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Wingman (Tracey meets Logan)

Special thanks to Tracey for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves adventurous dating) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“Don’t worry”, Logan said with a smile. “We’ll get you a date in no time. If you follow my lead nothing can go wrong.”

The handsome 18 year old high school wrestler straightened the collar of his plain white shirt that contrasted nicely with his tanned arms and face. He adjusted his sun glasses and showed off his pearly white teeth. His blond hair was styled in a way that said “I take care of myself” just as much as “I really don’t care about my hair”.

Logan was one of the most popular students at Bartlet High, confident without being cocky, handsome without being vain, friendly without being chummy, sexy and flirty without being creepy.

Tracey was very much his opposite. A new transfer student who had more interaction with books than with buddies, Tracey was highly insecure and very shy when it came to anything other than science and nonfiction literature.

After Tracey had helped Logan out on a science project, Logan had suggested helping Tracey out by taking him around town and showing him the ropes of dating and hooking up.

Resistance had proved futile, and Logan now the two young men were standing in the parking lot after school, ready for action.

“Okay”, Logan said. “We’re gonna get you a girl, and we don’t want you to mess it up. So here’s two things before we start. One: You don’t want to drop the ball before the game starts. You know what I mean?”

Tracey blinked.

Logan chuckled. “Let me rephrase that: You don’t want to shoot the load before the battle has begun. Right?”

Tracey stared at him, adjusting his horn-rimmed glasses.

Logan sighed. “You don’t want to cum prematurely.”

Tracey blushed. “Oh, yes, I mean, no, I mean---“

“So did you jerk off like I told you?” Logan asked, taking a step forward and reaching between Tracey’s thighs, giving his bulge a quick, playful squeeze. “Did you get rid off any excess baggage.”

Tracey gulped. “Yes, I--- I did. This morning.”

Logan winked at him. “Good. Now, number two: Contraception.” He reached inside his pockets and held up a condom. He opened his mouth to say something, but just then a group of Logan’s friends appeared on the parking lot.

Seth, Speedy, CJ, Leroy, Gary and Kim approached their two fellow students, greeting them cheerfully and noisily. Seth was a black haired boy with glasses and a three day stubble, Speedy was a lanky kid with spiky blond hair, CJ was a cute redhead with a nose piercing and a cheerful smile. Leroy was a Black kid with short, curly black hair, Gary had dark blond hair and brown eyes, and Kim was an Asian kid with black hair and a muscular body.

“What are you doing, guys?” Seth asked with a grin.

“I’m just telling my friend Tracey about contraception”, Logan said.

His friends hooted and cheered.

“You can’t be too careful”, Seth said cheerfully.

“That’s right”, Speedy chimed in. “You don’t want to knock a girl up.”

“Gotta make sure that the little swimmers don’t reach the finish line”, CJ quipped.

“I don’t know if a condom is enough to stop Logan’s swimmers, though”, Kim grinned.

Gary laughed. “That’s right, you have to admit that they are some active little bastards…”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Come on, guys, don’t---“

“We’re here to help”, Leroy laughed. “Guys, let’s make sure that Logan’s swimmers don’t do anything they’re not supposed to do…”

To Logan’s dismay, his friends quickly grabbed him, holding his arms behind his body and spreading his legs so that his crotch was completely unprotected.

Logan protested to no avail as Leroy drove his foot up between his thighs.

His sneaker-clad foot connected with Logan’s perfect package, ramming his nuts into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Tracey grimaced in sympathy as Logan’s friends took turns kicking him in the nuts, laughing and joking as Logan grunted in agony.

A dozen kicks later, they stopped, allowing Logan to double over, clutching his aching nuggets.

“How are your swimmers?” Gary asked with an innocent smile.

“I think they’ll need crutches”, Logan groaned, smiling weakly at his friends’ painful yet funny antics. He rubbed his groin, grimacing in pain.

“Great”, Leroy laughed. “Nothing beats a few kicks in the nuts when it comes to contraception.”

His friends laughed.

Kim turned to Tracey. “What about you? Want some?”

Tracey’s eyes widened. “I’m good, thanks”, he said quickly. “My sperm is nowhere near as active as Logan’s. I mean, just look at me…” He smiled weakly.

Logan’s friends chuckled.

“Just kidding”, Gary said. “We hardly know you. We wouldn’t just kick you in the nuts.”

His buddies laughed.

“That’s what we do to our friends”, Leroy quipped before kicking Logan in the balls once again, bringing him down to his knees as the rest of the guys roared with laughter.

After Logan’s friends were gone, Tracey and Logan walked across the parking lot.

Logan was walking a little funny, and he quipped. “I guess I’m limping just like my future kids…”

Tracey laughed politely.

“We’re going by bike today”, Logan said as they reached the bike rack. “Because chicks dig sustainability and shit.”

“Okay”, Tracey said. He was an experienced bicycle rider and preferred it to going by car.

Logan, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be very versed in riding a bike.

The first sign of trouble appeared when he dragged the bike out of the stand – only to ram it straight into his nuts.

“Oooooooh!” Logan’s eyes crossed and the wind left his lungs as he doubled over. “Right in the money maker. Holy fuck.”

