Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Video links: Ryan's treasure trove

Update 05/22/2018: Ryan has informed me that his channel has been terminated by vimeo. Unfortunately, all his videos are lost. Keep your head up, Ryan! We love your work!

The only thing that I love more than a good ballbusting compilation is a great ballbusting compilation - and that, my friends, is exactly what our reader Ryan is offering on his awesome vimeo channel. I can't begin imagine how much work he puts into each of those wonderful clips: After finding great clips from movies and TV shows from all over the world (some of them well-known, some of them rare, all of them awesome!) he edits them and sets them to music. I just can't get enough of them!

Some of you may know Ryan's work: He used to have a youtube channel but it got taken down. Now he is putting all his excellent work into his vimeo channel. If you like nutshots you'll love Ryan's clips!

Here are some of my favorite compilations from his channel.

Ready For It Boys is the source of the screenshot at the top of the post (the scene starts at 0:30) and I love the theme of friends rushing to the aid of a guy who has just been hit in the nuts by a girl...

Ready For It Boys from Ryan on Vimeo.

My favorite part from Boys Style are the hilarious "guys grabbing themself after getting hit in the nuts" scenes that are a recurring theme in this video.

Boys Style from Ryan on Vimeo.

What I love most about Low Low Low Boys is the goofy smile on the guy's face after he gets kneed by a girl at 01:48. Pure comedy gold!

Low Low Low Boys from Ryan on Vimeo.

New Rules Boys held a special surprise for me: It features a nutshot scene from Dougie Howser MD that I had been searching for ages. Glimpses of the scene are scattered through the video, and you can see it in all its nut-crunching, eye-crossing glory at 0:41. Thank you so much for that, Ryan!

New Rules Boys from Ryan on Vimeo.

These are just a few of the awesome compilations on Ryan's channel. One thing's for sure: You have to check it out! :-))


Lenny Bennu said...

Great videos! A bunch of busts I haven't seen before that are really hot!

Also, the link to Ryan's page is wrong. The videos all work though.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Lenny! I‘ve corrected the link. :-))

Anonymous said...

Wowza! Awesome clips! It's wild to see it put to music!

Two questions. What is that one where the purse straps seems to catch that guys nuts, and where does one see the normal clip from Dougie Howser? Anyone know which episode it's from?

Anonymous said...

The purse strap scene is from Inanna Sarkis Instagram and the Doogie Howser scene is from “She ain’t heavy she’s my cousin”

Andy said...

Great music videos! Thanks :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! :-))