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BB Academy: Pleasure and pain

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Footwear study

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Erik and the twins (click for pictures)

Running a niche porn company is a pretty hard business. Sure, it’s great fun to shoot videos and see your models perform, but when push comes to shove it’s about making money.

One of the huge disadvantages of running a ballbusting site is that you have to deal with a lot of downtime. Unfortunately, testicles need time to heal, and most models don’t last more than an hour before they break down and cry for their mommy.

That’s why I was very pleased when I received a proposal to put our resources, our studio, our cameras and our models’ testicles to good use during the time that we weren’t filming for the website.

The renowned Institute of Testicular Agony (ITA), one of the leading research centers in the field of Male Studies, decided to work with us to explore the mysteries of the male reproductive system. Before the start of our collaboration, the scientists had conducted the experiments on themselves, until their spouses and partners had voiced their discontent.

For us, it was an assignment that was going to bring us a lot of money and prestige. And our first task had been a huge success, revolutionizing the footwear industry.

With follow-up assignments virtually guaranteed, I had appointed my assistant Erik our project manager.

When I had first met Erik, he had been a cocky, sophomoric teen who dreamt of stardom and fame. An unfortunate incident at work had cost him one of his precious testicles, and we had developed a kind of friendship. He was still cocky and slightly sophomoric – but he was a diligent and loyal assistant, and I was sure he was going to be an excellent project manager.

When I entered the studio, I was surprised to see a rather sophisticated construction. Two wooden walls had been erected, facing each other. On one wall there was a St. Andrew’s Cross. On the other one there were three holes side by side, the one on the right being slightly smaller than the other two. Above the two larger holes, there were two straps respectively, fastened to the wall. All three of the holes were bordered with black rubber. It looked like a pretty neat construction, probably devised by our prop guy Vince.

I looked behind the wall to see two solid platforms behind the larger holes, with thin mattresses on top. At the back of the smaller hole was a leather strap. A thin pillow was lying on the ground.

I scratched my head. This looked interesting.

“Hey Alex”, I heard Erik’s voice. “This is awesome, isn’t it?”

I turned around and smiled at Erik. “It looks very interesting”, I chuckled. “So what’s today’s assignment?”
Erik grinned. He was 19 years old, a cute guy with blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a lab coat, and he had a clipboard in his hands.

“It is a very interesting one”, Erik said, flipping through a couple of pages of instructions from the ITA. “The question is: Is cum produced by pain the same as cum from pleasure?”

I chuckled. “Sounds pretty fun.”

Erik sighed. “Well, there’s a lot to do. We’ll have to analyse the consistency, the quantity, the quality, the taste--- Really, there’s an awful lot to do.”

I nodded and pointed at the wooden walls. “So which one is pleasure and which one is pain?”

Erik smiled. “I think this will answer your question…” He raised his voice. “Guys?”

I hadn’t noticed the three naked young men who had been sitting on the couch, waiting patiently.

They were around twenty years old, with athletic bodies and handsome faces.

Erik pointed at them one by one. “You’re hole number 1. You’re hole number 2. You’re hole number 3. I’ll help you get comfortable.”

Erik disappeared with the three guys behind the wall.

I watched with mild amusement as the three guys got into position.

A little later, they were done.

“What do you think?” Erik smiled.

I cleared my throat. “It looks… weird…”

“This is the pleasure station”, Erik explained. “Two asses and a mouth. What more could you wish for?”

I scratched my head.

The guys behind hole number 1 and hole number 2 had their legs spread and fastened to the front of the wall to make their butts easily accessible. The only thing visible from the guy behind hole number 3 was his mouth. Apparently his head was fastened to the back of the wall.

I cleared my throat. “Who’s gonna take part in the experiment?”

“Well”, Erik said, “I thought about it a lot. We don’t want to get it wrong, so we need to create a laboratory situation to avoid getting false results. Our subjects have to be as identical as possible.”

As if on cue, the door opened and Michael and Will walked in.

The handsome blond twin brothers looked amazing. They were wearing matching jeans and t-shirts which made it very hard to tell them apart. Both of them had similar haircuts and sported similar smiles on their attractive faces. They were 22 years old, with muscular, athletic bodies.

“And here they are”, Erik smiled.

When they saw the ‘pleasure station’, their eyes widened.

“Wow”, Michael mumbled, adjusting his crotch.

Will chuckled. “Looks like you’re in paradise, Mikey.”

Michael looked at his brother and grinned. “Too bad you’re not gay…”

Will shrugged. “Frankly, I’d fuck anything right now.”

Erik looked at his notes. “You’ve been in chastity for…”

“An eternity”, Will groaned.

“Two weeks”, Michael said.

Erik nodded. “Good.” He looked at the twins and smiled. “Let’s get started.”

A couple of minutes later, they had stripped naked. Their dicks were locked in plastic chastity cages. As soon as Erik unlocked them, they sprung to attention.

“Holy shit”, Will moaned, jerking his dick a couple of times. “This little fella has been asleep for far too long…”

‘Little fella’ was a slight understatement. Both twins’ dicks were long and thick, with meaty shafts and fat mushroom heads.

Michael was staring at the ‘pleasure station’, his dick throbbing and leaking precum. He gulped and said hoarsely, “Let’s go.” He walked up to the wall and looked at the two asses on display before turning to Erik. “There’s one for each of us?” Then his eyes fell on the St. Andrew’s Cross. “Shit.”

“One of you will have a go at the pleasure station”, Erik said with a smile. “And the other one’s place is at the pain station. You’ll each shoot a couple of loads and we’ll compare the results.”

Michael blinked. “That one’s mine”, he said quickly, pointing at the pleasure station.

Before Will had a chance to protest, Erik said, “I’m afraid we’ll have to keep this completely scientific, the ITA has very strict rules. That’s why we will flip a coin.” He reached into his pocket and produced a quarter. “Heads or tails?”

“Tails”, Michael said.

Will grinned at his brother. “You know how this’ll turn out, huh?”

Michael shifted uncomfortably, his fat boner smacking against his abs. “I have a feeling”, he mumbled. When he saw the result of the coin toss, he let out a miserable sigh.

Will laughed. “I bet you were looking forward to pounding those holes, huh?” He ruffled his brother’s hair and grinned. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am.”

Michael glared at Will and brought his hand back, smacking him square in his pendulous balls.

Will let out a grunt and doubled over, still chuckling.

“Hey!” Erik shouted. “Don’t distort the results! Those balls will not get hurt today, understand me?”

Michael grumbled something unintelligible.

Erik walked up to him, reached between his legs and grabbed his balls in a vise-like grip. He squeezed Michael’s juicy babymakers hard, looking him in the eyes. “Do you understand me?! I’ll not let you ruin our experiment!” he hissed.

Michael coughed. “Okay”, he said hoarsely. “I get it.”

“Good”, Erik said with a smile and let go of Michael’s balls.

I couldn’t help but admire Erik’s assertiveness. He was the perfect man for the job.

“Can I…?” Will pointed at the ‘pleasure station’.

“Sure”, Erik smiled. “Help yourself.”

Will walked over, casually jerking his fat boner with one hand while groping the two asses with the other. “What’s the difference between those two?” he asked matter-of-factly.

Erik was busy tying Michael to the St. Andrew’s Cross. Without looking up he said, “One’s tighter than the other. For variety, you know?”

Will nodded slowly while unceremoniously sticking his index fingers into the two buttholes. “The left one.”

Erik had handcuffed Michael’s hands and feet to the cross, making him stand with his legs and arms spread wide apart. “Huh?”

“The left one’s tighter”, Will said, pulling his fingers out of the holes.

“Oh yeah, hole number 2”, Erik turned around and smiled. “That one’s a virgin.”

A wide grin spread on Will’s handsome face. “Nice.” He walked up to the open mouth that was stuck in the third hole of the ‘pleasure station’. He inspected it, tugging on the tongue and the lips.

“Is it good for deep throating?” Will asked.

“I don’t know”, Erik shrugged. “Try it.”

Will nodded. He grabbed his hard, dripping cock and smacked it against the wet tongue. Without further ado, he pushed it deep into the mouth. There was a muffled gagging sound coming from behind the wall as Will’s pubes touched the lips. Will chuckled. He turned his head and gave a thumbs-up gesture before starting to pound the mouth in long, hard thrusts, eliciting gagging and retching sounds whenever the head of his dick passed the mouth’s owner’s tonsils.

Erik laughed and turned around.

Michael was watching his brother, grimacing with envy and misery.

Erik cracked his knuckles. “Let’s get started”, he said with a smile before bringing his leg back and smashing his foot up between Michael’s legs. His instep collided with Michael’s fat plums, crunching them flat and eliciting an anguished wail.

The sound of his brother’s scream made Will wince in sympathy as he continued pounding the mouth behind hole number 3. The sound of Erik’s foot connecting with Michael’s nuts echoed through the studio as Will fucked the throat in deep, hard thrusts like it was a pussy. He had a horny grin on his face.

His brother’s face looked decidedly different.

Again and again, Erik’s foot smashed into Michael’s dangling testicles, ramming them into his body and flattening them like pancakes. Michael’s dick was rock-hard and swinging wildly as his body bucked with every kick.

Will pulled his cock out of the mouth and turned his attention to the two available asses. He positioned himself in front of hole number 1 and lined his dick up with the butthole. His erection was glistening with spit, and he shoved it in balls-deep. “This is amazing”, he chuckled as he fucked the ass hard and fast, holding on to the ankles that were fastened to the wall.

Erik had stopped kicking Michael’s balls. He squatted in front of Michael and examined the damage.

Michael’s face was contorted in pain and he was moaning and groaning in agony. His balls were beginning to swell, and they had taken on a rosy color.

“Looks good”, Erik smiled.

“You think so?” Michael croaked.

Erik chuckled. “We’re starting to get somewhere. I want these balls to swollen like cantaloupes and as red as tomatoes.”

Michael let out a groan and looked over at his brother who was happily banging the ass in front of him.

“How are you doing, Mikey?” Will shouted as he thrust his cock in and out of hole number 1.

“Great”, Michael dead-panned. “You?”

“Awesome”, Will laughed. “You’re really missing out, Mikey!”

Michael opened his mouth to say something when Erik’s knuckles met his vulnerable balls with a hard punch.

A strangled squeal escaped Michael’s lips, making his brother laugh out loud.

“Sounds like you’re having fun as well”, he chuckled.

Erik pulled Michael’s balls down, squeezing the two vulnerable balls hard before landing another hard punch that made Michael’s voice crack and caused him to yodel like a drunk Swiss school girl.

Will had switched asses, and the tightness of hole number 2 seemed to be a welcome change as he moaned in pleasure while his balls were smacking against the cheeks. “This virgin is awesome!” he said breathlessly.

“You like it?” Erik smiled, pummeling poor Michael’s swollen balls like a speedbag, making him scream and squeal in agony.

“Love it!” Will laughed, thrusting his dick balls-deep into the virgin’s ass.

Erik chuckled. He looked up at Michael whose face was a mask of pain. His teary eyes were fixed on his brother who was utilizing every hole of the ‘pleasure station’ to maximum effect.

As if he had sensed his brother’s gaze, Will turned around and smiled at Michael. His dick slipped out of the tight asshole, throbbing and leaking precum. Will winked at his brother and took a step to the side before thrusting his boner into the open mouth, lubing it up for another round at the virgin’s ass.

Erik landed punch after nut-crunching punch on Michael’s balls, sinking his knuckles into the soft flesh of Michael’s bloated balls.

Michael’s dick was hard as rock and pointing at the ceiling.

I watched the two brothers and listened to their simultaneous moans and groans. They sounded very similar, even though they were triggered by completely different sensations. But if you closed your eyes it was pretty hard to distinguish which brother was experiencing the most excruciating pain of his life, and which one was having the most intense sex he could wish for.

I chuckled.


I opened my eyes and looked at Erik who had a pleading expression on his face as he squished and squashed Michael’s balls with his strong fingers.

“Get me one of those”, he said quickly, nodding his head at two beakers that were sitting on the table. “Hurry up!”

I jumped up and gave it to him, not a second too early.

Wailing in agony, Michael’s eyes closed tightly shut and his mouth opened wide. His cock erupted with a huge spurt of jizz that Erik caught in the beaker. The first spurt was followed by a second, third and fourth. Michael’s body was shaking and he was screaming from the top of his lungs. I guess it wasn’t helping that Erik continued to punch Michael’s busy balls as hard as he could.

Suddenly, Will yelled, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Quick!” Erik shouted.

I hurried over to the ‘pleasure station’, just in time to catch the first jet of spunk that shot out of Will’s cock just as he pulled his dick out of the virgin’s ass.

Will’s cum splattered into the beaker, coating its bottom and sprinkling its walls from the inside. Jet after creamy jet landed in the beaker.

