Monday, August 29, 2016

Video links: Long live the Nut Shot Kings!

Earlier this month I dedicated a post to the Nut Shot Kings, a group of young men who have published a couple of awesome videos on their YouTube channel. Unfortunately, that channel is no longer active, and the videos I embedded are no longer available.

But the Nut Shot Kings don't give up! In the words of Bonkers, a hot young guy who is very good at busting balls and getting his own spuds smashed: "We're back, baby! You can't bring us down!"

Their new channel is called Christian Luck and there are already a hundred clips available for your viewing pleasure.

Let's hear a big hooray for the Nut Shot Kings! Make sure to be a good and loyal subject and subscribe to their fantastic new channel!

Here are a couple of my favorite videos:

I bet you wanna see Bonkers look into the camera and say the immortal words "We're back, baby! You can't bring us down!" - and here's your chance. After this royal announcement, he delivers a fantastic squeeze and a nice, hard punch. Nut Shot Kings rule!

Here's Bonkers delivering ten hard punches to his partner's balls (which are conveniently held in place by a piece of rope). I love Bonker's laughter and the hoarse groans of his punching bag providing partner! Who said working out can't be fun? (Oh, and judging by the outline of a certain royal scepter in his shorts, Bonker's partner is enjoying it as well...)

Make sure to turn the volume up for the next clip, because those kicks make a lovely sound when the foot connects with the ball bag!

Apparently the Nut Shot Kings are not the kind of authoritarian rulers you might expect. They take requests! You don't believe me? "Here's your request", Bonkers says in the beginning of the next clip before delivering a hard knuckle punch to a fat pair of balls. (I love his smile and the thumbs-up at the end of the video by the way.)

Hands up if you don't want to see a sledge hammer crush a pair of nuts? No hands? Alright, here's the video!

Here's one of the best squeezing clips I have ever seen. It's a full minute of brutal ballsquishing, yanking, tugging and twisting, before the poor nuts get punched hard a couple of times for good measure..

Now that we've seen Bonker's remarkable ball busting skills let's find out how he looks when he's on the receiving end of some nut-crunching. (Spoiler: He looks great...)

In the following video, he and his partner trade punches wearing boxing gloves.

Here's a little game of one-sided nutball.

What's worse - getting hit in the nuts with a rock or with a baseball bat? In the next video, Bonker's gets a taste of both...

I guess he voted for the baseball bat, because here's the bat making another appearance.

Okay, now who wants to do away with democracy and get ruled by the Nut Shot Kings? Subscribe to their channel and enjoy dozens and dozens of hot, painful clips!

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