Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's the story? (1)

We're doing something new today. It's an interactive experiment that I'd like to try with you. We'll see how it goes - and if you like it there'll be more posts like this.

I stumbled across a hot picture on the internet, and immediately my mind started working: What's the story of this hung stud whose balls are definitely in danger of getting busted real hard? Who is he? What's his name? Where is he? What is he up to? Or maybe something has just happened to him?

I thought it would be fun to turn it over to you: What do you think is the story?

Leave a comment and share your fantasy with us! Write as many words as you like - whether it's one sentence or a hundred...

Here is the picture. I'm very curious about your thoughts! :-))


Carter said...

Interesting concept, though this guy doesn't really seem like my tupe. Seems like a douche.
Probably a rich freeloader. No talent, living off his brother or something.

Anonymous said...

He looks like the terminators gay brother lol

Anonymous said...

He's a cocky bastasd, he's fucked about every girl in town. He likes to give it doggy style so that his big balls slap the girls clit as he's pumping that over sized cock stretching their tight pussy. He finds himself in a biker bar full of rednecks. He starts talking to the guys, bragging about his conquests not realizing that most of these guys daughters and wives have been fucked by him. The guys decide to give him a lesson of respect. There is a pool table where they strap him down to and work him over. They are jealous about the size of his endowment, will he come out of the bar a new enlightened man are a quivering eunuch. You decide...

Anonymous said...

Little different compared to the other ones you'll have, but I hope you like it.
The guy in the picture (Guy A) is a model. He did some of it to get money in college and never got out of it; but he hates the modelling world and wants to do another job completely different to modelling (something like IT maybe)
However Guy A's boss and manager won't allow him to leave his modelling jobs since he makes a load of money. The manager, (Guy B) starts to push Guy A into doing things he's not comfortable with, mainly nude modelling.
Guy A's boyfriend (Guy C) finds out about this and pays Guy B a little visit and convices him to let Guy A out of his contract with a nice amount of ball busting.

It's not fleshed out, but you might like it.

Anonymous said...

This guy goes from town to town looking for hookups. He riding down the road in his normal attire (picture) and riding his convertible on his way to a guy's place. He soon finds out that this guy is looking for revenge for some act, so he knocks the guy in the picture out, ties him up, and waits for him to wake up. When he wakes up, he starts getting busted to the point he can't struggle. After a huge cumshot to match his huge dick, the abuser pops one of his nuts while forcing him to suck his even larger dick.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I love your stories!

A rich freeloader living off his brother? I can certainly see that in him. And I'm pretty sure his brother hates it abd makes him feel it on a regular basis... :-))

@anonymous (1):
The Terminator's gay brother - talk about balls of steel... :-))

@Roger Barnes:
I'd love to be in that biker bar when they put him on the pool table! Fat balls, corner pocket! :-))

@anonymous (2):
I love it! I guess the picture was taken in the middle of that final photoshoot. His balls look a bit swollen and red if you look closely. He's doing a pretty good job hiding the pain and embarrassment, though... :-))

@anonymous (3):
Poor guy! With just one nut left let's hope he doesn't get into a similar situation soon... :-))

Carter said...

To clarify, his brother is rich and letting him live at his place
Actually I think his brother probably tries to put up with it but is on the fast track to losing his cool
His brother was probably popular in high school
On the sports team, well liked
This dude was well liked too but more for his looks
I imagine people actually enjoyed having his brother around while they mostly tolerated him
He was a ballbuster, got his bro a couple of times to
I think I'll call him Lance, and his brother can be Jet
Jet is a few years older

Jet studied hard in college got a good job and made lots of money, had a steady girlfriend
Lance partied and slept around amd failed most of his classes and flunked out

Jet was recently in the military and just got out
He and his friends in the army had a bit of fun busting each other

One night Jet was expecting to have a good time with his girlfriend, but Lance got him, so Jet decided to get him back

Alex said...

Thanks, Carter! I love it! I bet Jet was really, REALLY angry at Lance. Those big, fat lowhangers are probably very bruised and swollen now... :-))

Carter said...

Lance cheated on a bunch of his girlfriends in high school and college
Jet invited them over for some fun
Along with some of their boyfriends
Susan was one of his first girlfriends
She was really hurt when Lance cheated on her
Now she's a supermodel dating a quarterback named Ward
He's really upset that Lance hurt Susan
Reyna thought Lance was the one
Now she's out for revenge
And her boyfriend is in the MMA and he's coming along for some fun
Jet is making it all into a huge party with pizza and beer

I know this site usually focuses on m/m only but lots of my fantasies involve a mix

Alex said...

Hot! Lately ai have developed a taste for male/female ballbusting tagteams, too... :-))

Carter said...

The police showed up because of a noise complaint. Gregory, a new officer on the force, still has a grudge against Lance for stealing his girlfriend back in high school. He and his partner got in on the action too.

By the end of the night Lance's balls had been struck by a few dozen different people. He was really in a lot of pain.

Alex said...

Oooooh, poor Lance! It looks like everybody he knows has a very good reason to bust his balls! :-))