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Beginner's luck (Mike meets Kev and Logan)

Special thanks to Mike for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys trying out new things!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

Featured in this story: Kev and Logan (click for pictures)

Mike’s natural hair color was brown but he had dyed it blond. Everybody else would have looked a bit silly, but on Mike the hair color looked great. The 21 year old athlete was shirtless, his powerful arms and legs and his perfect six-pack – chiseled into him since he was 14 – on full display. He was wearing nothing put a pair of sweatpants that sat low on his hips, showing off his hip bones and a bit of neatly trimmed pubic hair. The sweatpants were loose, but not too loose to show off the outline of his massive, meaty dick and his full, heavy balls. He wasn’t shy about showing off his equipment, and he liked to humblebrag that the girls were always happy. Very happy.

Mike’s perfect, sculptured body and his fantastic looks were only outshined by Mike’s amazing skills at sports. He was a professional kayaker, but there literally wasn’t a single sport that he wasn’t good at. Not Olympics level good, of course, but more often than not he beat his buddies at their favorite sports – even though they had been training for years, and he had just been at it for a couple of weeks. He was able to compete with them even if he had never tried it before.

For his friends, it was mildly irritating and very frustrating.

Right now, Mike was competing with his buddy Kev in a game of darts in the basement of the dorm.

Kev was 20 years old, a tall and handsome young man with muscles in all the right places and a full head of brown hair. He looked great – but not as great as Mike.

And despite the fact that he had been playing darts for years – and had the trophies to show for it – Mike was beating him.

“180!” Mike roared with a fake British accent, imitating the boisterous voice of one of those flamboyant darts referees that he had seen on TV.

Kev rolled his eyes. “This is ridiculous”, he mumbled before picking up a measly 43 points and presenting Mike with a series of three match darts.

Mike wrapped up the game with the first dart, scoring a double 20 and finishing the game.

Kev let out a sigh. “This isn’t as much fun as I imagined”, he muttered.

Mike let out a laugh. “It’s all about precision”, he quipped and playfully smacked his buddy in the groin with the back of his hand. “See?”

Kev groaned in pain and doubled over, clutching his crotch. “Fuck”, he moaned. “Don’t fucking mess with my nuts!”

Mike chuckled. “Oh, come on, it can’t be that bad…” He put his hands on his hips and laughed at Kev’s pain.

Kev groaned, rubbing his sore balls. “You’re kidding, right?” he mumbled. “You know perfectly well that it hurts like hell.”

Mike chuckled. “Sorry, bro. I didn’t mean to make fun of you. It’s just--- all that crying about getting hit in the nuts--- I just don’t get it.”

“What do you mean?” Kev said, grimacing as he reached inside his shorts, carefully checking his nuts for damage.

Mike shrugged, scratching his head. “I just don’t get it”, he repeated. “All that fuzz about your nuts – it’s ridiculous.”

Kev stared at him. “What do you…” Finally, it dawned on him. “Don’t tell me you’ve never been hit in the nuts.”

“Never.” Mike smiled. “So what?”

“Okay”, Kev said slowly. “Okay, let me get this straight. You’ve never been hit in the nuts?”

Mike rolled his eyes. “I told you: never. What’s the big deal about it anyway?”

Kev let out a laugh. “Alright, now I know you’re telling the truth – you’d never ask that question if you had ever experienced the extraordinary sensation that is a good, hard whack in the goolies.”

Mike let out a sigh. “Sure.”

“I mean it”, Kev said. “I’ll show you. I challenged you to a sack tap battle!”

Mike raised his eyebrows. “You sure?”

Kev smiled confidently. “Damn sure”, he said. “But be warned: I’m the best sack tapper ever.”

Mike laughed out loud. “What?!”

Kev grinned and pointed at a trophy that was sitting on a shelf at the far end of the basement, a gilded scrotum with oversized testicles. It was a little dusty but the inscription was easily readable: KEVIN J. STONE - BEST SACK TAPPER EVER.

“Alright”, Mike chuckled. “Let’s do this.”

A few minutes and a lot of painful nutshots later, it was obvious that Kev had made a bad choice. As with many other sports, Mike excelled at sack tapping. He was a natural, elegant and agile in the defense, fierce and effective in the offense, a born sack tapper.

Kev’s balls were swelling rapidly, getting smacked around again and again and again by Mike – who hadn’t received a single strike on target yet.

Kev just couldn’t get near his nuts, and when he did, he blew his chance by hurrying and missing Mike’s nuts, hitting his thigh or his abs or the fat head of his big, meaty dick instead.

Usually, a missed chance like that came back to bite Kev in the form of a mind-numbing, nut-crunching hit to his own goody bag.

Mike let out a laugh. “Damn, this is fun!”

Kev groaned. “You think so?”

