Friday, September 4, 2015

Deep inside

This story is the result of a collaboration between BBustingFanboy and me. We had a great time writing this story together, and we hope you’ll enjoy it, too!

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In addition, there’s a reference to Top trumps: Logan, Kev, Parker and Phil

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: David, Logan and Parker (click for pictures)

Parker looked at David. “You sure you want to do this?“

“Of course”, David snarled. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Parker smiled weakly. The 21 year old gymnast looked at his boyfriend in silence for a moment. Should he tell David that he was worried about his behavior?

David had always been an arrogant asshole, and Parker had fallen in love with him even though he knew that David had an aggressive, demeaning side to him. When they became an item, David had opened up to Parker. He had told Parker things. Personal things.

That changed a couple of weeks ago, when David had been confronted by someone at his apartment. David hadn’t told Parker the details – but apparently it had been a very humiliating and degrading experience. An experience that had deeply upset David. Parker knew that deep inside David was hurt.

And he dealt with his pain the only way he knew how – acting like an arrogant asshole towards everybody, even Parker.

“Why wouldn’t I?!” David snapped.

Parker winced. “It’s just---“

“Oh, shut up”, David hissed and turned away from Parker, taking off his clothes. He stripped down to his underwear, revealing a tight-fitting pair of black briefs that hugged his impressive equipment. The 19 year old had a great body, with six-pack abs, a defined chest and a handsome face. As a professional dancer, his legs were perfect. Muscular and lean, they looked astounding. And everybody who had seen him on the stage knew that he had perfect control over them.

Parker took a step back, admiring his boyfriend’s body. It still felt funny calling David his ‘boyfriend’. A couple of months ago, he never would have dared to hope that David would reciprocate his feelings. David had always been very clear about the fact that he hated queers, and Parker was a rather flamboyant example, with his flaming red hair and his cute face.

But apparently, Parker had been very persuasive…

“Stop staring at me!” David barked. “Fucking faggot.”

Parker smiled. “But I’m your fucking faggot”, he whispered seductively. “And I can’t wait to feel your big, thick---“

“Shut up”, David interrupted him.

Parker blushed. Again, he wondered whether he should tell David that he was worried. He opened his mouth to say something when the door opened and Logan entered the room.

“Ah!” Logan grinned. The 18 year old high school wrestler was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and smiled. He looked from David to Parker and back to David again. “Trouble in paradise?” He chuckled.

“Mind your own fucking business, pretty boy”, David mumbled.

Parker smiled at Logan. “Hi, nice to see you.”

“Nice to see you, too”, Logan said. He glanced at David and grinned. “Not sure about that one, though.”

David rolled his eyes. “Get your clothes off so we can start.”

Logan chuckled. “Can’t wait to see me naked, huh?”

David glared at him. “Just strip!”

Logan shrugged and took off his shoes, his jeans and his t-shirt. He was wearing a baby-blue pair of briefs that were so tight that they were barely able to contain his big, meaty dick and his plump, juicy balls.

“Ready?” David asked impatiently.

Logan grinned and adjusted his crotch. “Sure.”

David nodded and turned to the camera. “Hi, I’m David, and I’m going to show this little punk how to wrestle. When I’m through with him, he’ll be walking funny for the rest of the week!”

Logan let out a laugh. “Damn, that’s original”, he dead-panned before his face broke into a charming smile and he looked into the camera. “I’m Logan, and I can’t wait to fight that asshole over there. Apparently he’s in an a pretty bad mood – and I bet it will get even worse when I’m done with him!” Logan stretched his limbs, flexing his muscles. “I’ve been waiting to teach him a lesson, and I think this is the perfect day for it.” He turned to David and grinned. “Ready to get your ass kicked?”

David rolled his eyes. “You think you can kick my ass?”

Logan shrugged. “Sure.”

David nodded slowly. “Then let’s make things interesting.”

Parker was standing at the sidelines, a worried expression on his face.

“Let’s up the stakes”, David continued.

“What do you have in mind?” Logan grinned.

“Loser gets fucked”, David said calmly.

Logan raised his eyebrows. “Wow. Really?” He chuckled and grabbed his dick through his briefs, outlining the thick tube in the flimsy fabric. “You want to get this in your ass?”

David let out a cold laugh. “It’s your ass that’s going to get fucked, pretty boy.”

Logan chuckled. He looked at Parker whose face was blank. “Alright”, he shrugged. “But don’t complain if you can’t handle it.”

David stared at him.

“Alright”, Logan repeated with a grin. “Loser gets fucked.”

