Monday, April 23, 2018

Ballbusting Club: My favorite clips (4)

I'm a proud member of the Ballbusting Club, one of the very best ballbusting video sites on the web. It's run by the amazing, multi-talented Knave (of Ballbusting Cartoons fame) and it's unique in it's playful, joyful approach to ballbusting.

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite clips at Ballbusting ClubPeggy in: Warmups #2, an awesome example of Knave's playful and fun approach to femdom.

Here are a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite:

What's the name of the clip?
Peggy in: Warmups #2

How long is it?

Who is in this it?
Peggy and Eegan (aka Knave)

What is it about?
This is one of the original Indestructible Nuts Gym clips, and it has a very playful and fun atmosphere. Peggy is relishing her role as a very hands-on testicle fitness instructor ("Our goal is to get Eegan as swollen as possible!") and she really gives Eegan's nutsack a very thorough workover. After a short nut inspection ("These balls are certainly very attractive - but they definitely could be bigger. Definitely. [...] Let's get these big boys even bigger!") she starts kicking Eegan's nuts relentlessly. The camera work is awesome and the split screen allows you to see Eegan's package bounce in close-up while Peggy is joyously kicking the hell out of it.

Why is it one of my favorite clips at Ballbusting Club?
They are having so much fun! Peggy throws in cheesy jokes ("Let's get kicking!") and little victory dances when she has floored Eegan. I love this clip!

Why am I telling you this?
Because the Ballbusting Club is awesome. Join now! :-))

Full disclosure: I don’t profit from the site’s sales in any way. I’m just a huge fan, and I want it to be around for a very long  time! :-)) 

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