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Friday night at the club (written by James @MosHadron)

Our reader James (@MosHadron at has written this awesome story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

‘Come on man, it’ll be fun!’, Elliott really wanted to fuck this guy, he was exactly his type (short, ginger, skinny, toned but not too strong, and apparently top) but he really isn’t looking convinced; time to up the ante then.

‘How about I make it interesting for you? if you win I will do whatever you want, absolutely anything.  You don’t even have to tell me now.’ If this didn’t get the cute little skater onside then nothing would, Elliott had rolled that line our on many occasions and it had never failed him yet.   He was staring into Jack's eyes and gently running his fingers down the side of the skater’s torso as he tried to convince the kid to take the bet.

Sliding one hand into his pants and around his cock, he continues ‘all I want if I win is for me and my brother to fuck you; here, tonight.’  Naked apart from his tight blue briefs it doesn't take much imagination to see that Elliott is hung; he’s not even got a semi on and it looks like he’s got a pair of socks stuffed down there.

Jack could feel his body responding despite himself, his cock hardening inside his football shorts and was suddenly very aware of his surroundings, knowing that the other customers could see his excitement only added to it.   Although it was underwear night, no one was going to complain that the skinny 20yr old wasn't adhering to the dress-code, the thin nylon shorts are hugging his tiny-bubblebutt (undoubtedly what attracted Elliott) and the dicso lights are throwing his junk into high contrast like an x-rated shadow play.  ‘Anything?’  His shorts tenting now.

‘Yeah, absolutely anything you want, I'm yours to use and abuse.  The staff and half the customers can vouch for me, I’m good for my word.’  Elliott was 26 and looked like he was carved out of marble, his fair skin showed off a V-shaped body that men everywhere would aspire to, an 8 pack sitting above the sculpted devil's horns that drew anyone’s eyes down to the ample package between his legs.

‘I'm Top though’ responded Jack, ‘I've only been fucked once in my whole life.  Somehow I don't think I'll be able to take your dick, let alone you and your brother in one night.’  Although doing his best sweet-and-innocent routine, Jack knows exactly what he’s doing even if there is a bit of a risk, that just made him hornier.

Elliott could hardly have missed the tent and growing wet patch in Jack’s shorts, his magic working to get him what he wants, he can’t help but grin ‘Oh, don't worry, there’ll be plenty of volunteers if we need to pin you down, then David and I will soon open you up.  Wide.’

Now Elliott is getting hard too, where his cock had been tucked down the front of his pants, curving round under his balls, it had nowhere to go and his briefs are bulging out from his body, the waistband held 3 inches clear of his stomach at the navel giving Jack a great view of the monster contents Elliott’s straining dick must be at least an inch and a half across, probably two, and it doesn’t look like he’s fully hard yet.

‘So, have we got a deal?’

Jack takes a step towards Elliott and in one smooth move slides both hands into the older jock’s underwear and before he even thinks to react Jack’s hands slide past his cock, behind and under his balls and close firmly around them.  Leaning forward until his lips are up against Elliott’s ear; 'OK, you've got a deal' he whispered and applied some pressure to the egg sized balls in his hands 'but if I win, these are mine, I will own them and you will know it.'

Momentarily surprised, Elliott had let out a small gasp and his legs bent involuntarily as Jack squeezed his balls, but he quickly recovers, grabs Jack by the back of the neck and pulls him hard into a kiss, his other hand shooting down the back of Jack’s shorts, grabbing the cute little arse that had caught his attention in the first place.  Leaning into the kiss and now locking tongues, Jack keeps his too-tight-for-comfort grip on Elliott’s spuds, after 30 seconds or so the hand exploring his shorts happens to run all five fingers across this his near-virgin hole, each touch feels like an electric shock and he clenches on the unplanned stress balls in his hands as if he really had just been electrocuted before pulling away from the kiss and looking up into Elliott’s dark grey eyes.

This time Elliott leans in and whispers ‘I should probably have warned you that we’re both multiple cummers and we are going to fuck you till we both run dry, but too late to back out now, bottom boy.’

Jack twisted out of the Elliott’s grip and turned to the nearby bar staff, 'Hey guys! We need you to witness a bet, no one's going to be ducking out of this', the nearest barman let out a short laugh, he'd seen Elliott’s hustle before but wasn't about to let on to the new kid, especially when it promised to be quite the show.  'Alright then, what's the wager?  Remember we might be a sex club but we still have a licence to hold on to.'

