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Voltron ballbusting fiction: Wounded Lions' Pride (written by ballboxing)

Here's another awesome series of stories written by our reader ballboxing, author of Brotherly Boxing Bout (Learning the ropes, The alpha twin and Punching bag) and The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls (Poke Balls War and Use Low kick). It's based on characters from the popular Netflix series Voltron. I hope you like this story as much as I do! Part two is coming on Monday!

The young red and blue paladins walked cautiously through the main hallway of the deserted spaceship. They both had their bayards at the ready, Lance was carrying his blue rifle while Keith held his red sword with his right hand, as they inspected the so far empty rooms of the ship under an eerie silence that had not been broken since the beginning of their search. Some hours ago, a distress signal from the Dalterion Belt had reached the Caste of Lions, and since Pidge and Hunk were away in a recognizance mission it had fallen upon Lance, Keith and Shiro to answer. Once they had boarded the spaceship, Shiro had sent them to search for any survivors while he made his way to the main hub area to find any recordings that could let them know what had happened to the passengers.

Keith had protested to the idea of splitting up, but Shiro had convinced him that it was the best alternative. He could fend for himself and he trusted him and Lance to keep each other safe. Besides, the survivors would have better chances of being found alive if two parties were searching for them at the same time.

“Meet me up front after you are finished, let’s hope we are not too late,” Shiro said before disappearing behind a set of automatic doors.

“Will do,” Keith replied.

“You can count on us,” Lance shouted.

Lance and Keith had been inspecting their half of the ship for almost an hour now and there were still no clues to help them understand what had happened to the ship and its crew. They walked silently through yet another empty corridor and came upon a big set of doors that were labeled “CARGO” by holographic letters on top of them.

Keith tried opening the doors with the command panel that was placed next to them, but the screen just kept turning red and showing the word “ERROR” no matter what combination of buttons he tried.

“The doors must be jammed from the other side,” Keith said as he placed himself in front of the doors and tried to push them open unsuccessfully.

“Hello?” Keith asked, “is anybody in there?”

The paladins waited, but there was no answer from behind the doors.

“This place is giving me the creeps” Lance said as he readied his rifle in case there was anything that needed to be shot behind the door.

“Let’s see who is behind this barricade,” Keith said as he brought his red sword up and slashed down at the doors. The razor-sharp edge cut through them with ease.

Keith pushed at the doors and they caved in revealing the cargo room that showed no signs of anyone being inside it. Him and Lance walked inside, but there was not much to be found. The room was much bigger than the previous ones they had inspected, but the only thing they could see were multiple broken crates from different sizes and supplies scattered around the floor.

“How can there be no one here?” Lance asked as he walked around searching in vain for any survivors.

“What?” Keith asked mockingly, “is it getting you scared?”

“Noooo way!” Lance answered right away trying to save face, “it’s just not making any sense. The doors were barred from inside, so there should be someone in here.”

Keith knew his companion was right, it did not make sense for this room to be empty. He walked around trying to find any clues or maybe even someone hiding inside one of the crates, but no one was in the room.

“There are no traces of blood, but there are signs of struggle,” Keith explained as he continued to walk around the room and examined the walls and broken crates. “Someone fought here, the walls are dotted with missed blaster shots and there are no signs of the spaceship crashing, something or someone smashed those crates.”

“Let’s meet up with Shiro and see if he found anything else,” Lance said as he started to walk away from the debris and towards the now cut-open door.

“I knew you were scared,” Keith answered as he followed him.

“I am not scared mullet head!” Lance yelled in a shrilly voice as he turned around to face Keith, “there’s just no more rooms for us to check, so we need to see if Shiro found anything.”

“Sure, let’s go see if Shiro found anything,” Keith said still in a mocking tone as he walked past Lance.

Lance grunted angrily as he readied a comeback insult for Keith, but something else caught his attention forcing him to forget about his verbal match. A loud clanking noise suddenly echoed through the room. The two young men looked behind them and found a large metallic panel that had fallen from the roof and landed in the middle of the room.

Lance and Keith immediately looked up to the ceiling of the room. From the square shaped gap that the metallic panel had left behind, something began to emerge. A masked person fell from it and with extreme precision landed on its two feet in front of the paladins. The person was wearing a tight black leather body suit and a black helmet with purple detailing that looked similar to the detailing on Galra armor. The lack of noticeable breasts in such a tight looking suit made both paladins assume that the mysterious figure was a man.

“Identify yourself,” Lance demanded as he aimed his rifle at the person’s head.

“What happened to the ship’s crew?” Keith asked hoping for an answer that would shed some light on this mystery.

The masked person stood still, facing in Keith’s direction. He did not respond to any of the paladin’s interrogatives or said anything else.

“Do I shoot?” Lance asked as he prepared himself to pull the trigger of his rifle.

“Not until we know if he is hostile,” Keith answered, “it could be one of the passengers for all we know.”

“What do we do then?” Lance replied. “it’s starting to make me nervous.”

Keith brought his left hand to his face and spoke into its communicator.

“Shiro, we have a survivor on the cargo area.” Keith informed, “It does not appear to be hostile…”

“Humans…” the masked man said.

“Yeah, we are humans,” Keith replied, “Who are you? Is this your ship?”

“Weakness…” the masked man continued, “acquired.”

“I think it can speak our language Shiro,” Keith continued to report, but there was no reply from Shiro, “Can you hear me?”

Without any warning the masked man sprinted towards Lance and Keith. Lance did not waste any time and began shooting at it as he ran to the side to make some distance between him and his new target. Several of his shots hit the target across the chest and legs leaving burn marks on its black suit, but the masked man seemed to be completely unfazed by the shots.

Keith prepared for close combat with his sword at the ready as the masked man approached him. He waited for the precise moment when his sword would be able to reach him, but as he made a forward horizontal slash aimed at the masked man’s head his opponent stepped out of the way avoiding any harm. Keith followed up on his attack, now slashing vertically and diagonally at his opponent, but the masked man continued to expertly move out of the sword’s way while countering with punches and kicks that were taking their toll on the red paladin.

Keith was being able to block most of the hits, but the masked man had some impressive strength. With every blocked hit, Keith could feel his arms numbing a little. The masked man retreated by a few steps and jumped at him trying to deliver a cross chop at Keith’s head, but he was unsuccessful as Keith managed to cross block the strike. The two of them were now locked in a strength contest. Keith trying to hold his ground as the masked man pressed down on him.

“Lance, a little support here?” Keith yelled as he did his best to stay on his feet.

“Just keep him there for a little more,” Lance yelled back as he steadied himself to land a kill shot on the masked man.

Lance looked through the scope of his rifle, this might be his only chance for a clean shot. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. The shot whizzed through the air and struck fierce and true right on its target’s head, but it did not have the desired effect.

The shot left more than a mark this time, a piece of the black and purple helmet landed next to Keith’s feet. However, it did not manage to help in the fight at all. The masked man continued his attack with a swoop kick that caught Keith off guard making him fall on his back. He immediately rolled away from his attacker barely missing a brutal stomp that seemed to be aimed at his lower extremities, but did not manage to avoid a second stomp that pinned his right wrist to the ground.

Keith grunted in pain as he tried to release himself, but he was being overpowered. The masked man bent down and grabbed the red bayard, Keith did his best to keep his hold on it, but the pain emanating from his wrist made it impossible to properly resist. The masked man ripped the bayard away from Keith’s hand and threw it all the way across the room further disarming his opponent.

Shots from Lance’s rifle continued to fly across the room as he attempted to distract the masked man so that Keith had time to get back on his feet, but no matter where he aimed at, his shots had no effect on the enemy.

Keith managed to break his opponents hold by performing a swoop kick of his own that hit hard enough to make the masked man lose some balance, but he was barely getting up when the masked man started attacking him again. Multiple vicious kicks started raining on Keith. Without his bayard he could only try to block them at best. He did his best to deflect most of them by using his arms to direct them away from his upper body, but soon enough his opponent had backed him into one of the crates and Keith with nowhere to go ended up paying dearly for his dependence on his sword.

He did not see it coming, which made the pain much worse. A frontal snap kick slipped through his defenses and swiftly sailed all the way up between his legs into the bulge of manhood that his tight black paladin uniform kept snuggly packed. Keith instantaneously became extremely aware of his own testicles as the foot of his attacker smashed both of them into his pelvis and made his insides twist with pain. All his strength immediately left his body, but before he could fall down, another low kick smashed into his already hurting nuts.

“Weakness… exploited…” the masked man said as he looked at Keith falling to the floor.

“Keith!!!” Lance yelled in anger and fear as he saw his beloved comrade being so brutally kicked between the legs.

