Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You want Varsity, don’t ya son?

I wrote this story with my friend Champ who created the awesome piece of art below. Thank you so much, Champ, for your awesome ideas! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our collaboration!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Issac took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” came a deep, loud voice from inside.

The 19 year old college freshman scratched his tousled, practice-matted blond hair and opened the door. He was wearing a tight blue wrestling singlet that did very little to conceal his sweaty, muscular body and especially the young stud’s massive equipment that was putting a strain on the flimsy, shiny fabric. The distinct bulges of two heavy, fat eggs and a stunningly thick and long tube of meat were clearly visible. Isaac was a prime example of budding manhood, a hot and horny teenager with great looks and a perfect body – but right now, as he entered the office, Isaac felt like a little boy…

Isaac opened the door and walked in, his huge package bumping from side to side with every step. The sun was shining through the window where Coach was sitting in a chair behind a big, wooden desk.

“Coach”, Isaac mumbled, absentmindedly tugging at his singlet, making his equipment shift around.

Coach was a handsome man in his thirties with dark stubble ruggedly dusting his jawline and a full head of dark brown hair just beginning to silver at his temples. He was deeply tanned, dressed in a tight-fitting t-shirt and shorts.

Isaac inhaled deeply, taking in the distinct scent of the room. Of Coach.

If Isaac was a perfect example of a male teenager, Coach was the epitome of a man. A muscular, masculine, magnificent stud who smelled of success and sweat and testosterone and---

“What’s on your mind, son?” Coach said in his deep, full voice that sounded like it had the magical ability to make a dude to spontaneously ejaculate his load.  His chiseled face broke into a knowing smirk. He knew that look on Isaac’s face, that fascinated, intoxicated, spellbound look. He had seen it before, many times, usually before a hot suck-and-fuck session with one of his buddies.

Isaac mumbled something unintelligible.

“Speak up, son!” Coach said. He gave Isaac the once-over, his gaze lingering for a moment on Isaac’s bulge that contained the teenager’s fat, meaty dick and his big, juicy, cum-filled balls.

Isaac blushed, shifting uncomfortably. “The Varsity team.”
“What about it?” Coach said, leaning back in his chair behind the wooden desk, putting his hands behind his head and the backwards cap he wore, and spreading his legs wide, allowing Isaac a good look at his own bulging crotch.

His tight shorts were barely able to hold his amazing manhood.

Isaac gulped, obviously distracted by the sight. “I want to--- I--- I need to---“

Coach smirked. “You want to be on the team, huh?”

Isaac nodded.

Coach shifted on his chair and the sun caught his crotch at a different angle, making the huge bulge look even more enticing. It looked like it was glowing in a halo.

The fat, meaty tube inside Isaac’s singlet twitched and expanded. It wasn't a secret that all the guys on the Junior Varsity team, himself included, lusted after Coach. He was everything they wanted to be.

Coach pretended not to notice. “I dunno, son”, he said with an exaggerated sigh. “Do you have what it takes?” He looked at Isaac expectantly. "Varsity level can get... rough."

Isaac gulped. “You’ve seen me at practice, Coach. You’ve seen me wrestle. I know you’ve watched me a lot.”

Coach let out a deep, low laugh. Yeah, he had watched Isaac. Watched his hot, young body writhe and sweat, his muscles flexing. He had had the hots for Isaac all season, eyeing that mouth-watering baseball bat and applebag swinging between his legs, waiting for the right moment. The moment was here. Now it was time to have some fun. This was why he had become a coach after all…

“I dunno”, Coach said and got up from his chair. He walked around the wooden desk and leaned against it, spreading his legs slightly apart. His knee was almost touching Isaac’s muscular thighs.

“Coach, please”, Isaac said. “I gotta make it. I’ll do anything. Anything! I---“ The young wrestler was desperate. He needed this. Needed it badly. His new stepdad and his new stepbrother Chip expected it. If he didn’t make it, they’d fuck his ass hard. Again. The last time, Isaac had walked funny for a week after they had double-fucked his sorry ass with their huge, meaty, ridiculously oversized dicks for what seemed like hours. “Please!”

