Friday, July 6, 2018

Three hunks go hiking (Patrick and Paul meet Kev)

Special thanks to Patrick for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the hiking enthusiast who loves nature and nutbusting!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

The trip started innocently enough, with a group picture in front of the pickup that had brought them to the remote meadow at the foot of the beautiful, untouched mountain that the three handsome young men were about to explore.

The three studs were experienced hikers, and they had been looking forward to the trip for quite some time. It was a two day trip, and they were planning on spending the night on the summit, under the stars.

They were dressed for the occasion, wearing heavy hiking boots and cargo pants, backpacks filled with everything they needed, sun glasses and hats.

Patrick had placed the camera on a large rock and pressed the selftimer before rushing to stand with his friends, smiling into the camera.

He was the oldest of the trio, a 30 year old teacher with an athletic, reasonably muscular body and a winning smile. His cargo pants were bulging with all kinds of helpful gimmicks, a Swiss knife and other useful stuff. The most notable bulge, though, was between his muscular thighs, a very impressive package that looked like Paul was blessed with a very generously proportioned dick and a fat pair of balls to match.

His friend Paul was 25 years old, an aspiring actor trying to make the transition from stage to screen. Like Patrick, he was muscular and athletic, and like Patrick he looked like nature had been very kind to him, providing him with a sizeable set of reproductive organs. With a handsome face and a full head of brown hair, Patrick knew exactly how hot he was, and – just like Patrick – he didn’t see any reason for false modesty.

At 20, Kev was the youngest, but he was right up there with them when it came to the size of his dick, or the size of his ego. A hot stud with brown hair and hazel eyes, Kev liked to tease Patrick and Paul that he could get any girl he wanted, and he frequently managed to steal their girlfriends for a quick fuck as part of an ongoing bet of who was the best in bed.

That was only one of several hilarious competitions between the three guys, all in good fun, not all of them G-rated, though.

After Patrick had pressed the selftimer on the camera, he stood between his friends and put his arms around them.

It was a great picture. Three hot hunks on a hiking trip, smiling into the camera.

Just before the camera took the picture, Kev smacked Patrick’s bulging package with the back of his hand, cheerfully yelling, “Sacktap!”

Patrick’s eyes bulged and he let out a hoarse grunt as Kev and Paul burst out laughing.


It was a snapshot for the ages. Patrick looked just hilarious with his mouth hanging open, his eyes crossed, his right knee coming up in the age-old reaction of every male to an attack on his most prized possessions. Kev and Paul were laughing their asses off, sneezing with laughter as Patrick chuckled weakly, seeing the humor in the situation.

“You got me good, buddy”, Patrick conceded, doubled over, one hand cupping his crotch. “Right in the double-yolker.”

“Fuck yeah”, Kev grinned and high-fived Paul. “I’m the king of the fucking sack tap!”

Patrick groaned as he rubbed his groin. “Reign this”, he said with a mean grin before slapping Kev’s balls hard.

“Oooooh”, Kev’s doubled over, grabbing his nuts. “Fuck, my nuts!”

“King of the fucking sack tap my ass!” Paul laughed. “And it wasn’t even on camera!”

“This isn’t, either”, Patrick grinned before hitting Paul in the nuts hard and fast.

It was a mix of the force of the blow, the fact that Paul’s nuts were comparatively sensitive, and the unfortunate happenstance that Paul was carrying the heaviest back pack that led to a series of hilarious events that couldn’t have been thought up by a slapstick choreographer.

Of course, Paul made a funny face and let out a high pitched wail and doubled over instantly. The backpack slipped and over his head, slamming right into Patrick’s nuts as he was leaning back, laughing his ass off. Paul’s laughter was cut short as the pain in his nuts was back at an even worse level than before, and he stumbled forward, tripping over the backpack at his feet and toppling Kev, causing them both to fall to the ground. Paul was still in a lot of pain, and he sank to his knees, landing right on Kev’s bulging balls, crushing them flat.

It was a hilarious and painful and random act of almost cartoonish violence that left three men on the ground, groaning in pain and laughing at the same time. Of course, it quickly evolved into a sack tap war, with the three studs trying their best to land critical hits to their buddies’ sex lives.