“Arghh…” Keith managed to grunt as he fell face first to the ground in front of his opponent, his hands instinctively reached down between his legs wanting to nurse his freshly mashed gonads, but the tactic offered no decrease of pain whatsoever. The tightness of his uniform had ensured that his nuts took the full brunt of the blows, and all he could think about was how unlucky he was to be a man in this precise moment.

The masked man was about to pull Keith back up to his feet to finish him off, but he was interrupted by a hard shoulder tackle that pushed him away from the fallen paladin and sent him to the floor.

“Are you ok?” Lance asked as he kneeled next to Keith, “Can you stand up?”

“Fuck no… my balls are killing me,” Keith replied angrily as he continued to massage his battered gonads hoping for any degree of relief.

“It’s gonna be ok buddy. I’ll buy you some time so you can recover,” Lance explained as he left his bayard next to Keith, stood up, and walked over to face the masked man.

“You cheap bastard,” Lance spat as he raised his fists, “You will pay for that.”

Lance had deduced by now that the attacks from his rifle had no effect on the masked man, but it seemed like physical attacks could bring him down. Maybe if he could catch him off guard once more, he could knock him out with a really good hit. Lance planted his feet firmly on the ground and waited for the masked man to stand up and make the next move in hopes of managing a good enough counter to bring the fight to a close.

The mysterious figure rose to his feet slowly and faced Lance. Neither of them approached each other or moved at all for a couple of seconds, but then with speed that was clearly not human the masked man dashed towards Lance. He remained calm and waited for an opening so that he could enact his plan, and as soon as the masked man was in range Lance threw two straight punches in quick succession. Both punches missed as the masked man lowered himself to his knees placing him in the perfect position to attack the unprotected and vulnerable crotch of the blue paladin.

The masked man brought his right hand down and threw a loaded uppercut that would surely leave Lance wailing on the floor. Nevertheless, the nutshot ended up being a complete miss as Lance dexterously shifted his feet sideways successfully moving his balls out of harm’s way.

“I expected you to keep fighting dirty, but there’s no way you are getting my boys.” Lance said triumphantly as he spun around and delivered a round house kick that caught the masked man on the side of the head.

However, this time the physical attack did not have enough strength to make any severe damage. Before Lance could get his foot down and plan his next move, the left hand of the masked man rapidly shot through the air and grabbed hold of Lance’s package. He held it tightly between his fingers, making sure to crunch both meaty orbs between inside his hand. A quick gasp of surprise and horror left Lance’s mouth as he felt his testicles and flaccid penis being manhandled by his foe.

“N-no wait! C-come on we can talk this out," Lance tried to reason with his opponent, but was quickly silenced by an increase of pressure on his trapped balls.

The gloved fingers slowly fastening around his gonads were rapidly increasing the pressure on his manhood and plunged him into a world of miserable pain that left him moaning in pain as he tried with all his might to release himself from that terrible grip. Lance attempted to pry the masked man’s hand away, but it was impossible. His desperation quickly moved him to start punching at his opponent, but despite the fact that all of his punches were hitting the masked man, his hold over Lance’s berries remained steadfast.

In just a few seconds, Lance could feel his stomach and abdomen exploding with pain that made him nauseous and darkened his vision. The blue paladin could feel his nuts pulsing with waves of pain, and the fear of losing his manhood to this stranger made his eyes tear up.

“Get off him!”

Lance heard someone yell as he felt himself falling to the ground. His reproductive organs were no longer constrained in the tight grip, but the pain barely dwindled as his eyelids closed for him to pass out.

The black paladin paced back and forth in front of the medical room where Lance and Keith were now resting. It had been difficult to convince Allura and Coran to stay away and let him single handedly deal with what had happened without actually telling them that Lance and Keith had their nuts almost cracked open. Shiro was resolute on sparing them the humiliation of everyone learning about what had happened. However, he was still very unsure of what was the best way to approach the situation.

What had happened to Keith and Lance in the previous mission had put him in an extremely awkward position. He had now seen both Lance and Keith’s junk and even touched it as well as he checked their testicles for any extreme damage. He was grateful that they had been unconscious as he performed the examination, but now he had to break the news to them and as the leader of the group it was up to him to make sure that Lance and Keith did not lose confidence in themselves after what had happened while also making sure that this could become an opportunity for the paladins to grow and become stronger.

Shiro himself was not that much older than them, so maybe Lance and Keith would not feel so weirded out or embarrassed by him talking about their testicles and what were the best ways to protect them. He never thought something like this would come up while he was trying to save the universe, but there was nothing else to do but address the problem now. Shiro took a deep breath and walked inside the room as the doors opened to let him in.