With a cocky smile, Mike slapped Kev’s balls, making Kev’s eyes cross as he let out a dry cough. “Fuck”, he croaked in a strained voice. “That was all lefty.”

Mike chuckled. “Want me to even it out?”

Kev groaned and straightened. “What?”

A split-second later, the back of Mike’s hand connected with Kev’s crotch, hitting his right nut dead-on.

“God!” Kev yelled as he doubled over and sank to his knees, moaning in pain as he grabbed his balls, his face a mask of pain. “I give up!”

Mike chuckled as they shook hands. “I really like this game. We should play it again sometime. It’s fun!”

Kev was doubled over, his forehead touching the ground. “Yeah. Maybe. Let me think about it when my nuts aren’t killing me anymore…”

Mike chuckled.

The door opened, and a familiar face appeared in the frame.

“Hey, what’s up?” Logan said cheerfully.

The 18 year old high school wrestler was wearing jeans and a plain white t-shirt. On other people, his clothes would have looked boring, but on Logan they looked cool. He had a handsome face, blond hair, and an athletic body. He came down the stairs and burst out laughing when he saw Kev on the floor, clutching his battered balls.

“Oh man, what’s going on here?” Logan chuckled.

Mike grinned. “We played a game of sack tap. Guess who won.”

Logan laughed. “No fucking way!” He ruffled Kev’s hair. “You lost?!”

Kev groaned. “He’s a natural…”

Logan looked at Mike and smiled. “Yeah, apparently he is.”

“He’s good at everything”, Kev moaned, slowly getting up, cradling his aching nuts.

Logan raised his eyebrows. “Wow. Everything, huh?”

Mike shrugged his shoulders. “It’s a gift.”

Kev looked up at Logan, and his eyes lit up as an idea popped into his head. He turned to Mike and smiled. “Have you ever tried wrestling?”

Logan chuckled. He was a multiple wrestling champion and had countless titles under his belt.

“Actually, I haven’t”, Mike said. “I always wanted to try it, though.”

Kev smiled brightly. “Well, today’s your lucky day.” He put his arms around Logan’s shoulders. “This guy here is the best wrestler I know. I bet you won’t be able to defeat him.”

Mike gave Logan the once-over before nodding his head. “Alright, sounds good.”

Kev turned to Logan. “Okay?”

“Sure”, Logan smiled. “Best of three?”

“Sounds good”, Mike said.

A few minutes later, they had changed into wrestling gear. Logan was wearing his orange high school singlet that fit perfectly, hugging his muscular, athletic body. Mike was wearing a dorm mate’s singlet that was a little tight in the crotch, making his big equipment look freakishly huge.

They had cleared the center of the basement and laid out a wrestling mat. Kev was acting as the ref.

“We haven’t talked about the stakes yet”, Kev said with a smile. His nuts were still aching from Mike’s surprisingly successful attempt at playing sack tap earlier. “What about this: The loser gets kicked in the nuts by the winner and by me.”

Logan and Mike looked at each other and laughed.

Each of them valued their valuables but neither of them saw a reason to object. Logan was reasonably confident of his abilities and didn’t think he’d lose. Mike wasn’t quite so sure of himself but he didn’t think that two kicks in the nuts could hurt all that much.

Logan easily won the first round, and Kev cheered and laughed as he announced the winner, dropping every pretense of being an impartial referee.

“Oh, I can’t wait to kick your fucking nuts”, he said with a smirk at Mike. “I’ll fucking kick your sex life into next week!”

Round two brought a surprise win by Mike. He caught Logan out with a well-applied hold early in the game, evening the score.

“Okay, so the third round will decide about the fate of your nuts”, Kev said cheerfully, confident in Logan’s superior wrestling skills. “Give it your all!”

Much to his surprise, Mike easily won the third round, defeating Logan with a series of highly sophisticated moves and a clear strategy.

“Fuck”, Logan mumbled when he got up, his face red and sweaty, his blond hair ruffled.

“Damn”, Kev mumbled without even trying to hide his disappointment. He had been looking forward to destroying Mike’s manhood. Now he’d be taking part in the destruction of his buddy’s balls. He let out a sigh. “Alright, let’s get it over with. Spread your legs.”

Logan did as he was told, looking decidedly unenthusiastic as he framed his most prized possessions with both of his hands, giving Kev and Mike a very good look at his perfectly outlined dick and balls.

“Do what you gotta do”, Logan said in a low voice, closing his eyes.

Mike couldn’t help but let out a laugh. “You make it sound as if we were at a funeral.”

Logan grimaced. “Well, it’s a funeral for my future kids, isn’t it”, he quipped with a weak smile.

Mike rolled his eyes. “Man up, buddy”, he said.

Then his foot connected.

The sound of Mike’s instep meeting Logan’s precious nuts echoed through the room.