‘No holds barred wrestling match’ Jack explained, again no real surprise to the bar staff ‘if Elliott wins then he and his brother get to fuck me and if I win, Elliott will do whatever I want, literally anything.’  Just then David, Elliott's older and by most accounts nicer and more easy going brother appeared; striding across the club in the direction of the dark room, apparently he'd given up on his underwear as he was stark naked.

If you didn't know they were brothers, you might not realise, although they share the same dark brown, almost black hair, the chiselled jaw and dark grey eyes. Where Elliott is lean, smooth (so smooth, in fact, as to be almost hairless) and really pale, David is muscular and has a light covering of hair on his chest that trails down his abs, ending in a neatly trimmed triangle of pubes.  As Jack had found out much, much earlier although David’s naturally just as pale he’s a big nudist and spends most of his time outside and naked, one way or another, hence the all over tan.

The other thing that separates them is their cocks, they always joke they must have different dads and as David walks over Jack certainly gets a good look along with everyone else in the room.  Ramrod straight and pointing up at the ceiling it bobs slightly as he walks, though far less than it ought to given its size.

‘Fuck’ Jack mutters, quickly glad that Elliott is slightly out of earshot.  It's huge, enormous, fuck.  Jack is lost for words, it’s got to be 10” at least, not grindr inches, not measuring from the balls, 10-honest-to-god and get-all-10-inside inches.  Already impressive / terrifying it‘s made more imposing by the thick metal cock ring clasped around the base, making every vein stand out and turning his shaft and balls another three shades darker still, almost purple in places.

Jack realises he’s zoned out a bit, as David’s now stood at the bar talking to someone else, seemingly unconsciously, one hand played down his chest and abs, then slowly started jacking his cock, transfixed Jack sees David’s hand hand barely meets around the width of his shaft, trying to snap out of his reverie he tried to think, it’d have to be what? 8 or 9” around, surely his maths was faulty.

Fuuccckk.  Jack takes a deep breath and shakes his head to clear the fug.  This all seemed like such a good idea earlier but is realising that if, IF he's called this wrong he’s going to be in trouble, he told the truth about having only ever been fucked once and in hindsight that probably didn’t count.  The guy (who’s cock was only 5-6”) got about halfway in before Jack screamed the place down and made him stop.  Shit.  It’s too late to back out now.

David finishes his conversation and saunters over to Jack and Elliott, flashing them both his prizewinning smile, the same smile Elliott has used to land countless guys like Jack in hot water, just like this.  Elliott’s grin is a lot more predatory right now though.  ‘We’re on, our beautiful friend here has agreed to let us fuck him’, Jack opened his mouth to complain but before he could say anything Elliott waved him to silence, ‘Yes, yes, if I win, he knows.’

‘So, you ready for this?’ David asks and points at his dick, just as a string of precum drips from dick and starts slowly stretching down to the floor.  Everyone was watching now, obviously they new what to expect.  ‘I hope you know what you’ve let yourself in for’ David asks as he walks round behind Jack and wraps his arms around him, his cock pressed between them,  ‘it would be a real shame if you’d been tricked into this’ and Jack’s blood ran cold, he swallowed hard again, he really had made a terrible mistake, David was in on it.

David put one hand down the front of Jack’s shorts and ringed his thumb and forefinger around his cock and balls, he let go of Jack with his other arm and started pulling him towards the back-room of the club by his balls, ‘come on tiger, let’s get this started’.  The whole club seemed to follow them into the room where the wrestling mat was set up,  even the barmen.  No one wanted to miss this.

‘So’, said David, ‘no holds barred and first one to submit loses but no punches to the face, no eye gouging and absolutely no weapons.’ He nodded at Elliott and Jack in turn ‘Get ready both of you.’

Elliott stepped out of his briefs and his cock bounced up in front of him, only half hard it was still 7" so no wonder those briefs were full.  Frankly, it’s amazing he can fit his balls in them too, each the size of a hens egg.  He looked straight at Jack and grinned as he reached down to rearrange himself, pulling his balls down away from his body until his dick was pointing straight out in front of him; he let go and his cock slapped back against his stomach, already harder then before.

Seeing this, Jack’s cock hardened, appearing at last out of the bottom of left leg of his shorts then steadily came to attention,  the fabric of his shorts rucking up around the base of his cock and letting his balls hang out in the air too.  At 7.5” he wasn’t going to rival the brothers, but between the 10mm prince albert and the gentle curve of his cock back towards his body, he was often told how beautiful his tool was.

Jack pulled his shorts out over his hard on and bent down to step out of them even as he realised his mistake.  Elliott had seen his chance and took two powerful strides across the ring, putting all his momentum through his knee and into Jack's balls.  He almost went down, and it would probably have all been over, but he managed to keep his feet, staggering forward.

Elliott wasn’t going to give him and room to recovery if he could help it and delivered a kick to the back of Jack's knee and he stumbled again, rolled towards the wall of people watching. Rather than help most just watched the drama unfold, cock in hand.

They grappled, both trying to get the upper hand, neither really achieving anything.  Elliott almost got Jack in bear hold from behind, blind fear and instinct made Jack twist away just in time, but not before he'd felt Elliott's hard cock pressed up against his back and realised just how big it is, with Elliott being at least a full head taller his leviathan cock had reached almost to Jack’s shoulder, adrenaline rushed, he knew he couldn't afford to lose the fight.

Jack grabbed Elliott's arm as he span away and tried to use the momentum to trip Elliott instead they both went tumbling and landed in a heap, Jack on his back and Elliott on top, facing down, his crotch pressed into Jack's face. They must have landed by the watching crowd because as Jack tried to get out from under Elliott extra hands appeared, one pair grabbed his right ball and started squeezing, another, kinder pair of hands took the opportunity to work Jack's cock, the hands were already covered in lube and focused on the head of his cock, the dual stimulation made him buck his hips at which point he felt more hands join, some adding more pressure to his balls, others just caressing his thighs, meanwhile Elliott was desperately trying to pin him down, but was just in the wrong position, he couldn't get a leg on either side of Jack without first releasing him, instead he was just pressing his body down on Jack's head and chest as best he could and trying to stop Jack wriggling too much but also aware that his impressive weapon was well within biting range of Jack's mouth if he thought about it.A hand headed towards Jack's arse crack gave him the final push he needed, he slipped out from under Elliott who he tipped towards the groping hands, a quick look suggested that he didn't receive the same treatment Jack had.  Even as Jack had slipped away someone had taken a really firm grip round one of his balls, leaving a too-small ring with their fingers but momentum had carried him forward and forced his left nut through the tiny gap in an otherwise iron grip, simultaneously crushing and stretching it.

Jack tried to get steadily onto all-fours as the wave of nausea ran through him, he’d made a big fuck up accepting this dare, convinced now that David had been in on it from the beginning, long before tonight.  Before he could move, Elliott was on him and got him into a classic hold, fortunately the hold didn't allow Elliott much movement either, so Elliott released him and they rolled apart. Jack came to a stop right in front of David who winked at him, then grabbed him under his arms and flipping over, back away from the crowd and into the ring, where he landed on his back.

Fuck.  Jack wasn’t about to give in any time soon but was obviously taking a beating.  He didn’t want to think about what Elliott would consider fair game in getting him to submit, before the thought had finished forming Elliott was on top of him and this time he was in the right position, sat on Jack's chest, one leg either side of his body pinning Jacks arms in place with a few extra kilos on Elliott's side, Jack wasn't going anywhere fast.

This position left Elliott facing Jack's feet, unfortunately for Jack that isn't all he was facing.  The first few punches didn't hurt so bad, Elliott wasn’t the first person to beat Jack’s balls and he’d kind of expected it might come to this.  But then Elliott got into a steady rhythm 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 and the pain started to spread up through his groin and into abs meanwhile Jack's cock actually got harder and then started leaking precum.   After a few minutes of this, Jack can feel his cock’s throbbing even if he can’t see it around Elliott.  It’s deep red and strings of precum stretch to his stomach where puddles of it grow until they overcome surface tension and spill down his sides onto the floor.

No matter how much he wriggles he can't  get enough purchase to get free.  It crosses his mind that he should submit now, before it gets worse.   He realises then that someone is talking and his brain takes another second or two to process what was said.

‘He's still fucking hard! I told you he was a wrongun, proper little pervert.’ It was Elliott.

David responded ‘Nah,you're just not doing it hard enough’ and with that it was like someone flicked a switch turbocharging the assault on his nuts several times over and any thoughts of saying anything but scream or doing anything but writhe, are driven out of Jack’s mind by a new wave of intense pain.