Lance and Keith were resting on their beds with ice packs placed in between their legs. Keith’s arms showed some bruises from the fight, but it was their nutsacks that had been hurt the most.

“I need to talk to you guys,” Shiro said as he stood between the beds.

“What the hell happened back there Shiro?” Lance asked as he stared at the wall next to him. He was feeling embarrassed and frustrated by the whole situation and couldn’t bring himself to face his team captain.

“Yeah, who was that guy? Did you get him?” Keith asked as he stared at his hands for the same reasons.

“Well, I guess that is a good starting point,” Shiro answered as he ran his right hand through his hair. “You were not fighting a person, it was a battle robot prototype that specializes in discerning different species weakest points and targets them to rapidly finish a fight. The robot got out of control during an experiment and the crew of the ship sent out a distress signal. They escaped through the cargo area with some spare scape pods, but left the robot there to try and recover it later.”

“So, what did they say when they found us?” Keith asked.

“I could not wait for them, but I don’t think they are going to like what I did to their robot,” Shiro responded, “I kind of tore it to pieces.”

“Good riddance,” Lance replied bitterly as he crossed his arms.

The room fell silent after that, none of the three men seemed to know what to say next.

“So…” Shiro said, “Which one of you two is going to tell me what happened before I got there?”

“Nothing happened,” Lance and Keith answered at the same time.

Shiro looked at them in disbelief, neither of them would look him in the eye.

“I am the one who had to bring you back to the castle, undress you, and check your testicles to make sure that you were ok,” Shiro explained, “Can you stop behaving like kids and talk to me like men for a second?”

Shiro knew it had been a risky move to rub salt on those fresh wounds, but he had faith that the pride of his companions would make them open up and talk about the situation.

“Easy for you to say, you didn’t get your balls kicked into your stomach,” Keith answered as he clenched his fists in anger, “twice.”

“Yeah you would not understand,” Lance added, “I have never felt so humiliated in my life.”

“I get why you would feel and think that way,” Shiro responded, “I really hope you can take what I am about to do as mature adults.”

Lance and Keith were confused by the words of their leader, they looked at him not knowing what to expect. Surely enough, what happened next surprised them both.

Without any further explanation Shiro unbuckled his belt and bent over to lower his pants and underwear until they were at ankle height. He grabbed his cock on the way up and covered it with his right hand, only leaving his bruised testicles for his companions to see.

“What are you doing Shiro?” Keith yelled as he covered his eyes to avoid seeing his leader’s naked lower half.

“Ouch…” Lance said as he stared at Shiro’s manhood. “It got you too huh?”

“Yeah, I had it in a lock hold and as I was about to finish it off the damned thing managed to punch me three times in a row,” Shiro said as he grabbed his sack and pushed it up to really show the bruises on it, “they are still a little bit swollen right now.”

The exchange between Lance and Shiro made Keith wildly curious, so he overcame his sense of shame and slowly uncovered his eyes. He winced in pain after noticing the visible bruises that Shiro’s scrotum was sporting. Three purple spots could be seen on his big low hanging balls.

“As you can see Keith, my balls got some of the action too,” Shiro explained, “There is nothing to be ashamed off. The three of us have sets of bruised up testicles right now.”

“I am sorry Shiro, this is all my fault,” Keith pleaded, “I wasn’t able to do anything without my bayard.”

“It is my fault too, my rifle was useless against that thing,” Lance added as he returned to look at the wall in shame.

“It is nobody’s fault,” Shiro replied as he reached down and pulled his pants up. “I am not here for apologies. We found a weakness in the team, so I am here to tell you that we are going to fix it. You have the rest of the day to recover and tomorrow we are starting special physical combat training, so that we can better defend ourselves and each other with or without our bayards.”

“What kind of special training?” Lance asked curiously.

“I will see you tomorrow at seven am sharp in the combat simulation room,” Shiro responded and walked out of the room.

Lance and Keith went back to silence after their leader left the room. They both tried to figure out what the special training was while trying to stop feeling so pissed at themselves for letting Shiro get hurt.

“I sure am glad that Voltron doesn’t have any balls,” Lance joked when the silence proved too uncomfortable for him to handle any longer. “Am I right?”


Anonymous said...

Nice story! Hey, have you ever been interested on doing a story with Dragon Ball?

Ballboxing said...

Thanks, glad you liked it. Tbh, no I had never thought about it. Could be interesting, but I havent been into DB for years lol