Tracey inhaled sharply, grimacing in sympathy. “You okay?”

“Yeah, yeah”, Logan groaned, leaning onto the bike for support, panting heavily. “I’m fine. Not sure about my nuts, though.” He chuckled weakly.

The ride into town didn’t last more than ten minutes, but Logan managed to rack himself on the bike a few more times, sitting on his nuts or slamming his balls on the frame.

When they reached the downtown are where the clubs and the cafes and the bars were located, Tracey was sure that Logan’s nuts were sore and swollen inside his pants.

But Logan put on a brave face, walking a little gingerly but otherwise ignoring the pain. There was nothing that would prevent him from showing Tracey how to hook up with a girl tonight.

They stopped in front of a café.

“After you”, Logan said politely.

Maybe it was because he was nervous, maybe it was because he was excited, or maybe it was just plain bad luck - Tracey opened the door a little too enthusiastically, and the door handle slammed into Logan’s nuts, making the handsome blond’s eyes bulge and his mouth form a perfect little “o”.

A few girls left the café, thinking that Tracey held the door open for them, giggling and smiling at him.

“Thanks cutie”, one of the girls said, blowing Tracey a kiss and making him blush.

When the girls were gone, Logan nodded. “Well done”, he said in strained voice, struggling to remain standing, his hands pressed against his thighs to keep them from grabbing his crotch in public. “Well done, buddy.”

Inside the café, they took their seats.

“Watch this”, Logan whispered to Tracey. “This is how it’s done.”

When the waitress came to their table, Logan flirted unabashedly, and the waitress clearly was into him.

Logan ordered some coffee, and when the waitress returned, he leaned back letting her catch a glimpse of the bulge between his thighs.

“I think I’ll have a pair of eggs with the coffee”, Logan grinned, looking deep into the waitress’s eyes as she was filling his cup with boiling hot coffee.

The girl gasped a moved just slightly, causing the stream of hot coffee to change its direction. Instead of going into the cup, the steaming hot liquid went straight down between Logan’s thighs, dowsing his balls.

“Fuck!” Logan shrieked. “I didn’t say anything about boiled eggs!”

“Oh no!” the waitress cried in horror. “Oh no!”

“My balls!” Logan screamed as his nuts were all but cooked by the hot coffee.

The commotion caused the rest of the waiters to rush to the table, and soon five young guys and girls were trying to undo the damage by dabbing and poking, squeezing and prodding, jabbing and piercing Logan’s package.

“I didn’t say anything about scrambled eggs either!” Logan squealed as his nuts were crushed by the staff of the café.

“They’re scrambled?!” the waitress squeaked in shock.

“Oh no!” her colleagues cooed in unison, renewing their energy and mercilessly crushing Logan’s nuts.

Finally, after Logan’s eggs had been boiled, scrambled and beaten, the two would-be Casanovas managed to leave the café.

“That was a valuable lesson”, Logan mumbled, a big, damp, dark spot on his crotch where his nuts were swelling inside his pants. “Don’t flirt with a girl when she’s holding boiling liquid.”

“Lesson learned”, Tracey nodded.

“Now, let’s not dwell on it”, Logan said. “Let’s move forward.”

With that, he walked nuts-first into a traffic pole.

“Ouch”, Tracey grimaced in sympathy as Logan’s eyes crossed and he let out a strangled grunt.

As soon as Logan was able to walk again, they went into an ice cream parlor where Logan ordered some extra ice.

“Crushed nuts for you?” the vendor asked with a grin.

“Very funny”, Logan mumbled.

Unfortunately, the vendor’s sense of humor didn’t match Logan’s, and he managed to hit Logan in his tender, rapidly swelling balls several times before they left the parlor, with Logan limping heavily.

Next, they went into a pool hall (where several balls and cue sticks found Logan’s manhood), an arcade (where a group of teenagers challenged Logan to a bet, making him put his balls on the line – naturally, he lost and received a dozen kicks in the goolies) and an ice skating rink (where they interrupted the Vinnick High hockey training, causing some of the players who recognized Logan to use his nuts for target practice).

Finally, with Logan in severe pain and his nuts throbbing inside his pants, they walked into a bar.

Very soon, a girl saw them, and Logan started a conversation.

The girl’s eyes darted from Logan to Tracey and back again as Logan showered her in compliments about her good looks and her great personality.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help but notice that Logan was constantly grabbing his balls.

After staying silent the first few times, she finally opened her mouth when Logan grabbed his nuts again. “What do you think you are you doing?”

Logan smiled weakly. “Sorry, girl, it’s just my balls. They’ve had a rough day.”

The girl raised her eyebrows. “Let me guess: You want me to make them feel better, huh?!”

Logan opened his mouth to say something, but the girl was too fast for him.

She raised her knee, bringing it up between Logan’s thighs, crunching his nuts perfectly.

Logan froze, his face a mask of pain, his mouth gapign open, his eyes slowly losing focus.

“Pervert”, the girl mumbled.

The she turned to Tracey. “Wanna go to another place?”

Tracey blinked. “Sure.”

The girl took Tracey’s hand and the vanished into the night, leaving Logan behind.

“Well done”, Logan croaked to nobody in particular. “Well done, buddy!”

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