Parker let out a sigh. This was not going to be pretty.

The boys wasted no time and lunged straight for each other’s nuts. Locked tight, the two exchanged slaps and punches, grunting with pain and exertion.

“You definitely know how to hit, I’ll give you that”, Logan said, smiling but wary.

“Can’t say the same for you”, came a scowling David’s reply.

Logan raised his eyebrows and was about to say something back when David’s foot sailed forward and connected with his spuds. The blond hunk’s eyes crossed and he let out a soft moan.

“Though you do give me some nice targets to play with”, David continued.

He repeated his move, lifting Logan off his feet this time and causing him to scream in pain.

“Ouch. That sounded painful.” David was getting cocky now.

Parker winced. Big mistake. Logan had taken a couple of pretty solid shots, but he was no weakling. With David relaxing a little, Parker sensed that it was time for some payback.

Logan fired his hand forward and connected a fist straight into David’s package. The latter’s smirk quickly faded as he silently dropped to his knees.

“Couldn’t hear you, but that definitely looked painful”, Logan said cheerily.

“Fuck you”, David spat and sent his palm towards Logan’s bulge.

Unfortunately for him, the wrestler saw it coming and grabbed it instead. With David looking on with wide-eyed surprise, Logan fell onto his own back. At the same time, he sent his foot up between David’s thighs and used his grip and his momentum to lift the scrawnier fighter into the air.

David was left looking down at Logan, his hands trapped in his opponent’s tight vice, his body suspended on just one foot with all the pressure focusing on his gonads.

David was screaming from the top of his lungs and, for a moment, it looked like he’d just give up. Logan couldn’t hold him up for too long though and let him drop and curl up into a ball.

Parker watched them, wringing his hands and biting his lower lip.

As David was writhing on the floor, Logan got up to stretch a little – only to be greeted by a head-butt to his nether regions. The impact echoed across the studio as Logan toppled to his knees, groaning in agony, now face to face with David.

Both boys were clearly in pain, but David had had more time to recover and was able to latch on to Logan’s unprotected package with a claw. Logan groaned as David started squeezing harder.

“I’ll admit, you’ve got some nice-sized plums. Which makes it really easy for me to do this!” David sneered.

Logan’s voice went an octave higher as David started twisting his balls.

But he wasn’t out of it yet. Logan retaliated by grabbing David’s balls and squeezing hard, too. David yelled and twisted harder, only for Logan to return the favor.

Soon enough, both of them were tenting and leaking pre-cum as the squeezing continued. But David was beginning to weaken and after a particularly rough yank from Logan, he let go and started to frantically try and pull away his opponent’s grip.

“Hah! Now for some fun!” Logan grinned and, keeping hold of David’s nuts, stood up. The pain directed David to stand up too.

“You know, this is illegal in school wrestling, but I think I can get away with it here.” With that, Logan lifted David up in a ball and claw move, causing him to yodel in pain.

David spat out a loud “FUCK YOU!"

Logan let him drop to the floor, but before he could protect himself, David found his feet being opened wide, and Logan’s foot came crashing down on his precious jewels.

David let out a falsetto shriek and Logan quipped, “I thought you were a ballet dancer, not an opera singer!”

Parker took in a sharp breath. He knew David hated being taunted like that and Logan had probably just made big mistake with his choice of words...

Sure enough, David seemed to get a new burst of energy. When Logan lifted his foot to stomp his nuts again, David suddenly yanked his own legs back and the muscular blond was on the receiving end of both David’s feet colliding with his balls.

Logan staggered back with a surprised and pained yelp as David got up. Miraculously, the black-haired 19-year-old was walking confidently and showed no physical signs of having suffered some pretty nasty ball abuse only seconds earlier. The anger in his eyes told a different story however.

Before Logan knew what was happening, David grabbed his shoulders and hissed, “My turn now!” He proceeded to send knee after nut-crunching knee into Logan’s unprotected nuts.

Logan was shrieking in pain and whimpered in relief when David stopped kneeing him.

David wasn’t finished though.

Keeping one hand on Logan’s shoulder to steady him, David reached down with his other hand and pulled off his briefs to reveal a chubby dick and a pair of very swollen testicles.

Logan groaned. “Fuck. Please. Don’t.” But David wasn’t paying any attention to him any more.

“How about I show you what I can do with these ballet legs, huh?” With that, David shoved Logan against the nearest wall. Before Logan could slide down, though, David’s right foot shot out like a spear and hit both of Logan’s precious spuds head-on.

