Friday, August 19, 2016

Pride and pain: Twinks go nuts

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

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Balls on parade
Queen for a day

Featured in this story: Parker and Zach (click for pictures)

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause as the four young men climbed up onto the stage. All of them were blond, with slender bodies and cute faces.

They introduced themselves as Dakota, Brayden, Hunter and Skyler.

Dakota had medium length blond hair in a stylish haircut. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of white sneakers and skimpy green hot pants that contrasted nicely with his tanned body.

Brayden was Dakota’s boyfriend, a handsome, tall boy with black hair and brown eyes. There was something mischievous about him. Like Dakota, he was shirtless. His sneakers were blue and matched the color of his denim short shorts. It was quite obvious that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His smooth nutsack peeked out of one of the leg openings.

Hunter was a cute redhead with a cheeky grin and freckles all over his pale body. He was wearing leather sandals and a pair of white speedos that left nothing to the imagination. A big dick and a matching pair of plump, fat balls were outlined through the flimsy fabric.

Skyler had short blond hair and blue eyes. He looked innocent and sweet – if it weren’t for the word “slut” that was tattooed on his upper arm. His thong was filled with what looked like a massive set of testicles and a huge cock that threatened to burst through the fabric.

“Are you ready to have a little fun?” Parker asked with a grin.

“Fuck yeah”, Brayden laughed to the cheers and applause from the crowd.

“Which one do you want?” Parker smiled, pointing at Logan and Zach who were shifting uncomfortably.

“Let’s see what they’re packing”, Skyler grinned.

The boys stood in front of Logan and looked at him.

“Not bad”, Brayden said, weighing Logan’s nuts in his hand.

“Nice cock”, Dakota chimed in.

“A bit too small for you, isn’t it?” Brayden grinned at his boyfriend.

“Bigger than yours”, Dakota replied, sticking out his tongue.

Their friends laughed.

Brayden chuckled and squeezed Logan’s nuts.

Logan let out a soft moan.

“They seem quite full”, Brayden said and smiled at Logan. “When was the last time you shot your load?”

“Umm”, Logan mumbled. “Yesterday.”

Brayden raised his eyebrows and turned to his friends. “Let’s see what the other one has to offer.”

When they saw Zach’s enormous cock and his huge balls, they turned silent, admiring the incredible gifts that Zach was blessed with.

Zach was one of our most popular model, mostly due to the fact that the 20 year old stud’s cock and balls were truly awe-inspiring. His fat, thick schlong was a thing of pure beauty, and the two perfect, extraordinarily fat testicles that accompanied it were no less impressive.

Zach looked at the four young men. There was a curious mix of pride and fear in his eyes.

He knew that he was equipped with a set of reproductive organs that would make a breeding stallion blush, and he was proud of his assets. But something about the look in the four boys’ eyes told him that they had very specific plans about what to do with him.

“Oh. My. God”, Skyler whispered. His big dick was rock hard inside his thong, stretching the fabric so that his nuts had fallen out, dangling freely in the summer breeze.

“Just what the doctor ordered”, Dakota mumbled, absent-mindedly tweaking his nipples.

His boyfriend was drooling. He cleared his throat and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “That’s bigger than your dildo”, he said, adjusting his crotch.

Dakota smiled. “Oh yeah.”

Hunter rubbed his hands. “Okay, I’m first!”

Immediately, his friends started arguing about who’d have the privilege of being the first one to hop onto Zach’s fat schlong and ride that massive pleasure stick.

Dakota opened the buttons of his hot pants and started jerking his boner. “Let me go first! I know how to handle a big fucking cock like that!”

“It’ll be spent when you’re done!” Skyler protested. “You’re insatiable!”

“Greedy bitches!” Hunter cried. “I haven’t been fucked for a whole week. I need that dick!”

Brayden rolled his eyes and inhaled deeply. “Silence, sluts!” he yelled. “Every single one of us will ride that dong. We’ll make sure that everybody gets his turn.”

