Sunday, December 27, 2015

Speaking of Christmas...

I know that Christmas is over - but I'm fairly certain that it will come again in approx. 12 months. And since we're all still in that festive mood and there are still Christmas decorations all around us I thought that this was the perfect time to ask you what you want for Christmas next year.

I'm not talking about your usual wishes like a new TV set, a nice pair of socks, world peace or a female president. No, I'm talking about next year's Christmas story.

Would you like to have a new episode of Sexy Santa and his nutcrunching elves?

Here are the previous chapters in case you have missed them:
How the elves saved Christmas (2012)
Revenge of the elves (2013)
Great big balls of Christmas Magic (2014)
On a cold winter's night (2015)

And if you do: Do you have an idea for a new story?

Or do you want something different next year? A completely new story with different characters?

Tell me your wishes and I'll see what I can do. :-))

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Why not do a cross-over with the boys.

The Elves are struggling to get the egg-nog out, so seek the help of some people who are even stronger. They could enlist Kev, Ben, Logan, Zach, Will, Michael, Leo, Phil....all of whom might have more oomph behind their attempts to extract the cream from Nico.

The Elves promise a massive thank you, but what they haven't said is that the thank you is each of them getting milked drier than ever before using all the methods they demonstrated on Santa.


Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion, ScotLad! I like your idea and I'll think about it! :-))

Anonymous said...

I would love to read about a guy who is coming home for christmas and getting busted by his younger brother. maybe being shared as a christmas present for the younger brother's boyfriend?

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I'll see what I can do! :-))

Anonymous said...

It's almost New Year! Time for one of the boys to get hit by a bottle champagne!

Alex said...

Ha! Thanks for your comment! I have planned a little post for January 1st with champagne related video clips... :-))