Monday, July 9, 2018

Rutherford's balls need a training session (written by Martín)

Here's a new story written by our reader Martín (author of My biggest weakness, My painful exam, Rutherford's balls in the locker room and Rutherford's balls on the tennis court) about the painful adventures of hunky Professor Rutherford. I hope you’ll enjoy this story as much as I did!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

"Are you sure of this Gabriel" brown haired, blue eyed, full time hunk Manuel asked his incredibly hunky professor Rutherford. The student and his professor were sitting opposite to each other, alone in a little aula. Gabriel Rutherford couldn't help but stared at his beatiful student, his shirt showing off a well-defined chest, his modellike face, the jeans doing honour to his muscled long legs but above all making clear the young hunk had nothing to be ashamed of when it came to the crotch area.

Gabriel Rutherford himself of course was well-known at the university for being ridicilously hung, always showing off a huge bulge, whatever he was wearing.

However it was also no secret that Maria, the crazy, voluptuous secretary had the interesting hobby of humiliating the hunky professor by busting his huge balls, often in public.

"We have to find a way to defend our crown jewels to Maria" Rutherford sighed. "She's ruining both our reputations."

"I guess your right" Manuel grinned "this thing is to precious, you should learn how to keep it away from her attacks". He playfully slapped the obvious bulge in Rutherford's pants. The strong professor grimaced but reacted quickly by kicking Manuel's balls, making the young hunk double over and grab his balls in pain.

"Ok, you win" Manuel said "ask this Leroy and teach us how to get balls of steel".

"Thanks for coming" Rutherford said looking at Leroy, the British black stud.

"No problem professor Rutherford" Leroy smiled "I remember very well our tennis match and what followed after that. I would be more than happy to bring back some of these strong memories. The young guy stared obviously at Rutherford's bulge.

This staring suddenly provoked an unseen jealousy with Manuel. The young hunk who had had dozen of girlfriends before suddenly wanted to claim the balls and dick of his georgous professor.

"Hey, listen Leroy," he declared "I don't know exactly what you're planning to but you're not gonna have fun with professor Rutherford's balls tonight."

"Oh, why not" Leroy laughed "you're gonna stop me if I do... 'this!". Suddenly the muscled black guy grabbed Rutherford's balls and applied a firm grip on them, making the professor shift ucomfortably.

"Leroy, please, this wasn't exactly what we had in mind" Rutherford moaned. "We thought you'd explain us how to get those balls of steel".

Leroy slowly let go the 40-yr old hunk's balls.  "How I got those firm balls. I don't really know exactly, I guess they were always firm but in high school my class mates busted me a lot so I took some training. They admitted they envied my big bulge."

"Would you mind if I try out?" Rutherford asked, reaching his hand out to Leroys crotch.

"Of course not, Gabriel" Leroysmiled. "Let's make it easier for you". The black hunk, started to undress, revealing his stunning body, only wearing very tight lime green boxers. "Guess it's easier to take the target" he smiled. Seeing the young man's hot bulge, Rutherford didn't hesitate, he reached out and grabbed Leroys bulge and started squeezing. Leroy however didn't show any pain or discomfort, instead the big bulge in his boxers even started growing to a rock hard erection. Leroy reacted with smiling seductively at professor Rutherford, asking him to undress himself. Whilst Rutherford was in his undies, red trunks, Leroy grabbed the superior bulge of the professor and started gently massaging it. Meanwhile he still got his own balls squeezed.

Manuel did not believe what he whitnessed. The man he admired just let himself seduce by that black hunk with balls of steel. An unknown anger grew inside of him and he pushed Rutherford away. He barely managed to say " sorry professor" before he attacked Leroys crotch with a very hard kick. The impact was enormous. Leroy looked shocked, grabbed his balls but then started laughing. He looked arrogantly at Manuel: "you think this hurts me pretty boy? Well then, think again... balls of steel you know.

Furious Manuel went on kicking Leroys bulge but the athletic black guy barely showed any discomfort, he just kept laughing.

Manuel changed tactics and started slapping Leroys abs and pinched his nipples. This did seem to hurt Leroy, he clearly was surprised but not for long. He reacted with a kick to Manuel's balls. University hunk Manuel doubled over, coughed. Enough time for the strong Leroy to throw him to the ground. He took Manuel legs, planted his foot on the young man's big bulge and started gaspedalling him.

Rutherford felt like he had to stand up for his loyal student and took Leroy from behind in a tight grip. His enormous flaccid dick got compressed against Leroys firm ass cheeks. Leroy got hard in two seconds, the outline of his 19cm erection clearly visible in his tight boxers.

Still lying on the ground Manuel somehow managed to yank of Leroys boxers, grab his dick and stretch it, it was rock hard. Leroy loved the double treatment he was getting, he closed his eyes and was moaning very loudly.

"Go on professor" Manuel whispered "we got him".  Rutherford now started dry fucking Leroy, making they young hunk moaning even louder. Leroy's dick started twitching.

THUD, Leroy kicked Manuel again in his crotch, causing Manuel to freeze and grabb his balls. Following Leroy grabs behind him to hold the big balls of Rutherford. Rutherford, however hangs on and keeps pressing his now hard enormous dick in Leroy's ass and grabs his 19cm dick.

This is too much stimulation for Leroy and he comes to an orgasm, jet after jet of cum streams out his beautiful dick, most of it lands on helpless Manuel, making it an enormous humiliation for the hottest guy of the university. In anger and envy Manuel kicks Leroy again. This time the guy screams and doubles over, holding his balls. Noticing this weakness, Manuels follows with a knee between Leroys legs, hitting his balls hard. In no time, the hunk goes to the floor.

Despite the pain and humiliation, hunky Manuel smiles. After cumming, Leroy's balls became as weak as any other guy's balls. He pats Rutheford's well-formed but and laughs. "Seems like we still gonna have some fun with this guy, professor Rutherford. The first kick is for you".


Martín sent me these pictures along with his story:

Rutherford (Davide Zongoli)
Manuel (Jonas Sulzbach)
Leroy (Francis Tiafoe)

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