Friday, August 28, 2020

Fun at the gym (Brock meets Parker and the twins)

Special thanks to Brock for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who adores gymnasts) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

 Featured in this story: Parker and the twins (click for pictures)
“Easy peasy! Just watch me!” Parker smiled as he stretched his limbs.
The 21 year old gymnast was wearing his trademark leopard print tights that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. His muscular legs, and especially the big bulge in his crotch were perfectly outlined in the skin-tight fabric: You could make out Parker’s sleeping rattlesnake and the two big, fat maracas that accompanied them. Parker was shirtless, showing off his muscular abs and chest. His flaming red hair was in need of a new dye job, and his natural hair color was visible at the roots.
His friends watched him, amused expressions on their faces.

Michael and Will were identical twins, blond and blue eyed, with handsome faces and athletic bodies. Like Parker, they were professional gymnasts. They 22 years old, wearing matching outfits: tight blue shorts and tank-tops that didn’t restrict their movements. To the casual observer, they were hard to tell apart, being identical right down to the very impressive and perfectly matching set of tools in their respective toolboxes. Each of them sported a mighty hammer and a perfect set of nuts and bolts that every craftsman would be rightfully proud of.
Brock was 22 years old like the twins, with brown hair and a lightly freckled face. As muscular and athletic as the rest of them, Brock was very proud of his equipment, and there was no reason not to: His fat, juicy sausage and the two accompanying pieces of ripe vegetable were nothing to sneeze at. With such a perfect meal, meaty and nutricious, it was only natural that Brock enjoyed showing it off, wearing very tight tights that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. He was shirtless, his perfect abs and pecs and his muscular arms on full display.
“Yeah, we’re watching you,” Brock chuckled. “We’re watching you crush your nuts!”
The four young men roared with laughter, Paker included, even though Brock was on to something: This challenge was a potential threat to Parker’s reproductive organs, and they all knew it.
Parker looked at his buddies and adjusted his crotch with a cocky grin. “Don’t worry about my---
“--- handful of future peanut butter?” Will chimed in, finishing Parker’s sentence.
When the laughter had died down, Parker was swinging from the rings, moving back and forth.
The challenge was tricky. As soon as Parker was in the air, his buddies moved one of the punching ball stands right into the path of his swing. It was just the right height to hit him square in the nuts if he didn’t lift himself up to a certain height. Ninety seconds was what Parker had offered.
His buddies watched as he held on to the rings, lifting his legs to avoid slamming into the punching ball.
Ten seconds. Twenty. Thirty seconds. Forty. Fifty. Sixty seconds.
At the sixty-nine second mark, his strength left him and he collided with the punching ball
A loud, dull THUD echoed through the gymnasium as Parker’s nuts were crushed by the ball and he fell to the ground, curling up in a ball.
His buddies roared with laughter.
Brock clapped his hands. “Grab a handful of---“
“--- peanut butter”, Parker completed the sentence in a comically high-pitched voice. He was playing it for laughs – but his balls were hurting like hell.
Before him, Michael, Will and Brock had tried and failed the challenge. Each of them had received a hard, vicious knock to the nuggets, which probably added to the glee they felt when seeing Parker in pain.
The idea to hold a ballbusting gym contest had been in development for quite a  few weeks. It had started with a quick sack tap delivered by Brock, and it had escalated from there. Soon, the four handsome, muscular guys were engaged in a fierce, take-no-prisoners ballsmack battle, and after several ballbashing blows to their manhoods that left their future kids in crutches and their balls bruised and swollen, they started sabotaging each others’ activities at the gym. A quick kick to the gonads while someone was focusing on their workout, a strategically placed obstacle that made contact with a pair of nuts during a routine, a well-plotted double-nutter to the twins while they were benchpressing – the guys’ creativity was endless. Finally, after several weeks of nutbusting fun, they decided to channel their naughty energy into a contest. Each one of them had come up with a nutcrunching challenge.
Now, with Parker having finished (and failed) the first challenge on the rings that had been devised by Will, it was time to move on to the second challenge: the parallel bars.
“This one is easy: It’s a one on one fight. Since your hands are busy holding on to the bars and keeping you up it’s kicks only”, Brock explained with a grin. “This should be fun…”