Midway through, when Kev had the upper hand, having just dealt two very precise hits to his friends’ plums, he pulled out his nutsack in a cocky display of dominance that quickly turned into a disadvantage when Patrick grabbed the bare ball bag and wrapped his fingers around it, squeezing the life out of Kev’s nuts and eliciting a soprano lament from the cocky jock that would have been right at home at a fancy opera house.

Half an hour later, a truce was declared, and the three studs started their hiking trip with a considerable limp.

Even before they finished the first leg of their hike, the truce was broken when Kev picked up a branch from the ground and used it to whack Paul in the nuts with it, pretending that it was an accident.

“Fuck!” Paul howled, doubling over and falling to his knees as the pain exploded in his testicles.

Kev roared with laughter, only to fall silence in an instant when Paul picked up a rock and hurled it at his Kev’s crotch, flattening the big bulge in Kev’s pants and eliciting a hoarse, dry cough.

Patrick was laughing his ass off when his buddies turned their attention to him and his precious jewelry, tackling him and punching him in the nuts.

All three men were on the ground, clutching their nuts, chuckling at the absurdity of the situation.

“Fuck if we continue like this we’ll be neutered when we get back home”, Paul groaned with a weak laugh.

“They went to the mountain as boys – but they came back as eunuchs”, Kev quipped.

His friends chuckled.

“Let’s stop this”, Patrick suggested, grimacing as he rubbed his sore nuggets. “For the sake of my unborn children.”

“You’re worried about Patrick Junior?” Kev grinned.

“Fuck yeah!” Patrick said. “Fucking right I am. I mean, look at my fucking nuts!”

Patrick opened the fly of his pants and pulled out his big, low hanging nuts.

“They look perfectly fine to me”, Paul said with a shrug.

Kev squinted at Patrick’s crotch and leaned forward. “They look a little small to me…”

“Ha ha fucking ha”, Patrick said with a stern look on his face.

Paul and Kev laughed at Patrick’s sour face.

The laughter grew louder when Kev flicked Patrick’s bare ballbag with his fingers, eliciting a shrill squeal and causing Patrick to double over and clutch his balls.

The banter and jokes continued as they resumed their hike.

When they reached a glade they decided to stop and have a rest.

As they sat on a fallen tree and devoured the sandwiches that they had prepared, Kev’s eye fell onto a large tree right in front of them.

“Who’s up for some activity right now?” he said, looking at his friends.

Paul and Patrick looked back at him.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?” Patrick asked.

“See that tree? Let’s climb it and take the time”, Kev suggested.

“What’s in it for the winner?” Paul asked.

Kev thought for a moment. Then his face broke in a wide smile. “The winner gets to deliver a nice, hard smack to the losers’ nutsacks.”

The three guys laughed.

“And we’ll keep a tally for future challenges so we have an ultimate loser when we reach the summit”, Kev grinned. “Deal?”

Just like Kev, Paul and Patrick were very competitive and didn’t shy away from an athletic challenge.

“Deal!” they answered in unison.

“Alright, let’s do this”, Kev grinned and reached inside his pants, pulling out his balls and letting them dangle through his fly.

Paul and Patrick watched him.

“What? You afraid you’ll hurt your little balls?” Kev chuckled.

His buddies laughed and followed his lead.

With their nuts hanging out, climbing the tree was harder than they had imagined. They kept grinding their precious balls between the hard surface of the tree and their own bodies. The gnarly texture of the majestic tree’s bark made that experience especially painful, and they were all grunting and groaning as they dragged their aching nuts up the tree.

Patrick made it to the top first, and he didn’t lose any time to collect his winnings. He smacked Paul’s nuts so hard that the handsome young man lost his grip on the tree and fell.

Fortunately, he was stopped by a big, thick branch. Unfortunately, he landed on it nuts-first, squishing his balls flat as a pancake and screaming from the top of his lungs as his buddies roared with laughter.

He tumbled to the floor and curled up in a ball, yelling obscenities.

“Do me when we’re down, okay?” Kev said quickly, shielding his nuts.

“Only if you let me kick you”, Patrick grinned.

Kev grimaced. “Alright”, he chuckled. “You merciless fucking bastard.”

