Friday, September 11, 2015

Favored to lose (Carlos meets Ben and Kev)

Special thanks to Carlos for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys a nice ballbusting competition!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

“Forty-one! Forty-two!” Carlos watched the two muscular studs, a huge grin on his handsome face. The 19 year old Latino was athletic and handsome. Not only had he a perfect swimmer’s body, a full head of black hair and a strikingly handsome face, he also sported a very impressive bulge in his sweat pants. He was shirtless, his muscular chest and six-pack abs on full display.

He was sitting on a bench, watching Kev and Ben who were doing push-ups in front of him.

“Come on”, he grinned, “show me what you got! Fifty-eight! Fifty-nine!”

Kev and Ben were panting and grunting with effort. They were 20 years old, two All-American jocks with strong, powerful bodies and muscles in all the right places.

Their arms were shaking as they both were on the verge of giving up. But the stakes were high in this competition: Carlos was the judge, and he dealt out the punishment, coming up with increasingly painful ways to hurt the two jocks’ manhoods.

In round one, the boys had climbed up a rope. Ben had emerged victorious, and Kev had suffered five playful backhand-slaps in the nuts while Ben did a little victory dance.

The tug-of-war in round two had been a close call, but Ben won once again after Kev inexplicably slipped on the ground. Again, Ben did a victory dance. And again, Kev suffered five nutshots courtesy of Carlos who went with a series of hard smacks that elicited some rather hilarious groans from Kev.

“Sixty-four! Sixty-five!” Carlos yelled cheerfully. “Come on!”

Carlos was having the time of his life. Watching Ben and Kev compete with each other, their bodies glistening with sweat, their tight shorts clinging to their muscular bodies, gave him a major boner.

Truth be told, Carlos had a major man crush on Kev. Ben was a nice guy, but for Carlos, Kev was the grand prize, a hot stud with a great body, a hilarious sense of humor and – what mattered most – a nice, big package between his muscular thighs.

Carlos grinned. Being a ref was fun. There was no way he’d let Kev win a single round. He had already successfully sabotaged the tug-of-war – and he’d find a way to make Kev lose the other rounds as well…  Kev’s fat plums were in for a serious beating.

“Seventy-two!” Carlos shouted.

The pain in Kev’s balls seemed to take a toll on him. He was grimacing in pain. His muscular arms were shaking.

With an exhausted grunt, Kev collapsed on the ground.

“You lose!” Carlos laughed. “Again!”

“Fuck yeah!” Ben roared, jumping up and dancing around wildly. “I’m the fucking king of the world!” He turned to Kev who was lying flat on his belly. “Ready to get your nuts crunched, buddy?” He burst out laughing.

Kev chuckled. “Fuck you.” He got up and stood in front of Carlos, spreading his legs. He grabbed his bulging crotch and squeezing his impressive package, grinning at Carlos. “Alright, crunch them, buddy. How do you wanna do it?”

Carlos laughed. “Well”, he grinned. “I haven’t decided yet. Kicks or punches – what do you prefer?”

Kev grimaced comically. “That’s a tough call.”

Carlos chuckled. “Yeah. Need any help with the decision?”

Kev shrugged. “Yeah, sure”, he said with a grin.

“Well, all I can say that I used to play soccer”, Carlos grinned. “And I love working out with the speed bag.”

Kev raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “That doesn’t really help…”

“Oh, it helps a lot”, Carlos winked at him. “Especially when you’re kicking or punching nuts!”

The three guys burst out laughing.

“Let me ask my balls for advice”, Kev dead-panned and reached inside his sweat pants, weighing his nuts in his hand, a thoughtful expression on his face. “Alright, fellas, what do you think?” Kev pretended to listen to his testicles. “Speak up, fellas, we can’t hear you…” He changed his voice into a falsetto. “Kick us! Kick us! We want to feel those soccer player legs!”

Ben and Carlos were laughing their asses off.

“Well”, Kev grinned, talking in his normal voice again and pulling his hands out of his pants. He spread his legs wide apart. “You heard them.”

Carlos chuckled and pointed at his muscular legs. “You sure?”

Kev gulped comically. “I’m not. But apparently my nuts are.” He chuckled. “So let’s see what you can do with those legs…”

Carlos laughed. “Sure!” He brought his leg back and sent it crashing into Kev’s groin, flattening his bulge and eliciting an anguished grunt.

“Fuck!” Kev groaned through his gritted teeth, slowly doubling over and putting his hands on his knees. “Not bad”, he added in a strained voice. “But I’m sure you can do better…”

Carlos let out a laugh and kicked Kev’s balls with all the force he could muster. His instep connected with Kev’s fat meatballs and a sickening thud echoed through the room.

Kev let out a gasp and his eyes crossed comically. “Bullseye”, he whispered. “You go them both dead-on.”

Ben and Carlos cheered and clapped their hands while Kev doubled over, cupping his crotch and groaning in agony.

“Awesome!” Ben chuckled. “He won’t be having sex for a week!”

Carlos laughed. “I’m not done yet – let’s see if we can make that a month!”

Despite the pain he was in, Kev let out a laugh. “My nuts are tougher than you think, buddy.” He spread his legs and put his hands behind his head, grimacing in anticipation of the next blow to his bulging manhood.

Carlos brought his leg back and smashed Kev’s nuts as hard as he could, lifting him off the ground and making him howl in agony.

“What do you think?” Carlos grinned at Ben. “A month?”

Ben scratched his chin. “Not quite, I think. But you’ve got two more kicks left, right?”

Carlos adjusted his crotch and chuckled. “Oh yeah.”

It took a little while until Kev was able to go on. His face was a mask of pain and he had trouble standing upright. 

Carlos foot connected with Kev’s testicles with a dull thud. The sound of his nuts smacking against his body inside his loose sweat pants echoed through the room.

Kev let out an anguished howl that caused Ben and Carlos to burst out laughing as Kev doubled over, clutching his crotch.

For the final kick, Carlos took a couple of steps back before delivering a thunderous kick to Kev’s balls that lifted him off the ground, screaming in agony. He collapsed on the ground, kicking his legs and clutching his crotch, grunting and groaning in pain.

“That seals it”, Ben laughed. “No sex for a month.”

Carlos watched Kev writhe on the ground, absentmindedly rubbing his raging erection through his pants. It was quite an impressive tent that Carlos was sporting.

It took a little while until Kev was able to continue. Grimacing in pain, he managed to smile weakly, rubbing his sore manhood as Carlos announced the next challenge.

“Arm wrestling”, Carlos smiled. “Loser gets punched in the nuts.”

Kev let out a groan. “Fuck”, he moaned. “I don’t stand a chance.”

“Ha!” Ben laughed. “You’re gonna be in so much pain tonight!”

Kev grimaced, massaging his bulging crotch. “I don’t think it can get any worse”, he said with a weak grin.

“Oh, it can”, Carlos chuckled.

Kev and Ben sat opposite each other at a table, with Carlos acting as the referee.

“Go!” Carlos yelled.

Immediately, the two contestants’ faces scrunched up in effort as each of them tried to get the upper hand.

Soon, sweat was dripping from their handsome faces and they were grunting and groaning.

Carlos watched them, a huge grin on his face.

It was quite obvious that Kev was struggling. His muscles were bulging and his arm was shaking.

Carlos’ smile widened. He had prepared Kev’s side of the table with just a little bit of oil - just enough to let Kev’s elbow slip without making him suspect any manipulations.

Sure enough, it only took a couple of seconds before Ben was able to defeat him.

“Fuck yeah!” Ben yelled. “I’m the fucking king of the world!” He thumped his bare chest with his fists. “You nuts are fucking toast, buddy!” He roared with laughter.

Kev looked at Ben and sighed. “My nuts are toast…”

Carlos grinned. “You know, since your nuts are toast anyway, why don’t you lose your pants?”

Kev turned to Carlos and chuckled. “You’d like that, huh?”

Carlos shrugged. “Those flimsy pants of yours don’t offer that much of protection anyway, right?”

Kev laughed. “You’d like to really ruin me, huh?”

Carlos grinned cheekily. “I’ll certainly try…”

Kev ran his hand through his short brown hair. He sighed and looked at Ben. “What do you say, buddy?”

Ben laughed. “Strip naked, buddy.”

Kev gulped comically. “Alright.” He slipped out of his sweat pants, revealing his big, meaty dick and the hefty pair of gonads that was hanging low in his sack.

Kev grabbed his balls and looked at them, letting out a deep sigh. “They’re fucking swollen already.”

Ben and Carlos laughed.

“Wait till you see them when we’re done!” Carlos chuckled.

Kev spread his legs, letting his lowhangers dangle vulnerably between his thighs. His dick was semi-hard and hanging right in front of his babymakers.

Carlos got down on his knees. He licked his lips and grabbed Kev’s dick with his left hand, getting it out of the way to have a clear shot at his nuts. He balled his right fist and smashed Kev’s nuts with a hard uppercut that nailed the two dangling orbs dead-on.

Kev howled in pain as his Carlos’ knuckles dug into the tender flesh of his swollen babymakers, flattening them like pancakes and ramming them into his body.

“Fuck yeah!” Ben laughed, watching his buddy’s face contort in agony as the pain radiated through his body.

Carlos had a huge smile on his face as he pummeled Kev’s nuts again and again, crunching Kev’s nuts with four more rapid fire punches.

Kev was wailing in pain, sweat running down his face.

He collapsed on the ground, squirming in agony and cupping his sore balls with both of his hands.

“Well done!” Ben chuckled and high-fived Carlos.

Carlos grinned proudly, his huge erection tenting his pants.

They watched Kev, mocking his pain and joking about the consequences.

“He’ll be limping for the rest of his life!” Ben chuckled.

“And his kids, too!” Carlos chimed in. “If he has any.”

Ben and Carlos burst out laughing.

When Kev had recovered and regained his ability to get to his feet, Carlos announced the next challenge. He held up two jump ropes and grinned. “The loser will get ten mule kicks into the nuts”, he grinned and handed the ropes over to Ben and Kev.

Kev let out a groan. “Ten?”

Carlos chuckled. “Too few? Okay, let’s make it twenty.”

Kev’s eyes opened wide. “Twenty?!”

Carlos smiled. “What about fif---“

“Twenty’s fine”, Kev interrupted him quickly. “Twenty’s perfect.”

Carlos laughed. “Alright, let’s do this!” He waited until Kev and Ben were ready to start. “Ready, steady, go!”

Immediately, Ben and Kev started jumping.

In his stark naked state, Kev was at a considerable disadvantage. His junk was flopping around wildly. The sounds of his dick smacking against his abs and of his swollen, bruised nuts smacking against his thighs echoed though the room, accompanied by Kev’s moans and groans as the pain radiated from his jiggling balls.

Despite the obvious and very visible pain that Kev was in, he managed to keep up with Ben and stay in the race.

Carlos watched him, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, his eyes fixed on Kev’s junk. His cock inside his sweat pants was hard as a rock, and there was a damp spot where the head of his dick was outlined in the thin fabric.

Soon, both Ben and Kev were sweating profusely, their naked upper bodies glistening as they jumped up and down.

Carlos looked at them. Despite Kev’s disadvantage, Ben was rapidly losing ground. Carlos bit his lower lip. He wanted Kev to lose. He wanted to smash his juicy, swollen balls and really finish him off.

Carlos looked around, trying to come up with an inconspicuous way to throw Kev off balance. His eyes fell on Kev’s sweat pants that were lying on the ground, dangerously close to where the jump rope hit the floor on every jump.

Taking a step forward, Carlos nudged them with his toes into the way of the jump rope, and, sure enough, they got caught in the rope, making Kev stumble and lose his rhythm. The rope hit his feet and the game was over.

Kev let out a frustrating grunt, throwing the jump rope to the ground.

Ben stopped, panting and breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath, too exhausted to celebrate his victory. “That was close”, he mumbled in between breaths. “I was sure I was gonna lose this round…”

“Fuck”, Kev grunted. “Those damn pants.” He kicked them away.

“You should have been more careful, man”, Ben said with a weak grin. His face was glistening with sweat.

Carlos grinned. “Spread your legs, man!”

Kev let out a deep sigh and did as he was told.

Carlos stood in front of him and turned around so that his back was facing Kev.

Ben was doubled over, catching his breath. He looked up at Carlos whose crotch was right at Ben’s eye level.

Carlos mule-kicked Kev’s nuts with all the force he could muster, smashing his foot into Kev’s crotch and driving his sore, sweaty, swollen balls into his body with a sick thud.

Kev let out an anguished wail as his nuts were crushed by Carlos’ foot.

Ben stared at Carlos’ crotch where his dick twitched and the damp spot grew larger all of a sudden.

“Wait a minute”, Ben mumbled. “Wait a minute!”

Carlos looked at him, a quizzical expression on his face. His eyes followed Ben’s gaze and he looked down at his raging boner.

Ben straightened. “Wait a minute!” he repeated.

Carlos raised his eyebrows. “What?”

Behind him, Kev was doubled over, groaning and moaning in pain, clutching his aching balls.

“Now I get it!” Ben said slowly. “He’s your favorite! That’s why he’s losing all the time! I mean, I know I’m better than him. But you rigged the game because you wanted him to lose!”

Carlos smiled.

“Fuck! You let me win because you wanted to bust his balls!” Ben said.

Carlos shrugged. “So what?” he grinned.

Ben blinked. “But… Why?”

Carlos raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“Why do you like him better than me?” Ben asked.

Carlos shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. He’s hotter.”

Ben let out an incredulous laugh. “What?!”

“He’s hotter than you”, Carlos said with a smile. “Sorry.”

Ben stared at him. “No fucking way! I’m hot! I’m hotter than him!” He struck a pose, showing off his muscular arms and chest, looking at Carlos with a pleading smile on his face.

Carlos shrugged.

“Oh, come on”, Ben mumbled. “Look at this!” He pulled down his pants, exposing his big dick and his impressive set of nice, plump balls. “I’m fucking hot!”

Carlos shrugged again.

“Come on”, Ben insisted in an almost whiny voice. “That’s a fucking hot dick and a fucking hot pair of nuts!” He grabbed his junk with his hand and shook it, looking at Carlos with a hopeful smile.

“You’re alright”, Carlos grinned. “But he’s hotter.” He pointed at Kev who was nursing his battered balls, grimacing in pain.

“You can’t be serious!” Ben insisted, looking down at his junk. “That’s prime meat! I mean, look at this!” He jerked his dick a couple of times until it stood at full attention.

Carlos remained unimpressed.

Ben looked at Carlos’ crotch where his erection was starting to whither.

Ben shook his head in disbelief.

“I’m ready”, Kev mumbled, taking his position behind Carlos and spreading his legs wide apart.

Carlos brought his leg back and crunched Kev’s nuts as hard as he could with a well-placed mule-kick, making Kev scream from the top of his lungs and stumble backwards.

Ben’s eyes widened in disbelief as he watched Carlos’ dick twitch and squirt out a new batch of precum that made the damp spot on the front of his pants grow larger. “You gotta be fucking kidding me!”

Carlos grinned.

Inhaling sharply, Ben stood in front of Carlos and spread his legs, holding his dick against his abs. “Kick them.”

Carlos chuckled. “You sure?”

“Fucking kick them already!” Ben yelled.

Carlos sighed. “I’m not sure… You are not as---“

“Kick me in the fucking nuts!” Ben whined. “Please!”

Carlos smiled at him before launching a hard, nut-crunching kick into Ben’s crotch, hitting both of his testicles with a dull smack and ramming them into his body.

Ben let out a hoarse groan. “Yeah, that’s it!” he croaked. “I’m fucking hot! Kick me again!”

Carlos chuckled and launched another kick at Ben’s groin, nailing his nuts with admirable precision and devastating force, and eliciting an anguished wail from Ben as he doubled over in pain.

In the meantime, Kev had taken his position behind Carlos again, and Carlos mule-kicked his nuts with all the force he could muster.

Kev screamed from the top of his lungs, stumbling backward, and Carlos concentrated on Ben’s nuts again, kicking them again and again until Kev was able to take his next mule-kick.

The room was filled with groans and screams and wails of agony.

A dizzying

Kev and Ben sported massive erections that were leaking precum like broken faucets.

The damp spot in Carlos’ pants grew bigger and bigger, his rock-hard dick straining against the fabric of his sweat pants.

A steady rhythm of nut-smashing mule-kicks and ballbusting front-kicks accompanied the two naked jocks’ amazing vocal performance that alternated between anguished grunts and pitiful groans, low roars and high-pitched squeals, resulting in a cringe-inducing symphony of woe.

The two dangling ballsacks were smashed relentlessly as their hard dicks smacked against their abs.

Suddenly, Kev let out an ear-piercing scream just as Carlos’ foot connected with his balls in a picture-perfect mule-kick that smashed his babymakers flat like pancakes. Kev’s dick erupted in a huge batch of thick, salty jizz that splattered against Carlos’ back.

Carlos’ foot slammed into Ben’s balls, ramming them into his body and triggering a violent orgasm. Jet after creamy jet of cum splashed against Carlos’ chest.

At the same time, Carlos came in his pants, throwing his head back as he was showered in cum from the front and from behind.

Carlos’ eyelids fluttered and he let out a deep, long moan of pleasure as load after load of cum drenched his pants and ran down his legs while his chest and his back were covered in Ben’s and Kev’s respective loads.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ben and Kev collapsed on the ground. The remaining contents of their swollen, bruised, red balls sputtered out of their dicks in little jets of cream.

Carlos sank to his knees, panting heavily.

His sweat pants were soaked in his own cum, and the rest of his body was covered in Ben’s and Kev’s.

The 19 year old Latino wiped his brow and let out a laugh. “That was fucking awesome!”

Ben and Kev were groaning in pain, covering their naked genitals while squirming on the ground.

“That was fucking awesome!” Carlos repeated with a huge grin on his face. He looked at Ben and Kev.

The two naked, sweating jocks were writhing on the ground, their faces contorted in pain.

“Now who’s up for the next round, huh?” Carlos said cheerfully. “100 meter dash. Loser gets stomped in the nuts!”


SpartanX15 said...

Good story. The kid needs a good gut punching from the Coach and then from a naked team captain. The boy also should be doing his weight routine with a weight from his balls and the other guys helping him out by swinging the weights. When I was in HS and college wrestling we did gut punching contests in the showers along with a lot of "low blows".

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Spartan! Sounds like you had a great time in HS and college! :-))

I'll think about your suggestions. Maybe I can use them in a future story...