His friends looked at him.

“But who’ll go first?” Dakota said, his hard dick dripping with precum.

“We’ll draw straws”, Brayden said.

Skyler opened his mouth to say something.

Brayden stopped him with a well-placed backhand smack to his dangling gonads.

Skyler let out a gasp. His cute face scrunched up and his eyes lost focus.

Dakota and Hunter giggled as Skyler doubled over and grabbed his nuts.

“We’ll draw straws”, Brayden said calmly.

Skyler nodded. “Okay”, he said in a strained voice.

After they had determined that Hunter was going to be the first one to mount the stallion, they tied Zach to a wooden chair, his legs spread wide apart, his arms tied behind his back.

“Hey”, Zach protested. “You can’t just---“

Brayden grabbed Zach’s nuts with both of his hands and clamped his fingers shut.

Zach let out a miserable moan.

“Your dick belongs to us now, stud”, Brayden whispered into Zach’s ear. “You’re nothing more than a big, fat dildo. So shut your mouth or I’ll turn your juicy plums into jam right here and now.” He smiled at Zach and dug his fingertips into the tender flesh of Zach’s huge testicles. “Got it?”

Zach nodded quickly.

“Great”, Brayden said with a sweet smile. He held one nut in each hand and squeezed hard. “Now be a good boy and tell our friend Hunter to hop on.”

Zach grimaced. “But---“

Brayden slammed the two testicles against each other, eliciting a shrill squeal from Zach.

“Hop on, Hunter!” Zach shrieked. “Hop on!”

“Attaboy”, Brayden grinned and let go of Zach’s nuts.

They slammed into the chair with a loud clank.

Zach groaned in pain.

His dick was pointing at the summer sky and his fat, low-hanging nuts were dangling in front of the chair’s seat.

Brayden turned to Hunter and smiled. “He’s all yours.”

Hunter was brimming with excitement. He slipped off his speedos, revealing his slender naked frame. He spat into his hand and jerked Zach’s dick a couple of times, lubing it up. Then he climbed on top of Zach, his feet on Zach’s knees. Slowly, he lowered his ass. The fat mushroom head of Zach’s humongous dick touched his puckered hole.

Hunter bit his lower lip, his hard cock twitching with anticipation.

His friends watched him with raging erections.

“Come on, just sit down on it”, Dakota mumbled impatiently.

Hunter let out a soft moan as the tip of Zach’s penetrated his ass hole. “It’s fucking huge”, he whispered.

Dakota rolled his eyes and looked at his boyfriend.

They took a step forward, grabbed Hunter’s shoulders and pressed him down forcefully, impaling him on Zach’s enormous fuck tool, burying it to the hilt in Hunter’s ass.

Hunter’s eyes widened and his mouth opened wide. A split-second later, his dick erupted with a huge spurt of jizz. Hunter’s eyes rolled back into his head as his dick continued to shoat load after creamy load of cum, showering his friends in his salty spunk.

Zach let out a long groan as Hunter’s ass hole tightened around his massive erection.

Jet after jet of spunky jizz splattered out of Hunter’s dick, dousing his friends with cum. His dick was shooting like a fire hose.

“That was quick”, Skyler mumbled, his face dripping with Hunter’s jizz.

“Oh my fucking god”, Hunter gasped as his orgasm subsided. “Oh my fucking god!”

“Looks like your eyes were bigger than your hole”, Dakota grinned, running his hand through his blond hair that was covered in Hunter’s jizz.

The crowd erupted in cheers and laughter.

Together, Dakota and Brayden raised their friend up, and Zach’s dick slipped out of Hunter’s hole.

“Oh my fucking god”, Hunter whispered, his eyes wide open. He was in a state of shock, his softening cock dripping with sperm. Incredulously, he reached for his ass, fingering his gaping hole. “Oh my fucking god.”

