Friday, November 6, 2015

BB Academy: Footwear study

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the idea for this story.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Zach,,Kev and Simon (click for pictures)

“I love science”, Zach said. “I really do! It’s just so damn complicated sometimes.”

The muscular 20 year old blond was bare naked, his huge dick and big, plump balls dangling between his thighs.

I nodded slowly. “Yeah, I know.”

Zach scratched his head. “Like, you know, gravity? Whoa. That’s some tough shit.”

“But it’s fascinating, right?” Simon chimed in. He adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses and smiled. “Just look at your nuts.” The 23 year old geek pointed at Zach’s crotch.

Zach scratched his pubes and looked down. “What about them?”

“Well”, Simon smiled and grabbed Zach’s ballsack, weighing his testicles in his hand. “Gravity is what makes those big boys hang so low in their sack.” He gave Zach’s balls a playful squeeze, making him grimace and let out a gasp. “See?”

Zach nodded slowly.

“Gravity pulls them down”, Simon said with a cute smile. “Like this.” He yanked down hard, making Zach yelp in pain.

“Fuck”, Zach grunted.

Simon chuckled and let go of Zach’s nuts.

“Gravity’s a bitch, huh?” Kev grinned. The 20 year old jock was leaning casually against a wall, wearing sweat pants and a tank top. A baseball cap was sitting on top of his short brown hair.

Zach grabbed his sack and massaged his big, tender testicles. “Yeah, man, I think I hate gravity.”

Simon and Kev laughed.

I smiled at Zach. “You’ll be pleased to know that we won’t be focusing on gravity today.”

“Thank god”, Zach mumbled, gently rolling his huge balls between his fingers.

I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Zach’s enormous equipment. It was beautiful. An almost ridiculously oversized dick and huge pair of XXL balls that would put any stallion to shame.

I cleared my throat. “Okay, let’s start. You already know that we’ve gotten a research assignment.” I smiled. “You’ve probably heard about the Institute of Testicular Agony, a very prestigious research institution in the field of Male Studies.”

Kev, Zach and Simon had blank expressions on their faces.

“The ITA wants us to find out what kind of footwear is most damaging to the male reproductive system”, I said, pointing to a pile of shoes on the ground.

Kev, Zach and Simon nodded solemnly.

“We’ll go through every shoe in that pile and grade the amount of pain on a scale from 1 to 45.” I looked at Simon and gave him a notepad. “You’ll keep track of the results.”

Simon nodded, a big smile on his face.

“And we’ll document the experiment, of course”, I said, pointing at my cameraman Chad who was standing behind the camera, before turning to Kev. “Kev, you will administer the kicks.”

Kev grinned.

 “Please make sure to strike the testicles with the exact same amount of force every time”, I said. “The ITA has very strict standards.”

Kev nodded. “No prob.”

I turned to Zach and smiled.

“What am I going to do?” Zach asked, scratching his pubic hair.

Kev, Simon and I looked at him.

“You have the most important task of all”, I said with a gentle smile.

“Awesome”, Zach grinned. “What is it?”

I explained it to Zach. With every word, Zach’s face got paler, while Kev and Simon were trying hard not to laugh.

“That’s not fair!” Zach finally blurted out. He pointed at Kev. “Why doesn’t he get kicked in the balls?”

Kev’s eyes widened and he shook his head emphatically. “No fucking way am I---“

“Because Kev’s balls aren’t good enough”, I interrupted him.

Zach looked at me doubtfully. “What do you mean?”

“Well, look at them”, I said, pulling down Kev’s sweat pants and exposing his big, limp cock and his heavy pair of low-hangers.

“They look fine”, Zach shrugged.

“Of course they do!” Kev said firmly and turned to me. “Those are grade A eggs, man, how dare you---“

I glared at Kev, grabbed his balls and twisted them sharply, making his voice go up an octave before falling silent.

I squeezed hard, making Kev’s eyes bulge and his jaw drop, while turning to Zach again. “They may be fine – but they are not fine enough, Zach”, I said softly. “We need a big pair of balls for this experiment. A really big pair.” I squeezed harder, digging my fingertips into the soft flesh of Kev’s testicles. “These just won’t do.”

Kev let out a soprano whimper.

Zach chuckled. “Yeah, I see what you mean.” He put his hands on his hips. “His balls are kinda small.” He let out a laugh. “They’re definitely not as big as these boys.” He grabbed his sack by the neck and wiggled his big, juicy balls.

“See?” I said. “That’s why we need you.”

Zach smiled. “Sure, I mean, why settle for a tiny pair when you can have a big one, right?”

I nodded, letting go of Kev’s balls and allowing him to sink to his knees and cup his aching nuts. “Exactly. So you’ll do it?”

“Sure, it’s for science, right?” Zach grinned and patted my shoulder. “You need big balls, I’m your man.”

I smiled. “Great.”

Simon cleared his throat.

I looked at him.

He scratched his head. “You know, I don’t wanna be a smartass or something, but why exactly are we doing this? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for hitting Zach in the nuts. But why? I don’t get it.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Because---“

“Because it’s important”, Zach interrupted me. “It’s science, man.” He looked at Simon and put his hand on the shorter guy’s shoulder. “We’ll save lives.” He thought for a moment. “Think of the unborn children.”

Simon raised one eyebrow. “Yeah, what about them?”

“Guys will tell their chicks, ‘Don’t wear sneakers, put on the high heels. They don’t hurt so bad.’”, Zach said. “Geeks will tell their bullies, ‘Those boots are a 41 on the Johnson scale. Take out the steel toe, then they’ll be only a 35.’ It’s for the geeks. It’s for the guys. It’s science!”

Simon nodded slowly. “Okay.”

I looked at Zach. “The Johnson scale?”

Zach nodded. “They’ll probably name it after me.”

I smiled. “Well, we’ll see. Let’s go, we have a lot of shoes to go through and we don’t have all day…”

“Alright, let’s go”, Zach said and spread his legs with what looked like his attempt at a scientific expression on his face. His balls were dangling vulnerably between his legs.

“Let’s start with slippers”, Kev said and slipped his bare feet into a pair of plushy blue house shoes. He stood in front of Zach and smiled.

He brought his leg back and kicked Zach’s nuts hard. His instep collided with Zach’s meaty balls and rammed them into his body.

Zach let out a cough and doubled over, grabbing his balls.

Kev took a step back and smiled proudly.

Simon adjusted his glasses. “What’s your verdict?”

Zach groaned. “On a scale from 1 to 45?” he said in a strained voice. “It’s a 45.”

Simon burst out laughing. “Oh, come on! Leave some room for the rest!”

Zach looked up, grimacing in pain. “They hurt.”

Simon rolled his eyes. “Of course they do. But not that much, right?”

“32?” Zach grunted. “Maybe a 32?”

Simon chuckled. “That’s still a little high, right?”

Zach let out a groan. “21. My last word.”

Simon nodded and wrote it down.

I scratched my head. This was feeling more like a bazaar than a scientific experiment.

Kev had put on a pair of black loafers. He snap-kicked Zach in the nuts with them, making groan and moan in pain.

“27”, Zach groaned. “27.”

One by one, they went through the pile of shoes: Sandals (18) hurt less than cowboy boots (29) and hiking boots (36). Bowling shoes scored surprisingly high (29), especially in comparison to ballet shoes (20). The tap shoes turned out to be Kev’s favorites and scored a very solid 39 on the Johnson Scale, tying with the snow boots. The platform shoes were a bit tricky, and it took several attempts until Zach was ready to give them a solid 35.

“You sure you don’t need another kick?” Kev grinned. “Just to be sure?”

“Nope”, Zach said throatily. “35. Defenitely.”

Kev shrugged and changed his shoes.

I smiled.

Zach was taking things very seriously. We were halfway through the pile of shoes and he was still standing – not a small feat considering his notoriously weak and sensitive testicles... His muscular body was glistening with sweat and he was panting heavily, his face contorted in pain.

Next up was a pair of tube socks.

Zach raised his eyebrows. “Those aren’t shoes”, he mumbled.

“But they’re footwear, right?” Kev shrugged and brought his leg back.

Zach grimaced. “I guess you’re right”, he mumbled.