Jack would later wonder where Elliott got the energy to sustain his barrage for so long, it’s continued for 30 minutes already, though in the moment all Elliott can think of is the agony in his balls, the cramps climbing up through his stomach, and the lights now starting to flash in his vision.  Another few minutes pass, feeling like hours and Jack's cock is now producing so much precum it looks like a stream of water.

‘David, come and give me a hand’  Elliott’s invite to his brother cementing Jack’s conclusion that he’s fucked, and is about to be fucked by probably the two biggest dicks he’s ever seen.

‘I can't hold him and kick his balls at the same time, plus you've got your toecaps on and I'm only in trainers.’ Elliott continued.  Just the thought of getting kicked by David, the bigger of the two brothers, never mind the steel toecaps, set Jack's cock twitching, knowing he’ll cum soon, then the pain will be worse, so much worse, and he'll have to give in then, have to submit.

David strolls over and there's a temporary reprieve while he takes up position between Jack’s legs, the pair lock eyes and David winks at Jack and starts putting his weight on Jack’s balls, pressing down hard.  David watches the agony rising in Jack's eyes, staring deep into those dark hazel pits, the pain and hopelessness he sees there is so horny.

He transfers all his weight onto his right leg, Jack’s balls under the ball of that foot, then tilts his weight forward until his full 12.5 stone is crushing down on Jack’s spunk makers as Jack’s complaints get louder again David’s cock resumes dripping precum in thick heavy strings, he’s enjoying this bit of the evening more than he expected to and decides to have some fun, grins down at Jack and then …

David jumps …

Maybe a foot straight up in the air and comes back down, landing perfectly on one foot placed just so to get both nuts.

The impact feels like three people landing at once, and it sends Jack over the edge, in a fresh explosion of pain his balls tense and try to pull inside him which of course they can't because they are currently trapped under David’s food and even if they weren’t they are so swollen they’ve got nowhere to go.  Jack lets out a guttural roar, not even realising as he does it, his back arches spasticly as fire like molten-metal burns through his nuts as he starts to cum

Even before the first spurt of cum has left Jack's cock David is back in the air, going higher than before.

The first thick rope of cum splatters all over Jack’s stomach and sprays up across Elliott, still straddled across his chest to pin him down.  A second burst of cum, much bigger than the first, hits Elliott like water from a hose and sprays in all directions.

David lands, this time his full weight targeted on Jack's left ball just as a third stream of spunk splatters and sprays off Elliott.  Jack realises he’s was screaming and doesn’t know when he started.

Hop. David lands, right ball this time. Jack can't breathe, it feels like his balls are being destroyed, but that doesn't stop the  fourth, fifth, and sixth ropes of cum jetting out of his cock, his orgasm showing no sign of slowing.

Hop. David lands flat on both balls, then staring into Jack’s eye’s with something approaching religious fervour he slowly grinds the red and swollen orbs under his foot, watching the tears stream down Jack’s face while the seventh, eighth and ninth jets of cum splatter the room.

Jack's eyes start to roll back in his head, David takes a step back and swings his heavy duty toe caps into Jack’s jewels, connecting with a thud, forcing the swollen mess between Jack’s legs into and against his body, finally it’s too much and blacks out completely, his eyes roll, just showing their whites to the world, and three more impressive fountains of jizz find their way out of Jack’s battered balls, even though David stopped kicking when Jack blacked out, not nearly as much fun without the twinky skater is looking him in the eye.

After all this Jack’s cock, now surrounded by a  lake of  jizz, remains solid, and is standing out at 30° from his abs, only varying as it throbs with his pulse.  Around the room, plenty of the  customers had been wanking over Jack's ordeal and when he came so explosively he made many others do the same, adding to the general collection of bodily fluids spread liberally about the room.

Though some were, no doubt, waiting to see him getting fucked.

‘Right, let's get him into the bar, I can't wait to get inside this little fucker’.  Elliott isn't joking, his cock is noticeably bigger and harder than usual and that’s saying something.

As marble white as the rest of him, his dick has a pronounced, steady curve that leaves it pointing at his abs, thinner than his brother’s at just 6" around but with a large mushroom head, that flares a half inch wider than the shaft in every direction, and is the only part of Elliott’s cock that turns a deep red when he’s hard.  On a normal day his cock measures 8.5” (much more if you measure underneath because of the substantial curve) and now it looks closer to 10” the red-helmet having turned a deep purple, shiny and swollen.  Beating Jack obviously has him really horned up.