There was a brief moment of silence.

Logan’s eyes widened and crossed.

His mouth opened and he let out a silent scream.

Mike chuckled. “Wow. I’d give you an Oscar for that…”

Kev cringed in sympathy as Logan collapsed on the ground, whimpering in pain, clutching his aching nuggets.

“My nuts!” Logan whispered hoarsely. “My fucking nuts!”

“Your turn now, Kev”, Mike said with a grin before turning to Logan. “Get up and spread your legs.”

“Give him some time”, Kev mumbled.

Mike rolled his eyes. “What a wimp.”

Logan looked up, his face contorted in pain. “You kicked my fucking nuts, man. Show somee compassion!” He got up, groaning, and spread his legs, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth as he braced for the impact.

“He doesn’t know better”, Kev said with a sigh. “He’s never been hit in the nuts.”

Logan’s eyes opened. “What?!”

A split-second later, he was on the ground again, howling in agony and clutching his crushed nuts after a pitch-perfect kick to his manhood from Kev.

“It’s true”, Kev said as he watched Logan writhe on the ground, rubbing his own balls in sympathy. “He has no idea what it feels like to bet hit in the nuts.”

When Logan was able to speak coherently again, he voiced his incredulity in no uncertain terms. “No fucking way.”

Mike let out a laugh. “This is ridiculous. I mean, I don’t get what all the fuss is about. So I have never been hit in the nuts before. Big fucking deal.”

Logan and Kev looked at each other.

“Okay, this is a big deal”, Logan said. “It is a big fucking deal.”

“You can’t be 21 and never have experienced the unique feeling of getting whacked in the goolies”, Kev said, nodding his head gravely.

“I think we’ve got to do something about it”, Logan said. “There’s an easy way to educate you.” He turned to Kev and smiled. “What do you think, Kev?”

Kev’s face broke into a wide grin. “Definitely.”

Mike’s eyes narrowed. “What do you---”

Kev and Logan lunged at him, throwing him to the ground.

Despite his strength and his enormous adaptive capacity, the handsome hunk was overwhelmed by the coordinated attack. There was nothing he could do against the combined effort of Logan and Kev.

“Hit him in the fucking nuts”, Logan grunted, pressing Mike to the ground.

“Fuck yeah!” Kev yelled and delivered a hard punch to Mike’s tender testicles.

Mike’s body convulsed as the unique, unparalleled agony that only a man can feel spread through his body for the very first time.

“Oh god!” he croaked, his stomach cramping, his brain shutting down his motor nerves, paralyzing his body. “Oh my fucking god!”

“Hit him again!” Logan yelled.

Kev did as he was told, sinking his knuckles deep into the tender flesh of Mike’s testicles, flattening his aching balls like pancakes.

Mike howled in pain as red, hot, mind-numbing pain washed through his body. “Oh god!”

Kev and Logan laughed.

“I think he doesn’t like the experience”, Logan quipped.

“And he’s still got a lot to learn”, Kev grinned, driving his fist into Mike’s crotch once again.

Mike wailed in agony and managed to break free of Logan’s grasp.

A moment later, though, he found himself in an even worse position.

Kev was holding his legs, spreading them apart in a wide V.

Logan was standing in front of him, raising his foot before stomping down on the big package in Mike’s singlet, crushing his nuts under hit foot and eliciting a high-pitched wail from Mike.

“Every male has received a certain number of nutshots by the time he’s 21”, Logan smiled at Kev. “Right?”

Kev nodded, holding Mike’s legs apart.

Logan stomped down on Mike’s vulnerable manhood once again. “How many do you think? On average I mean?”

Another stomp found Mike’s nuts, crunching them hard.

“I dunno”, Kev said. “Twenty? Thirty?”

Logan scoffed. “Gotta be more like fifty”, he said, delivering a hard kick to Mike’s nuts, making him howl in agony.

“Yeah, you’re right”, Kev agreed. “Maybe even sixty or seventy.”

Logan nodded and kicked Mike’s nuts hard once again. “Let’s make it an even hundred. Sound good?” He brought his foot down hard on Mike’s tender babymakers.

Mike screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Sounds great”, Kev chuckled. “But before we start let me get in a few stomps as well.”

They laughed and high-fived as the traded places. Logan held Mike’s legs apart, allowing Kev to stomp on his nuts a couple of times, eliciting shrill shrieks and wails of agony from poor Mike.

Again and again, Kev’s foot came crashing down on Mike’s rapidly swelling babymakers, making the handsome, muscular hunk scream from the top of his lungs.

Finally, they allowed Mike to curl up in a ball, groaning and moaning as he clutched his crotch, clasping his bruised, battered balls.