“Your turn”, Brayden said to his boyfriend.

“Oh yeah”, Dakota smiled and took off his hot pants.

The two lovebirds shared a quick kiss before Dakota lubed Zach’s dick up with Hunter’s jizz and mounted him, stepping onto his thighs with his sneakers.

Unlike Hunter, Dakota had no problems accommodating Zach’s fat schlong inside his warm ass. A few seconds later, he was happily fucking himself with Zach’s massive tool, a look of pure bliss on his cute face as Zach’s dick went in and out of his tight hole.

“Oh fuck”, Dakota moaned. “This is fucking awesome!”

Brayden chuckled. “You like it?”

“I love it!” Dakota rejoiced, sinking Zach’s huge cock all the way into his hole and making Zach’s nuts swing back and forth and slam into the wooden edge of the chair.

Zach was grunting and groaning as Dakota used his dick to pleasure himself. He didn’t want to like it, and his nuts were hurting, but Dakota’s ass was just too tight and warm not to enjoy it.

Zach’s breathing quickened and he moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck yeah”, Dakota cried, bobbing up and down on Zach’s huge cock frantically. “Oh yeah!”

Brayden watched Zach, a worried look on his face.

“I’m close”, Dakota yelled, thrusting his ass up and down wildly. His dick was rock hard and twitching. “I’m so fucking close!”

Zach was panting heavily, his eyes clenched shut. His balls pulled up in his sack.

“He’s gonna cum”, Brayden mumbled. “Shit, he’s gonna cum!” He turned to Skyler. “Quickly, kick his nuts!”

“Oh, fuck!” Dakota cried with pleasure. “Oh fuck yeah!”

Zach threw his head back.

Skyler raised his eyebrows. “But---

“Kick his nuts!” Brayden yelled.

Skyler shrugged and brought his leg back, ramming it squarely into Dakota’s balls just as his dick erupted with a huge spurt of cum.

Dakota’s eyes lost focus and he let out a gurgling scream. His feet slipped off Zach’s thighs and Zach’s dick disappeared all the way inside Dakota’s ass.

Brayden stared at his boyfriend who was wailing in agony in the midst of his painfully interrupted climax. “Not these nuts”, he mumbled. “I meant those nuts.” He pointed at Zach whose fat balls were dancing inside his sack.

Dakota was groaning in agony as his aching balls released his precious load.

“Oh”, Skyler said, blushing. He brought his leg back and crunched Zach’s nuts into his body, aborting Zach’s orgasm just in time.

Zach joined poor Dakota in a high-pitched duet lamenting their respective ruined orgasms.

But whereas Dakota’s balls were pumping their precious contents into the air, Zach’s balls held their load, his dick twitching inside Dakota’s ass.

“Oh no”, Dakota whimpered, Zach’s dick buried to the hilt inside his ass.

“I’m sorry, babe”, Brayden grimaced. “It was a misunderstanding.”

Dakota let out a miserable groan, fondling his aching testicles as his erection withered and the flow of cum came to an end.

He climbed off of Zach’s fat boner and collapsed on the ground, clutching his gonads, his ass hole twitching.

Brayden kneeled down next to his boyfriend and put his hand on his shoulder. “Sorry, babe”, he repeated. “I’m gonna make up for it tonight, okay?”

Dakota let out a miserable whimper.

“I’m gonna fuck you good and hard tonight, alright?” Brayden whispered into Dakota’s ear, teasing his boyfriend’s widened hole with the tip of his finger.

“Okay”, Dakota croaked.

“Don’t worry, babe”, Brayden smiled and reached between Dakota’s thighs, grabbing his boyfriend’s aching nuts and giving them a playful squeeze. “These will be nice and full by tonight and I’m gonna fuck a big, juicy load out of them.”

Dakota let out groan and nodded.