When they reached the ground, Paul was still cradling his aching nuts, whimpering in pain.

Kev put his hands behind his head and nodded at his friend. “Do it”, he said.

Patrick didn’t have to be told twice. His boot connected with Kev’s bare low hangers, ramming them into his body and making Kev yodel in pain.

“Ahhh”, Patrick chuckled. “That’s what winning sounds like.”

Kev sank to his knees next to Paul as Patrick grabbed another sandwich, taking a bite while smiling gleefully as he watched his buddies nurse their injured genitals.

“Huh”, he grinned, looking at the sandwich. “What a coincidence. Peanut butter.”

“Yeah, here as well”, Paul croaked, cupping his crushed nuts.

“Mine’s crunchy”, Patrick chuckled. “What about yours?”

Kev decided to play along even though the pain was killing him. “Creamy”, he quipped in a comically high-pitched voice. “Very creamy.”

His buddies roared with laughter.

“So that’s one loser point each for Kev and Paul”, Patrick grinned. “Nice. By the way: What’s the punishment for the ultimate loser?”

After a short discussion they settled on a wrestling match pitting the loser against the two winners.

When Patrick had finished his sandwich and his friends were able to walk again, they continued their trip to the summit, coming up with hilarious challenges and dares very couple of minutes.

They were so sure of themselves that they started coming up with increasingly painful punishments for the ultimate loser.

“The loser gets a punch in the arm from the winners before the match”, Kev suggested after
defeating Paul and Patrick in a little race through the woods.

“The loser gets kicked in the nuts by the winners before the match”, Paul suggested after winning an arm wrestling contest against his friends.

“The loser has to fight naked”, Patrick suggested after placing first in a log throwing competition.

“The loser gets kicked in the nuts three times by the winners before the match”, Kev suggested after his victory in a rock climbing race.

“Fuck tag team fighting! It’s a two on one! The loser fights against both winners at once”, Paul suggested after defeating his buddies in a bug eating competition.

“The loser can’t give up. The fight ends when he passes out”, Kev suggested after winning a pissing contest.

When they reached the summit, they were all pumped and ready to start. Patrick and Paul were tied.

“Okay, here’s the tiebreaker: Set up the tent, one after another”, Kev said. “I’ll take the time. Let’s see who our ultimate loser is.”

Paul lost badly, and Kev and Patrick roared with laughter at their buddy’s shocked expression.

“You’re going down, bro”, Kev chuckled as he high-fived Patrick. “You’re going down so hard!”

Patrick grinned. “Get your fucking clothes off, buddy. We get to kick your nuts a few times before we start fighting.”

“Three times”, Paul muttered as he reluctantly stripped naked, exposing his muscular, athletic body. “Three times, that’s what we agreed upon.”
There was not an ounce of fat on Paul’s body. He put on a brave face as he stood in front of his friends, buck naked in the woods, his hands on his hips as if he was daring his friends to comment on his fat, semi-hard cock and the pendulous nutsack that was swinging between his thighs.

“Spread ‘em, buddy”, Kev grinned.

Paul gritted his teeth and did as he was told.

Kev’s hiking boots connected with his low-hanging balls a split-second later. There was a resounding thwack, followed by a hoarse cough from Paul and riotous laughter form Patrick who delivered his first kick with all the force he could muster.

“Fuck, my nuts!” Paul howled when Patrick’s foot smashed his nuts against his pelvis, flattening them like pancakes.

Kev’s second kick made Paul’s voice crack, and Patrick’s second kick elicited a soprano wail that flushed out the birds in the woods.

Kev’s third kick added a hilarious cross-eyed grimace to the weird sound that was coming from Paul’s lips. Paul’s third kick shut him up completely.

“Oh god!” Paul croaked, blinking as he sank to his knees.

He was finished before the fight had even started.

But of course his buddies didn’t care.

They delivered the punches to his shoulders before telling him to get up and face them.

“Fuck you”, Paul grunted. “That’s unfair.”

“Do you wanna give up?” Kev asked.

Paul shook his head.

“Then fight”, Patrick chuckled.

Paul let out a grunt and lunged at Kev.

Of course, he didn’t stand a chance.

