to be able to see their hot eyes cross ;)

I would really like to see a race or something of the sorts though. That seems to have a lot of potential openings, and would be a really fun and gripping experience!

Anonymous said...

In any story I think I would want everyone to do a fair bit of busting & be busted.

I think that it either needs to be the actors fighting over who’s the best (in which case Tom will win through sheer athleticism), or we have a spideyverse story as suggested above with Venim and Carnage picking on Toms Spideman.

I can definitely see it being Spidey that comes off worst in the end though, with Andrew’s Carnade laying waste to his balls with Venom keeping him locked up. You could even REALLY geek that one up, and have Deadpool give him one blisteringly bad nut shot for never hooking up with him, before sauntering off & leaving spidey to the others “mercy”.


Luke said...

I am going to agree with Finn here and say the idea of a Spider-verse is awesome but I really want all of the actors to be different Spideys and have your models play the villains of some sort. More fun and dynamic that way and all three of them get to suffer as guests.

Jimmy said...

I love that idea! I love the idea of the two on one gang up! Please make that happen somewhere in the story Alex!



Brant said...

I really support Luke's idea with having the models be villains. A few feuds you can have the 3 Spidey's take on Kev Colin and Ben who are picking on college geeks, you could have them take on Leo Tristan and Sammy who are being disorderly downtown, you can have all 3 take on the twins and Parker in a battle of acrobatics and athleticism and those 3 guys thinking they would have made better spidermen than the actors. I guess costumes would be optional for the models, I think them in their regular clothing would be more realistic.
And of course, a 1 on 1 of Tom vs Logan as a villain, maybe he could be the final bad guy Tom has to take down alone in a hard ballbusting fight.
Either way this looks to be a fantastic series.

Anonymous said...

I know my ideas are far different from the other ones, because I don't like humiliations or 2-on-1, but I'll try anyway...
1) The 3 spider-men duking it out to decide who's the real one, with lots of mutual ballbusting.
2) The 3 actors fighting to decide who's the best in the role, with lots of mutual ballbusting (again!), maybe a contest where they all squeeze each other's balls and dicks at the same time, a "first to cum" or "first to give" kind of contest.

Anonymous said...

I like Brants idea, but I think it would be mor fun if (say)
They take on the twins and Parker, and all the Spidey’s make it through.
Against Leo, Tristan and Sammy, they manage to take them all on, but Toby is out of commission at the end
Then Andrew and Tom take on Kev, Ben and Colin, and this is where a 2v1 happens, taking out Andrew. However by the time the guys are moving on Tom, he’s defeated his person and manages to best them.
Then it’s a 1vs1 of Logan and Tom, and I’d prefer it to be a surprise who wins here.

Anonymous said...

I second the idea of Toby + Andrew (villains) vs Tom as Spiderman. I love your models, but they don't really fit into the comic theme.

Anonymous said...

I have two thoughts. I really think that there should be some type of story of the three actors all clashing with each other because it's too good to pass up!

The other is have a survival/horde competition on who beats the most villains. Each guest star takes on villains (the BB models as suggested) until he is defeated, and then the other actors take a turn to try and beat the previous score. Just like in video games. The winner's prize might be bashing the balls of the one who scored lowest. In my opinion you have to somehow include the BB boys if the actors are coming to the studio, more fun!

Ballbuster_Lad said...

Just PLEASE bust Andrew Garfield's balls really HARD! I'll love you forever! ❤🖒😁

Anonymous said...

I love Mickey's idea. Always have been a fan of the spider-fail theme

Alex said...

Thanks for your wonderful ideas, guys! Keep them coming! :-))

Anonymous said...

Is this still happening?

Alex said...

Sorry for the long wait! It is still happening, and it‘s happening this month. :-))