Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poll results: Are you into f/m or m/m ballbusting?

Last month I asked you about your preferences regarding m/m vs. f/m ballbusting.

Almost 450 votes were counted, which is an amazing number. Thanks to everybody who voted in the poll!

And here are the results:

m/m   63,5%
both, with a preference for m/m   16,5%
f/m   9%
both, with no preference   6,5%
both, with a preference for f/m   4,5%

Naturally I was pretty sure that most of you preferred m/m ballbusting to f/m ballbusting - after all, this is (and will remain) a predominantly m/m site. So the huge majority preferring m/m ballbusting is no surprise.

What does surprise me, though, is that 9% of you prefer f/m ballbusting. I must imagine that most of my stories must be pretty frustrating for you... :-/

And to the 27,5% that enjoy ballbusting no matter who does the deed (with or without a clear preference) I say: Aren't we the lucky ones? :-))

Again, thanks to everybody who voted in the poll! I really appreciate your feedback!

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