“Let’s see what they can do”, Kev grinned and kicked Zach’s nuts as hard as he could. His sock-clad foot connected with Zach’s nuts, crunching them hard and making Zach yodel from the top of his lungs, double over and clutch his battered balls.

“Wow, they seem to work pretty nicely”, Simon grinned, looking at Zach with an expectant expression on his face.

“Yeah”, Zach croaked. “39.”

Kev looked almost disappointed. “It sounded more like a 40. Maybe even a 41…”

Zach swallowed, grimacing in agony. “39.”

Kev chuckled. “Alright.” He put on a pair of well-worn sneakers. “Classic nutcracker quality”, he grinned. “Back in high school I probably crunched hundreds of balls with shoes like this.”

“Yeah, classic”, Simon said, adjusting his glasses.

Kev raised his eyebrows. “You did, too?”

 “Not exactly, no. I remember them from---“ Simon grimaced. “From the other side.”

Kev nodded sighed. “Good times, huh?”

Simon grinned weakly. “Not for my balls…”

Kev let out a laugh.

“Come on, let’s get it over with”, Zach mumbled, spreading his legs.

The sneaker slammed into Zach’s nuts with astonishing force and admirable precision, nailing his sack dead on and flattening both of his balls like pancakes.

Zach let out a high-pitched wail, his body convulsing in pain.

“Awesome!” Kev laughed. “Come on, man, those got to get at least a 40!”

“41”, Zach whimpered, his voice cracking.

Kev nodded slowly. “Classic”, he said, reaching for the last pair of shoes. “Now, what do we have here? Another classic!”

Zach’s eyes widened. “You can’t be serious!”

“Wow, look at those”, Kev chuckled and slipped into a pair of red high heels. “Where did you get those in my size?”

I shrugged. “And friend of mine happened to have them in his closet.”

Kev laughed and tottered around, his arms stretched out trying to keep his balance. He looked ridiculous in his sweat pants, a muscular stud of a man trying to walk in stilettos.

Zach watched him, his eyes fixed on Kev’s firm legs and his large feet in the red shoes.

“He looks kinda hot”, Simon winked at Zach. “Right?”

Zach cleared his throat and shook his head, trying to act casual. “Nah, sorry, not my type.”

Simon’s eyes darted to Zach’s big, meaty dick that had risen to a huge, proud, rock-hard erection. “Little Zach seems to differ…”

Zach looked down, his face turning crimson. “No, actually, it’s--- It’s not what it looks like…”

Simon burst out laughing.

Kev feigned indignation, putting his hands on his hips and sashaying towards Zach. “Filthy pervert!” he said, batting his eyelashes before kicking Zach’s nuts as hard as he could.

The pointy tip of Kev’s stiletto caught Zach right in the left nut, squishing it flat into his body and making Zach roar in pain.

Kev drew his leg back and kicked Zach’s nuts once more, this time aiming for his right ball and hitting it dead-on.

Zach coughed and gagged, his dick twitching violently.

A third kick found both of Zach’s nuts and rammed them into his pelvis, flattening them like pancakes.

Zach let out a gurgling squeal as his dick erupted with a huge load of creamy spunk that hit Kev in the chest, soaking the fabric of his tank top.

Kev started laughing uncontrollably as Zach’s dick continued to shoot spurt after spurt of hot, sticky semen, sprinkling Kev with his juice.

Zach was screaming from the top of his lungs, his balls contracting, his dick releasing what seemed like a week’s worth of spunk.

I couldn’t help but join in Kev’s laughter, as did Chad and Simon.

The room was filled with laughter while Zach was deep in the throes of his painful orgasm.

Finally, the flood subsided and Zach collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and nursing his battered balls.

“45”, he whispered in a toneless voice. “That was a 45.”

Kev chuckled. “You know what, man, I think I love science, too…”


Carter said...

The ITA sounds hilarious. Love to hear more about those dudes

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Maybe we'll hear more about the ITA in another story. I'll think about it.

Unknown said...

Great story and hope to hear more about the ITA. I'd like to hear a little more about the boots. Some additional research may need to be done ;-).

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'll see what I can do... :-))

Anonymous said...

I think instead to being kicked in the balls, he should of had his balls stepped on, by all the guys!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))