“Let’s have a look”, Kev said gently, prying Mike’s hands away from his manhood before pulling down his pants, exposing Mike’s huge dick and a very impressive pair of big, juicy testicles that had taken on the color of ripe cherries.

“Oooooooh”, Logan chuckled, cringing in mock-sympathy. “That looks bad.”

Kev chuckled and gave Mike’s beet-red, swollen nuts a playful squeeze that made Mike inhale sharply. “Get up, buddy, we’ve got a hundred nutshots for you…”

Mike got up, staring at his aching testicles. He had always liked the size and the shape and the color of his nutsack. Now that the size and the shape and the color had changed slightly, it felt as if someone had taken his sack and switched it with some weird, alien appendage that was sending nauseating pain signals through his body.

“How are you feeling so far?” Kev smiled.

“Not good”, Mike croaked. “Not good at all.”

“Don’t worry”, Logan grinned. “That’s exactly how you’re supposed to be feeling.”

Kev nodded his head emphatically. “Exactly. And you’re about to feel even worse in a few minutes! Did you know that you can pass out from nut pain?”

Mike blinked.

Then Kev’s foot connected with his bare, swollen testicles.
Mike’s voice rose an octave and he let out a comically high-pitched wail that would have made a coloratura soprano proud.

Frozen in pain, Mike’s head was turning as red as his bloated balls that were swinging wildly between his thighs.

“My turn”, Logan said cheerfully before sending another nut-crunching kick into Mike’s groin, brutally flattening his nuts against his body and immediately turning Mike’s soprano swan song for his manhood into a miserable, hoarse croak.

Kev and Logan burst out laughing.

Again and again they kicked Mike’s poor nuts, cheerfully counting the kicks as Mike retched and gagged in agony.

He passed out for the first time after strike number 27, collapsing on the ground with a pitiful whimper.

Kev and Logan looked down at him.

His bright red balls were ridiculously swollen.

“What now?” Logan said.

“Kick number 28”, Kev suggested with a shrug and brought his foot down onto Mike’s swollen manhood with all the force he could muster.

Logan burst out laughing as Mike’s eyes and his mouth opened wide and he let out a silent scream as Kev and Logan cheerfully stomped his nuts in a perfectly coordinated collective effort.

Mike passed out again after strike number 52.

By now, his balls were even more bloated and swollen but – in an unexpected twist – his flagpole had extended to a very impressive length. His long, girthy meat stick was crowned by a perfectly formed mushroom head that was shiny and glistening with precum.

“Awww”, Logan smiled. “Looks like he’s enjoying it.”

“Too bad he won’t be awake for his first nutshot induced orgasm”, Kev said.

Logan nodded and stomped down on Mike’s nuts with his bare feet.

Mike came after strike number 58, and he woke up shortly afterwards, when Kev and Logan continued assaulting his contracting, highly sensitive balls while they were pumping an enormous load out into the open, making his big cock look like a sperm geyser. 

There was a curious expression on his face, a mix of surprise and sadness, unbearable pain and a hint of pride as he watched his dick shoot spurt after spurt of jizz that rained down onto his athletic body, covering him in a sticky layer of creamy spunk.

He passed out again after strike number 74.

“Do you think he'll cum again?” Logan mused, scratching his head.

“I don't know”, Kev said with a skeptical expression on his face. “It's his first time.”

“It’s worth a try”, Logan shrugged his shoulders.

This time, Mike was awake to see the magic happen, and the second orgasm was almost as spectacular as the first one. It happened around strike number 96 or 97, and Logan and Kev decided to add a couple of kicks after they had reached one hundred in order to thoroughly empty Mike’s bloated, swollen balls and get out every last drop of cum.

By now, Mike was a blubbering mess. His eyes were glassy and filled with pain and shock, and he was covered from head to toe in his own cum. His spunk was everywhere, on his face and in his hair, on his abs and in his belly button, on his legs and feet and arms, in his mouth and in his eyes.

Mike’s nuts were ridiculously swollen and a very angry shade of red that looked even more terrifying because of the sperm glazing that really made the color pop.

His big, proud flagpole wilted very quickly.

He had an incredulous expression on his face, his eyes fixed on his mangled, spent manhood.

Logan and Kev looked satisfied.

“Good job”, Kev said, high-fiving Logan.

“Same to you”, Logan grinned. “We’re a great team.”

They laughed and turned to Mike.

Mike looked up at them.

“Now you know what it’s like to be a man”, Kev grinned.

“That's two huge loads”, Logan chuckled, pointing at Mike's sperm-covered body. “Not bad.”

Mike blinked.

“Especially on your first time”, Logan smiled.

Mike was speechless.

“Now who’s up for a little game of pool?” Kev asked with a grin.

“Loser gets hit in the nuts eight times with the eight ball?” Logan suggested cheerfully.

“Perfect!” Kev laughed. “You go first, Mike!”

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