Kev just lifted his knee, letting his naked buddy run into it nuts-first, eliciting another round of soprano wails and riotous laughter from Paul and Patrick respectively.

Patrick delivered a nasty, mean kick from behind, hitting Patrick’s nuts dead on, crunching them hard and making Patrick scream like a banshee.

“I give up!” he howled. “I give up!”

“Well, tough luck”, Kev grinned. “The fight doesn’t end until you’ve passed out.”

Paul looked like he was about to cry. “What the f---"

He was interrupted by a hard, mean uppercut to his gonads from behind. Patrick’s fist had connected perfectly with both of Paul’s rapidly swelling nuggets, crushing them flat and cutting Paul off mid-sentence.

Paul’s face was a mask of pain as he doubled over, clutching his battered balls, only to be lifted off the ground and slammed onto his back. He was lying flat on the grass, staring up in horror as Kev spread his legs and brought his foot down on his nuts, making the hapless stud scream from the top of his lungs as his balls were flattened under Kev’s hiking boot.

“Let me crush his fucking nuts!” Paul laughed, taking over from Kev and grinding Paul’s meaty, swollen balls under the heavy sole of his boot.

When he pulled his foot back, there was a beet red imprint of his boot on Paul’s severely bloated and bruised balls, and Paul’s meaty dick had fattened to a thick, heavy erection.

“Look what we have here!” Kev roared with laughter, gleefully kicking Paul in the dick and eliciting a high pitched wail.

“We’re certainly not short of wood”, Patrick quipped, stomping down on Paul’s swollen nuts.

The two muscular hunks laughed as the trampled Paul’s genitalia, stepping onto his balls, stomping onto his dick, kicking and crushing Paul’s proud tools as if they were worthless garbage.

Both Kev and Patrick were fully clothed, adding to the shame and humiliation for poor naked Paul who was screaming and squealing in pain.

As if the situation wasn’t humiliating enough, suddenly Paul’s dick erupted with a thick load of salty sperm that shot out of his cock and rained down on him, covering Paul’s naked body and Kev’s boot with juicy blotches of stud sauce.

“Fuck! Those boots are brand-new!” Kev grunted, severely annoyed.

“Sorry!” Paul whimpered, his dick still shooting, his balls still pumping.

“Fuck, look at the fucking mess you’re making!” Kev hollered, stomping down on Paul’s busy balls and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Paul wailed.

“You know what, Kev”, Patrick grinned. “I don’t really think he’s sorry. I mean, if he was truly sorry he’d stop this shit, right?”

Kev looked down at Paul’s cock that was spitting out jet after jet of juicy jizz, completely covering Kev’s brand-new hiking boots in ugly goo.

“You’re right”, Kev muttered. “Fucking bastard. Hold his legs.”

Patrick chuckled as he held Paul’s legs apart, allowing Kev to jump onto Paul’s nuts and use his bloated ball bag as a trampoline.

Again and again and again, Kev jumped onto poor Paul’s precious plums, squishing and squashing the drained, severely swollen orbs, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Paul.

After a while, Kev and Patrick switched places.

Patrick jumped up and down, cheerfully stomping onto Paul’s nuts with both of his feet until Paul was on the verge of passing out, mercifully putting an end to the fight.

Unfortunately, Kev interfered. His anger about Paul’s behavior had turned into malicious glee at his friend’s misery, and he didn’t want to let him off the hook that easily…

“Oh, I forgot to tell you”, Kev grinned, reaching inside his pocket to pull out some smelling salts that he placed right under Paul’s nose, preventing him from falling unconscious. “You don’t pass out until I let you.”

Paul blinked, looking utterly miserable, his face red and sweaty, a ghastly mask of pain. He muttered something unintelligible while Patrick continued using his nutsack as a trampoline.

A moment later, his dick erupted with a second load of sperm.

Apparently, using Paul’s nuts as a trampoline was a very effective way to milk them dry, and Kev and Paul managed to coax two more loads out of the two ridiculously swollen, beet red sperm containers. The decrease in quality and quantity was very obvious, though. Paul’s fourth orgasm was a far cry from the rich and potent geyser of spunk that the first climax had been. Now, a pitiful amount of weak, watery stud sauce oozed out of his bruised and swollen cock.