Logan mouth opened and his eyes watered. “FUUUUUUU---“ His cry ended in a gurgle when David’s toes, now embedded in his scrotum, started squeezing.

“Bet you’ve never been milked by someone’s feet before, have you?” David whispered with a smirk. His torso was much leaner than Logan’s, but it suddenly became very clear that his legs were in a completely different league. The muscles in his thighs stood out in sharp relief as he kept squeezing, and Logan’s groans went from full-throated to wheezing in just a few minutes.

Just from the stimulation of David’s nimble digits, Logan’s cock, already semi-hard at the start of the torture, went up to full mast. Another minute went by before it blew, releasing spurt after spurt of cum into the air.

David grinned and let go of Logan’s balls, only to send another nut-crunching kick into his opponent’s now-active lovespuds. Logan yelled in pain as the force of the kick caused his spurting cock to bounce off his stomach before collapsing to the ground.

“Fuck. I gmnbph.” It seemed David didn’t want a submission just yet as he sat down across Logan’s face and pinned Logan’s arms between his powerful legs.

“Sorry, can’t hear you. You’re going to have to speak louder. Maybe I can help.” David sneered as he balled up both his fists and sent them crashing into Logan’s crotch.

Logan’s yells were muffled by David’s butt as he had his nuts turned to mush.

“Erm. David?” Parker said softly. He had been quiet through the match but he felt like he couldn’t stay silent any more.

“What?!” David spat, his eyes focused on his opponent’s horribly swollen ballsack.

“I think he’s trying to give up”, Parker said weakly.

“You think so?” David had a cold smile on his face as he pounded Logan’s hapless nuts.

 Logan’s blubbering was pitiful as his balls kept getting hammered.

Parker cleared his throat. “I do”, he mumbled.

David continued with his work, but looked up at Parker, a manic expression on his face. “Too bad”, he said with an evil smirk and kept smashing Logan’s nuts with his fists.

Suddenly, Logan’s balls contracted again and his cock let go of another load.

Parker grimaced in sympathy, but couldn’t help but admire his boyfriend. After all, he had successfully managed to pound a second load out of Logan’s battered balls, an impressive puddle of cum that settled in the ridges of Logan’s tight abs.

Finally satisfied, David got up, letting his opponent suck in some air. Logan was too exhausted to even curl up into a ball. He just stared at the ceiling, his abs drenched in his own spunk, his balls a mass of bruises and swelling, his cracked voice repeatedly saying, “I give, I give, I give, I give...”

David got up and stretched out. “Damn, I think my hands might have cramped from all that exercise.”

He stripped off his briefs, his impressive manhood shooting up to its full size.

Parker bit his lower lip and sighed. Poor Logan. This was not going to be pretty. “Okay”, he said softly. “You beat him. You pounded two loads of cum out of him. You feel better now, right? Let’s just forget about the rest and go home.” He looked at David, knowing that he’d never back down, but hoping he would nevertheless.

David turned to Parker and their eyes locked.

Parker inhaled sharply.

Without a word, David turned away again and focused his attention on Logan who was lying on his back. With a mean smirk, David turned Logan onto his stomach and unceremoniously shoved three of his fingers up Logan’s hole. Logan let out a surprised, pained grunt from the unwanted invasion. Smirking, David used his dominant position to force Logan to his feet.

“Don’t worry, you’re still going to get fucked”, David whispered into Logan’s ear. “You’re gonna get fucked good and hard.” He started walking Logan around the room on his tip-toes. The blond high school wrestler was grunting and groaning in grimacing in pain as David’s fingers were deep inside his aching asshole. “But before that”, David continued, “I have a question I need to ask you.” His fingers were still up Logan’s ass and the wrestler was sagging onto his arm for support, clearly still in pain. “Did you fuck my boyfriend?”

Parker’s eyes widened with surprise.

David wiggled his fingers inside Logan’s ass and Logan let out an anguished grunt. “I never fucked him, never”, Logan groaned.

“Oh, yes, you did!” David hissed, shoving his fingers deeper into Logan’s hole.

Logan turned to Parker, looking for help, his face contorted in agony. “But I---“

“You did”, Parker mumbled. “It was part of a game.”

Logan blinked. “Oh, right, I remember”, he mumbled. His dick twitched involuntarily.

“Parker never got a chance to return the favor”, David hissed. “Until now.” He twisted his fingers inside Logan’s butt, making him scream in pain.

David shoved Logan to the ground where he curled up in a ball, his violated asshole gaping open. David turned to Parker. “Take your clothes off and get over here.”

