Monday, August 22, 2016

My biggest weakness (written by Martín)

This little story was sent to me by one of our readers. Thank you very much, Martín, for sharing your experience with us!

I didn' t experience much ballbusting events myself, but there was at least one that was (for me) very, very intense, if I may share. I had hoped it would be nice for you to read an experience of someone else (excuses for my English, not my native tongue).

I was seventeen in last year of secondary school. After school we often played soccer with some guys. A nice sport but as we all now sometimes dangerous for the male stuff. It hadn 't happened much before to me but that day one guy, Mario, a friendly but big and muscled guy got me good. He delivered a powerful kick to the ball and it hit me right in my crotch. Suddenly I got the wind knocked out of my lungs and the pain started to spread through my stomach and balls. I tried not to show but of course all the guys had noticed and laughed. However, after a few moments the game went on like nothing happened.  Not for me though, I tried to hide that I was in pain but didn 't manage to run as energetic as I did before.

Another guy, Julian had noticed. Julian was a rather small guy but could also be mean. Not that he was a bad person, but you know, he had just that mean side, he liked to bully people from time to time but not too bad. Besides being rather small, Julian was good looking. He had deep brown eyes, young boyish looks and a slender but quite athletic build.
Julian came to me, he had an evil grin on his face and whispered “Well that hurt no; seems like you' re running quite funny, something wrong down under?” I fell a litte ashamed and tried to ignore Julian for the rest of the game.

After the match we changed in the locker rooms. Normally I showered and changed rather quickly but that day I was slower; maybe still because of the pain. All the other guys had left, except Julian. I was still in my boxers, he was dressed again. Again, Julian showed his grin. He was clearly amused.

He pointed at the bulge in my boxers and laughed: “Still in pain? It' s so big that it' s an easy target.”

I' ve had enough of Julian' s teasing however and told him to stop it. He responded that he thought that it was quite funny that a muscular guy (I was a lot taller and more muscular than Julian with my quite pronounced pecs and abs) was that weak. I told him being hit one time was no problem at all for me, that I had no problems ending the match and if he would like to learn more about weakness I was willing to show him his own weakness, being the smaller guy of us.

We' ve had a 'friendly fight' before and I knew Julian was no match for me.

To my surprise however he laughed and said he accepted the challenge. We stood against each other and soon I had a good grip of Julian. I pinned him to the floor and bowed over him. I would have asked him who was the weakest now but then I discovered how dangerous and fast he really could be. He delivered a knee right between my legs and because of a sudden pain I had to let him go. Then he made a fist and hit me in my nuts again. Damn, this hurt. I had to take a step back and doubled over. I knew however I couldn 't let go and was ready when Julian brought another knee to my legs. I blocked him and pushed him away. We circled around each other but this time I paid attention to protect my crotch.

When Julian did a next move, I was suprised. I tought he was going for my balls again but instead he twitched my nipples hard. Painful, but not too bad. I took Julian in a hold again, he had to gasp for air. I know I had the upper hand again, I know I would win this fight.

At least I thought because the next moment Julian had my balls in a firm grip and applied a huge pressure on it. I tried desperately to escape but I didn' t find a way out. The more I tried to escape, the more pressure he applied, clearly enjoying his game.

Julian must have held me by the balls for minutes but it seemed hours. The knee and hit before were painful but they weren' t comparable to this crotch claw. One moment I wasn't able to stand anymore and sunk to my knees while Julian was still holding grip on my balls. When he finally let go, he yanked off my boxers, I simply couldn 't do anything against it and I just didn' t care anymore. I was defeated and humiliated. My penis however grew harder, to it' s full 7-7.5 inches (I guess), to the suprise and amusent of Julian. I laid on the ground, naked, my hands protecting my groin. Julian simply moved them away and went on kicking my balls and very painfully stretching my hard cock backwards, even forcing me to sit on it, making me scream and beg him to stop.

He came sitting on my face, pressing his cock to my face. I was shocked how well endowed this little guy seemed, Could it be true that this little guy was bigger than me; it came quite as a shock cause I had always been supposed to be the 'biggest' guy of our class. Meanwhile he kept on kneading my balls, another time standing up and placing his full weight on my groin, making me scream again.

Finally, Julian had enough, with one last powerful kick between my legs he turned around and left, leavin me naked on the ground, curled up in a ball, caressing my mishandled manhood.


Jeffry said...

Nice job on the story martin.

Jimmy said...

Thanks for sharing with us Martin, sounds like you had a bad day, but it sounds sexy as all hell.


Martín said...

@Jeff: thank you very much

@Jimmy: no problem. Yeah, that day was so painfull. Couldn' t believe I got overpowered in such a way. But looking back it 's quite sexy for me as well:-)

Jimmy said...

Hey Martin,

Hopefully for all of us readers you happened to be "over powered" a few more times as we all liked your writing.

Hoping that you get busted again soon!