Kev prevented Paul from passing out once again. The proud stud was whimpering and moaning miserably, completely broken, his dick spent, his nuts drained and swollen and bruised.

“I bet we can bash another load out of those juicy nuts”, Patrick grinned, tapping Paul’s spongy, bloated nuts with the tip of his foot.

“Nah, he’s done”, Kev chuckled, kneeling down to examine his buddy’s nutsack. He squeezed and squished the swollen orbs, rolling them around, before looking up. “No way, man. These are done. Completely empty. He won’t be able to shoot a load for weeks. No fucking way you get another load out of them right now.”

“Watch and learn, buddy”, Patrick smiled and placed Paul’s nutsack on a little boulder. “Watch and learn.” He winked at Kev and got up, placing his foot on Paul’s balls and shifting his weight, flattening Paul’s empty, swollen balls under his boot, grinding them against the flat, cold surface of the boulder.

Paul was groaning and moaning, half-conscious, writhing on the ground as Patrick twisted his foot, grinding Paul’s poor balls, squishing them flat as if he was trying to crush a very resilient, cocky bug.

“Oh, fuck”, Kev chuckled. “I guess that will be the end of his family line.” He let out a laugh. “Poor Paul, I’m sure he would have loved to be a dad…”

Patrick and Kev laughed as Paul let out a tiny, miserable whimper while Patrick was crushing his nuts, twisting his foot like he was putting out a cigarette.

Paul’s bruised and battered dick was semi-hard, not fully erect, and yet it started twitching, bringing a smile to Patrick’s face as he leaned in hard, squishing and squashing his buddy’s bloated balls with all the force he could muster.

“What did I tell you? Here we go!” Patrick said triumphantly when a single spurt of weak, watery cum sputtered out of Paul’s dick. “He come the babies!”

With a miserable whimper, Paul passed out.

“What did I tell you?” Patrick grinned, pointing at the undeniable evidence of Paul’s fifth orgasm.

Kev raised his eyebrows and dipped his finger into the watery liquid, examining it, squinting to determine whether Patrick had indeed won the bet. “Well, I don’t think you could make any babies with that”, he said with a shrug, “but cum is cum. I stand corrected. The stud had another batch of sauce in him. You win.”

They opened a bottle of beer to mark the occasion.

Paul joined them after waking up, looking miserable, sweaty and broken.

“Let’s mark this occasion with a picture”, Kev suggested.

“As usual, naked on the mountaintop?” Patrick grinned.

“Of course!” Kev chuckled.

They stripped naked and set the selftimer.

It was a picture for the ages, and Kev and Patrick would tease Paul about it for years to come.

Kev and Patrick’s were standing on either side of Paul, naked and manly, muscular and strong, their hard cocks pointing at the sky, the sun setting behind them, providing some beautiful evening light that made them look like gods.

Paul was in the middle, slumped and sweaty, his face a mask of pain, his thighs bruised, his dick shriveled and spent, a pitiful little worm, his balls huge due to the swelling and fiery red, covered in nasty bruises and dragging his sack down.

The contrast between Kev’s and Patrick’s magnificent manhood and Paul’s trashed trinkets was stunning, making it an instant classic at the dorm house. Much to Patrick’s chagrin, his buddies framed it and placed it on the mantel of the fireplace in the common room where it greeted every guest, providing eternal fodder for jokes and humiliating remarks at Patrick’s expense.

The selftimer clicked, and the picture was taken.

A split second later, Kev’s and Patrick’s backhands collided with Paul’s battered balls in a hilarious case of great minds thinking alike.

Kev smacked Paul’s left nut, and Patrick smacked Paul’s right nut, and their joint holler echoed through the valley: “Sacktap!”


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex! This is great.

I think you muddled up Paul and I a few times in the story, but that’s fine, I get that they are similar.

I was hoping Paul might have managed to score a hit or two against Kev or I in the fight before he resolutely lost, but ce la vis.

Thanks again for the great write up. I look forward to see what happens to future people who run across the Boys!


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Patrick! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

You are right: I got confused a couple of times and mistakenly refered to Patrick as Paul and vice versa. How embarrassing. I'm really sorry. I have made some corrections to the story and I hope everything is alright now. Thanks for letting me know! :-))