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Voltron ballbusting fiction: Special Training at the Castle of Lions (written by ballboxing)

Here's the second part of another awesome series of stories written by our reader ballboxing, author of Brotherly Boxing Bout (Learning the ropes, The alpha twin and Punching bag) and The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls (Poke Balls War and Use low kick). It's based on characters from the popular Netflix series Voltron. I hope you like this story as much as I do! Part three is coming soon!

Previous parts:
Wounded Lions' Pride

When Keith and Lance woke up the next morning the swelling in their testicles had disappeared, but the bruising was even more noticeable today. Lance had a purple ring around the top of his ballsack and Keith had one big bruise that covered almost all the bottom of his. Looking at the bruises made each young man very uncomfortable and slightly ashamed, but at this point they were just grateful for being able to walk normally with their danglers back to their regular size.

“So, what do you think this special training is going to be?” Lance asked as he finished dressing himself.

“I have no idea,” Keith answered as he put on his shoes, “I just hope there’s no more looking at Shiro’s junk.”

“Why did it bother you that much?” Lance asked after chuckling a little, “Was that your first?”

“My first what?” Keith replied.

“You know…” Lance answered, “I mean like the first time you saw another guy naked.”

“Well yeah,” Keith answered, “It’s not like it is a common occurrence or that I go around trying sneak a peek inside other guys’ underwear.”

“Well yeah, but I mean… sometimes it just happens,” Lance explained, “Me and my brothers got used to seeing each other naked pretty fast.”

“That’s…” Keith started to say. “I am not sure what it is, but it just makes me feel weird.”

“I guess I understand. Either way, don’t sweat it buddy,” Lance said trying to comfort Keith and shake the awkwardness of the moment away. “Let’s just go and hope our nuts won’t get any more bruises today.”

“Yeah, I don’t ever want to experience something like that again.” Keith replied as he stood up from the bed, “I never imagined it was actually that bad.”

“You never imagined?” Lance asked as they walked out of the medical room, “Are you seriously telling me that you lived for eighteen years without getting hit in the nuts once?”

“Well…” Keith answered somewhat sheepishly as he rubbed his right arm, “yeah.”

“How is that even possible?” Lance asked as he raised his voice and arms in disbelief.

“You say it like it should be a daily occurrence in a guy’s life,” Keith replied.

“Well no, but… when me and my brothers all hit puberty it definitely became an almost daily occurrence in my house,” Lance explained, “we would play nutball or sac tap wars in order to gain control over anything, the tv remote, the last piece of chicken, shower time.”

“Well I don’t know what nutball is, and I don’t think I ever want to find out,” Keith answered to bring the conversation to a close as they reached the combat simulation room.

The doors opened allowing them to come inside. The combat simulation room was normally completely empty, but today Shiro had geared it up for the special training he had in store for the three of them. A boxing ring had been erected in the middle of the room and he was in the process of hanging a heavy punching bag.

“Good morning guys,” Shiro said as he hooked the heavy bag’s chain to a small hook that was hanging from the ceiling, “welcome to our special physical training, we are going to be learning some boxing today.”

Shiro was wearing a pair of loose black boxing shorts with white trim and a tight black boxing jersey that showcased his v-shaped figure. Shiro was definitely on top of the group when it came to masculinity. His well-developed muscles and height truly made him be the alpha male of the team. The tight jersey only made the gap between Lance, Keith and himself more painfully apparent. However, Lance and Keith only experienced some seconds of jealousy as they quickly became distracted and intrigued by the other training equipment in the room.

“Are you serious?” Lance asked excitedly as he circled around a speedbag, “This is so cool!”

“How is boxing going to help us?” Keith asked incredulously.

“Our fight yesterday made two things blatantly apparent,” Shiro started to explain, “first, as I said yesterday we need to better prepare ourselves for hand to hand combat. Second, we have to make sure to be protecting ourselves from dirty tactics at all times.”

“Ok, so why don’t we just cut to the chase and make the uniforms include groin protection?” Keith asked uncomfortably fearing for the future of his offspring.

“I did think of that, but cups and groin guards can only shield you so much,” Shiro answered, “they would decrease our leg movements during a fight, and make you complacent to not care about protecting your balls. It has been said that boxing is the art of hitting while not getting hit.”