After a quick draw it was determined that Brock would face Parker, and that the twins would face each other.
Brock and Parker got up onto the bars, crooked grins on their faces as they eyed each other.
“Give us the signal”, Brock said without taking his eyes off Parker’s bulge.
The twins looked at each other and smiled. “Ready… Steady… GO!”
Parker was the first to land a critical blow. His foot connected with Brock’s bulge, flattening his testicles and making the twins cringe in sympathy as Brock’s eyes lost focus and he let out an anguished grunt.
Parker let out a laugh. “Ha! Got ya! I bet you’re---”
Brock’s foot hit him square in the nuts.
“---feeling that one”, Parker completed his sentence in a strained voice, grimacing in pain.
“I was aiming for lefty”, Brock chuckled.
“Yeah, you got him”, Parker replied, his eyes pressed shut.
Brock kicked him in the nuts again, making Parker howl in pain.
“Lefty again”, Parker whimpered, struggling to hold himself upright.
“Aww, that one was meant for righty”, Brock laughed. He bought his leg back to deliver another nut-shattering blow to Parker’s boys – but this time Parker managed to block the kick with his thigh.
Brock’s next attack failed as well, and Parker retaliated with a very hard kick between Brock’s thighs that made him howl like a wolf.
Another kick found its target, hitting Brock square in his rapidly swelling testicles, and it was followed by a game winner of a nut kick that made the twins gaps in horror.
Parker’s foot crashed into Brock’s gonads with incredible force, lifting him up and causing him to loose his grip on the bars, making him crash to the ground, kicking and screaming as he clutched his gonads.
“Gentlemen”, Parker grinned, casually adjusting his crotch as he jumped down next to Brock, smiling at the twins and just slightly wincing as he touched his own damaged goods. “Your turn.”
“Let’s go, Mikey”, Will said, his hand on his brother’s shoulders.
Michael raised his eyebrows. His twin brother knew full well that he hated that nickname. Usually he responded with a sack tap or something similarly appropriate. But today he let it go, vowing to pay him back during the upcoming challenge…
And he did.
Michael made mincemeat out of his brother’s nutsack. As soon as Parker had given the start signal (Brock was still lying on the ground, nursing his goolies), Michael sent a series of kicks to his brother’s nuts.
Four rapid fire kicks, delivered with the force of a football star, squishing and squashed Will’s balls. And even though Will prided himself to have balls of steel, the force and the surprise and the momentum were enough to make him fall to the ground, joining Brock in a disharmonic duet of nut pain as they both rolled back and forth, wailing in pain.
“Good one”, Parker said, raising his hand for a high five.
Michael grinned and raised his hand as well, leaving himself open for a quick sack tap that Parker delivered as if he were a seasoned employee of a nutshot delivery service.
“Next one is the pommel horse”, Parker announced cheerfully.
His three buddies groaned.
“Wanna join me?” he chuckled as he crossed the gym.
It took a moment until his friends were able to join him.
“The pommel horse challenge”, Parker explained with a smile, “is all about scrambling eggs…” With that, Parker produced a large carton filled with hen’s eggs.
“I’m pretty sure it’s our eggs that are gonna get scrambled”, Brock quipped with a cheeky grin as he adjusted his crotch, causing the rest of the boys to laugh.
“You mean they aren’t scrambled already?” Will laughed, aiming a quick backhand nut slap in Brock’s direction.
Brock let out a surprised yelp and turned away just in time for Will’s hand to connect with his thigh instead of his most precious possessions.
“Guys! Focus!” Parker chuckled.
“I mean, those eggs don’t look like they can take much”, Will chuckled, trying to sack tap Brock once again.
Once again, Brock managed to avoid getting hit.
Unfortunately, Will hadn’t taken into account that he had pissed of Parker by ignoring him. The handsome redhead’s foot sailed up between Will’s thighs, nailing him right in the bulge.
“No”, Will croaked, his voice filled with a curious mix of pain, shock and disappointment, before doubling over and rubbing his sore balls. “I guess I deserved that…”
“Yup”, Parker grinned.
“Oh yeah”, Michael chuckled.
“Definitely”, Brock laughed.
“Aright, guys, let’s cut to the chase”, Parker said, picking up three eggs and placing them on the pummel horse, one at the front, one at the back, and one between the handles. “The pummel horse challenge requires you to break these eggs. With your nuts.”
His friends laughed, cringing at the thought.
“Don’t make the eggs fall off the horse, and don’t spare them”, Parker said cheerfully. “When you have finished the challenge we need to see three broken eggs on the horse.”