Without warning, Coach brought his knee up between Isaac’s thighs. It crashed hard into Isaac’s fat, juicy spuds with a dull thud, knocking him up off his feet and the wind out of his lungs.

Isaac let out a deep, guttural grunt as the pain exploded in his spermbags.

“You wanna make Varsity?” Coach chuckled. “Gotta prove it, son.”

Isaac let out a dry cough and croaked an answer.

“What was that?” Coach barked.

“Bring it on, Coach!” Isaac repeated, louder this time. He looked Coach in his brown eyes. If this was what it took to make the team, he’d take it. He had to.

“Are you sure that you are man enough?” Coach asked, his hands going up on Isaac’s inner thighs until they found what they were looking for: Isaac’s huge, fat balls.

Isaac bit his lower lip and nodded quickly. “Bring it on”, he whispered, gritting his teeth.

Coach didn’t have to be told twice. His hands closed around Isaac’s juicy nuts. He took one in each hand and started squeezing. Hard.

Isaac’s eyebrows rose and he let out a deep moan as Coach started wringing the life out of his sugarplums. Coach’s fingers dug into the tender flesh of Isaac’s most precious possessions, pressing deep into the delicate tissue, eliciting deep grunts and low groans from Isaac’s ripe, slightly parted lips.

Coach’s fat, meaty dick started to thicken, tenting his tight shorts, threatening to burst through the fabric as he manhandled Isaac’s young, juicy manhood, brutally crushing the two huge globes with his bare hands.

Suddenly, there was a loud ripping sound as Coach’s engorged member defied the craftsmanship of Asia’s finest tailors, shredding the fabric and breaking free.

Isaac let out a gasp.

Coach’s fat, meaty dick was enormous, one of a kind. Thicker than stepdad’s. Longer than Chip's. It was beautiful, awe-inspiring, simply miraculous and as tan as the rest of him. A marvel of manhood. A wonder of total virility.

Through the hole in Coach’s shorts, his fat nuts tumbled out. They were a perfect match for his fantastic dick. Two heavy, fat, low-hanging plums.

Suddenly, Isaac was brought back to earth again as Coach twisted his balls viciously, yanking them up and flattening them in his vise-like grip at the same time.

Isaac let out a guttural roar of agony, which echoed off the walls of Coach's locker-room office.

Coach let go of Isaac’s fat nuggets, grabbed his shoulders and swiftly switched positions with him, slamming Isaac's ass back against the desk. He kicked Isaac’s ankles apart, sat him up and took a step back.

Isaac was panting heavily, sitting on the edge of the desk, his legs spread, his heavy ballbag dangling between his thighs in the hammock of his singlet. He was in a brand new universe of shattering nut-pain like he'd never known before, and gripped the edge of the desk to brace himself.

With a smirk and a fierce grunt, Coach snapkicked Isaac’s nutsack as hard as he could possibly manage, putting absolutely everything into it and smashing the two precious spuds backward into the hard wood of the desk.

A sharp CRACK! echoed through the room.

Isaac’s beautiful blue eyes crossed instantly, dilating and watering, his jaw dropping.

For a moment, Coach watched Isaac sit completely motionless, tensed and paralyzed and wondered whether the fun was over and the two fragile orbs inside Isaac’s sack had broken into a million little pieces, ending his chances to ever become a father and rendering his big, fat dick completely useless. It had happened before...

A bead of sweat was running down Isaac’s forehead. “Gngh...! Gngh...!” was all that the little stud could pitifully manage. He couldn't even bring himself to reach for his now totally-shattered spuds. Coach could see every last muscle in Isaac's body locked, strained and flexed to their limits, a vein throbbing in the side of his neck.

Coach leaned forward and grabbed Isaac’s ballbag through the singlet, roughly examining its contents. They felt big. Huge. But still firm. Intact. He pulled Isaac’s nuts out of the way and looked at the desk.

A large crack in the wood.

“Damn”, Coach muttered. That desk was very dear to him. He had nailed dozens of hot college guys’ asses on that desk, and face-fucked dozens more, slamming their skulls against the wooden surface. There had been a couple of minor concussions – but the desk had never been damaged. Until now.

Isaac was looking down now, focus slowly returning to his eyes, his face a mask of helpless pain. He was panting heavily, whimpering, sweat covering his entire body and running down his handsome face.

Coach grabbed his head and pushed him down, bringing him to his knees. Isaac’s head was at Coach’s crotch level. Coach’s big, fat, meaty dick was pointing straight at Isaac’s pouty lips, its bulbous head dripping with precum.

“Time for some serious action, son”, Coach muttered before ramming his thick, long shaft down Isaac’s throat as far as he could.

Isaac’s eyes widened as the fat tip of Coach’s schlong slid past his tonsils, stretching his throat and making him gag. He couldn’t help but bone up like a rock, instantly, his massive, glorious dick hard as steel. He couldn’t help it. It was a reflex from when he blew his hot stepbro Chip  every single night.

Coach's dick barely fit. He leaned forward, pushing it a bit deeper inside Isaac’s tight throat. Isaac’s head was leaning against the desk. He had nowhere to go, and still Coach’s dick wasn’t all the way inside.

“Come on, you can take it, son”, Coach grunted, slapping the blond boy’s cheek.

Isaac choked.

“Come on”, Coach mumbled, adding more pressure.

Isaac’s eyes watered and he looked up at Coach with a dick-crazy, lustful, painful, desperate expression in his eyes. His whole jaw and his pink lips were stretched around Coach’s meaty shaft and he let out a gurgling grunt.

Coach chuckled. “Don’t worry, son, we’re gonna get there.” He moved his foot forward until it touched Isaac’s rock hard dick that was straining against the fabric of his singlet. He pushed it out of the way with his toes and focused on Isaac’s huge, fat, throbbing nuggets.

Isaac’s eyes darted around frantically. Speared by Coach’s fat monster, he couldn’t move his head. What was Coach up to?

A second later, he knew.

Coach ground Isaac’s balls into the floor, making them stretch down in their sac and crushing them flat under his size 13 shoe.

Isaac let out a muffled, slurping yelp that was enough for Coach to sink the rest of his fat, throbbing dick all the way down Isaac’s throat, burying Isaac’s nose in his dark pubes as his dangling low-hangers smacked against Isaac’s chin. Coach could feel the little bits of Isaac's blonde stubble, this little man, and his dick fattened even more.

Coach twisted his foot, squashing Isaac’s meaty, brutalized nuts against the cold tile floor, and started fucking Isaac’s face in long, deep thrusts.

Isaac was moaning and gagging, groaning and retching, grunting and choking as Coach and his throbbing member powerfucked the freshman’s throat like there was no tomorrow, grinding his babymakers with his foot the entire time.

Isaac’s fat, meaty dick was throbbing inside his singlet, flexing wildly and moving all on its own. Sticky precum was flowing out of its tip, soaking the thin fabric of his singlet as his testicles were crushed under Coach’s foot. Without even realizing it, almost passionately, Isaac reached around Coach with both arms, hugging him like a tree and clutched his firm, hard, muscled ass to aid him in his thrusting.

"Yeah! Oh fuck yeah! Yeah son! Unh, you want this, fuck yeah little bud, come on, unh...!" Coach grunted and groaned with intensity, slamming his huge dick in and out of Isaac’s throat, holding him by a fistful of his blond hair, his fat family jewels smacking against Isaac’s chin with wet, heavy slaps.

Suddenly, Coach’s balls tightened and pulled up in his sack. That familiar tingling came over his entire body, settling in the base of his mammoth manhood and his eyes began to lose focus. With a low, guttural grunt, he pulled the entire length of his fat, glistening schlong out of Isaac’s mouth, with a wet pop! sound at the very last. Just like a fucking lollipop.

Isaac was panting heavily, his eyes red and glassy, drool running out of his mouth. One hand cradled the wrecked basket of his massive nuts, the other clutching hard at the base of his own granite-hard slugger of a dick.

Coach’s own thick anaconda was twitching violently in the air, at the ready and dripping with spit and precum. But he didn’t want to cum, yet.

He grabbed Isaac by the ear and pulled him up.

“You want to make Varsity?” Coach asked him gruffly, quietly. Almost dangerously. All the sudden Isaac wanted whatever that voice told him, it didn't even matter at this point. Whatever that voice wanted, whatever that rugged, intense, handsome face of his Coach wanted, he would do. Oh God, he would absolutely do anything.

Isaac opened his mouth to tell him but not a sound came out of his sore throat, his body simply unable to form cohesive words at this point. He nodded his head quickly. His body was trembling all over, no more so than his rock-hard meat pillar, which was still flexing within the shiny confines of his team singlet with a mind of its own.

“Gotta prove it, son”, Coach said, one eyebrow raised devilishly, purposefully and with intent.

Then he grabbed Isaac’s nutbag with his giant fist, clutching both of his fat, meaty nuggets in a single grip before brutally, heinously crushing Isaac's valuables, kneading his baby makers into putty.

Isaac found his voice again. “AWWWW! Aw Please, Coach!” he croaked. “Don’t---ohmyfuckinggodAWWW!“ His knees started trembling.

“Listen, son”, Coach said in low, warning tones, even as he ground his fingers further into the little stud's already traumatized bag. “You better not fucking drop, got it, son?” He twisted his fist, crushing Isaac’s nuts with all the force he could muster. Veins began popping out all up his forearm from the sheer strength of it and he honestly didn't know in that moment if it was his knuckles or Isaac's nuts he heard actually cracking. He didn't care.

Isaac’s voice cracked several octaves and he let out an anguished, piercing holler. “Cooooo-ooach!”

“Got it?!” Coach repeated, brutally pulverizing Isaac’s trapped nuts and making him yodel even higher in agony.

Isaac’s eyes opened wide and crossed slightly as he sang a high-pitched rendition of the ‘Ruined Manhood Yodel’, a very popular Swiss anthem, usually performed on special occasions by hapless college dudes just before their nuts are crushed into paste. Really it was nothing more than an unintelligible ululation, a crude falsetto warble that almost sounded like a question, raising up at the ends of the vocals as though in disbelief of itself. 

Isaac’s legs were shaking, his knees buckling in a curious dancing routine that fit perfectly with his vocal performance.

Coach ended Isaac’s foray into musical theater by yanking his ballsack down hard, dropping those huge nuts low and bringing his voice back down again and eliciting a deep, dry cough.

“You want to make Varsity, don’t ya, son?” Coach asked again, squashing Isaac’s nuts as hard as he could.

Isaac looked at him, pleadingly, desperately, his eyes filling with tears. His face scrunched up, his eyebrows knitting together and his eyes crossed again. He just couldn't keep them straight out of the sheer pain. He bit his bottom lip, a curious mixture of confusion and agony on his face.

Coach grinned. He knew that look. That ‘I can take this! – What’s happening?! – I can't hold the cum in anymore!’ kind of look. He'd seen it--caused it--more times than he could count. Poor kid. Just didn’t know how to process what was happening. They never did.

A split-second later, Isaac’s dick stopped flexing, suddenly stiffening straight upwards like a mast. Coach knew this was it and in another instant, Isaac's massive endowment literally exploded with a massive load of cum, gushing out like a fire-hose turned on full blast.

Isaac clamped his fingers into the wooden desk, his knuckles turning white and biting further into his bottom lip as his dick shot spurt after creamy spurt of hot spunk through his singlet, completely drenching Coach with jet after jet after jet of forcefully sprayed spunk. It splashed hard against Coach's beefy, muscled chest and just kept on going. Over him, past him. He could feel it running over his shoulder and down his back in a thick stream, dropping with a wet splatter on his muscled ass cheeks.

Coach had an hard grin on his face as Isaac’s precious nutjuice splattered against his muscular body. His fist was closed around Isaac’s nuts, still crushing the life out of them. Coach felt them throb and pulse and pump, and still he squeezed as hard as he could, squishing every last drop of fresh cream out of them. Isaac was breathing hard and rapidly, grunting like an animal through his nose as his baby blue eyes lost their focus for the third time. He was still cumming hard as they rolled toward each other and then up into the deep furrow of his brow. His face was flush, bright red at his cheeks. The same for his flexing chest. The sight of it almost made Coach blow his own load right then and there.

Finally, once Isaac's Olympic-level orgasm seemed at last to subside, Coach let go. He was smirking with grim-faced satisfaction as Isaac grabbed his destroyed balls, his face red and sweaty, tears streaming down his cheeks. The young stud let out a low, guttural, throaty grunt and started sinking down to the ground.

But Coach wasn't done. He grabbed Isaac and turned him around hard, roughly bending him forward over the desk and savagely ripping off his singlet, exposing Isaac’s smooth, pink ass. He kicked Isaac’s legs apart and brought his knee up between his thighs for good measure, crunching his spent, sore nuts against the desk, making Isaac grunt wrenchingly through his gritted teeth.

Coach’s body slammed against Isaac’s, mashing his spuds against the hard wood of the desk. Coach’s fat, raging meatstick slapped down heavily onto Isaac’s ass, and Coach grabbed Isaac’s hips, starting to hump him, fucking the sweet groove of his fine, muscled ass, sliding over the dip at the small of his back over and over.

Isaac groaned and moaned with every thrust as his still-hard, dripping dick and bruised, swollen balls smashed against the desk while Coach was humping him.

Coach’s breathing quickened and he grunted hoarsely. His long, meaty shaft started twitching before erupting in a powerful geyser of spunk. Coach threw his head back, roaring like a bear and pushing his hips against Isaac’s muscular ass, his dick shooting load after creamy load all over Isaac’s sculpted back and into his hair with force, sounding like a wet slap against the back of the wrestler's blond head. Buckets of spunk rained down on Isaac’s sweaty body, covering the panting freshman in a thick, creamy layer of jizz.

“Fuck ME!” Coach roared, hauling back, his twitching dick continuing to shoot jet after jet of salty spunk. Then He balled his fist and sent it crashing up hard between Isaac’s spread legs, delivering a ballistic, full force knuckle-grinder punch to Isaac’s bare nutsack, completely and utterly annihilating his swollen, spent babymakers against the hard wood desk. A hard sickening SPLAT! echoed through the room as Isaac’s juicy plums were at last turned into jam.

Isaac’s mouth opened in a silent scream, his eyes crossing all over again as he crumpled and came a second time, shooting a second, forceful load all over the desk, into the air and then all over himself and the floor during his pained, slow-motion decent to the tile floor.

Coach smacked Isaac’s bucking ass with the palm of his hand, eliciting a breathless whimper from Isaac while his naked dick continued to spill pumps of semen everywhere, even as Isaac curled up on the floor in the fetal position.

A satisfied smirk on his face, Coach walked around the desk, his dick dripping with cum, his shirt drenched in Isaac’s load. “Alright”, he muttered, opening a drawer of his desk and pulling out a pack of cigs. He sank into his chair, watching the final spurts of cum shoot out of Isaac’s dick.

"Awwww---" was all Isaac could mange, a breathless and pitiful drone of a sound. His eyes were shut tight, a wrinkle at the bridge of his nose, his coated lips parted ever so slightly as he clutched himself.

Coach chuckled and lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply. “Alright, son”, he repeated and exhaled slowly, the smoke of his cigarette clouding the room. He needed to cool it down or he'd want to keep right on going and the poor kid would not be able to take it.

Isaac looked up at him like a puppy, his face wet with sweat and tears, his hair dripping with Coach’s spunk, hanging on to the cum-smeared desk.

“Congrats, kid”, Coach grinned, taking another deep drag from his cigarette. “You made the team.”

Isaac let out a hoarse whimper as he sank back to the floor, covered in cum.

“You can go, now”, Coach said. “See you next week.”

Isaac groaned and crawled out of the room, his ripped singlet hanging from his muscular body in drenched tatters.

“Son?” Coach called after him, making Isaac turn around, his face a mask of pain. “Do some practice with your throat. I expect to go all the way in on the first thrust when we do this again next week. Got it?”

Isaac gulped. His throat was sore but he managed to let out an affirmative grunt.

"Yes, sir, thank you sir," he uttered miserably, but gratefully since he'd gotten what he wanted. He made Varsity. Then turned and dragged himself away.

Coach smirked and took another deep drag, his softening dick slung heavily to the side, a long, thick meaty muscle against his thigh. “Attaboy.” he said. "Attaboy."


Anonymous said...

That's the hottest story in ages! Poor Isaac! Love the drawing too!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :-))