Monday, September 7, 2015

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (13)

It's common knowledge that puberty is painful. Especially for boys. But the most painful thing isn't finding your place in the world or struggling with your parents or experiencing love for the first time - no, it's coming to terms with the vulnerability of those dangly things between your legs. Blessed are those who have good friends who show them how much those pesky little testicles can really hurt...

Daniel and Jesse, the guys in today's first video, are prime examples: Those two guys know everything about pain.

The guy in the next video can't get enough of it. He urges his buddy to smash him in the nuts with a bowling ball again and again. And again. Take that, testicles!

If you're friends with Johnny Knoxville I guess it's only natural that a bowling ball just won't do. Maybe the Dudesons have to make up for the fact that they are way past puberty - that's why they built this elaborate contraption to smash their testicles. (I love the way Jukka adjusts his junk in his underwear right in the beginning by the way...)

The following video is just awesome on many levels. My favorite thing maybe the way the poor guy who has just been smashed in the balls says "Bullseye... Bullseye..." while lying on the ground in a very, very strained voice...

See saw contraptions, sports bows, bowling balls - what happened to the nice, simple kick in the nuts? Well, it's alive and well - contrary to the testicles of these two guys who asked their friend to put on his karate gi and show them what he learned in those karate lessons (mainly shattering testicles apparently).

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email:


Nuto said...

Oh, I really miss seeing that karate video. Would you know a way to enjoy that once again. Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Nuto! Apparently the video was taken down, and I don't have it on my hard drive... :-((