“Which means?” Lance asked now trying to keep the speedbag to a steady punching rhythm.

“It means that it will help us become better fighters while also teaching us how to better protect ourselves, our testicles included.” Shiro explained, “because of that we will not be using any cups for our training, but first you need to get changed.”

Shiro grabbed a pair of black duffle bags and gave them to Keith and Lance, who opened the zippers to reveal their contents. Each bag had a pair of boxing shorts, a boxing jersey, hand wraps, boxing shoes, a mouth protector and a pair of boxing gloves. Each item matched the color of Keith and Lance’s lions.

“Right now, just put on the shoes, shorts and jersey,” Shiro instructed, “I will teach you how to wrap your hands later so you can start using the gloves.”

Lance started changing right away and it did not take him long to be ready for the training to begin, but Keith on the other side was still not so sure that he was prepared for what Shiro had in mind.

“Shiro, I am not so sure about this,” Keith said as he walked over to him, “I don’t think my balls can handle any more pain.”

“So, what you are saying is that your little balls are scared?” Lance asked mockingly as he came closer to Shiro and Keith proudly wearing his brand-new boxing uniform.

“Shut up!” Keith muttered angrily as he stepped in front of him to cut him out from the conversation.

“It will be fine,” Shiro said as he placed his hands on Keith’s shoulders trying to reassure him, “I know yesterday was a rough awakening, but we all have to man up and deal with the situation.”

“What about Hunk though?” Keith asked hoping for the excuse to buy his nuts some more recovery time, “Shouldn’t we wait for him so that he learns about this too?”

“Hunk will not be back for several more days, but do not worry. I will make sure to train him as well once he gets back.” Shiro answered and climbed into the boxing ring, “Let’s start with you Lance, get in here.”

Lance got a hold of one of the ropes and climbed into the ring to meet Shiro in the middle of the white canvas. A small part of him was dreading what would happen next, but the prospect of doing something so manly and cool next to Shiro helped him soldier on.

“First, we are going to review your fight stance,” Shiro announced, “let’s see what you got Lance.”

“Ok, here it is.” Lance replied as he raised his fists to his chest trying to look as cool as possible before looking back at Shiro.

“So right there you are facing me with your whole body directly at me, which is a big mistake,” Shiro said as he faced Lance to start correcting him.

“How so?” Lance asked.

“You are leaving a lot of your body exposed and giving the opponent an easy target. I could easily hit you in the gonads with a frontal kick if you are standing like that,” Shiro explained as he slowly raised his foot towards Lance’s exposed bulge until his foot had softly raised Lance’s dangling plums.

Lance could not help, but groan a little bit. The bruising still made even the softest touch hurt plenty. Shiro brought his leg back down and placed himself in a boxer’s fighting stance.

“This is what we want,” He started to explain, “your body must be slightly sideways, so that your front is not as exposed, your chin down and your back slightly arched forward so that your stomach is harder to reach.”

Lance examined Shiro’s stance for a few seconds and did his best to copy it, but it felt uncomfortable and he was having a bit of difficulty with maintaining his balance.

“I don’t know if I can stay like this throughout an entire fight,” Lance stated as he tried to move around the ring without breaking the stance.”

“It will become natural after some practice, right now your body is not accustomed to it so it will be tricky to maintain it,” Shiro explained, “for movement the basic principle is that if you want to move forward the foot on the front of your stance moves first and the one in the back follows. And if you want to move backwards…”

“The foot on the back of your stance moves first and the one in the front follows,” Lance finished off.

“Exactly. Just like this.” Shiro explained as he moved back and forth across the ring, “give it a try Lance.”

Lance followed suit and managed to move across the ring with just a couple of times when his feet got a little tangled up, but it looked like he would get the hang of it quickly. The training was off to a good start, Shiro just hoped that Keith would be able to overcome his fear and join in without further protest. Maybe he could encourage him through some healthy competition.

Shiro had Keith come into the ring. The red paladin followed orders, but was not very talkative as Shiro went through the same exercises with him. When both guys seemed to have a good grasp on the stance and movement around the ring, Shiro had them practice several more exercises together. The three of them went through the basics of punching, blocking, and looking for opportunities to take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes.

After many hours of drilling and a short lunch break, Shiro taught them how to wrap their hands and had them put on the gloves so that they could go through all of the exercises once again at the heavy bag and punching mitts. The extra weight of the gloves forced the paladins to work harder and try to be more efficient with their energy usage. 

“I want to see how much better you can protect yourselves by putting all of this into practice,” Shiro said as they finished the last exercise, “we are going to do some sparring now and I want you to try and punch me in the nuts as many times as you can. I will just be defending, but if you leave yourselves open I will land a nutpunch myself.”

“Awesome,” Lance exclaimed as he jumped up and down with excitement, “I am a pro sac-tapper.”

“Whoever lands the most low blows on me, will be the winner,” Shiro added.

“What does the winner get?” Keith asked with interest.

It seemed that Keith was going to take the bait, but Shiro needed to make sure to offer something that would actually make him try his best and overcome his fear. He thought about it for a few seconds and decided to figure things out later.

“It’s a surprise,” Shiro said.

“What kind of surprise?” Lance asked.

“I won’t tell you until its time and of course only if you win,” Shiro answered, “so, which of you two is man enough to punch me where it counts?”

“You better be ok with having a low sperm count,” Lance said enthusiastically as he got into fighting stance, “to this day I remain the undefeated ballbusting champ of my family.”

“Is that so?” Shiro asked, “Computer, give us a three-minute round!”

A holographic screen appeared over the ring, light blue numbers that were hovering over Lance and Shiro marked the three-minute round.

“Make sure to keep your eyes open for any mistakes Keith,” Shiro instructed as he readied himself for his sparring with Lance.

The black paladin knew that this was a risky gamble and it would surely be a difficult task to keep his testicles intact for six whole minutes, but the team needed this and he was ready to make the sacrifice. He looked down at his manhood for a second trying to let his balls know that he would do his best to keep them safe and then looked back at Lance to get ready for the round.

The clock began counting down with the ring of a bell and Keith immediately put his new boxing knowledge into practice by quickly advancing towards Shiro. Lance weaved from side to side trying to catch Shiro off guard right away. The team captain watched cautiously as he waited for Lance to formally start the match by throwing the first punches. Lance increased the speed of his weaving and then dove to the left trying to catch Shiro with a left hook. The punch was aimed directly at Shiro’s stomach and almost reached its target, but Shiro deflected it with a swooping block from his left hand and then pivoted to the right side of Lance which was now completely unprotected.

As promised, Shiro did not miss his opportunity to teach the blue paladin a lesson and quickly landed a light jab right between Lance’s legs.

“Ooof,” Lance grunted as the impact of the black boxing glove on his huevos made him take a few steps back while massaging his groin with his blue glove.

“Seems like Marcos and Luis were not great competition,” Shiro taunted as he gave Lance a couple of seconds to recover.

“I am just getting started Shiro,” Lance replied as he brought his fists up again to continue the fight.

Lance chased after him again and tried to keep Shiro guessing by now focusing on throwing some simple left jabs and right crosses targeting different parts of his body. Shiro made most of the hits miss by swiftly moving around his opponent, but Lance made sure to keep up with the movements to not leave himself exposed once again. The blue paladin decided to increase the power of his attacks as he felt the time running out and Shiro was forced into doing more blocks to keep Lance’s punches at bay.

Lance noticed that he was starting to overwhelm Shiro’s defenses, so he threw a particularly nasty hook that managed to push Shiro’s right hand out of the way. He quickly followed up by feinting a right hook that made Shiro keep his guard up, but in the split of a second his right fist changed trajectory and Shiro was unable to block it. The tough padding of Lance’s blue glove connected with Shiro’s ample bulge hitting both balls and cock inside the boxing shorts.

Shiro’s eyes opened wide as he felt his poor and bruised testicles being punished. The impact made his sack slightly swing back and forth inside his boxing trunks and his soft cock get a little hard without him noticing it because of the pain.

“Gaahh,” Shiro grunted as he was forced to take a few steps back to protect his nuts from further damage and ended up in a corner against the ropes.

“One-minute left,” Keith cried out trying to encourage his leader.