In the meantime, Skyler had climbed on top of Zach. He was facing the muscular stud, his arms wrapped around his neck. He had pulled his thong to the side and inserted Zach’s fat, meaty cock into his hungry hole, his hard dick smacking against Zach’s abs as he bounced up and down on his lap. On every down-thrust, his ass squashed Zach’s oversized nuts flat against the sweat of the table, making Zach yelp and grunt and groan in agony while Skyler was moaning and panting with pleasure.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, stud!” Skyler cried, precum leaking out of his rock-hard cock as it rubbed against Zach’s sweaty body. “Fuck my slutty ass with your big fucking cock!”

Zach was grunting and groaning, his face a mask of pain as Skyler crushed his spunk pods with his ass while pleasuring himself with Zach’s huge cock.

Brayden watched the spectacle, taking off his short shorts and leisurely stroking his own rock-hard dick.

“Oh fuck”, Skyler yelled ecstatically, his dick smearing precum all over Zach’s muscular abs.

Skyler increased the pace of his pounding, ramming Zach’s dick into his eager ass hole harder and harder and harder, flattening Zach’s huge balls with every bounce.

Brayden waited patiently until Skyler reached his climax.

Skyler took full advantage of Zach’s fat dong, enjoying his ride, a blissful expression on his face, cheering and moaning with pleasure, crushing Zach’s nuts with his body weight.

Finally, Skyler’s body tensed and he let out a jubilant scream. He threw his head back and a fountain of cum erupted from his cock, flying up into the air before raining down on Zach, showering him in jizz.

Zach screamed in pain as Skyler leaned back, flattening his nuts underneath him. Splashes of cum hit him in the face, covering his eyes and his cheeks and running into his mouth.

“Holy fuck, that was awesome”, Skyler laughed, grabbing Zach’s face and planting a big wet kiss on Zach’s cum-covered lips, pushing his tongue into Zach’s mouth to get a good taste of his freshly spilled juice.

He descended from Zach’s cock, inadvertently stepping on Zach’s tender testicles.

Zach screamed in agony, and Skyler giggled. “Ooops…”

Skyler sat down to catch his breath.

Brayden smiled. “My turn.” He looked at his boyfriend and smiled.

Dakot looked up at him, gingerly cupping his aching nuts.

“Clean that cock up for me, babe”, Brayden said. “It’s been up three asses.”

Dakota nodded and crawled over to Zach, sticking out his tongue and licking Zach’s huge, throbbing schlong as if it was a glistening popsicle.

Brayden grabbed his boyfriend’s head and pushed it down on Zach’s cock, making Dakota gag as Zach’s dick slid down his throat. Brayden yanked Dakota’s head up and down a couple of times before pulling him off Zach’s dick.

Dakota gasped for breath, his eyes wide open.

“Thanks, babe”, Brayden said.

“Sure”, Dakota croaked, rubbing his sore throat.

Brayden stood in front of Zach and turned around, grabbing Zach’s fat dick and guiding it towards his ass. Brayden’s dick was rock hard and leaking precum. He leaned back, pushing himself against Zach’s cock. His dick jumped a little when Zach’s cock entered his ass.

“That’s a fucking nice dick”, Brayden moaned, backing up against Zach until his ass touched Zach’s pubes, taking the whole length of Zach’s meaty dick in.

“It is, isn’t it?” Dakota grinned. “It’s fuckgrmpf---“

Brayden pulled his boyfriend’s head towards him, pushing his dick deep into Dakota’s mouth. Then he thrust his hips back and forth, fucking Dakota’s mouth while impaling himself on Zach’s huge cock.

Dakota was choking on Brayden’s massive cock as Brayden fucked his throat deep and hard, moaning in pleasure.

Zach was groaning in pain as Brayden’s body slammed against his dick.

“That’s it”, Brayden moaned. “Yeah, that’s the spot!”

The sound of Dakota choking and Zach groaning mixed with Brayden’s moans of pleasure, creating a curious symphony of pleasure and pain.