My eyes wandered to the holes of the pleasure station. Hole number 1 was gaping open and twitching. Hole number 2 didn’t look any better.

I grimaced.

“Virgin no more”, Will winked at me, his eyes beaming with sexual bliss as the final drops of cum landed in the beaker.

Will exhaled deeply and smiled. “Let me get cleaned up”, he sighed and shoved his softening dick into the mouth behind hole number 3.

A little while later, we were sitting around the table, except for the poor guys who had been behind hole number 1 and hole number 2 who preferred to remain standing. The guy who had been behind hole number 3 was rubbing his jaw.

All three of them looked a little worn out, just like Michael who was grimacing in pain, cupping his aching, drained testicles.

Will still had a post-orgasmic beam on his face.

“Let’s see”, Erik said. He took Will’s beaker and held it up, comparing it with Michael’s.

“Well”, Erik said. “There’s no visual difference between the two samples.” He swirled the beakers as if they were wine glasses. “Maybe Michael’s sample seems to be a little more inviscid.” He placed the two beakers on the ground, dipped his index finger into Will’s sample and brought the finger to his face. He inhaled the scent before licking the sticky juice up with his tongue. “Interesting”, he said slowly. “Full bodied with a crisp acidity, very harmonious, fruity and spicy in the finish.”

Then he repeated the procedure with Michael’s sample.

“This one has a lighter body”, Erik said after taking another helping of Michael’s stud sauce. “Considerably lighter, as might be expected. Very fruity nevertheless, not as spicy but just as acidic.” He smacked his lips. “And there’s a hint of… I don’t know…”

“Scrambled eggs?” Will grinned.

“No”, Erik mumbled.

“Squashed plums?” I suggested.

“No”, Erik muttered.

“Crushed walnuts?” Will chuckled.

Erik stared at him. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He brought Michael’s beaker to his mouth and took a big gulp, swirling his sperm in his mouth. After he had swallowed it down, he shook his head. “I can’t quite put it into words.” He took another big gulp before letting out a triumphant “Ah!”

We looked at him expectantly.

“Distilled water!” Erik smiled. “That’s it.”

Michael let out a groan.

Erik wrote down some notes on his clipboard. “Okay, seems like we’re done”, he mumbled, flipping through the pages. “Thank you very much, you’ve been---“ Suddenly, his face paled. “Oh, no”, he said in a toneless voice.

“What is it?” I asked, leaning over and looking at the Erik’s notes.

“Oh, no”, Erik repeated. He pointed at a word in the ITA’s instructions.


I raised my eyebrows. “You forgot to determine the quantity?”

Erik blushed.

I looked at the two beakers. Michael’s beaker was half empty.

“Okay, this is no big deal”, Erik said quickly. “We’ll just do it again.”

Michael blinked. “What?!”

Erik got up and smiled at the three guys who had been manning the ‘pleasure station’. “You’re booked for the whole day, right?”

The guys squirmed.

“Well”, the former virgin mumbled. “We---“

“You’ll be the mouth and you”, Erik pointed at the third guy, “will be hole number 2.”

The three guys looked at each other and sighed.

“Off you go”, Erik said, clapping his hands. “We got no time to lose. The second load will be a lot harder to get out!”

Grumbling, the guys walked back to the ‘pleasure station’.

Will jerked his fattening dick a couple of times. “Alright, I’m ready for round two.”

“Wait a minute”, Michael protested. “Let’s flip a coin again!”

Erik looked down at Michael’s crotch and pointed at his bruised and bloated balls. “I don’t think those are good for ‘pleasure’.”

Michael’s eyes widened. “What?!”

Will walked off, whistling happily.

“Come on”, Erik said to Michael. “We’ll have to get you tied up.”

Michael opened his mouth to say something but Erik just grabbed him by the balls and pulled him up from his seat.

Michael let out an ear-piercing squeal.

“Hey!” Will yelled. “Don’t start without me!”

I chuckled. This was going to be a long day…


Carter said...

Great story
But don't understand why he wouldn't have the beakers ready

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter. I guess Erik just forgot about them.

Erik said...

Hey there

Have always liked your blog, but somehow this last story rocked my boat... Made me come back for seconds ;)

Loved the combination of reading about the deepthroating and nut crunching at the same time!

Als i promise to start posting more comments again ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Erik! I was kinda worried I had lost you as a reader... It's good to see you again and I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))