Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Video links: World Cup - no cups

Now that the FIFA World Cup has ended (and all but one national team has been utterly humiliated and thrown out of the game, making each of them instantly forget that they are one of the 32 best fucking teams in the world) we can have a look at the most interesting part of the game: Hot soccer players getting hit in the nuts.

Every clip featured in this post has been uploaded by Football Nutshot, an awesome youtube channel that's highly recommended for every soccer/football fan with a fondness for crushed nuts.

Dele Alli is arguably one of Three Lions' hottest players (I love this picture of him posing as the Statue of Liberty for James Corden's Late Late Show - so cute). Here he is getting a vicious kick in the nuts from a Colombian player in the round of 16. So cute.

Here's a great example of how to fight off an attack with your manhood, and I'm pretty sure that Columbian player Johan Mojica's sperm cells will be on permanent defense from now on...

Here's another selfless defense move. Argentina's got balls!

Germany might have left the stage early - but they didn't leave without making their mark: This South Korean player will probably never forget the match against Germany, and he'll tell his adoptive chldren about it.

The same day that South Korea sent Germany home, Brasil kicked Serbia in the nuts.

That looks nasty. Australia is mourning the loss of Mooy's children.

I have to admit that I rooted for Belgium, and I'm very happy that they made it to 3rd place, the best result in the history of the Red Devils. This expertedly executed nutshot perfectly demonstartes their precision and their strength. Go Belgium!

Last but not least, Croatia might not have won the World Cup but one of their lasting achievements will be destorying England's Kyle Walker's chances of ever fathering children in the semi-final. Well done, Croatia, see you again in 2022!

For dozens and dozens of more nutshots subscribe to Football Nutshot's youtube channel!


Kah Lee Ong said...

I'm just a novice. Here is my youtube channel with videos. Will post soon more, on a regular basis.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Your channel looks awesome! Good luck and have fun! :-))

Anonymous said...

I never really thought Dele Alli is hot until I saw this video. I was missing out!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad that I could convert you. Dele Alli is HOT! :-))