Brayden closed his eyes, a huge smile on his face, as he fucked his boyfriend’s face, Zach’s dick buried deep inside his ass hole.

“You ready for my load, babe?” Brayden said hoarsely.

Dakota looked up, his mouth filled with Brayden’s dick. “Gnmph!”

“Okay, here it cums”, Brayden moaned, pulling Dakota’s head off his dick.

Dakota gasped for breath, his mouth wide open, his eyes fixed on Brayden’s face, as his boyfriend’s creamy load splattered onto his face. Most of it made it into his mouth, and the rest covered his hair and his face, his eyes and his nose.

“You look so hot”, Brayden moaned. “So fucking hot…” He leaned over, his dick dripping with cum. Zach’s cock slipped out of his ass as Brayden scooped up the juicy mess on his boyfriend’s face with his tongue before planting a wet, sloppy kiss on his mouth. “So fucking hot….”

“That was fucking great”, Hunter chuckled.

“Fuck yeah”, Skyler chimed in.

The four boys looked at each other and laughed.

“Now who’s up for a group shower?” Brayden grinned.

The other guys looked at him.

Brayden nodded in Zach’s direction.

Zach’s glistening dick was throbbing and twitching.

The boys burst out laughing.

“Let’s milk him dry!” Skyler yelled, and the four boys attacked Zach’s cock.

Zach’s eyes widened and he screamed in pain as his genitals were manhandled.

Hunter and Dakota jerked his massive cock while Brayden and Skyler each took one of Zach’s huge spunk-filled balls in their hands, squeezing them with all the force they could muster.

The crowd that had been following the events on the stage with cheers and applause went wild, drowning out Zach’s anguished wails.

The four boys had the time of their lives, squashing Zach’s oversized testicles and massaging his huge dong.

Occasionally, Brayden threw a hard punch at Zach’s nuts, eliciting shrill screams from the tortured stud and making his friends cheer and laugh.

It took less than five minutes until Zach couldn’t hold his load back any longer. His dick erupted like a geyser, shooting a huge jet of milky cum up into the air.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as jet after jet of Zach’s precious stud sauce sputtered out of his cock, showering the four boys with sticky semen.

Brayden and Skyler held on to Zach’s nuts, squeezing Zach’s busy balls as they pumped spurt after spurt of cum up into the air.

“Squeeze it all out!” Dakota yelled before opening his mouth and catching a particularly juicy splash of Zach’s jizz and letting out a gurgling laugh.

Brayden and Skyler pressed their thumbs into the tender flesh of Zach’s testicles, squeezing every last drop of juice out of his massive lemons.

Zach was screaming from the top of his lungs, his head thrown back, his muscular body glistening with sweat and cum.

After what felt like an eternity, Zach’s orgasm subsided.

The stage was a sticky, steaming mess.

The four boys looked were covered in spunk. They looked exhausted but very happy as they hugged each other, laughing and fingering each other’s butts and mouths, playfully shoving their sticky fingers into every orifice they could reach.

Zach was panting heavily, his face contorted in pain, his drained balls swollen and bruised, his spent cock sticking to his sweaty, cum-covered abs.

The crowd went wild, prompting the four boys to take a bow before leaving the stage.

Parker cleared his throat. “Looks like we have to mop up before we can continue.” He grinned and pointed at Logan who had witnessed the events with amusement.

Now that his turn in the spotlight drew nearer, he looked far less comfortable.

“This juicy piece of straight meat is next”, Parker said, patting Logan’s shoulder.

Logan grinned weakly. “Can’t wait.”

Parker winked at him. “Me neither…”

to be continued


Jeffry said...

WOW, amazing story man, GREAT job.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jeff! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Jeffry said...

I enjoyed it three times in a row :)

Alex said...

Now, that's what I call a successful story! :-))

Thanks for you comment!

Anonymous said...

What happenedto Logan?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Here is the final part: