Thursday, August 25, 2016

Video links: Nut Shot Kings (updated)

Update: Apparently, the original youtube channel is down and all the videos are no longer available. That's why the links and the embedded videos are no longer working. 

Update 2: I have published a new blog post highlighting some of my favorite clips from the new Nut Shot Kings youtube channel: Long live the Nut Shot Kings!

Today I want to introduce you to an awesome youtube channel that features lots and lots of original videos: Nut Shot Kings. I featured a couple of their videos in an earlier post (the channel was called cbt phx back then) - but I love their videos so much that I want to dedicate another post to their work. Their channel really is a treasure trove of testicular pain with dozens of short clips. I don't know the guys running it but it looks like it's a group of guys in their 20s/30s who get together to bust each others' balls. The material is raw and far from perfect - but the content is great.

These guys use everything they can think of to inflict pain on each others' spuds, from flashlights to pliers, from vises to baseball bats, and there's a lot of punching, squeezing, slapping and kicking, of course.

Here are a couple of my favorite videos. Go ahead and subscribe to their channel so they continue making awesome videos! :-)

The first one features a series of punches. I love the way the nuts are framed in this one. You can see each individual nut as he holds his sack in place for his buddy to punch them. The laughter and the crazy wolf howl at the beginning are a great plus!

You're not a fan of punches? What about slaps with a stick? To quote the guys in the video: "Smack that bitch in the nuts!"

In the next video, one of the guys puts his nuts in a vise. Ouch. I love his buddy's mean laugh as he groans in pain...

In most of the videos you don't see the guys' faces. The next one is an exception as one of the guys (a hot guy in his twenties I guess) speaks to the camera. "Nutsack tug of war".

One of the guys you see in the videos a lot goes by the name of Bonkers. He looks pretty hot, and he can take quite a lot of pain. Here he gets hit nuts crushed by a baseball bat and by rocks thrown at his crotch.

Here's Bonkers taking a sledgehammer to the nuts.

And here's a clip of Bonkers and another one of the guys (he's in almost every video so I guess he's the leader of the pack) trading punches with boxing gloves.

Finally, here's one of the best squeezing clips I have ever seen. It's a full minute of brutal ballsquishing, yanking, tugging and twisting, before the poor nuts get punched hard a couple of times for good measure...

If you like these videos subscribe to their youtube channel!


uesl32 said...

All the videos are unavailable now on youtube unfortunately

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. Apparently the original channel is gone but you can find some of their videos on their new channel: