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Vince goes wild - part 2: Zach's challenge (written by Xander)

This the second part of Xander's exciting series Vince goes wild. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Previous parts:
Vince goes wild

 Featured in this story: Vince, Zach and Alex (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

All of us were naked and ready to start the weekend shoot, but first we had to get all the equipment out. Of course none of the guys wanted to do the heavy lifting. All of them had big legs, big arms, and rippling abs but none of them wanted to lift anything. Except for Logan, he was happy to squat down nice and low, let out a nice soft moan as he stood up with the box in his hands, and he made sure that his arms were on full display as they flexed to keep the box up.

“Alex, it looks like you might need to chop some wood.” Erik let out a laugh as he pointed at my big dripping boner. How could I not get hard watching Logan put on his show. It's not like I don’t have boners on our usual set.

“Grab a box Erik, we need to get unpacked and start taking the teaser photos.” A slap in his nut was enough to get him to start his own little show. He squated down, shaking and wiggling his ass as he did, letting out a long sign and a “fuck yeah” as he lifted the box. He sauntered around, swaying his hips while he walked in circles. He even stopped to flex a bit with his box. He might have been the smallest of the models here today, but he was still a pretty big guy and he didn’t look bad with the box. He then proceeded to drop the box on purpose, let some equipment fall out, and kick it under the van.

“Oops! Let me grab that.” He got down on all fours, then reached under the van while making his ass bob up and down and his ball swung wildly between his thighs. It takes another kick, one strong enough to lift him off the ground, to get him to stop.

“If we all grab a few boxes we will be done in no time.” After that little display, all the guys grabbed some boxes and began bringing them in. After about twenty minutes all the boxes were in the warehouse and all the guys were sweating quite a bit. It only made them look even hotter, the sheen of sweat making their muscles look more defined.
“Alright Zach’s photos are gonna be taken first. While Chad and I are working with him, I want you guys to unpack the cots and sleeping bags and get those setup before each of your shoots. When all the photos are taken, there's plenty of beer in that cooler for you guys to drink.”

The rest of the day was spent taking photos of each of the guys and letting them drink themselves stupid when they were done. Each of them needed a variety of shots, we got them mid jerk off, holding their balls like they had just been tapped, on the floor ass out and sack begging to be kicked, posing with their arms flexed and hard cock dripping. It took all day, and by the time we were finished with Logan’s shots all the guys were quite drunk and already falling asleep. There wasn’t a lot in the beer, but after a few Zach was already drowsy. Now that the sun was setting and all the guys were passed out on their cots, Chad and I went to the back room where Vince had been hiding out. We found him in a special chair that kept his legs in the air, his balls were in a humbler with a cartoonish boxing glove covered punching machine positioned about a foot in front of his balls, his ass had a pretty sizeable prostate massaged wedged inside of it with its controller in his hand, around his cock there was a blowjob simulator of his own design, and in his mouth was a ball gag that he had fallen asleep wearing. Cum was all over him too, it covered his face and chest, there was a large splotch of it on the wall behind his head, and there was some more dribbling out of the still running simulator that was wrapped around his dick.

“Vince?” I tentatively poke his arm. He wakes with a start making him drop the remote to his massager. When it hits the ground the massager jumps straight to the highest setting making Vince spasm in the seat. He kicks his feet out of the stirrups and manages to kick the top of the boxing machine, setting it off. The blowjob simulator still running, the massager on full force, and the steady and heavy thud of the boxing glove work together to make Vince scream into his gag. Chad walks around to the other side of the chair to find the remote while I try to turn off the machine. The switch on the top had been kicked clean off so the glove was just mashing Vinces balls. Vince continues to squirm in pain not managing to comfort himself in any way. The kicking of his legs makes the humbler pull his balls and give the glove new angles to mash his balls at. While I was trying to find a way to turn off the machine he grabbed onto the massager and tried to pull it out, but that just made his own hands squish into his balls. Chad was on his hands and knees looking for the remote; it had managed to disappear underneath the chair. I find a screwdriver on one of the work benches and jam it into the cavity left behind by the switch, stopping the machine while the glove is pressed into Vince’s balls making them bulge out between the machine and his humbler. Chad still looks for the remote while I pull the humbler off of Vince’s balls, squishing them into the glove more as the edges of the smooth wood dig into his nuts without letting them move. I manage to get his sack free as Chad finds the remote and turns off the massager. Chad takes out the ball gag while I pull off the simulator.

“I think I might have taken it too far” Looking at his dick, red from the constant motion of the simulator, and his balls, bruised from the unstoppable glove and the immovable humbler.

“Yeah Vince, I'm surprised they managed to survive.” Chad grabs his nuts and gently weighs them in his hands. Even this slight touch makes Vince gasp. He grabs Chad's thigh to try and steady himself while Chad continues to fondle the other man's balls in spite of himself.

“Thanks for the help guys, but next time wake me more gently. You know Chad, you’ve got a pretty nice ass.” Vince’s hand moved from Chad’s thigh to his ass, and his fingers very quickly started looking for his hole. In response Chad sends a fist into the balls he was once holding so gently. This is enough to put Vince over the edge as his dick starts pushing out more cum and he immediately removes his hand from Chad’s ass and instead uses them to cradle his nuts.

“We should just get to work.” I leave the room not bothering to wait for the two of them and head towards the first machine. The main parts are attached to a large frame work. The dildo is mounted at an angle to force Zach to stick his ass out and show it off. The fleshlight is mounted directly opposite the tip of the dildo with enough space in between to fit the length of Zachs dick one and half times over. That way there is always a bit of dildo in his ass no matter how deeply he had gotten into the fleshlight. The most important part was the contraption for Zach’s big balls. The main part was a plate with a hole in it attached to chains which fed into a motor. A second plate would be placed under Zachs balls and attached to his hips so instead of his balls stretching they would get squeezed and crushed. It was really quite genius.

Three cameras would capture the action, one looking right at his ass, one getting the profile of his whole body, and one getting a close up of his junk. There was also a large screen placed in front of where Zach’s head would be to show him the tapes explain his punishment. All was in order, Vince was able to stand up again, and all we needed was the man himself.

He was lying face down on his cot, the sleeping bag was ripped open leaving his naked body out in the open. He was humping in his sleep and his hard dick was dripping between his thighs. We needed to work quickly before he made himself shoot. Chad picked up his torso and Vince and I grabbed each leg. We carried him over to his contraption, the entire structure was encased in a soundproof box so the other models wouldn’t know what awaited them. We put his hands in some chains above his head so he couldn’t grab anything, we lubed up his ass and eased a few inches of the dildo in so he wouldn't fall, we lubed his dick and put about half the length in, and most importantly we put his balls in the device. The chain was slack at the moment, the top plate just resting on his nuts, but the motor would change that when Zach woke up. He was in place, his handsome jaw slack, his balls poised to be crushed, his dick growing hard and eager to shoot. All we needed was to wake him up and watch as he tried to grant his dicks wishes. The three of us moved to the control room, the same room where Vince had aggresively masurbated for hours, and where remote controls for the motor, cameras, and the screen were housed in addition to screens for our viewing pleasure. To get things started, Vince turned the motor on so it quickly turned from slack to taut and put considerable pressure on Zach’s balls. He awoke instantly, screamed, and tried to move away from the torture in his balls. The pressure calmed and Zach started to look around worried and scared.

“Alex what the hell! Hello? Alex!” The screen flickers on and a masked and a shirtless Vince gives him his answers through a voice modulator and with Kev and Ben’s naked lower halves to either side of him.

“Zach you have graced many women with your cock and balls, giving them the privilege to taste it, feel it in their throats, and feel it wreck any hole they are willing to put it in. But not a single one was satisfied due to a fatal flaw: your cock shoots faster than your balls break. You feel no sympathy for the women, no attention is paid to them as long as your rocket fires. Now you will be taught how to last as long as necessary or shown the pain of your own short fuse.”

The camera moved to the left to better show Kev’s mid section, his sharp v, his big dick, and his fat balls. Vince placed his balls in a similar vice and guided his cock to a similar fleshlight, at the time of shooting the tape for Zachs trial the two guys had flipped a coin to see who would demonstrate the dildo and Ben had lost. Vince pulled the chain and made sure it was tight.

“Each thrust into the fleshlight will force you to crush your own balls; the desperation to cum will punish itself making sure you know just how long you last.” Kev fucked the fleshlight Vince held up to him making his balls squish and flatten; he could barely move and scarcely made it halfway into the fleshlight before the pain was so much he pulled out completely. The camera moved to the other direction and focused on Ben and his backside.

His balls were put in a vice as well, but his ass was guided to a dildo rather than his dick a fleshlight. His balls were squashed gradually by the tightened chain, and Ben began to impale himself on the dildo, taking it fully. The didldo in both the video and the machine were a model of Zach’s cock making this quite an impressive feat.

“The dildo will show you the destruction you cause in your own quest for pleasure. The only way to relieve the pressure on your balls completely is to take the dildo whole. The torture will last until you cum, and the speed of your cum is determined by how much your balls can take.” As Vince spoke he reached a hand around behind Kev to play with his hole for a bit and the other around Ben’s cock to have some fun with that. “Lets see if your balls make it.”

Vince put his hand on the control for the chain and slowly began to tighten it and increase the pressure on Zach’s balls. On the camera Zach began to panic as he saw the slack begin to disappear.

“Oh fuck!” He frantically began to pump his dick into thefleshlight as the sound of the chain rattling filled his box. He started out pumping all the way in, so fast his balls in their cages slapped against the underside of the toy making a loud bang. He was trying his best to keep his ass stationary to keep the dildo from going any further in. He grunted with each motion, between the dildo pressing against his hole with every movement and his balls slapping themselves into the fleshlight he couldn't stay quiet. He stopped after a particularly hard slamm, pulling against his restraints to try and comfort his balls, and he bent over to try to enter a fetal position. The two attempts at ameliorating his condition only seemed to worsen it; his ass swallowed more of the didlo after he bent over, and trying to fight the restraints just took time away from trying to cum and gave his chains more time to tighten. There was only so much slack left and Zach was wasting time whining about the pain in his balls.

“Fuck my nuts!” He took a few deep breaths and got back to shoving his dick into the fake hole. He was going slower now, much slower, and the chain was catching up with him. After a few strokes his balls were now getting compressed, only slightly, but you could tell the pressure was building. His strokes were getting shorter, his expression was getting more strained, and his grunts were more desperate.

He was down to only getting half his dick into the sleeve with each thrust, you could see his balls bulge out between the plates towards the end of each thrust more and more. He was panting and already covered in sweat. He started thrashing after ever thrust, like the pain in his balls was making him mad. He was down to barely getting an inch in with each thrust and soon he would have to start sitting on a copy of his own dick to keep his balls from breaking.

“Fuck I can make it, I can make it!” He had started going as fast as he could, using his last inch to the best of his ability. He rapidly moved back and forth, his balls squashing out between the plates at the end of each thrust and only getting flatter and flatter as time goes on.

“I can make it, I'm gonna cum!” It was truly a desperate ploy, the pain was getting to him as he started to falter after each thrust and fall onto the dildo more and more before he got back to fucking.
“I got this, I'm gonna shoot!” He was barely getting the head of his dick in, more dick was in his ass than in the fleshlight. His balls were never not getting crushed by the plates. He was only just barely twitching in the sleeve, careful not to put any more pressure on his nuts. His pace had already slowed down tremendously, it took him and eternity between thrusts that were hardly any motion at all. He was fighting to keep his dick in the sleeve if anything, there was no way he could keep fucking without crushing his nuts. He was clearly losing hope as his affirmation turned into sobs of pain with each small movement. He finally let go.

He collapsed as far as his bonds would let him and let the dildo invade his ass as far as it would go. He was halfway down it when his balls got the slightest reprieve. He took a moment to breath and wallow in the pain. His nuts felt like they got run over by a car. He could feel the bruises beginning to form on the top of his big nuts. They were red and so sensitive the weight of the plate hurt them. But something snapped Zach out of the trance of his pain. His dick had twitched and precum had fallen out of its tip. The lube from the fleshlight, the rattling of the chains, the feeling of his ass getting stretched all gave him an idea of something to do. He had done it to so many girls before so it had to work on him. He needed to fuck the cum out of himself. There was no way his dick could reach the fleshlight without his balls getting crushed so the only place left to go was down. He started easing himself further and further down the length of the dildo.

He was truly fucking himself. He would go down just a little bit further than he just was and pull back up. He never really got past the bottom third until the chain caught up with him. He was clearly tentative with how he handled his ass. It took his balls getting crushed when he was at the tip for him to get half way down. It was a fight between his ass and his balls, which one could take more. This wasn’t the first time either his ass or his balls had gotten some use, but clearly this was the first time the two were a consequence of each other. It looked almost like his brain was crashing like a computer as he tried to make himself cum by violently fucking himself on a replica of his own dick.

About two thirds of the dildo was in his ass when the chain started getting to him again. It was clear his last ditch attempt to cum by wrecking his ass wasn’t working too well. He had begun to more frantically ride, making his balls comically squish and relax with his movements.He was almost to the base of the dildo and his balls were running out of slack.

Vince lessened the speed of the chain, clearly he wanted to see Zach fuck himself on the dildo more. He was rock hard and while one hand was on the controls the other was furiously jerking his own cock.

“Hey Alex, can you play with my ass? I wanna  have some fun like Zach.” Vince bent over and spread his legs. “Just slide your dick in, I could really use the help.”

I obliged and began to fuck him nice and slow. “Can you match Zach’s speed? I know you're not as big, but I want to get as close to his experience as possible.” He was clearly very horny again, his eyes were glued to the screen that had Zach’s ass on it. To make it more realistic, I reach underneath him, between his legs, and grab his two balls, squeezing as hard as possible.

“Oh fuck, yes Alex harder!” Vince was really getting into it; my steady pace that mimicked Zach’s, my hands around his balls, and especially getting to staer at a huge hung straight guy fuck himself on his own dick.

Zach wasn’t having any fun. He was already getting to the base of the dildo, and was barely able to lift up a few inches between bounces. He was working the whole thing and his balls were only getting more and more crushed. It didin’t seem as though fucking himself was actually helping though. His dick was still fully hard, and still dripping, but he only looked to be in more pain than before rather than getting closer to orgasm.

Maybe it was because his balls were not constantly being crushed and his ass was being invaded by a monster as big as he was. He did look great on camera, the close up on his junk was beautiful. His cock was swinging up and down, but his balls stayed in the same place. The only visible change they took on during his motions was going from plump to flat over and over again as Zachs own pumping strained them. His ass looked great too, completely on display and working a big fat dildo.

Vince was having plenty of fun watching Zach too, especially while I was fucking him. Chad even seemed to join in the fun as he stared at Zach’s balls. He was jerking his cock, which was dripping precum on the floor, and fondling his own balls lightly squeezing them in time with Zach. Too bad Zach wasn’t getting the same tender treatment that Chad’s balls were. He was just getting flatter and flatter with every bounce. Even with the reduced speed Zach was taking so long to cum that the two balls might be paper thin by the end of this. He was still, rather surprisingly, working the dildo full force; like a knight riding a horse, he moved with it the best he could. But his movements were getting more strained.

The upstroke was getting shorter and shorter as his balls kept him from being too mobile, the down strokes were getting more urgent as he needed to relieve the stress in his balls. He had maybe an inch left of dildo to work with and it looked like he wouldn’t be able to cum. He actually started to sob with each thrust. He had been moaning and wincing and screamin the whole time but now defeat was setting in. Of course Vince needed this to be emulated. Any time he got close, which was surprisingly often for a man who had just done an overnight milking session, he made me stop fucking his ass, stop squeezing his balls, and even got Chad to stop jerking when he was close to shooting himself. And I had to stop fucking whenever I got sclose as well.

