Friday, August 21, 2020

What's the story? (7)

Unfortunately I have a severe case of writer's block right now, and I haven't managed to finish the story that I wanted to pubish today.

Soooooo, with nothing else to to post today, I thought I'd reactivate an idea that I explored back in 2015 and 2016 in a series of posts (here's part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6).

It's kinda like a reverse snapshot story: I show you a picture and you tell me your version of the story behind it. Ready? Here we go:

Now it's your turn: Who are these guys? What are they doing? What led to this picture - and what happens next?

Tell us your story - either in the comments section or by sending me an email ( - no matter how long or how short!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

This guy enters a small Nebraska town, claiming to be a yoga instructor. He wants his supporters to have perfect bodies, and every time they meditate, he pulls their sacks down until they reach the ankles. This, in his view, is the human peak. This, in their view, hurts like hell.

Mickey said...

2 guys in heavy debt heard a rumour that if they were to enter the jungle and pray to the forbidden shrine for an hour with nothing but their undergarments with their eyes closed, any dreams would be realized. Little did they new, this rumour was created by the local ballbuster who took the opportunity to torture their unprotected manhoods throughout the process.

Nud said...

The two tried to trick their bully into doing a made up ancient exercise where he would crush his own balls to become "true alpha male". The jock was interested in the promised result but skeptical about the method even though he didn't really understand all the big words they use. Not willing to let their master plan fall apart, they agreed to let him try it on them first.


Stupid little idea I have to have a buster being someone who is a bit slow and ends up busting other guy by being clueless.

Anonymous said...

Best buds since college, Jeremy and Tyson agreed to sign up for a men’s health and wellness workshop after their wives read about it in a Goop article.

They were skeptical when the guru talked about re-energizing men’s libidos by inflicting pressure on their testicles, similar to gaining strength by breaking down muscle fibers.

But since their wives had paid so much to attend, they felt obliged to try it out. And why not, who doesn’t want a better sex life?

After several minutes of getting their jewels fondled and squeezed in front of the group, they had had enough. Their balls ached like hell and they were tired of trying to hold their hands together and remain standing despite feeling like throwing up. This was way worse than when Jeremy asked Tyson what is the capital of Thailand!

The guru eventually stopped, but little did the two bros know that the next workshop activity was Male Bonding 101: Roshambo.

Charn said...

"how much are they? The real question is how much you're willing to pay."

Buster said...

Ugh, Writer's block is the worst (speaking from experience!) I'm looking forward to seeing your next stories! Not to get too deep, but your daily updates really have been a welcome bit of levity with everything going on right now. Anyway, here is my response to this prompt:

Justin and Pablo walked onto the lanai of the Guru wearing only swim trunks, as instructed in their invitation letter. Justin was wearing baggy blue shorts and Pablo red, both of them unsure what the Guru had in store for them. The Guru, an enigmatic young man with a mop of black hair, was sitting with his legs crossed on a stool with his eyes shut and face blank as if in deep meditation.

The two friends eyed each other quizzically and Justin was about to speak before being interrupted by the booming yet calm voice of the Guru.

"Welcome, welcome! Please, come closer."

(the character limit kicked in :( The rest is at

Alex said...

Thank you so much for your stories, guys! You are awesome! :-))

Anonymous said...

"A weekend of spiritual healing" their coach said when he handed them their tickets and the two disgraced wrestlers managed a smile for the first time in ages. They left the office buzzing and debating if they should try the jacuzzi first or perhaps a sports massage.
The loss of their underground wrestling title had come as a heavy blow, almost as painful as the stomps from the biker's leather boots that had mangled the champions' crowd pleasing bulges.

Jamal and Kacper now stood with their hands clasped in front of them and gulped as the Yogi's experienced fingers groped and squeezed their aching testicles.
"Fucking coach, i'm going to kill him when i get back!" Kacper whispered angrily under his breath.
"Ugh fuck, yeah! Me too, ooooh dammit, if I can still walk!" Jamal groaned weakly.

Thanks Alex and i hope you get unblocked soon!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Alex,

What a clever idea! I love the readers coming up with their interpretations of what's happening in this photo. That can maybe be a new thing? It could certainly be entertaining!

I'm busy writing Chapter 21 of the Gino and Jayden series, but I will do a quick little story just for you and the readers.

Studying for finals is the worst. It’s a bright spring day, summer is almost here at Brighton Academy. By the rushing river James sits cross legged trying to mediate to gain some serenity before surrending himself to hours more of study.
Two of his friends come up to bug him. Nathan and Isaiah grin as they tip toe up to James. Silently they both put their hands up to pray, and snicker closing their eyes.
James groans in annoyance as they start to hum “This is the song that never ends.”
Fully annoyed, James reaches up to both of his guys friends and says, “How about a strength competition.”
“That sounds great,” Isaiah grins showing his perfect white teeth, flexing his muscles. “I will school Nathan, you going down.”
Nathan only raises one eye brow mockingly, “I will beat you no matter what.”
Inwardly, James grins. “Perfect. All you have to do is survive a test of character, and be serene as we meditate. And no matter what happens to you, you cannot move. Got it?”
Nathan nods, his eyes already closed, “I can take anything.”
Shaking his head Isaiah also closes his eyes. “Winner gets freshly cleaned laundry done for them for a week!”
“Deal,” Nathan agrees.
“Perfect,” James grins. “The competition starts now!” and he reaches up and slowly cups both Nathan and Isaiah’s large pouches in each hand. Nathan shudders, but says nothing. Isaiah grins broadly, and thrusts into James palm, which he flatly does not entertain.
After a few moments of just holding his friends balls, he starts to tighten his grip on each set, rolling them between his fingers.
Nathan and Isaiah become very still, but Isaiah can’t keep the smile on his face as James squeezes his nuts. Nathan on the other hand, starts to sweat, his knees begin to go shaky and he has to hold in the scream that is building up from his loins.
The three boys begin to draw in a ground as the college kids come in to watch, most are done with finals but a few love seeing the competition.
Nathan can feel his cock starting to rise, which worries and excites him, he does not want to make a mess in his red swimming short; but on the other hand what a way to end his freshman year.
Isaiah’s smile becomes a bit strained and he is the first to break, and he does so silently falling to his knees. James still keeps one hand on Nathan’s nads and he keeps squeezing.
Isaiah, clutching himself opens his eyes and sees the darkening wet spot appearing on Nathan’s red short. He looks at James, who grins as Nathan makes a cooing sound deep within his throat; and groans really loudly.
The crowd gasps as Nathan trembling head to toe begins to orgasm, no longer able to hold back and cums in his red shorts. Nathan opens his eyes looking down at James, his eyes full of lust as he pumps some more volleys, the contents of which drain down his leg.
“I was…saving that,” he smiles shyly looking around as one last burst issues from his cockhead. “Fuck, can you let go now?” Nathan grins eyebrows rising.
“Sure,” James says as he lets Nathans nuts go, his testicles curling at the base of his spent cock. “But hears a parting gift!” and James slams his fist up catching both of Nathan’s now empty nuts and they squish horribly with all the liquid in his underwear. Nathan puffs up his cheeks and bends over.
“Now if you two don’t mind, I have some studying to do!” James gets up from his spot heading to his dorm so glad that he has such great friends to let some steam out with.

Alex said...

Thank you so much for your stories, guys! :-))