“And two crushed nuts on the rider”, Will chimed in, much to his friends amusement.
Parker went first, showing off a routine that ended in three broken eggs and two crushed nuts – just as planned. One by one, his friends followed, each off them looking patently ridiculous as they deliberately crotched themselves on the horse, breaking eggs and crushing nuts in the process.
Their friends cheered them on, and they all mastered the challenge perfectly.
When they were done, their nuts were aching like hell, and their pants were covered in slimy egg white and yolk.
“Hey, Mikey, I bet you’ve never had so much protein in your loins”, Brock said, still grimacing in pain as he rubbed his own sore balls.
That quip earned him a kick in the aching nuts from Michael.
“Was that for the libel or for calling you Mikey, Mikey?” Will laughed.
A split-second later it was Will’s turn to get kicked in the nuts by Michael.
“Oh, Mikey!” Parker exclaimed before covering his mouth dramatically. He was standing with his legs spread, and Michael seized the chance to deliver another nutkick, lifting Parker off the ground before he joined his friends on the ground, moaning in pain.
“You stay here for a moment”, Michael said with a grin. “I’ll prepare the final challenge.”
“We’re not going anywhere”, Will moaned.
“I don’t think I can walk”, Brock chimed in.
“Nope”, Parker whimpered.
When Michael called for them, they limped over to the far end of the gym where Michael had prepared the nightmare for every man’s junk: the balance beam.
“This one’s easy”, Michael grinned. “Just cross it. If you fall before you make it to the end you’ll have to start again.”
His friends looked at him. That didn’t sound too difficult. After all, they were all experienced gymnasts.
“There’s a catch, isn’t there?” Will said slowly.
Michael chuckled. “I wouldn’t call it a catch. I’d call it Vaseline.”
His friends started examining the beam.
“You’re kidding”, Brock chuckled.
“You’ll kill our future kids!” Parker laughed.
“You greased the damn thing with Vaseline?!” Will looked at his brother.
“That’s right”, Michael grinned. “It’s a slippery slope…”
“You’re the devil!” Brock chuckled.
Michael winked at him. “Nah, I’m just a good man doing the devil’s work…”
One by one, they walked the balance beam.
One by one, they cracked their nuts.
It took Brock twelve attempts until he managed to cross it. Every time he fell, he landed on his nuts, and they were black and blue when he was done.
His friends’ ball bags didn’t fare any better. They all needed ten to fifteen attempts, crotching themselves on the beam and ramming their nuts into their bodies.
Later, in the showers, they compared their goods, laughing riotously at the gruesome sight of eight swollen, bloated, battered, bruised balls.
“We should do that again sometime”, Brock suggested with a grin, drawing his friends attention.
There was a moment of silence. Four young men. Bare naked. Nothing but the sound of running water.
Then Parker and the twins lunged at Brock, cheering and laughing, going straight for his nuts.


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Hey Alex Brock here. This story is so hot thank you so much! I shot a big liad reading this.

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I was bummed that we're not able to watch handsome gymnasts at the Olympics this year, but this story is the next best thing! Lol about the "nutshot delivery service" line. Those guys could go into that biz for real.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! Your load is my reward. :-))

Yeah, I bet a lot of us would order regularly from that service... :-))