After almost 30 minutes of torture Zach could barely move anymore. His nuts were always flattened to an extent. He lumbered up, belaboring the motions he used to go through so fervently, only to fall back down without a quarter of an inch getting out of his ass.

“Fuck my balls, theyre gonna pop!” He was getting genuinely fearful. The two orbs had been squished to about half their normal size, they bulged out between the two plates. He had stopped moaning and groaning and screaming and sobbing too. Now he just sat with a large dildo in his ass, face read, dick desperate to shoot, staring at his balls as they got squished flatter and flatter. All while Vince demanded I fuck him faster and harder than before now, even turning around to face me as he told me to go faster. I was no longer focused on replicating the whole experience and just worried of what this sex craved version of Vince might do to me if I didin’t oblige. I fucked him hard and fast, doing the best I could to keep up with his rampant demands. He kept turning back to tell me to do more. CHad had stopped watching Zach and began to focus on us, squeezing his own balls much more forcefully now. As Vince turned around to instruct me one more time, his hand pulled the controls with him turning the motor on its highest setting. We all stopped our fucking and jerking as we heard Zach scream as loud as we could through the screen.

His balls were an eighth the size of normal and the motor was spewing out smoke as it struggled to get his balls to be paper rather than testicles. As the motor began to blow out, pulling as hard as it could till the very end, Zach’s dick finally got its wish. It started with a twitch and a quiver of Zach’s abs and was followed by torrents of cum. VInce managed to turn off the motor completely before it exploded and as Zach’s ball got some needed relief he continued to cum. I pulled out of Vince’s ass as I watched in amazement. He had done it, he was free.

After he was finished shooting, he slumped over in his restraints. I quickly rushed from the control room to get him out of the contraption as Vince made sure the controls weren’t damaged and Chad jerked off to the last few seconds of footage.

“Alex, thank god!” He looked at me with relief on his face, he must not think I had put him there. “Help me out of here, someone made me fuck myself on this huge dildo and I thought I was gonna loose my balls!” I undid the cuffs on his hands, helped him up off the dildo, and undid the device around his balls. He leaned on my shoulder, one arm on my back the other occupied clutching his balls, and he limped over to the control room. He opened the door only to find Chad start shooting as he watched on three large flat screens the moment Zach came. Zach suddenly could stand on his own.

“You were fucking jerking off to me!” He ran straight for Chad as his first bits of cum were hitting the floor. He put his hands on Chad’s shoulder, and brought a knee into Chad’s crotch. Chad fell immediately, not being able to process cumming and getting a hard fucking knee at the same time. He was on his side, but Zach put him on his stomach, pulled his balls between his thighs and stomped down on them three times in a row. He would have kept going had Vince not come up behind him, grabbing his thigh to keep him from stomping a fourth time. This only made Zach direct his anger to Vince, grabbing on to the smaller guys balls as he stepped on Chad’s sack. I had to kick his nuts from behind to deescalate the situation. Now that the other three were on the ground clutching their balls, I explained what was happening to Zach.

“That’s fucked up Vince, you could have at least gotten me to go willingly.” Apparently Zach was more comfortable being tied up than we thought. “Without the dildo though, that's just messed up.”

“You never would have been fine with doing this as we intended if we asked you, which means we wouldn't have gotten as genuine of photage and you wouldn’t have learned your lesson.” This comment made Zach reflect for a second. He had worked so hard to try to experience pleasure tonight and had been denied at every turn, enduring the pain for nothing. Just like the countless people he had ripped in two with his monster cock.

“Yeah I guess I have been shooting early lately. And always. I can take my time more in the future. Maybe spend some time on my knees like all the ladies usually are. I just won't be putting a huge dick in my mouth.” That last bit made him smile. A stud like him would never mind eating a girl out.

“I'm glad you learned your lesson, and I'm sorry we scared you so much. Now we are gonna need your help getting the twins in place. Not to mention the role you’ll play in Logan’s trial.” That comment really made him happy, he rubbed his hands together with glee.

“That fucked definitely needs to be taught a lesson.”


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