‘Hold up, Elliott he hasn't submitted yet.‘


‘He hasn't submitted’ David says again ‘anyway he's back with us and judging by that hard on of his, I'd say he's ready for round two.’  Sure enough, Jack's hard-on still hadn't gone down at all, in fact you could see it throbbing, bouncing up and down with his pulse.

David took a couple of steps back and took a running kick the prostate skater

And missed.  His foot sailed past the swollen mess between Jack's thighs and straight into his brother who was still kneeling over him. His foot connected with his Elliott’s balls full force and a with very definite thud.

Elliott coughed once and rolled off Jack, starting to curl into a protective ball, just about managing to mutter ‘The fuck man?’

‘Sorry dude, my bad.’

David bent down to help Elliott up, grabbed his forearm and, taking his weight, dragged him to his feet but before Elliott's feet were fully under him, David brought his knee up, into his little brother’s ample crotch, then again and again and again.  When he let go, Elliott landed in a heap on the floor.

Jack had managed to roll onto all fours by this point, as he struggled to his feet, he turned to David and yelled  'are you fucking serious? You wait until now? I thought you'd fucking played me!  I only held on because of what you two would have done to my arse.  And

Jesus Fucking Christ, MY BALLS’.

David grinned that prizewinning grin again.  ‘Come on, I just wanted to put on a good show’ gesturing at the now-confused crowd ‘and if you had submitted’ he winked and grabbed his still hard cock, the veins now looking like fat worms under this skin, ‘I would have fucked you and so would Elliott.  Right now, we’d probably be sharing you with the rest of the punters, trying to get you loose enough for Me n Elliott to doublefuck you.’

‘I’m glad you didn’t submit though, seeing Elliott try to beat that first load out of you was horny as fuck, we’re doing that again soon.  I can’t even describe how horny it was ruining your orgasm, though judging by how long you kept cumming for I clearly didn’t ruin it enough, I’ll try harder next time.’

Jack turned to face Elliott, hoping to hide the fact that hearing David talk like that had made him absolutely solid again, you could have hammered nails in with it. ‘Anyway, I guess we’ve got other things to do right now …’

Jack kicked Elliott from behind .knocking him flat onto his face, he looked up and realised the room was filling back up again now, everyone wanted to see Elliott get his arse handed to him, is seems.

David grinned to himself, he’d seen Jack’s cock twitch at the mention of getting his balls busted again not for today (maybe) but there is certainly something there to be explored, just one of the reasons he’d picked Jack to help him teach Elliott a lesson.

Now, David grabbed hold of Elliott on the mats and rolled him onto his back, Elliott was hardly putting up a fight, just holding onto his balls and mewing, quite pathetic.  David straddled Elliott exactly as Elliott had Jack just half an hour or so before, prised Elliott’s hands away from his crotch and pinned them down my his sides, trapped by David’s larger and muscular thighs.  Ignoring the stream of obscenities pouring out of Elliott's mouth David looked over at Jack, ‘Over to you kiddo.’

Jack had already found what he wanted, fuck knows why they were in the sex club, but there were some wooden blocks in the wrestling backroom, like you’d have to jump onto in gym glass when you were little, only 5-6 inches along two sides and maybe 18 inches along the third side and quite perfectly solid.

Kneeling down between Elliott's legs, Jack slid the wooden block under Elliotts balls, resting them flat on top ‘We wouldn't want you to have any cushioning now, would we?' even before he finished speaking Jack’s punches smashed into the meat on his improvised slab, with nowhere to go, nothing to absorb the shock, every ounce of force translated into pain for Elliott’s manhood and it became apparent very quickly that he couldn’t take it, with tears rolling down his face as he begged Jack to stop.

‘You just have to submit and it'll stop’ Jack said as he got up and walked to the side of the room again, coming back with another of the wooden blocks.  He raised this one above his head before bringing it crashing down on top of the other. No one thought about whether this broke the no weapons rule, frankly they were all glad to see Elliott put in his place.

His scream as the block come down again would have woken the dead, it reverberated around the club despite the dense press of bodies in a rough circle surrounding his humiliation, in fact everyone in the club was now watching, the vast, vast majority wanking or being wanked, even those who’d already shot a couple of loads over Jack.

The block comes down again ‘I submit, I submit, I submit, please no more.’

‘Right, everyone heard that?’ Nods all round.  ‘Good, so come back next weekend if you want to see what happens next.’

Jack walks over and kneels down calmly next to Elliott, leaning in until he can whisper into his ear ‘Remember what I said, I am going to own your balls.  If I were you, I'd avoid cumming between now and Friday, but that's entirely up to you.’

At this exchange Elliott's dick, which had completely deflated during Jack and David's surprise assault, hardened again.  ‘Hmm, we'll turn you into my bitch yet. Your cock certainly likes the idea.’ Jack commented as he stood up.  David let Elliott up from the floor and like a scared wild animal he bolted out of the room, probably looking for somewhere dark to hide.

‘I suppose a fucks out of the question?’ David asked as he waved his still-hard flagpole at Jack.    It was Jack’s turn to grin this time ‘I don't think I could fuck anyone right now, that load you stamped out of me was pretty huge’

‘It certainly was’

Jack leans in to David who pulls him in for a passionate kiss, Jack grasps David’s head as they snog, David’s hands sliding down to cup Jack's tiny and perfectly formed butt cheeks.  David suddenly picks Jack up, lifting one arse cheek in each hand, Jack’s out a surprised squeak and tightens his grip around David’s neck to stop himself falling backwards and links his legs around David’s checks, ‘what are you ...’ he starts

‘Well, if you can’t fuck me, maybe I’ll just have to fuck you‘ David interrupts as he hoists Jack a little higher, freeing his cock from between them.  Jack’s eyes widen as he feels David’s cock flick into place underneath him, wondering how on earth David got him into this position, no, got him to put himself in this position.  Before he finished the thought, David relaxes his arms and his cock head is now pushing against Jack’s near virgin hole.

‘Or maybe,’ David stares straight into Jack’s eyes again, and aren’t they just beautiful eyes, the way they change colour when he’s really worried is cute too, he isn’t worried yet  ‘just maybe, there’s another load to be kicked out of your balls?’

This time Jack grins and begins ‘I’ll tell you what ...’ Jack relaxes as he’s talking and pushes himself down, opening his arse ever so slightly, just enough to let the tip of David’s cock slide fractionally closer to being inside him, firmly wedged between Jack’s rounded and perfectly hairless buttcheeks, but it’s enough, David feels it and Jack sees his pupil’s flare.

Jack continues ‘how about ...’ and he does it again, relax and push down, except this time David was expecting it, and this time he thrusted at the same time, the precum slicked head of his cock slides further than Jack had intended, still not even close to being inside him but the arrow tip of David’s cock is pressed against Jack’s hole, Jack can feel himself starting to be stretched around the serious weapon underneath him.

‘Another wager.’ Jack finally finished his sentence, his pupils flaring this time.

‘and why shouldn’t I just drop you onto my dick now and be done with it?  David asked, although with no malice in his voice, he had manoeuvred so that Jack was resting his back against a wall, his arms and legs still wrapped around David.  As he slipped one arm under each of Jack’s legs it was very obvious that he could pin Jack against the wall and fuck him like this and to anyone looking it seemed Jack was about to let him do just that.

‘Well, if you fuck me now, that’ll be it, one fuck.’

‘and let’s just say that we did have a wager, what would you be offering?’ David couldn’t help asking

‘You can fuck me as often as you like’ Jack replied, without even thinking about it.  David went in to kiss Jack’s neck but made no attempt to release him, covered his neck with soft kissed, moved up to his ear and traced across the erogenous zone there, as Jack’s body went limp David changed position again slightly, now the only thing stopping Jack from sliding down David’s huge flagpole was his sphincter.  ‘I can stay here all night you know, Jack and the precum I’m pumping straight onto your hole is already loosening you up.’

‘OK, OK.  You get to fuck me and bust my balls, wherever, whenever, however’.

In one fluid move, David shrugged Jack off his shoulders and carefully placed him on the floor ‘I think we need to discuss this over a drink and terms, then I sure as hell am going to need to find someone to drain my dick’.

As they went in search of beer, Jack replied, ‘I’ve already got an idea what we should bet on, I think you’ll like it, it involves Elliott’s punishment next week.’

‘Now, if I win the bet … ‘

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