Lance did not give Shiro any time to recover, he dashed towards Shiro to trap him in the corner and continued to target his captain’s sore testicles. With Shiro’s movements restrained, Lance was confident that he could win whatever prize Shiro had in store for them by scoring a couple more potshots. However, Shiro was proving to be a hard nut to crack. Even after being weakened by the previous direct hit to his family jewels he was managing to resist against Lance’s ongoing attack. He tried to land another nut punch after a couple of feints, but Shiro was not falling for them anymore.

“Ten seconds left,” Keith shouted.

Lance knew he had to score more than one hit if he wanted any real chance of being the winner. He put all the strength he could muster into his punches trying to stun Shiro and then go for another low blow, but Shiro’s guard remained steady, blocking every single hit. It was at that moment that Lance’s desperation got the best of him and without any regards for defense he tried stunning Shiro with a double punch to the head. Regrettably, both punches hit air and as the clock reached zeroes Lance fell in agony to the canvas doing his best to massage his aching balls through the padding of his blue boxing gloves.

In the last second, Shiro had deflected both of Lance’s punches upwards and then delivered two quick uppercuts that painfully smashed his comrade’s nuts. The double hit proved to be much more than Lance could handle and he went down like a pile of bricks.

“My… boy… balls…” Lance managed to say between groans as he turned around to lay on his back to better endure the pain.

“I told you not to leave yourself wide open Lance,” Shiro replied as he walked over to him.

Lance’s vision was a little hazy from the pain, but as Shiro stood towering over him he noticed something.

“Shiro…” Lance said, “Why are you hard?”

Shiro was surprised by the sudden question. He looked down to his shorts and realized that he was in fact sporting a very noticeable hard on. Shiro immediately shifted his cock’s position with his gloved hand to make it less noticeable.

“I guess you woke it up with that first hit of yours,” Shiro responded with a laugh now fully aware of the raging erection that was hiding in his jockstrap.

“Help me stand up,” Lance requested as he lifted his right hand.

Shiro took a hold of Lance’s hand and helped him to his feet, he then offered his shoulder which Lance gratefully accepted to walk out of the ring.

“Get your gloves off and rub on them,” Shiro said as he walked back to the middle of the ring, “now it is your turn Keith.”

“Yeah, I still don’t think this is such a good idea,” Keith said with concern as he looked at Lance rubbing his nuts.

“Come on mullet head, I already softened him up for you,” Lance shouted with a grin, “go in and take him down for the both of us.”

Keith took a deep breath and climbed into the ring. His arms were slightly shaking, but he knew that he could not disappoint Shiro by showing cowardice after Lance’s display of ballsy courage. It was time to grow a pair and show them how much of a man he was.

“Alright, I will bring you down,” Keith stated as he punched his gloves together in front of his chest, “but none of this defending only nonsense, I want a real round to see who has the stronger pair of balls.”

Shiro was taken aback by Keith’s words, it seemed that he had rapidly found his courage and was ready to face whatever came his way. He was unsure if following his lead would backfire, but he could not back down now.

“Are you sure?” Shiro asked, “I will not hold back on you.”

“Just what I wanted to hear,” Keith said as he got into fighting stance.

“Three-minute round computer,” Shiro yelled and the holographic stop watch set itself up again.

The electronic bell rang and both paladins stepped forward to start trading blows right away. Shiro was the first with a simple one-two combination that Keith avoided by giving it the slip. He quickly countered by closing the gap between them and trying to land a right uppercut on Shiro’s danglers. The maneuver had been effective, but Keith was unable to properly gauge the height of his punch and ended up hitting a little higher than he wanted. The punch had missed both balls and ended up hitting the mushroom head of Shiro’s hard on. Before Keith could throw another uppercut to rectify his mistake, Shiro pushed him back and threw two quick jabs that caught him square in the face.

The sudden pain in his chin and nose made Keith rapidly bring his guard back up, but that was exactly what Shiro had been expecting. Keith’s lower half was now totally unprotected and there was no way he would be able to block a punch aimed at his nuts on time. Shiro bent forward and his right fist rapidly made its way into the mound between Keith’s legs scoring a perfect cheap shot.