Parker shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know if---“

“Now!” David barked.

Parker winced and did as he was told. He took of his bright green jeans and his pink t-shirt. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his dick slapped against his abs, hard and ready.

David had an evil grin on his face. “Look at that hole”, he whispered, propping Logan up and making him bend over so that he was on all fours. He smacked Logan’s ass cheeks with the palm of his hand, eliciting an anguished groan and leaving a red handprint on Logan’s pale ass.

David spread Logan’s butt cheeks apart, exposing his gaping hole. “Look at that hole”, he whispered. “You’re gonna love it…”

Parker gulped. He looked up at David. “I don’t know”, he said softly. “I mean, what if he doesn’t---“

“He lost”, David said coldly. “He lost fair and square. Now he’s gonna get fucked.” He looked at his boyfriend. “By you.”

Parker looked down at Logan’s ass. He licked his lips. “Looks delicious”, he mumbled.

David grinned. “Try it.”

Parker swallowed. Then he leaned over and buried his tongue inside Logan’s ass.

Logan let out a moan as Parker’s tongue explored his insides.

David watched him, his dick straining against the fabric of his briefs.

Finally, Parker came up for air, panting heavily. His dick was rock hard and leaking precum.

“Fuck him”, David grinned.

“Yeah”, Parker mumbled. He lay on his back and spat into his palm, rubbed his cock a couple of times. His dick was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling.

David turned to Logan. “Sit down on his dick”, he said with an evil smile.

Logan let out a pitiful whimper.

“Come on!” David spat before launching a mean, hard kick at Logan’s nuts.

Logan let out an anguished scream and straddled Parker, lowering his ass on Parker’s dick.

Parker swallowed hard, watching the fat tip of his cock touch Logan’s puckered hole.

“Sit down”, David whispered, his own dick twitching. “Ride that cock.”

Parker bit his lower lip and stared at his dick that was pressing against Logan’s back door.

“Come on”, David urged him and grabbed his shoulders.

Logan let out a groan.

Suddenly, David pushed Logan down, making Parker’s dick disappear inside Logan’s ass. It went all the way in until Logan’s ass cheeks touched Parker’s hips.

Parker let out a long, deep moan as Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Shut up and ride it, bitch”, David mumbled. He reached inside his briefs and pulled out his own dripping dick before straddling Parker’s legs and shoving his cock into Logan’s wide-open mouth.

Logan gagged as David’s dick slid into his throat and past his tonsils.

David grabbed Logan’s head and buried his dick deep inside Logan’s mouth until his pubes touched Logan’s mouth.

Then they started fucking him.

Logan gagged and retched and moaned, his mouth and his asshole filled with meat.

Parker and David treated Logan like a sex doll.

David had a vise-like grip on Logan’s head, thrusting his dick in and out of Logan’s mouth while Parker did the same with Logan’s ass, fucking him deep and hard, bouncing him up and down on his cock.

Logan’s gagging and slurping noises filled the room and mixed with David’s and Parker’s moans of pleasure and with the sound of Logan’s cheeks slamming against Parker’s body with every powerful thrust.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Parker grunted.

David yanked his dick out of Logan’s mouth, leaving Logan panting and retching, trying to catch his breath, his throat sore and hurting.

“No, you don’t!” David mumbled and brought his leg back and sent it crashing between Parker’s thighs, catching both of his juicy babymakers dead-on and flattening them against his body.

Parker let out a scream as his rising orgasm was violently aborted by David’s well-placed kick.

“What the fuck?!” Parker howled, his dick buried deep inside Logan’s hole.

“We’re not finished, yet”, David whispered into Parker’s ear, pushing Logan forward and kneeling between Parker’s legs.

“Yeah, apparently not”, Parker moaned.

“We’re gonna fuck him together”, David grinned and brutally shoved his fat hard dick into Logan’s hole alongside Parker’s.

The three boys moaned in unison.

With Logan’s hole filled to capacity, David and Parker started humping him, their dick rubbing against each other in Logan’s tight ass.

Their eyes locked, Parker and David rammed their hot, hard fucksticks into Logan’s stretched, sore hole.

“I love you”, David whispered, slamming his fat, hard dick into Logan’s ass.

“Love you, too”, Parker replied, panting, sweat running down his cute face as he powerfucked Logan’s butt.

“I hate you”, Logan groaned.

The three boys came simultaneously.

David and Parker flooded Logan’s guts as Logan experienced his third orgasm of the day, his dick spurting out jet after jet of sticky cum that coated Parker’s abs and chest in a creamy layer of jizz.

“Holy fuck”, Parker whispered breathlessly.

David grabbed Logan and pulled him off of their cocks, shoving him to the floor where he curled up in a ball, groaning and moaning, cum running out of his sore, gaping hole.

David and Parker looked into each others’ eyes.

Their lips touched and they shared a passionate, intimate kiss. Their spent dicks were rubbing against each other, their bodies glued together by Logan’s sticky cum.

Logan let out a long, miserable groan. His balls were bruised and battered, his dick was sore after three massive cumshots, and his loose, red asshole felt like a worn rubber band.

David looked at Parker and reached between their bodies, grabbing Parker’s nuts. He squeezed them playfully and whispered, “Did you like that?”

Parker let out a moan. “Fuck yeah”, he giggled.

David kissed Parker on the lips and turned to Logan. “What about you?” he asked sharply.

Logan looked up, his eyes filled with tears. He hesitated. “I---“ He bit his lower lip. His mind was racing. What answer did David want?

“Did you like it?” David repeated, louder this time. He moved away from Parker and got up, towering over Logan.

Logan blinked. “Yes?” he said weakly.

“Is that a question?” David said sweetly with a cold smile.

Logan cleared his throat. “I liked it”, he said firmly. “Loved it.”

David stared at him in silence for a moment. “Wrong answer”, he finally said with an evil smile.

Logan’s face went pale.

David grabbed Logan’s feet, lifted them up and spread them in a wide V.

“No”, Logan croaked. “Please, don’t---“

David sent his foot crashing down on Logan’s swollen, bruised nuts, squashing them under his sole like a big, meaty bug.

Logan screamed like a banshee as David twisted his foot, squishing Logan’s hapless testicles underneath.

Miraculously, Logan’s dick sprang to life once more while David was crushing his poor, aching nuts.

Logan was screaming and panting and groaning in agony as his sore, bruised, pitiful balls were viciously flattened by David’s powerful foot.

His orgasm was a gruesome, pitiful sight. It was as if David was pressing out the very last drops out of a toothpaste tube – only Logan’s cum didn’t have the consistency of toothpaste. It was a couple of meager splashes of watery jizz, like soapy water running out of a leaking faucet.

Logan’s face was a mask of agony, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open, screaming in a hoarse voice that sent shivers down Parker’s spine.

David chuckled. He brought his leg back and sent a final, nut-crunching kick into Logan’s poor, spent babymakers.

Logan’s body went limp and he passed out, the pathetic results of his orgasm cooling in a sticky puddle on his defined abs.

David turned to Parker and smiled. He dipped his index finger into the puddle and brought it to Parker’s mouth. “Got a treat for you, baby.”

Parker couldn’t help but chuckle as he sucked on David’s fingertip.

“You okay again?” Parker asked softly, taking David’s hand.

David gave a short nod.

“Good”, Parker smiled. “You know, maybe we should do this more often.”

David raised his eyebrows.

“Do stuff together”, Parker said with a loving smile. “Share things.” He dipped his finger into the puddle of watery cum on Logan’s body and held it up.

David looked at Parker’s wet fingertip for a moment. Then he closed his eyes and wrapped  his lips around Parker’s fingertip, tasting Logan’s cum and Parker’s sweat.

“I want you inside me”, Parker whispered into David’s ear. “We can use Logan’s cum for lube.”

David smiled, his dick twitching. “Fuck yeah!”


Nicehunter said...

that was far too hot. i feel really sorry for Logan. he needs some top time with someone But parker and DAvid at the same time in the same hole. too hot

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor, poor Logan! Loved it though, nice one! Can't wait to see what else happens after this :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

@anonymous (1):
Yeah, Logan has been through a lot lately. But he's a tough guy, and I'm sure he'll be alright... :-))

@anonymous (2):
I haven't thought about a sequel, yet. Now that David's back to normal, he and Parker will live happily ever, I guess. :-))

olon said...

I think that Logan should have a revenge against David and Parker, I really cannot stand them.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, olon! I understand that you hate David. He's an asshole. But Parker? Isn't he just a nice guy who has fallen in love with a bad guy? I'll think about your suggestion... :-))

olon said...

Thanks for your answer, Alex. Probably you are right, David is such an asshole that he reflects his badness even to who loves him. What about if david becomes abusive towards Parker and Logan give him a well deserved lesson?

Alex said...

Thank you, olon! I love your idea! I'll see what I can do... :-))