“Owwwww,” Lance said from the side of the ring as he continued to rub on his boys, and now feeling sorry for Keith’s balls.

Keith felt his testicles and penis rattled around in his loose boxers as Shiro pulled his glove back. The pain was brutal, but he managed to remain standing and took a few steps back to get out of Shiro’s range and buy himself some seconds to recover.

“Looks like I woke up yours too Keith,” Shiro said with a grin as he pointed down at Keith’s tenting shorts.

Somehow, without him really noticing it Keith’s penis had started to harden and his erection was now fairly visible.

“I wouldn’t get too distracted by it,” Keith replied angrily as he dashed forward and tried to enact revenge on his team captain.

Keith’s attack had a true fierceness behind it. He was determined to not only land a hit on Shiro’s manhood, but also to survive the round to prove his superiority over Lance. However, Keith’s anger seemed to boost his power at the cost of diminishing his awareness. He tried forcing his way past Shiro’s guard a couple more times only to get blasted back by more punches before he could deliver one of his own.

Shiro was starting to feel bad for Keith, but he knew that Keith would never forgive him if he took pity on him. Because of that, he continued to punish him for his mistakes while making sure that his own manhood remained safe.

Lance watched in awe as both of his teammates were locked in manly combat. Keith had not cared to move his erection out of the way to make it less noticeable and Shiro’s boner seemed to have further grown and became fully noticeable once again. The tents in their boxing shorts shifted around slightly with every movement of their sweaty bodies as the fight raged on and neither of the erections seemed to diminish in size or vigor as the combat continued.

Shiro landed three more hits on Keith’s testicles in the last minute, but despite the obvious pain he was being put through, he continued to come up against Shiro to try another way to get Shiro’s nuts. The fight was down to its last thirty seconds when Shiro landed another gut-wrenching low hook that made Lance fear for the survival of the red paladins reproductive organs. The right hook made a loud smacking sound that almost seemed to echo throughout the room and had Keith’s knees close up instinctively in an attempt to protect his family jewels from the continuous assault.

Shiro lowered his guard for a second thinking that Keith was about to go down due to the pain, but the red paladin managed to back himself into the ropes and took hold of the top rope to keep standing.

Keith looked up at the clock, there were still twenty seconds left before the round was over. He needed to survive the round. Keith brought his left glove down to his crotch and rubbed it to make some of the pain go away, but his now swollen balls did not appreciate the contact. Keith moaned softly and left his hand there to protect his bulge from any more damage, he was certain that one more hit would be enough to knock him out.

“Fight is not over, come and try to finish me off captain,” Keith taunted as he opened and closed his right gloved fist pointed in Shiro’s direction.

Shiro smiled with pride at Keith’s reckless bravery and stepped towards him to find out if he could actually bring him down to the canvas in the few seconds that were left. The black paladin focused completely on throwing hits at every spot in Keith’s body that seemed to be unprotected, but despite the fact that Keith was only using his right hand to defend he was miraculously blocking and dodging almost all of Shiro’s punches.

With less than five seconds left on the clock, Shiro went for a loaded right cross aimed at Keith’s face. He was sure that even if he blocked it, one hand would not be enough to contain the strength behind the punch and it would land Keith butt first on the ground. Shiro cocked his fist back and unleashed the punch with all the strength he could summon, but as the punched flew and missed Keith’s face by mere millimeters he felt his testicles being battered all the way up into his pelvis.

The bell rang signaling the end of the round as Keith’s fist remained on the big mound of manhood that hung between Shiro’s legs.

“Ahhh,” Shiro moaned loudly as his lower abdomen filled with pain and nausea, “my poor nuts.”

Shiro had completely forgotten about Keith’s left hand because he had assumed that it would remain protecting his nuts until the end of the fight and Keith had taken advantage of that assumption. Shiro could not help, but smile awkwardly as he was forced to one knee because of the pain that was stretching throughout his body. He looked up expecting to see Keith’s face beaming with happiness, but the red paladin was barely standing up by holding himself to the ropes of the ring as he breathed heavily trying to recover from the rough fight.

“I… got… you,” Keith managed to say as he let go of the ropes and sat on the floor.

“Yeah you got me,” Shiro replied as he tried to breathe through the pain, “you got them real good.”


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